Nano: The Next Dimension

2008, Technology  -   58 Comments

Nano: The Next DimensionNanosciences and nanotechnologies represent a formidable challenge for the research community and industry.

World-class infrastructure, new fundamental knowledge, novel equipment for characterisation and manufacturing, multi-disciplinary education and training for innovative and creative engineering, and a responsible attitude to societal demands are required.

This documentary film, made available by the European Commission, provides a glimpse of some of the many activities that are being carried out in Europe in these fast-growing fields of research and technological development.

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  1. bluetortilla

    Why aren't we doing research like this and building things like these all the times instead investing well over 90% of our research into weapons?

    1. David Mowers

      Ever seen N.A.S.A. The Case for Ufo's by Dan Akyroid and David Sereda?

      STS-75 they put a one inch steel cable into space to see what the absorption rate would be in energy from cosmic radiation being absorbed by a cable. The cable in a few hours had enough energy to power the planet for three days and glowed 2 miles in diameter like a giant light bulb in space.

      They know, right now, they could give electricity away by simply running a cable long enough from space down to a point on earth.

      Then there is the Z Machine which successfully ran for four hours generating enough power to run the entire nation and all funding was cut by President Bush and the project turned over to Lockheed Martin because Americans don't want free energy. Americans don't want manufacturing. We don't want jobs. We high electricity costs from private co-ops and now opportunities.

      Then in 2003, G.E. announced they were selling hydrogen generators. They got one federal contract to install them in every federal building and at every military base and stopped selling them or offering them to the general public. They even took down the press releases and website.

      A study proposed a solar power array in the Sahara that would be large enough to power all of Africa and Europe. It's been shelved.

      There was plan to bring democracy to Africa after WWII, the British and Europeans complained and it was shelved.

      There was a plan prior to WWII to connect the entire planet by rail eliminating the need for shipping by sea, shelved.

      A guy in Canada has successfully created anti-gravity; he's gone.

      A guy in Australia created a hydrogen carburetor that powered a car for two days on a gallon of gas; disappeared.

  2. Vicki_in_Greece

    This is a very good description of nanotechnology. The best video I've seen on intro to nanotechnology.
    (S.Krishna - but this technology saves lives and works in concert with the environment; not against it. We must keep in away from the destroyers in our world though.)

    1. Evens8547

      These scientists work in a field that fascinates and excites them, and
      that must be incredibly rewarding, but in this documentary their hopes
      and speculations seemed to be presented as what is actually likely to

  3. S. Krishna

    After seeing a lot and feeling a lot,I think it's high time mankind stopped running around from morning to evening trying to make things faster,smaller,lighter, more powerful and use the time,energy and anything that is spent on these sort of pursuits to relax the mind and take a more philosophical view that none of these inventions are really necessary to just live. We all seem to be so keen to run a race with no finish line?What a pity we always seem to be justifying ourselves and every action of ours in our quest to become god.

    1. Steve McCue

      Take away technology for even a few days and society - especially in the city collapses. If the power went out tomorrow and all the shops were unable to trade - where would you get your food and water? I agree with you in principle, however, we (mankind) chose the technology road and we are too dependent on it to survive without it at the moment.

  4. Choom Gang

    From the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not partake.

    Sincerely yours Mars 2.0

  5. Robo Pastierovi?

    Unfortunately patents have almost killed this field in last 10 years. But nice documentary, nevertheless

  6. Guest

    These scientists work in a field that fascinates and excites them, and that must be incredibly rewarding, but in this documentary their hopes and speculations seemed to be presented as what is actually likely to happen.

    E.g. nano technologies are so minute they might be able to replicate human eyes; therefore, such application is likely to materialise.

    An interesting subject but, for me, this documentary's tone seemed a bit credulous and reminded me of 'Tomorrow's World', though for just a basic introduction it was not too bad.

  7. Totte_Bengtsson

    I am a little surprised so many are so positive about nano tech. The way I see it, the aids problem for example could be drastically reduced very easy with only education and condoms, but no nation or authority is willing to take that financial responsibility. malaria is another example of the same tendency. most of the malaria in afrika could be avoided if mosquito nets was sent to hospitals in the areas with most malaria. not very expensive. So in this context does anyone really think nano technology will be for the better of mankind. It just seems really naive to me. On the other hand I guess most of the people here are more interested in this stuff because it is simply fascinating. Anyway isnt it also a bit frightening to think about what this stuff really will be applied to as its capacity grows?

    1. Xercès Des Stèles

      don't worry, if you see it on tv (internet w/e), then it means it's obselete... if anything wrong were to happen it would have happened already.

    2. nanoprodigy

      Look at nanotechnology like the electrical grid connecting your house to the electrical generating station. Conventional "wireing" loses 50% of the electrons. That mean 1/2 of the electricity produced is lost before it ever reaches your house. Consister the ecological impact nanotechnology could empart if none of the electrons were lost. Consider the ageing electrical grid of the US and its desparate need of repair and upgrading and the tremendous effeciency of nanotubing.
      What do you think?

  8. SilverBee

    Thank you, BeardHero! Most of the comments I read gagged me. Such arrogant claptrap. These documentaries aren't touted anywhere I've seen as college courses. My formal education is in psychology and religious studies, but learning everything I can about the universe keeps me up and running. Stop with the it's-all-so-far-beneath-me routine and let the rest of us enjoy.

  9. BeardHero420

    One of my top 5 favorite docs on here. Nanotech certainly is the future

  10. Myk G

    dope documentary about nano technology.

  11. Myk G

    their going to be able to make humans.-inkuh

  12. Damon Rolnick

    isnt it interesting that all these quantum physics documentaries seem to confirm truths that i discovered on psychedelic sacraments???

    1. Petar Vitanovich

      thats what im saying

  13. Maggie Albertson

    written and produced for the EU politicians.... kinda easy to spot

  14. James

    It's my dream to make a name for myself in the Nano Field, can someone give me a list of other documentaries about it?

    1. Translation Manager

      I think you need to choose another field if you 1) have to resort to documentaries, and 2) can't even find them yourself.

    2. Veronika Cimpeanu

      pride isnt admirable. there is no shame in asking for advice or suggestions from other people.

  15. Arnold Vinette

    Another great science documentary on Nano Science. This program was made in 2002 and so without a doubt significant discoveries and advances have been made in the last 9 years with regards to Nano Science.

    Thank you both to the BBC for making this documentary and for Val for finding it and adding it to the site.

    The applications that I really enjoy with this technology is the ability to make ever smaller and smaller circuits at the atomic level increasing computer speed and memory applications. Then there are the clothes that cannot get dirty and that water literally runs off due to the new surface sprayed on fabric.

    It will be very interesting to see what new applications are now being worked on in current documentaries.

    With regards to the application of the compound to remove the aids virus, I agree with a previous comment. The danger of the aids virus is its amazing ability to mutate and change to infect a suitable host. this makes fighting it more difficult.

    There are people however who are naturally immune to aids. The aids receptor and docking mechanism simply cannot bind to a cell and replicate itself. It would be nice if this genetic immunity characteristic could someone be introduced to people susceptible to aids giving them immunity.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

  16. Ervin

    Regarding the HIV virus: the antibody connects to the virus, the antibody is connected to the iron atom on the other side which can be electromagnetically manipulated which means it can be removed from the blood through let's say a transfusion.

    Sounds perfect although the challenge lays in the HIV virus which mutates constantly and makes antibodies obsolete very quickly because it keeps changing.

  17. kiox987

    Very nice short documentary

  18. Andy

    Why the hard sell on europe being the leader in this area of research? no one cares.

    1. Gary V

      I take it from you comment that you must be an American. What is your problem with the fact that Europe is leading the field in this research, is it putting a big dent in your over inflated ego ?

    2. John Cleary

      You must care since you wrote this message

  19. ciph3ro

    One of the best I have ever seen.

    If you know more languages it makes it more fun. I didn't need the subtitles except for the Dutch guy. Could barely make out a few words. I love it how they switch from one language to another and you don't realize, but still understand it just fine. :)

    Would be awesome to work in nanoscience, looks like I have to go back to Europe. lol. So many of us wonder every day what technology will be out there in 30-50 years and then some.

  20. tng

    what's interesting about this doc is what it DOESN'T say... that is, that atoms respond to human thought (or consciousness). what effect would that have on the products we produce, or the cures we create? futhermore, what effect would that have on disease itself? since disease is also made of atoms.

    1. Vlatko

      OK @tng,

      Where is the proof that atoms respond to human thought? Could it be the other way around: Atoms produce human thought.

    2. Hemel F

      The proof is that if you are with beautiful naked woman the thought in your head will produce a chemical reaction that will result in you having a boner. lol this may sound funny but it's certainly no joke. Concsiousness comes before matter, not the other way around. Some traditions like to call this consciousness- God.

    3. Vlatko

      @Hemel F,

      That is true, but the thought in your head was created by the neurons (cells) which are nothing but matter.

      The argument can go even deeper: Who told the neurons to fire? But that is in the domain of philosophy.

      The mind is more or less imprisoned in a deterministic world (for now). It has the freedom to make a few choices.

  21. Frank

    The background music during the first half is incredibly annoying.

  22. Ubik

    @anthony > Amazing ;)

    This short doc. made me wanna read Michael Chricton's "Next".

  23. Idea

    if they can attach those things to the AIDS virus and magnetize it.. why could they not just inject that into people.. do a blood transfusion where the blood leaves the body, gets recycled with magnets, then the fresh blood goes back in.. i would think over time it would cure someone or be a very effective way of treatment..

  24. Pavlin

    @Rip I agree , just how people 100 even 50 years ago couldn't imagine the technology we have in our everyday lives ,I think it's hard for us to imagine what life will be in 2085 for example .

  25. Khadija

    Yes, extremely interesting. Could have done without the silly Charlie Chaplin music in places, though.

  26. WR

    Don't you know anything? If it's not in English then it doesn't exist. ;-)

  27. Tomas

    i take that back, I meant SOME english speaking people.

  28. Tomas

    its funny how english speaking people grow uneasy when they see something not in english (like a very cool documentary). xd
    or how the top leading scientists on something do not speak english xD. Im not trying to be a hater, it just craks me up

    1. vance

      Well, I think it is pretty obvious that English wasn't his first language...maybe it's harder for him to read it than it is for him to understand it when he hears it

  29. Skye-hook

    The documentary I referred to above as The Creation Machine is actually called In It's Image, here on topdocs. It's well worth watching.

  30. Skye-hook

    Wow! is right! @John Seals- they were trying also to show that iron with virus attached could be magnetized out of the blood, so it is a possible solution, but I'm assuming there are also problems with that, so it's not being done yet, but maybe soon, for all kinds of diseases. Not all disease of course, just many kinds.
    @Zalobar- you must've seen the Creation Machine vid? :)If not, ya gotta see it! Goes along with your thought. Yeh, maybe there are already whole civilizations living in nonotubes. Holy cow, huh? :) I think my mind has expanded too much for 1 day. lol:) Hey, here's a thought- they (those living as consciousness in a nanotube) could use Google Earth to pretend they were actually alive & walking around, as by then Google will have that also extremely more advanced. I could make them some 3D hands and legs so they think they see themselves moving around on Google Earth. ROFL

  31. Cat

    Baffling. I'm speechless. WOW. Thanks a bunch.

  32. ahmed

    It was very good but i want all in English language only.

  33. John Seals

    Wow, that is cool. I hope they get this perfected and out thier soon.

    1. vance

      Why would they ever do that? Big Pharma doesn't care about cures, if you cure a disease, there is no need for pharmaceuticals and big pharma loses money. Cures are out there and only available to the uber-rich or high profile, upper echelon types. How is it that during the time that AIDS patients were dying left and right, certain stars with lots of money were never even fazed by the disease?

  34. KiwiBob

    Hi John, I think that if they can attract the virus to bind to the nanoparticles, then they may be able to remove the particles from the body. Or have the nanoparticles destroy the virus once it has bound to them.

  35. John Seals

    Or did I miss the whole point all together and this is being preposed as a cure, if so youre right- that would blow my mind.

  36. John Seals

    @ Anthony

    It's just a way to detect the virus. Not a way to remove it or a cure. Why do we need a new way to detect the virus? I was under the impression that a simple blood test would suffice. Why reinvent the wheel? I see alot of applications for this sience but I must be missing the benefit of checking for the virus this way- why is better than what we already use? Don't get me wrong it looked really cool and I had no idea that it was even possible, but I am looking for the praticality here. I'm sure thier is some reason they spent all the time and money to design this method- right?

    1. vance

      It stated that it was a much quicker test and that you didn't have to wait the typical amount of time for the virus to appear on a test.

  37. Rip

    Wow. From the first planes, cars, computers, electronics that didn't even exsist just over 100 years ago, it will be literally the impossible, that will be performed within the next 100 years. Flying beyond sonic speed, landing on the moon, mars, and beyond, particle accelerator that pushes atoms close to the speed of light, cell phones and all they can do.....tell some one this 'fiction' 100 years ago and they would have locked you up and given you shock therapy as well!

    The future will surpass our prohibited pondering. Peace

    1. vance

      You do realize that we already fly beyond sonic speed and that we have already landed on the moon, right?

  38. Zalobar

    What if our own conscious awareness could be transfered to a nano structure? The awareness of the entire population of earth on the head of a pin. How many Angles was that?

  39. esmuziq

    this is insane

  40. Thomas

    Wow! Short but amazing

  41. Anthony

    Skip to 22:55 to blow your mind.