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NASCAR: The IMAX Experience

2004, Sports  -   1 Comment
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NASCAR - The IMAX ExperienceSimon Wincer directs the 40-minute film NASCAR: The IMAX Experience. It includes interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, plenty of high-speed racing action, and multiple points-of-view created by remote control-operated IMAX 3D cameras mounted to the outside of race cars, as well as the helicopter-mounted SpaceCam. Also included are interviews with top racers, such as Winston Cup Champion Tony Stewart.

Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, NASCAR 3D premiered in IMAX theaters in March 2004. The only downfalls of this release that make it a touch disappointing are the lack of features commonly found in most other IMAX DVDs. There is no "making of" segment following the main feature and often, those are as interesting as the films themselves. There are two features profiling drivers and showing close finishes from recent seasons, but these are both short and not terribly interesting.

Most IMAX DVDs also feature both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio tracks. I personally find DTS to be of much finer detail and provide a much more immersive audio experience for films of this nature. These are both minor deficiencies though and they definitely should not stop you from checking out what is otherwise a fastastic IMAX feature. This is definitely worth a look if you like auto racing at all or just like action.

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