Natascha: The Girl In The Cellar

Natascha: The Girl In The CellarThis extraordinary interview reveals the ordeal of Nat­­ascha Kampusch, imprisoned in a cellar for eight years by Wolfgang Priklopil.

Although her story has since been pushed slightly down the league table of horror by the similar experiences of Elisabeth Fritzl and Jaycee Lee Dugard, Natascha – snatched on her way to school in Vienna in March 1998 – emerges as a startlingly self-possessed, intelligent and articulate young woman who is even able to feel compassion and insight for the sick individual who stole her childhood.

In recalling details of the dank, musty dungeon in which she was held, Natascha holds nothing back. Utterly calm, she relates how her captor violently and brutally exerted total control over her, humiliated her, kept her hungry, forbade her even to cry in case her tears damaged the tiles and how she bided her time until she was able to escape.

"Because the whole situation is so hideously unjust, you shouldn’t allow yourself to give up," Natascha explains. "That would be an admission of defeat. There was a kind of fighting spirit that kept me alive." Incredibly, in the eight years her daughter was missing, her mother, Brigitta – also interviewed here – never doubted her daughter’s fierce survival instinct for a minute.

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  1. Karen


  2. Franck

    Poor kid. Classic Stockholm syndrome.

  3. Achems Razor

    Words fail me. I'm speechless. I feel so sorry for Natascha.

  4. Jenn

    @Franck : EXACT thing I was thinking. I really do wonder if he sexually abused her, too.

    @Loli : What makes you say that? I see nothing wrong with it.

  5. rtm

    this doc is awesome

  6. SS

    is this the austrian national sport or sumthin

  7. Franck

    @ loli, yes, i agree, and that's because the interview as been prep and edited. It's a paid interview, so that's what happens. But the story and result are still the same.

  8. pk silver

    what a strong spirit, i can't believe how well-adjusted she seems after having gone through all that, guess the mom learned the hard way that it's good to walk the kids to school in the morning

  9. hmm

    I found the voice over so annoying.. interesting doco but unsure about the overall truth to the actual event..

    If I were kidnapped.. i would have been overly traumatised..

  10. NoName

    Of course he sexually abused her, there is no doubt in that.
    She didn't say that he DIDN'T sexually abuse her, she said she didn't want to answer the question. That was probably the main part that traumatized her, i'm sure.

    Of course she wouldn't talk about it, it's too humiliating, and it's too...ubnormal. Especially if this sexual relationshsip became cooporative.
    No one can really judge her, she experienced something horrible, half of her life she spent with a man, and she knew only him. She saw only him and she talked only with him. It's not that he tried to be her father, he was interested in her sexually. Of course something would have developed from that.

  11. Collette

    It is a horrible story,abusement. She says she forgived him, but I feel some emotional pain in her eyes and in her words about him. Which sould also be abnormal if she can objectivly see the crime. I am sure there was sexual abuse too. If he wantedto humiliate her anyhow, who know how badly he tried to sexually dominate. It is very sad that she seems to feel sorry for him. But that is what makes me feel sorry for this girl too. She was kidnapped, abused and eventually she developpd some ''good'' feelings for the person she obviously hated and was scared from. It is complex issue yes.

  12. L

    i'm very interested in this doc but the woman who is translating natascha's words' voice is SOOOOO annoying!!

  13. k

    in some reports the mother has been accused of sexually abusing Natascha even before the disappearance. I hope this isn't true, but if it is I hope Natascha will stay away for her mother

  14. Steffanie

    I feel sorry for her.. even if she have escaped from him physically, she is still a prison of the past. I can't imagine the torment and the shame that she went through, and the media forcing it out of her is just absolutely horrible.

    She should see a therapist to let all this feelings out of her in privacy or else she will not, truly, be free.

  15. sadhikar

    This doco reveals a complex development of relationship between the man and this little girl.I must say that the little girl was smart enough to get out of hell that she was living in. There are various times when she says that she rolled over her eyes to gesture that something was wrong with her when they approach a traffic policeman, there is a another incident when prikopil approach his friends and then she questions herself if his friend is part of the accomplice, if he is then it it would be fruitless to her to escape away from him. The few little trust that she gained from could have turned upside down, and she'd never be able to come out and enjoy the little freedom that was given to her. The fact that she read philosophy and fiction books also seemed to have given her more knowledge and intellect to sharpen her reasoning about things. Like they say,"a pen is mightier than the sword". She seemed to have grown more strong from the trauma and pain that she endure and increased her mental strength to withstand the sufferings. Most of the girls would have been traumatized throughout their entire life with such a horrible incident as such, but this girl is strong enough to forgive her criminal and looked towards her future in positivity.

  16. em8

    Having read Natasha's story,I feel that like with many people in life you have to know them personally,before passing judgement. Puplic are to quick to judge,espesially if they have just sailed through life without their own traumas and experiences. In an ideal world things would of turned out differently, but Natasha has to be left alone to deal with this,which is still very raw. Like she wrote in her book and I quote,my personal life is mine and mine also saddens me that this already dramatic experience has been made even more dramatic my narrow non-understanding public peer pressure.i will finish in saying that i feel that natasha is a rock to have gone through such an ordeal and the public should be inspired by this,and one day when natasha is ready and only then,she can move on and this will be part of her healing prosess,and learn to accept whats happened as part of her life history,and live for the present,looking forward to a future where this experience can be used in a possitive way in mybe helping others in similar situations

  17. Winston Smith

    I hope you have a really great rest of your life Nat­­ascha Kampusch. What an amazing strong, beautiful, and intelligent girl you are. I am so sorry this happened to you. There are good men out there too.. This man is obviously a monster and he does not deserve your forgiveness.

  18. Gary V

    A fascinating but disturbing doc, She is such a strong girl to have managed to have come out of that so well. I don't think that I could have managed to stay sane if that happened to either of my two daughters. It is a shame that he killed himself, I would have preferred to have seen him rot in jail for the rest of his life. I hope the media leave her alone to get on with the rest of her life in peace, she certainly deserves it.

  19. ranii02

    just for your comment, i am not giving any interest or credit toward your story. f*** off for trying to make awful experiences into a challenge, who experienced worst or something. go forward it to your attorney, im sure he wont take you seriously

  20. ALi Aldien Yehia

    Natasha courage this girl lived in the prison because they could not any man that imprisoned her mind and aspirations of the certain desire in life in spite of suffering and psychological pain is a powerful human being

  21. Baley Brees

    So you write some unknown book and publish it yourself about being a teenage runaway and you think this person who was kidnapped as an eight year old and held prisoner in a basement STOLE your story? Yeah, she has a documentary made on her life, major news stories all around the world...and you? No one has ever even heard of you. Sounds like you are trying to get attention for your story which is the one that actually sounds like bullshit. You're the typical uneducated ghetto female giving the rest of us blacks a bad name.

  22. Xylona Kritzinger

    This video is no longer available for watching.... Anyone know where else I could get this documentary to view online?

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