In the Womb

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National Geographic - In the WombFrom the moment of conception, every human embryo embarks on an incredible nine month journey of development. Now, cutting-edge technology makes it possible for National Geographic's In the Womb to open a window into the hidden world of the fetus and explore each trimester in amazing new detail. Revolutionary imagery sheds light on the delicate, dark world of a fetus as never before.

This movie is actually a combination of 4-dimensional real-time sonograms and re-created "animation" of a fetus developing. I don't mean cartoon animation, but just a re-creation of a baby in an actual womb. With both, the fetus is actually moving around and shown exactly as it develops, moves, etc. I would say there is about 5 whole minutes of 4D sonogram footage and the rest is re-creation footage (which is very detailed and much more appealing to watch).

We are currently studying biology and life science so this movie was very appropriate and fit in well with our biology books and materials. A new tidbit that I had yet to read or hear was that sperm could smell the egg, which helps them to find it. We giggled over that part, which was entirely new to us. There is only about 5 minutes devoted to actual childbirth and only one quick view of the baby's head and shoulders being born.

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  1. Ishara

    Wonderful experience I have taken recently.Thank you very much for your efforts to familiarized birth to our life.

  2. Samantha

    I loved it, but it was pretty annoying that it had a foreign language subtitle that wouldn't go away, and covered half the screen, and there was no option to turn it off.

  3. Pirthipal singh

    Very knowledgeable information of full cycle of human birth.

  4. Whit

    I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and just watched this. Its absolutely amazing stuff. Of course I cried "like a baby" (haha) especially at the end when the baby was finally being born. I already have one child, but I had to have an emergency c section with her, so I never got to experience the magic of natural childbirth. Intense.

  5. Tahira

    What a Merciful Creator!!! I cried after seeing this. The womb is truly a place of mercy . We Must provide a merciful life style for our new comers. It's never too late.

  6. Mitul Rathod

    I'm a hard core believer of mother nature and after watching this documentary on NatGeo for first time, I was simply stunned!!!..It once again affirmed in me that still there things that beyond our reach, no matter how much advanced and knowledgeable we become!!.. miracles happens...!!! and the mother nature is the greatest programmer..!!...Thank you NatGeo..!!!...for making this documentary and showing..

  7. Raval Darshan

    good to see & nice documentry

  8. Raval Darshan

    it`s nice & amazing

  9. Aamir Nazir

    very amazing documantry.i like to slut all women because she born a baby.very diffical work for man.

  10. SpookyCheese

    Am I the only one who was ticked by the fact that sperms are affected by caffeine?

  11. Gmg_grace

    This was very informative. As a soon to be dad I have learned alot watching this documentary.. God is such an amazing God!! that is unbelievable

  12. Prem Singh

    was looking for this documentary from the day I watched on National Geographic. Thanks for the documentary.

  13. konan52

    Sorry did not realize when i posted this link below was only a preview so sad i wanted to see this to.

    1. knowledgeizpower

      darn :( but from what i previewed ohhh i want to search and found the video this is gonna be a great one!

  14. Eduardo Rivera

    reaction paper please?? :((

  15. Evelyn Owen

    it does if you download an expat shield.
    if you were an avid documentary watcher, you'd know this already.
    gives your computer an IP address from the UK, allows you to watch things you wouldn't be able to, usually.

  16. Krystal Nashla Reyes

    why it doesnt play? i want to watch it please send me a link.

  17. Plinio Flavio Gonzalez Segovia

    Anyone know where I can view another copy? National Geo blocked it in Canada due to copyright...ughh

  18. Jacinda Hope Cardone

    Wow Thank You so much for that. I have found out I am pregnant about 5-6 days ago. I am unsure how far along I am and am waiting to be scheduled for an ultrasound. I decided to comfort me in all the unknowns od my first child that I should watch some videos. Spent all this morning watching this and I really feel likeit helped me bond to the pregnancy!!!

    1. Guest

      Congratulations...and now on to "The Business of Being Born", a very interesting doc.
      One of the best book still on birth is Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin. Informative, beautifully presented...a classic for those who want a home birth or a hospital birth.

  19. Morsie

    How annoying, 'blocked in your country'. There must be a way around this!!!

  20. dr uzma

    brilliant documentary.expecting my first baby.i wish i could see the whole documentary

  21. Dobbins

    I am trying to watch it and it is currently unavailable...

  22. mrs Ishak

    The most amazing documentry i've ever watch and seen.Each and every human being can understand pregnancy by watching this.Thank you NAT GEO.

  23. Dodgy

    That was neat, active little creatures. Nothing mentioned about vestigial parts tho. Now to see the twin one :D

  24. Charles B.

    The Mrs. is a day or two delayed on her cycle. Hum. Let's watch this doc shall we! Just in case. :-)

  25. Lana

    What an amazing documentary!!!
    Thank you soooo much!

  26. bhavin mali

    amazing! I wrote a post on my blog titled '9 months' and then one of my friends asked me watch this documentary. Very touching and informative and very well made! It's nice to be able to watch full documentaries on this website. Thank you.

  27. Waldo Skipsey

    Part of a grand Illusion. The real beginning is the moment when Sunlight first Magnetizes molecules of muddy water. {WHS}

  28. lissa shevon

    This documentary was extraordinary. This gives you an understanding of how your life starts and the amazing process you go through. I really enjoyed this. Most definitely gave me a better appreciation of human life.

  29. Olga

    Thank you so much..! I like your web

  30. Epicurean_Logic

    I agree with everyone, this was amazing! A journey that each and every one of us has taken and yet no-one remembers. There are lots of nice facts about the development of babies, like the babies sex is completely dependant on the man! and the woman gets her quota of eggs that will later produce babies while she is still in the womb. wow. and much more.

    Another complementary doc to this this is 'discovering phsycology' also available on TDF: new born babies episode. Which says that the more tactile you are with your kids the better their brain development will be.

    Touchy feely is good!

  31. ashley

    this movie was amazing. i am currently pregnant and i was curious what a fetus must go though to develop. i was in awe. not only did i get to see what my baby has gone through or yet still has to go through, i have seen and understood the complication of what i had to go through when i was a newborn because i was born with a diagram hernia. this movie gave me a better appreciation on human life.

  32. Aram

    I have watched many YT videos on pregnancy and partum, but this one is an elaborate one and I enjoyed it from the word go. The voice over doesnt allow boredom to come in between. All appreciation to the National Geographic that has made this wonderful endeavor!

  33. Muhammad Farooq Somro

    I was looking for this documentary from the day I watched on National Geographic. Thanks for the documentary. But it is not from the beginning. Can you upload right from the start.

  34. chantel

    this is so amizing i was pregnant and i loose my baby a 6months so its pretty amazing to see what they look like in the womb

  35. Asheton

    How facinating is this Doc! human life is absolutley amazing... actually life in general is quite amazing. I never really appreciated child birth or the pregnancy timeline when I was younger, now however, I have a new found respect for the entire process. What an insane surgery too, incredible that modern science can accomplish sich feats.
    Cool Doc.

  36. greg harbar

    ...Robert Duvall narrated a film on "Tango" back in the 90's I lost my copy, are there any available?....or lead me to the proper channels to replace it...thank you, greg harbar

  37. Vlatko

    Really spectacular and amazing documentary Shelin.

  38. Shelin Easwaramangalath

    I am 34 years old .Today 2nd December 2008 at 13:00 pm Indian Time,i was lucky to see a documentary of National Geographic Channel "In the Womb". I don't have words to describe it.It was amazing ! Every human being in this planet has to see this documentary.This documentary will bring humans more close to God or the super power.

  39. sameer

    this is the most awosome documantry i have ever seen it not only show how tthe baby is born but it shows how it strugle the way to this stupid world.and also show what women goes to and feel in this entire time it's truly a work of art