Natural Mystery

Natural Mystery

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Natural MysteryIt seems there is no real division between the mind and the body. Both work together as part of the human whole and changes in one influence the other. Nothing is all in the mind, or just physical. We seem to be extraordinary mixtures of mind and matter, able almost to use one to create the other, explains this documentary film. Each one of us certainly has the power and science now has given us the means to take personal responsibility for our own well-being. We can control our own pain, look after our own fitness, and take drug free action...

Episode 1: Mind Over Body. Investigations into the power of mind over the body. Touches on many subjects including self healing (including cancer, heavy burns), hypnosis, kung fu, deep free diving, anesthetic free operations, mental exercise.

Episode 2: Vibrations. Investigation into natural vibrations and how we and animals perceive them, including pre earthquake tremors, dolphin interaction, and Sharie Edwards - who can produce sine waves with her voice!

Episode 3: Electrical Bodies. Electrical phenomenon of the body: auras, plant 'communication', energy healing, acupuncture, and animal acupuncture.

Episode 4: Extra sensory Mind. Investigates psychic abilities, near death experiences, out of body experiences, remote viewing (Operation Stargate), identical twin and close friend synchronicity phenomenon, 'stare effect' etc etc to see if theres anything behind the common claims that the mind is capable of more.

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7 years ago

I totaly agree with you - we are all conected. But as i see it, I think that we are over excited with those 5 senses (so much to se, so much to hear, so much to taste, touch and smell... to much), so we actualy dont 'listen' to other stuf. I think that all of us have some strange experience that we cant explain, and usualy we just throw that experience in the - 'coincident' or 'it must have been something else' draw. We are unbelivers because, the science tought us, if we cant prove it, its not real.

Just wondering if you asked your doughter what she was experiencing at that time you were 'reading' her.

Leigh Atkins
7 years ago

If you 'connect' to another person, it has to be with your intent & consent, whether you're aware of it or not.
I accidentally did this with my daughter once & to my horror & dismay, I experienced EVERY SINGLE emotion that she experienced during this time which both shook & threw me into a place of extreme emotion (she was going through a relationship & breakup with her first boyfriend at the time) - teenagers! Whatya gonna do?
I found myself caught in the perfect storm of personal 'shield' weakness & super-fed emotion from her end which threw me into the most amazing learning experience (which I would NEVER want to go through again).
But from this, I came away with a new taste in music (& a corresponding disgust for the music I USED to listen to which I can no longer tolerate), an understanding of what I've been doing ALL my life along with an understanding of just how flawed I am (for what use is it to pick up other people's feelings & react to them if you don't even realize that they're NOT YOUR FEELINGS?) & a realization that any & all of us are doing this with each other all the time.
Granted, some are more sensitive than others, but I guarantee that when we've developed the equipment to prove me right, everyone will finally see that every single human being is communicating through our electromagnetic field with each other, all the time.
Now there is nothing special about me, & what I did was an accident, but I think that this rubbish that we're taught about us all only having '5 senses' of taste, touch, smell, hearing & sight is absolute $#!+@^%. I think that we ALL constantly transmit data to each other through this electromagnetic medium on a constant basis & I think that most of us are overwhelmed or exhausted by all the incoming data from everyone else on a constant basis but we don't understand why, or what's REALLY going on here. And it's time we looked at it closer.
So in the meantime, I'll just sit back here & wait for the technology to catch up with us & prove me correct...

7 years ago

Has anybody, a man woke up in a girls body and couldnt coprehand it? It happend a few years ago... I woke up in a different place - it was a raw building and i had woke up high on it and a few workers (thats what i think they were) below in blue looking at me. I didnt cheek my body because i was totaly dilerious, because i knew i was at my home and i could coprehand why am i here and what is happening. Few seconds later, i woke up in my body that was on all fours under the tabel in the kitchen and my body was dileriously repeating: but im a man, im a man. When i came to, i was like: why am i saying this, im a girl and im home.
Just wondering if i went coco for a few seconds or maybe did i switch a body? Life is a mistery

7 years ago

Sounds like these phenomena could have something to do with Quantum Entanglement.

10 years ago

A hundred years ago these ideas were dismissed as "woo, pseudoscience, and quackery" and now we have universities around the globe doing experiments with empirical results to prove or disprove these touchy subjects - great time to be alive.

12 years ago

Fantastic movie. The story of the boy battling against his brain tumor reminds me my own cancer problem. Namely, years ago in my meditation appeared an allien, like from the SciFi Movie, evil and invincible. I was thinking that it is some memory of the movies I was watching in the past. I wasn't able to get rid of it. It dissapeared when I passed an operation which removed the tumor.

12 years ago

you are the man.. vlatko.. you deserve a medal.. honestly.. you have kept me entertained for so long.. this site just feeds our brains with info.. and you make us better.. thank you man..

just brousing
13 years ago

Interesting documentary, everything is up to debate, yet the science world is taking a more serious look at all these mysteries, that's life!

13 years ago

I often paste references to this site on youtube and have it set as "my website" on both of my channels as well.

13 years ago

Hi There,

I am thoroughly enjoying the Natural Mystery documentary series on your site. I would love to know where I can get my hands on a copy of the corresponding DVD. It seems quite the mystery itself online. Does anyone know a lil sumtin sumtin to help me with my search?

Cheerios :)

14 years ago

i love the site cos it raveal the hinden secret human nature and many more