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Nature's Colors With The World's Greatest Music

2009 ,    »  -   50 Comments
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Nature's Colors With The World's Greatest MusicThis stunning High Definition video release is accompanied by the world's greatest and most recognizable music-from Bach to Beethoven to Ravel to Debussy-all.

From Bora Bora to Africa, from the Midwest to the Pacific Coast, from Costa Rica to Bali, from Hawaii to Arizona, from the Rocky Mountains to the Redwood Forest-this is Nature at it's most colorful and beautiful.

This type of scenery and music combination can run for many times and every time it is enjoyable either to watch or to have it as back ground music with nice sceneries of Nature.

The pictures is crisp, detailed. The sound is well mixed, balanced and dynamic. What's more? The scenes are selected from most beautiful places in the world, and the classical music is also amazing.

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50 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Guest

    HO my Ho My! Thanks a millions little stars to you Vlatko. You make my day. I will go march with colors in mind.
    And when i come back i'll watch this one.

  2. knowledgeizpower

    Lol I read this and it made me Smile...Yes Thanks Vlatko I agree with Az seeing a Music Doc Made my Day Too Omg I will Listen and Go to a Peaceful Place :)

  3. BuzzBeak

    Not a doc obviously but enjoyable all the same, good to give the brain a rest :)

  4. BuzzBeak

    a lot of sound interference though :/ ?

  5. Guest

    I would enjoy this more if i was watching it on a huge screen and good speakers (better sound, i agree there is a lot of interference). I thought this would be a documentary, it isn't. I skipped throughout and i must say it is very beautiful scenery but but but...
    The colors today were amazing, the sun was shining, the people were smiling and connecting, a great turnout for Canada and the world on Oct 15th OWS.

  6. Aaylsworth

    Very relaxing... the music and scenery was soothing and I found myself drifting off into the images...but every once in a while you get zapped by the sound crackling and kinda ruined it :(

  7. Aaylsworth

    Very relaxing and soothing... I even drifted off into the images... BUT every so often the sound would crackle and that kinda ruined it... :(

  8. Gareth Sidwell

    Awesome! :D

  9. bb


  10. Reuben John Rivero

    If you want to watch a real documentary of the most beautiful places in the world (and how we ruined it) with some of the most medidative music ever, watch BARAKA! it'll blow your mind away.

  11. Antonia4

    I would appreciate if the music (which is so beautiful) would be uploaded again from a different CD as the present one has some scretches. Thank you.

  12. Guest

    also watch HOME here on TDF
    by director Luc Besson, is the work of acclaimed aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
    edit: watch on youtube, it is no longer available on TDF, very amazing doc.

  13. Gamini Perera

    Beautiful music.....Beautiful scenery... Excellent combination..

  14. WiseGapist

    We turned out for Amsterdam's OWS, was great to see the amount of support and variety of people there.

  15. thekingbeyondthegate

    I love it how the makers of this website can appreciate good music. There are documentaries on here about a lot of the music I listen to: Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Dub Echoes, Hip-Hop, etc. And now I find out the makers can appreciate classical and nature as well.
    I love the internet because I've never met anyone in real life who has been able appreciate an artform regardless of the 'image' that artform has culturally. Some people have told me it makes no sense that I like hip-hop and classical. I suppose it makes no sense that I like the sun and the rain as well.

  16. knowledgeizpower

    I Totally Love Your Comment :D
    I love and have an appreciation for Alot of Generes of music as well..
    It does not make sense and sort of odd someone would actually Tell you that about your taste... Guess they really Don't Understand or maybe they aren't a Music Fanatic I know I am Lol...Peace :)

  17. Jack1952

    I spent the day at the farm where I grew up to spend a late Thanksgiving with my family. We went for a long walk through the fields, woodlands and hills. The sun was bright and the trees were breathtaking in their fall colors. After, we had a great turkey dinner, with a few glasses of local merlot. A day to be truly thankful for.

    To top it all off, when I get home, I discover that TDF has posted this incredible video. My computer is hooked up to a 42 inch HD screen with surround sound and I enjoyed every minute of it. Some of the autumn scenes could have been filmed at the family farm. It is just great to be alive and living in this moment.

  18. Guest

    a like is not transported me somewhere beautiful with your words.

  19. Imightberiding

    @Vlatko, Thank you for this perfectly exquisite film... simply; sublime.

  20. Yavanna

    This would make a great screensaver.......

  21. knowledgeizpower

    Yeah it really would now that you mentioned it lol :D

  22. Bar Boo

    Does anybody know where i can see the high def version?

  23. Vlatko

    Right here @Bar Boo,

    Press play, click 360p at the bottom of the player, choose 720p HD.

  24. Bar Boo

    thanks. Cant belive i missed that.

  25. ElizabethP

    Finally the perfect combination..:) to get me through my work...tnx for posting it!Very lovely!

  26. PaulGloor

    Its amusing, I recognize most of this music from classic Disney movies... and the rest of it from my personal collection.

  27. jurica

    lucky boy
    look after your luck - lots of people don't have it

  28. Tammy Cantellia

    Thank you for uploading such a magnificent video, this video is amazing and I am definitely sharing it.
    The calming and meditative music mixed with the fantastic scenery in this video is a perfectly peaceful way to relax after studying or working all day <3

  29. ray carlson

    Great music, great scenery, and the choice's of of subject's are outstanding.... now if I can just get the video to play all the way through w/o stopping and starting..maybe some of the young folk's can help me with this problem so I can play these video's straight through?.....thank's again Doc Films......

  30. ray carlson

    Jack1952...I could spend way too much time on this web-site for all the great subjects to choose from, but you mentioned the farm and all that goes with those great times in one's life and I could relate also....Ray C.

  31. Donny McDermid VI

    Thoroughly enjoyed this! Ray C, you just need a better internet connection, however in the meantime you can pause it and let it buffer (which means let the grey fill out to the end on the play stream). Once its all grey it should run smoothly, if its still slow it could be your computer or browser. Google Chrome is the best browser.

  32. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    looks beautiful but it is a mess. How is it that n relation between musik and image was achieved. Moonshine sonata Beethoven, not once the moon, Vivaldis Spring alegro starts with autumn leaves. Sorry guys, you wasted a chance

  33. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    As well, there are at least two Mozart, Leopold and Wolfgang Amadeus, Why not the complete name? and the Piano concerto 21, second movement has a name, Elvira Madigan. Is it you made this video for the very ignorant?

  34. Yuri Soud

    I fell asleep 15 min in. Great Doc

  35. Jack1952

    @ Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    The video wasn't made for the hyper-critical.

    By the way, you spelled "allegro" wrong along with other spelling and grammatical errors. A perfect criticism marred by such glaring errors. How could I take the comments of such a flawed individual seriously?

  36. Guest

    Excuse me, the Moonshine sonata? lolololol... Truth is, ol' Ludwig would probably have laughed his ass off at that one, if the history I've read is accurate. (Depending on the translation, I suppose? heh heh.) But the fact of the matter is, that sonata was never known by the name 'Moonlight' during the master's lifetime...Just to be a little pedantic, I guess? lol.

  37. Epicurus

    what is moonshine sonata???????

  38. Guest

    It's a piece in the form of a fantasy, played in retrograde inversion on the left-hand tenor banjo, at quadruple the indicated tempo, of course!

  39. Jack1952

    @ Pysmythe

    "Moonshine Sonata" Hilarious!! I can't believe I missed that.
    I wasted a chance.

  40. Guest

    To be fair, I think this chap must be German, mostly since he spelled Musik with a k, and so, for all I know, "moonshine" may be a more accurate translation into English from the German nickname. But, still: LOL! We'll see if he comes back and lets me have it, eh? But the thing with Wolfgang and his old man...? Listen, surely NOBODY is going to confuse those two, and I'm pretty sure junior flat-out owns the name by now, so, you know...MOZART should cover it, right?

    Actually, Leopold wrote the 'Toy Symphony', of course, and several quite good piano sonatas (in addition to his violin textbook), among other things getting more scholarly research lately, but...come on... If it's one of Pop's, they'd be sure to let us know then, and only then, I would think.

    Toooo critical...

  41. Epicurus

    brilliant sir. i bow to that level of wit.

  42. Jack1952

    @ Pysmythe

    I'd like to be fair but his use of the word "ignorant" and his know-it-all condescending attitude keeps getting in my way. I'm may have to watch this film again. I'm sure it's imperfections will sooth my irritation.

  43. Guest

    Those "imperfections" are the important thing, lol.

  44. Guest

    Funny bugger :)

  45. franknhonest

    It looks like some or all of the mistakes have been corrected now. I noticed that some of the footage is probably from Malaysian Borneo - well worth a visit having been there for 2 weeks myself this last summer. The only downside is it takes ages to get there...

  46. jeffosirius

    is this blair witch project 3 my computer has no sound is Mozart in this film?

  47. buttons1994

    The music made me doze off.. so I give it a A+ for that!! What pictures I saw was beautimous!

  48. Sorin Spirchez

    This doc shows some of the beauty of Biology, and is one of the reasons i began studying it.

  49. l33t Hacker

    nice music but i think video suck oh well i guess admin mistaken science with music lol

  50. onlaugh

    I once made a short film of the animals in a wildlife park. I added classical music and edited the film by matching film clips to the changes in the music.
    When I watched my edited creation for the first time, I realised that it became very tedious after 3 minutes.
    I felt the same thing when I watched this.

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