Nature’s Great Events
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Nature’s Great Events

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Nature's Great EventsNature’s Great Events takes up the mantle left by the stunning BBC series Planet Earth, and offers a closer look at some of the most fascinating and dramatic natural happenings on the planet. Narrated by David Attenborough, it digs in some detail into the impact on nature of certain events, and manages to hone in on small stories in the midst of major happenings. It’s a breathtaking cocktail.

What particularly lifts Nature’s Great Events too is the stunning photography. Those who recall Planet Earth will recall just how superb the shots within that frequently were, but if anything, Nature’s Great Events tops it. The cinematography here is world-class, and it greatly enhances the series around it as a result.

That said, there’s more than enough substance to Nature’s Great Events as it stands anyway. Diligently made and researched, and presented in an accessible, yet not condescending manner, it’s another major success for the BBC in this area, and further cements why it’s a world leader where natural history documentaries are concerned.

Credit must go too for the decision to include the making-of material. Back when the BBC broadcast The Blue Planet, these were often just as interesting as the main feature itself, and the same is true here. It’s a genuinely fascinating insight into the production of such an ambitious, and unmissable, series.

This series contains 6 episodes each around 50 minutes long: The Great Melt, The Great Salmon Run, The Great Migration, The Great Tide, The Great Flood and The Great Feast.

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  1. Mac McG

    There's no such word as 'worsest' or 'worstest'... - i.e. - good, better, best... right? BAD, WORSE, AND '"WORST" (not 'WOREST').

  2. Jason

    Fantastic compilation. Shame about the ice age (70s) no wait, global warming (90s) no wait, climate change (present day) propaganda with the polar bears though. Nuff said.

  3. Kristina Lauren

    What happened to the full documentary? I was halfway through it and it turned into the previews only instead of all the shows.

  4. panthera f

    I hope people will keep their greedy hands off this last piece of nature.

  5. AnjirGirl

    A phenomenal documentary! The language, the scenes, the music selection - all superb. A spectacle of epic proportions in itself.
    Aside from the insisting invitation to "date pretty chinese girl" somewhere in the left corner, and an occasional episode skippage, this has been a fantastic viewing experience! Loving it!

  6. Gary V

    Another excellent doc from the BBC & in HD too. Superb.

  7. Kim


    The arctic was never tropical, but it has had periods of warming and cooling. And yes, evidence does show that the polar bears evolved their signature marine lifestyle relatively swiftly during the onset of an ice age, but that's "swiftly" relative to the pace of evolution - it took tens of thousands of years to turn a forest-dwelling black bear into an ice-navigating polar bear.

    Hypothetically the polar bears could adapt to a warming climate, but only if they have the time to do so. At the current rate, most of their sea-ice feeding grounds will be gone within a hundred years. There's just no way for a creature with the polar bear's long life span and low reproductive rate to adopt a completely new lifestyle within only a handful of generations.

  8. His Forever

    That was very good.

    The Melt: Question--wasn't the Arctic like a tropical paradice at one time? Where were the polar bears then? If the Arctic warms again, wouldn't you think they could adapt again?

    1. Vandermoore

      Evolution happens quickest where there are niches that are unfilled. So, if new habitats form animals will rapidly adapt to make use of it, however in todays world humans will most probably fill any niche that forms far quicker than any animal can.
      Also, creatures that are more specialized adapt less quickly. So where grizzlies or other 'normal' bears have a very broad diet and make use of almost anything nature offers then, from meat and fish to roots and grass, and as such would be quite quick to fill the niches that formed when the north grew colder, they have since become highly specialized polar bears, and would have a much harder time changing back.

  9. Vandermoore

    This is right up the same lane as Planet Earth and the Life series and warrants the use of that most overused and inflated of words: awesome! As such it should be enjoyed in far greater quality than here.

  10. Joe

    lol episode #2 clip #3 0:01

    Bear hacky sack ;0

  11. TonyBeauX

    Thanks for posting the video, but can I just say I hate youtube loaded clips. Its so much better on Google! I know for others it may work fine, but watching in full view on youtube going to clip to clip is not always a seamless process. If any one who uploads docs reads this... please consider google video next time ;P

  12. Anuar

    thanks a lot from Kazakhstan!!!! i really enjoy by watching all videos...

  13. Werewolf24

    This is the great documentary film ever seen. I`m watching documentary movies from 10 years ago and this is the best of the best. I salute all!!!!

    DAN from Romania(Europe)

  14. Ben

    But...... how long???
    How long until this become the past....?
    This planet must be preserved at ALL cost!

  15. Shahidur Rahman Sikder

    Time is limited within the respective location of every one, idea of time from the outside of the location of oneself is valueless and the locations of oneself are the present, all other remaining places have dived inside the deeper parts of the past of all. That is to say- In the universe, there has been no incidence of present and future at all at any site of space; all are submerged into their respective depths of the past.

    Consequently, if you understand about the fact! Strike the right note or put up to note sheet against my information.

    1. Spook72

      And your point about this Documentary is....?

    2. Jack1952


  16. Sniff

    Vlatko rules the documentary on internet! THANKS from Sweden.

  17. Bobby D

    Freakin' Awesome!

  18. KT

    So nice. I especially liked the Salmon run

  19. Daniela

    Amazing doc. cant help to feel guilty and bad humans only destroy such beautiful gifts given to us by nature...

  20. david

    Really great documentary.
    I've watched most of it twice.

  21. david

    Absolutely Brilliant.Great viewing.

  22. Yavanna

    The episodes are listed as :

    1. "The Great Melt"
    2. "The Great Salmon Run"
    3. "The Great Migration"
    4. "The Great Tide"
    5. "The Great Flood"
    6. "The Great Feast"

  23. Bodd

    This is another one for the books. Vlatko, i would not survive one night shift without your help. Thanks again.

    1. Vlatko

      Not a problem @Bodd. Thanks.

  24. johnphilippines

    OUTSTANDING! Thanks Vlatko!

  25. Dieter

    BBC ROCKZ!!!!