NatureTechNatureTech, a multi award winning series, explores biomimetics - the science of looking to nature for answers to modern problems.

Why are blossoms never dirty and can we also make our cars that way? Why can geckos walk on the ceiling and can we use their tricks to create better adhesives? Why is the spider's web tougher than steel?

Exciting new developments in computer technology, chemistry and physics are now enabling us to understand Nature's designs better than ever before.

Scientists are not simply trying to copy nature -- they are taking hints, extracting principles and applying winning designs of evolution in a new, human context.

Visually, this series is an attractive, fast-paced mix of stunning natural history shots, computer-assisted design and CGI graphics of futuristic inventions, ultra-modern, spacy architecture and high tech as well as scenes of the world's leading designers and engineers at work, all created by the team that made "Limits of Perception".

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 2 hours, 34 minutes)

Ratings: 7.12/10 from 17 users.

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  1. mt

    Copying from nature can help human to survive extinction through mutation and natural selection but designing those gadgets cost environment therefore shortening the race. For example intense heat resulting caused by global warming: Our solution to survive heat, airconditions which uses more electricity which produces more carbon footprint during generation.

  2. Jared Rocha

    Awesome doc. God is so creative

    1. Rolands Jaunzems

      evolution and natural selection has selected the greatest of animals!
      it was not god and there is overwhelming evidence of that already for many years, but you can choose what to believe, imaginary friend or scientific evidence.

  3. tanzanos

    As a designer I can only say that Nature is the father of design! Excellent documentary

  4. Gary V

    An interesting doc. Humanity will learn more through the study of nature than we ever will studying the outdated myths of ancient religious books.

  5. Arnold Vinette

    Vlakto thank you for finding this great BBC documentary. It is really interesting to see what the different universities are up to around the world with regards to reasearch in material sciences by studying nature and nature itself. It is truly amazing how the beneficial properties of plants and animals go right down to the nano scale. Only with the use of electron microscopes are we able to see this extremely fine detail.

    I simply cannot get enough of these programs and seeing all of the neat areas of research both in the animal kingdom, material sciences, and trying to mimic both the animal / insect kingdom and natures properties.

    As I watched the discoveries being made on new substances that resisted sticking like the spoon, I suddenly envisioned the interior of plastic bottles and glass jars being coated with this. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a plastic bottle or gas jar where all of the honey effortlessly poured out without sticking to the sides. This would work equally well for barbeque sauces, ketchup etc. What a convenient world in the kitchen that would be.

    Just a great series of educational research clips of what is happening in our universities and out in the field!

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

  6. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Hello Ben,

    I, like you, believe that this life and consciousness are not by chance. However, we cannot simply ignore the truths uncovered by modern science, incomplete as they may be.

    There are mountains of evidence to support that humans were not poofed into existence. Bad news for anyone who wants to cling to a literal translation of the bible. Apparently, you can't conceive a child without sexual intercourse (or some weird accident type situation which we won't discuss). People seemingly don't rise from the dead, and the world is much older than all the generations accounted for in the bible. Those are just a few of the Christian myths. You can't expect a religion to be perfectly accurate and encompassing of all truths ... that would be like a religion that has gained enlightenment for itself. Maybe that is the destiny of religion in the future, to be a perfect tradition of cultivating truth. Perhaps it will be so new, we won't even be able to rightly call it a religion, and we will get there when we are beyond petty clinging to outdated traditions. Then I (possibly) won't get so shredded on for trying to bring to light some of the more noble aspirations of religion :P

    That being said, I feel natural selection alone is not enough to explain evolution. It is just part of the story and we continue to understand evolution as a whole through many developing fields of study.

    Oh also this documentary is AWESOME. The cameras used to capture raindrops hitting a leaf, or the effects used to demonstrate various natural phenoma (like the lift of a fly's wings) made it really visually stimulating :)

  7. Ira

    what an incredible doc ! <3 thank you for posting this !!

  8. ez2b12

    @ Benon

    After writing a long angry post aimed at your obviouse niavity and lack of imagination, I found I was no longer so angry, suppose I just needed to get it off my chest. So I deleted it in favor a a shorter response. BULL SH#T

  9. over the edge

    @ benon
    evolution does not come about by chance. it is by natural selection (the terminology IS important) it is result of mutations good and bad the good ones are kept and passed on while the bad ones die off. to use your example of the contents of your house the products there have very little to do with the original products they have been improved over the years with the inferior ones fading away. i am assuming your tv is color and your computer doesn't use punch cards as an example. now your next point is no species evolves to another (there is that terminology thing again) there is a mountain of evidence for this my favorite examples are the human fossil record and the e-coli evolution i have provided just some of the proof for evolution please provide some proof for your side

    p.s and by proof i mean something that can be tested

  10. Ben

    CORRECTION in paragraph 3 above
    No matter how much time is given to a given creature, there is NO scientific proof to show that such a creature can turn into another form.

  11. Ben


    Evolution is a total lie. Only the Creator who put everything we see-visible and invisible knows the purnishment he will unleash to Darwin for having misled the world with his lies of evolution. Whatever terminology one wants to use ,be it, natural selection, adaptation, etc was all arranged and designed by an Omnipotent Creator. It is rediculous for any of us to look around things inside our houses and when asked how they happened to be there, we answer that they just happened to be there by chance.

    Nothing happens by chance.All that is in your house were made by human hands.If that is the case, then why should one look at how organised the universe is and assert that it just happened? Can a wrist watch ,with its precision perfomance just happen? Big bang Theory---another lie-Tell me how an 'accident" can generate order. Drive 2 cars in the opposite directions at speeds of 250km per hr and see whether after a collision,they will generate a brand new car. I wonder why people can accept to be fooled around.

    God Created creatures in kinds or call them types.No matter how much time is given to a given creature, there is scientific proof to show that such a creature can turn into another form.A dog kind will remain a dog but can never change into something else. A Chimpanze was made a chimpanze .Period! No lies.Human s were made humans from the beginning.

    This is a very good documentary to show God's owesomeness. Scientists are just playing with words to describe events,behaviour and other wonderful attributes in the handiwork of God. Because a bat uses echo-sound to search for food(insects), scientists will call this adaptation but donot wnat to admit that adaptation it self was God's design in a bat.

    1. avd420

      If I believed in God I would be praying for you. You're obviously sick.

  12. The ImPoster

    I don't think that our journey is even half-way my friend. At best we just hit the 2nd leg of the race. We still gotta explore the vast expanses of the universe. Who knows all that is out there or what we will learn. My comment about natural selection among humans was more meant to mean the inevitable clash between profit and sustainability... Even in the worse case scenarios; I'm sure some of the good and bad guys will survive; just hopefully the good guys win the next time we come back up. Hopefully no quasar blasts rip through earth before we are inter-stellar either. Best case scenario peaceful aliens will land... Kill all the people dragging the race down... Show us the way to our future... Then we all might get to see space. :-)

    The only thing I have to say is I agree... Except nature doesn't applaud our skills. Unless it likes a island of plastic in the middle of the pacific ocean. Course I'm only one man of self-limited knowledge, maybe the new diseases/virus's and rise of natural disasters is nature thanking us. This type of doc gives me hope though. Since at least science is begging to realize nature beats our inventions most every time. All we can do is be in awe/understand and replicate it in our technology.

  13. Atrophy

    @The ImPoster
    As far as natural evolution is concerned we are very survivable. Humans are adapted to practically all environments on the planet and, with our technology, manage to conquer the rest. In that respect, nature applauds our skills. Our dependence on that technology is however the crutch that may break us if things turn for the worse, but I still have faith that humans as a species will survive a long long time even in the face of global disasters by virtue of what nature gave us, the ability to consciously adapt ourselves and environment to suit our needs.

  14. ez2b12

    @ freesoul

    What exactly are you trying to say, freesoul. Surely you are not saying that natural selection wasn't the driving force behind these accomplishments, If you are, spit it out.

  15. doc-fan

    Not for me :D Don't copy my words please :D

  16. freesoul

    great work!!
    It's really crazy to think that nature can accomplish all these tasks through natural selection, think again and again; you may find other adequate answers rather than just repeating what is common.

  17. doc-fan

    Great episode :) It's crazy how nature can accomplish tasks over natural selection with such perfection leaving our smart man wondering how replicate it by doing what we know best.

  18. ez2b12

    I think we are already getting a big f u from mother earth. But humans are not really subject to natural selection, per say. I supppose we have selected ourselves for extinction though, bummer. I wonder though if some of it is unavoidable. Seems no matter how environmentally consciouse we are or try to be, at some point our riegn is suppose to end. Not like some big cosmic plan just the way things are. I totally believe it is up to us to make our time as long as possible but sooner or later, kersplat!

  19. The ImPoster

    "Nature appalls waste... No creature that wastes energy will survive the unforgiving hand of natural selection"

    Dose this mean we are coming to a big F U from mother earth or just natural selection among humans. =P

    Good doc though.