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Networked SocietyInteresting documentary series that explores the population, connectivity, predictions, and the way we learn.

1. Thinking Cities. The world population is expected to soar to more than 9 billion people by 2050, with roughly 70 percent living in cities. At the same time, Information Communications Technology (ICT) is extending its reach.

2. On the Brink. The past, present and future of connectivity with insights from technological thought leaders including David Rowan, chief editor of Wired UK; Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr; and Eric Wahlforss, the co-founder of Soundcloud.

3. Shaping Ideas. During the course of a year we traveled the world interviewing top thinkers to gather their predictions regarding how we will see the world in year 2020. Their insights touched on many aspects of modern society; communication, female empowerment, the health of our planet and the future for young people.

4. The Future of Learning. Technology has enabled us to interact, innovate and share in whole new ways. This dynamic shift in mindset is creating profound change throughout our society. The Future of Learning looks at one part of that change, the potential to redefine how we learn and educate.

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    Patrick Adrien Varencaus
  1. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    dumded down society ! real tittle

  2. Herisson28
  3. Herisson28

    When I learned how to snowboard it was not because it was easy that is was fun. And when I succeded, I didn't whish a machine could have done this for me.

  4. phillip wong
  5. phillip wong

    China is developing this world.

  6. as_above
  7. as_above

    And if a dopamine was introduced during such an activity you would of enjoyed that to :D


    Its also causing more damage to it than any other nation too!

  10. Pythus
  11. Pythus

    China isn't exactly a shining example of environmentalism and progressive energy policy. If the whole world is like China in 100 years I'll sure be glad to be dead.

  12. phillip wong
  13. phillip wong

    Majority of the world is still very poor, and I do mean abject poverty poor. The Chinese in turn are building the roads, connect markets, and lifting billions directly, or indirectly out of poverty. So, no, I care more for people than the environment.

  14. phillip wong
  15. phillip wong

    What about the west? What you are telling me is you rather see people rot in poverty, rather than give them a mean to left themselves out of poverty, and develop their fullest genetic potential.

  16. slpsa
  17. slpsa

    It is more than evident, by your assumptions China is doing better, as a whole, that you have never been there. We had this debate already. To a degree, I may agree with you as far as SOME people and areas doing better. The large majority are pheasants, and when I say pheasants, I mean old country, no electricity, or plumbing, or jobs for most of them. But as far as lifting billions out of poverty, that is absolute nonsense. I worked in a rural area, for a total of two years aggregate, I disagree one hundred per cent. I did not see anything you describe. The three larger centers I visited were indistinguishable from other big cities in any nation around the world, other than the language signs. Once you leave those areas, it is rural, poor, and undeniably tough to live. You can say what you like. Your last name does not mean you are telling the truth.

  18. slpsa
  19. slpsa

    China is the least one that is worried about destroying our planet as they consume. It seems to me, POP SLAG, he is correct in that assessment. I work in the mining industry. If you are under the impression they have the same environmental concerns and guidelines to follow as most of the rest of the planet has to follow, then you are grossly mis-informed. I saw enough to convince me they have no concern whatsoever, from a mining perspective.

  20. A
  21. A

    haha china has some of the most horrifingly polluted areas out of anywhere in the world. Also, there is 7 billion ppl, i think we can do without at least the 1 billion in china

  22. phillip wong
  23. phillip wong

    You again...

    It is always amusing to me. So, what is your suggestion for helping the world 's poor? Do you give them aid, and corrupt their officials? Africa don 't work. Do communism work? No, they don 't. Aid don 't work as well. What is your suggest? Let them ******* rot, and die?

  24. phillip wong
  25. phillip wong

    What do you mean by "do without"? You want to kill Chinese people now? Genocide? The west would never be what it is without the savings from Japan, and China to pop up your governments. Now, you are advocating genocide. ***-Hole

  26. PaulGloor
  27. PaulGloor

    Certainly some interesting things they have laid before us to think about. Will freedom of information truly create a better learning environment ? We see it right here, where we watch a documentary and people comment on it, sharing related experience, research and uninformed opinions which invariably get corrected for us all to learn from.

    On the helping poor topic. I think the best way to help is to give them access to the same information we have and let them be. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    On a couple side notes:
    @Phillip Wong
    China doesn't prop any government up except its own. What China has been propping up is a consumer economy, which is now failing and leaving the people blaming government more-so than the idiotic companies that sent the jobs overseas to save a buck.

    Genocide, is not an answer that we, as 'moral' creatures can employ against our own without serious social repercussions. The best we can hope to do is to set a grand example for everyone and let policy sort itself out through public opinion.

    Personal opinion as always.

  28. phillip wong
  29. phillip wong

    "China doesn't prop any government up except its own. What China has been propping up is a consumer economy, which is now failing and leaving the people blaming government more-so than the idiotic companies that sent the jobs overseas to save a buck."

    Excuse me, where do you think the consumption economy in the west comes from? They rely on debt; pure, and simply. Who do you think lend money to the west? The economies of east Asia, China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

    Second thing is you think American companies go to China, because of "greed". No, it is because of market forces. If they don 't, other Asian rivals in Asia will. They want to be competitive, and that is why the move to China.

    Third, Chinese consumption is rising, and it is bigger than the US, and Europe. We have more cars, use more oil everything is bigger. China may not experience double digit growth anymore, but we are self-sustaining. By this, I mean China can collapse the US economy just by denying market access, understand?

    Let me remind you again: The west in not rich. It is in debt owned by East Asian countries( All of which are Sino-countries, and societies).

  30. phillip wong
  31. phillip wong

    You are wrong. They are feeding their families. They are earning their way. Life might be difficult for them, but they are doing it for their families, and future. This is good. Like I said, do you care for the environment so much that you would have people rot in poverty?

  32. henrymart81
  33. henrymart81

    Not a bad flick once you get past all the leftist propaganda.

  34. Herisson28
  35. Herisson28

    They would tell us. Let us be! We dont need your supervision.

  36. Herisson28
  37. Herisson28

    look at yourself before you juge others

  38. Herisson28
  39. Herisson28

    America is clean today because it has exported the dirty production to china

  40. wald0
  41. wald0

    Really dude, you think that is something we wanted to happen? Number one, we never wanted to lose our manufacturing base, what sane country would want to lose employment of anykind? Number two, the reeason we can't compete with the low price goods coming from China that have flooded our market is becasue the Chinese refuse to hold their manufacturers to the same environmental, safety, or quality standards that Western companies are forced to abide by. In other words it is the Chinese themselves that decide how they manufacture things, whether it be clean or dirty- to borrow your own terminology. Besides, if China didn't manipulate its own currency in order to keep production costs down they would lose much of the "dirty production" they took from the U.S. real fast- but thats a whole other conversation.

  42. Basil
  43. Basil

    i agree, the previous comment was ignorant. everyone in the u.s. knows who's writing the checks for our gov.

  44. phillip wong
  45. phillip wong

    You have zero understand of developmental economics. You are assuming that the cost of production is equal, everywhere if all countries uphold the same labor, and environment laws. It is simply not the case. Developing countries have comparative advantage primary because of its low labor cost, and labor intensive industries, because it is a developing country.

    Also, it is not entire true that Chinese labor are cheap. In fact, Chinese labor is more expensive than the labor you get in other developing countries such as South East Asia, Africa, or eastern Europe. What Chinese have is cheap "skilled" labor, logistics, and the economic of scale that makes it the best place for production.

    Lets be honest, the stereotype of "dumb stupid, lazy, boorish" Americans don 't come from nowhere. How productive can they be? Not very much.

  46. IndustryOfBlame
  47. IndustryOfBlame

    I hope I'm not offending anyone, but this discussion has really hit rock bottom. Congrats on wasting each others time.

    As for the documentary in question, I don't really follow how the increase in mobile connectivity has anything to do with how we manage our ecosystems, our cities and most importantly our energy demands. This is just a long-winded, boring docu-mercial coming from an industry that lives or dies depending on whether or not you buy the next Iphone.

  48. Ethic Slur
  49. Ethic Slur

    "We're the last generation that grew up in a dumb society, where things were stupid & uninteresting." Kill me now.

  50. Ðaniel Çurtis
  51. Ðaniel Çurtis

    Thats kinda funny as in americans invented everything you see in your nasty little spot.And if it wasn't for them you would be in a mud hut or a teepee or a hay hut planting wheat with your hands...Look it up,before you call americans dumb.

  52. The Teradactyl
  53. The Teradactyl

    "We're the last generation that grew up in a dumb society, where things were stupid & uninteresting."

    Ethic Slur (below) also picked up on this. I grew up as part of a "stupid" farming community, where you read books because the internet was only dial-up, sat and ate dinner together, and went to libraries when you wanted to learn about something. You learned to work with large animals, grew their food and likely your own.

    I love technology, and most of this documentary playlist is excellent viewing, but I definitely don't appreciate that close-minded line of thought.

  54. Devon Griffiths
  55. Devon Griffiths

    In my mind, the last intelligent and interesting generation was the Great Generation, with the bar falling with every successive generation, til we reach the latest generation, which may be hectic and communicative, but is insipid, banal, incredibly conventional (though the conventions are new, they are often utterly universal) and so poorly educated/lacking in critical thought that medieval superstitions are re-awakening and snake oil salesmen are once again living high on the hog.

  56. twomilehill
  57. twomilehill

    could not agree more.

  58. twomilehill
  59. twomilehill

    Hopefully before you die there will be some article that someone with intelligence will read to you and that article will pull you into the 21st century.

  60. venusmessenger
  61. venusmessenger

    MAINTAIN humanity UNDER 500 million
    Prophetic words inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones in 1979, when the population was just HALF of what it is now. Now think about that, HALF. That means we`ve DOUBLED our population in just 33 years. And if we DOUBLED our population now, then we would be over 14 billion.
    Back to the words above. Like the video says we ork together as a planet, and we can reduce our population simply by having one genetic child per couple. We should let homeless children be adopted free of charge. Raise just one genetic child per couple for a bit over a century, we will reach that number GUARANTEED. And then we MAINTAIN it. By having 4 generations of one genetic child per woman, followed by having 4 genetic children per couple for 4 generations to counter balance the massive reduction.
    Results will be what`s better known as a "resource based" economy. The monetary system can go extinct.
    Numbers don`t lie, and the numbers are right in front of you.

  62. KsDevil
  63. KsDevil

    When the people control the flow of information, society grows. When agencies control the flow of information, society is stifled.
    All of these pie-in-the-sky ideas presented in this documentary seem to bypass the paranoia of agencies and their affects. I suspect they do this since it is a communications agency who seems to be behind this promotion of ideas and wants to leach off of them as a controlling agency.

  64. Ash NA
  65. Ash NA

    I just wanted to say, I've read most of your replies and learned a few things. I was going to answer back to some of the ignorant posters in this thread, but instead I'm spending that time on you, and I feel better for it. Thanks, and know that it's not all wasted words.

  66. luluvonluluhausen
  67. luluvonluluhausen

    No, I'm sorry sweetie but you are wrong on that one. Americans did NOT "invent" everything. Not in the slightest. I would highly recommend doing some research before launching a personal attack on someone.

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