Never Get Busted

Never Get Busted

2013, Crime  -   25 Comments
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Former police officer and decorated U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officer turned anti-drug-war lecturer Barry Cooper's Never Get Busted documentary series is the episode of Cops you wish you they'd air. After a decorated career busting large-scale drug trafficking operations, Cooper uses his vast accumulation of knowledge and experience working on the official side of the law to teach you how to do everything within your power to stay out of jail for drug-related charges of any kind.

Volume 1 deals in a range of traffic stop-related matters:

  • Understanding the way a narcotics dog detects drugs, debunking common myths about ways to throw them off the scent, and methods one can use to actually deter them from indicating on a controlled substance.
  • Where to NOT stash your drug stash, and more importantly where TO stash your stash in your vehicle.
  • The difference between reasonable suspicions, probable cause, and consent to search as they relate to search and seizure of your vehicle.
  • Cooper takes you on a ride-along to discuss profiling, racial or otherwise, that leads to traffic stops.
  • Interstate patrol officer practices for profiling and traffic stops.
  • Cooper actually takes us through a number of his traffic stops with accompanying patrol vehicle dashboard camera footage, explaining what the arrestees did wrong, tricks officers use to get what they want, and reasons they pulled them over in the first place.

Volume 2 covers topics dealing with police organizations raiding your property, and the sale of marijuana:

  • Outdoor marijuana growing tactics one can implement to avoid aerial detection, prevent crops being seized, and not allow crops to be linked to you.
  • Indoor grow operation detection tactics that law enforcement uses, and ways in which one can minimize the likelihood of detection.
  • The physics of infrared (heat) detection.
  • Methods for obtaining marijuana growing equipment without incriminating yourself.
  • Ways to minimize your risk during a police visit to your home.
  • Tactics for selling marijuana without getting caught.
  • How to sniff out undercover officers and informants.

The expressed intent of the teachings is for marijuana-related sale and usage, but the tips and tricks Cooper covers would be of use for anyone engaging in these activities with any controlled substance - so if you decide to do so, this is a pool of knowledge that could absolutely keep you from ending up behind bars!

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25 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Belinda Newell

    Dear Marijuana dispensaries and distribution companies,

    Watch your back and cover your asses!

    Big Pharma has paid off our government legislators, media, and health care industry to suppress and run cannabis smear campaigns for DECADES!

    Big Pharma knows that if cannabis were to be legalized nationwide, their drug profits will drastically plummet! If you think that they’re actually going to let that happen, you’re crazier than hell!

    The states that have legalized cannabis did it for one the following reasons:
    1.) The studies of all different and numerous health benefits received from cannabis can’t be denied. Cannabis has proven to lower crime statistics.
    2.) The states who have legalized it are part of a secret and corrupt operation with Big Pharma to permanently outlaw cannabis. (See below)

    Don’t think for one second that Big Pharma couldn’t be in cahoots with cannabis distributors and growers.

    If Big Pharma is strategic enough to poison selected batches of vaccines every year… they’re strategic enough to do the same with selected batches of cannabis!

    Like vaccines, don’t be surprised when cannabis buyers start having horrible side effects, develop major health issues, or possibly even die after use.

    Government legislators, media, and the health care industry will use this to run another cannabis brainwashing smear campaign to take cannabis off of the market for Big Pharma profit.

    I HIGHLY encourage all cannabis dispensaries to research and know where your cannabis is coming from.

    These growers should have cameras set up everywhere, regularly test their soil, protect plants from being exposed to polluted air, screen and monitor their employees, and have very strict distribution oversight!

    The owners of cannabis dispensaries need to screen and monitor their employees (some may be paid off handsomely to poison the stock). Cameras need to be set up in ever nook and cranny of their shop, and the stored cannabis stock needs to be protected.

    Buyers need to know their dispensaries! Some of these “dispensaries” may be operated by undercover Big Pharma folks.

  2. Metalize

    I don't use drugs, yet I do feel for the average user who gets his and/or her life turned upside down for getting busted for using marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco are MUCH more harmful than smoking weed. The demonization of marijuana has done more damage to society than the usage of the drug could EVER do. Countless citizens sent to prison for non violent offenses, the life-long penalties and exclusions that follow a drug conviction
    have created a permanent second-class status for millions of Americans,
    crippling their prospects for jobs, loans, housing and benefits. The costs of this national obsession, in both money and time, are
    astonishing. Each year, enforcing laws on possession costs more than
    $3.6 billion.
    It can take a police officer many hours to arrest and book a suspect.
    That person will often spend a night or more in the local jail, and be
    in court multiple times to resolve the case. The public-safety payoff
    for all this effort is meager at best: According to a 2012 Human Rights Watch report
    that tracked 30,000 New Yorkers with no prior convictions when they
    were arrested for marijuana possession, 90 percent had no subsequent
    felony convictions. Only 3.1 percent committed a violent offense. In recent years, public acceptance of marijuana has grown significantly.
    Thirty-five states and the District of Columbia now permit some form of
    medical marijuana, and Colorado and Washington fully legalized it for
    recreational use in 2012. And yet even as “ganjapreneurs”
    scramble to take economic advantage, thousands of people remain behind
    bars, or burdened by countless collateral punishments that prevent them
    from full and active membership in society.

    1. haricot vert

      "Alcohol and tobacco are MUCH more harmful than smoking weed. "

      You couldn't be more wrong even though it's apples to oranges. Marijuana is profoundly addictive and has many times the amount of tar than cigarettes. Why do you think they call it dope?

    2. Stuart Roy

      @ haricot vert : Your comment regarding tar in pot is ignorant and wrong and only displays your own arrogance to the subject. Unless pot is smoked through a filter or treated with chemicals in the way cigarettes are then it contains 0% tar, fiberglass or other harmful chemicals friend.
      The most harmful side effects of pot use are addiction, cost and smell.
      I don't think I've read a more ignorant comment on the web lately.
      Alcohol and Tobacco are indeed many times more hazardous to health than pot use. This isn't some unknown taboo it's scientific fact.
      Educate yourself friend, you sound terribly ignorant.

  3. CooperM

    GOD BLESS YOU, SIR! And I feel the love! You're a wonderful person to put this together - I particularly liked your insight and candor on the mind of an interdiction officer in the profiling section. Astounding! and far more heinous than I ever could of imagined. Thank God you had your epiphany and are now on the side of common folk like us.

    And in my humble opinion, your help to the millions of Americans that view this video, more than makes up for any damage caused in your days as a "Peace" Officer, if their is such a simple karmic scale at play... Thank you again, and I'm sorry the state saddled you with such terrible memories in your service to it.

    Very informative! A must watch - even merits second and third viewings to suck up the vast array of information presented herein. This man is a patriot, and should be celebrated for his efforts in this regard. His plain and unflinching look at the truth, shines a thousand mega watt light into the dark corner of our society that is officially sanctioned gang like activities of our interdiction officers at large... paid a salary to torment decent people like you and me. All the while providing valuable insight that my save you, or someone you love, from the clutches of such thugs and demagoguery.

  4. sun storm

    Boycott alcohol purchases until the prohibition against marijuana is overturned. Alcohol lobbyist are among the biggest supporters of marijuana prohibition. Time to go asymmetrical on 'em. Drink all you want -- but don't BUY a drop 'til prohibition stops. There's no reason alcohol should be legal while weed isn't. Don't buy a drop 'til prohibition stops. Spread the word. Hit 'em hard this holiday season. Hit 'em harder next holiday season. Hit 'em until they beg to end weed prohibition. 18 million of us smoke weed. We can make a difference. Buy not a drop 'til prohibition stops.

    1. DG

      You can't have one without the other. Our desire for an alternate reality is conrete. Since trippy cave paintings, our shaman world is real. Get a glimpse into yourself. Find finance and self preservation. You'll help millions by being wealthy.

  5. DG

    A noble cause. If you have a teenager who might be a bit wild you better make them watch this video.

  6. edgedweller

    the world needs more barry coopers

  7. John Mulvihill

    This is more a promotional film than a documentary. What is being promoted is the film's subject, Barry Cooper. Somewhere between renegade cop and loose cannon, Cooper spends the film's first ten minutes on a rambling depiction of his 180-degree attitude shift from gung-ho narco cop to defender of the beleaguered pot smoker. It's worth sitting through the tirade because the 40 minutes that follow will educate you in the police mindset and the do's and dont's of dealing with them.

    Cooper confirms our darkest suspicions of the cop subculture: the egos, the adrenaline high of making arrests, the mind games, the tendency of confiscated items to become the property of the police unit that seized them.

    The cop's agenda, says Cooper, is not to protect society, but rather to secure bragging rights among peers for the biggest haul or the arrest of a prominent citizen. Cooper's number-one tip for the newly busted: stop talking. The cop who busted you is not your friend. Quite the contrary, he is out to separate you from your dope, your car, and your money.

    1. Rodney Bresch

      I agree about the marketing. It does come off like a shamwow
      infomercial lol, yet he is putting a big target on his head. So, there is that. I looked at it like a reality show, one that’s actually interesting…or informative, at least.

  8. ROMO

    I dont even smoke weed but I found this really interesting , I definitely think his heart is in the right place . worth a watch in any case

  9. Rodney Bresch

    Haha, think about it, one of the US military's primary agendas, is to basically rob countries, of resources. The world police do it to "save the kids", as well. One of a bunch of alarming correlations, between the military, and police.

  10. Leah Jewel Alexander

    I couldn't watch much of it.

    1. dmxi

      i know it's made slightly 'dumbed down'(reefer madness maybe?!) but concentrate on the vital info & bob's yer uncle!

    2. bringmeredwine

      After reading your delightful two cents-now I have to watch this:)

    3. Rodney Bresch

      Did you make it to the dog handler part? It's pretty interesting, from then on.

    4. Leah Jewel Alexander

      No, I didn't but I just may try some day, since suggested.

    5. oQ

      "Please let me know what you think about it honestly".
      I wouldn't count on you to do a serious evaluation of a documentary.

  11. Leah Jewel Alexander

    What an odd topic for a documentary, but what a very interesting documentary. I can honestly say. I'm looking forward to watching it. I'm trying out something new, just for the sake of discussion. Please let me know what you think about it honestly. Posting my thoughts prior to watching a documentary and after watching it for comparison's sake.

  12. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq


    ...hhmmm interesting

  13. User_1

    Great doc n thanks for posting! Lots of great info here. A couple of things I would do better is the suggestion on hiding a joint or two. I would say it would be pretty safe on hiding 1-2 joints OUTSIDE the car. Reason being you could play dumb and say that someone planted that. Even the example of the fishing boat trailer. You make sure there are compartments that ARE NOT locked and carry pounds there. If you are stopped, again you can play stupid that you didn't know that that weed was! You even embellish the story with.....ooooohhhh that's why those two dudes were following us!!!! ;-))

    1. dmxi

      ...& after a drug test what's your reply?"ohh mr. copmeister,my crazy neighbours & i inhaled their excess smoke?"
      won't wash!

  14. dmxi

    great watch...... very informative & should go 'viral' for those 'affected'!!!!
    thanks for including my proposal.