The New American Century

The New American Century

2009, Conspiracy  -   403 Comments
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This documentary film goes in detail through the untold history of The Project for the New American Century with tons of archival footage and connects it right into the present.

It exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it. This film shows how the first film theaters in the US were used over a hundred years ago to broadcast propaganda to rile the American people into the Spanish-American War.

It film shows the white papers of the oil company Unocal which called for the creation of a pipeline through Afghanistan and how their exact needs were fulfilled through the US invasion of Afghanistan.

This documentary shows how Halliburton under their "cost plus" exclusive contract with the US Government went on a mad dash spending spree akin to something out of the movie Brewster's Millions, yet instead of blowing $30 million they blew through BILLIONS by literally burning millions of dollars worth of hundred thousand dollar cars and trucks if they had so much as a flat tire.

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  1. Idk why Alex Jones is credited with foreseeing the attacks and the subsequent blaming of Bin Laden. Bill Cooper announced the same thing before Jones. Cooper didn't like Jones, said Jones was controlled opposition. Cooper gets killed by the government, yet Jones is still around. You can tell exactly who is controlled opposition or a Shill by the fact that they're still breathing.

    1. Agree!

  2. Joe Bidet is a mental deficient that needs 24/7 care. A hand puppet for China and the Left.
    His finger on the nuclear button??? WTF!

    1. awwwww you mad you lost the election? get over it snowflake

    2. Nick - You know Trump really Won the 2020 Election!! So much Voter Fraud, so much Evidence, 2020 isn't over yet. And what did Trump do that was so bad as President?

    3. Awww Nick ARE you mad? THINGs are turning SO you must be mad eh?
      MR (yeah THATs f.....g RIGHT) Donald TRUMP is THE President of the USA!
      THE PLANdemic is just "what MR President TRUMP called it" ... call it what it is THE Wuhan Flu ... mRNA injections NOT vaccines Nick or Nicholas or Nick Nock (the back of an arrow in case you can't think LIKE I DO!).

    4. Biden and trump supporters are a joke

  3. What is the difference between a Joe Biden speech and a Donald Trump speech? When Biden is speaking you wonder if he's had a stroke. When Trump is speaking you wonder if you've had a stroke.

    1. Seen the news lately? Can you read? Are you capable of Critical Thinking?
      Your guy, Joe Bidet is going down in flames. Nearly 90% of the people think he's the absolute worse "leader' in history and want him out of office. Hell, his own party want him out. He's BRAIN DEAD!

    2. LOVE MR "USA" President TRUMP LOVE him! LOVE Florida Governor MR Ron DeSantis!

  4. Unfortunately it's been mob rules all the way back to prohibition. PAID protection. SAME today everyone wants USA PROTECTION WITHOUT PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE .
    Martial law is comin

  5. You can't "steal" artifacts from a conquered foe.

    1. reasonable point.

    2. They weren't enemies, so it was theft. There was no point in invading those countries.

  6. That's really evil. Humiliating and destroying other people like that. A sad history :(

    1. Well WHAT in THE Christ die YOU think THE Queens (YEAH PLURAL) of England DID?
      MY God where are you? Like IN what world are you? WAKE the fcuk up!

  7. Thanks guys for bring the real truths of what's being played out in the backgrounds... The stuff the mainstream media not want us to know.. fantastic documentary

    1. If you still couch issues and views as 'the Left' or you attack China, Russia or hail all things 'Communist' as the great 'evil', just remember it's American propaganda that has defined what you understand Communism, China, Russia and etc, to be then you really must consider whether you have been sold a bill of goods,and are the boiling frog who still has no clue it is being given a slow boiling death rather than realising either way, you are cooked and that will as you finally realise it, they created for you a strawman, one that you would ordinarily create yourself based on the Left/Right paradigm which you will then attack, they have solved part of the opposition you think you're choosing yourself[just friendly feedback for you to do with as you please. Left and Right is a manufactured position by media and by propaganda that has been filtered throughout yours and our lives to place each of us in positions that we emotionally respond to in knee jerk fashion. Recall the Frank Luntz and his manipulative polls and TV shows and his choice ,of dividing party's by emotional words[NUTGingrich helped with the that carry more weight in voting choices than factual understanding of more meaningful Progressive or Conservative's positions. Example is the idea of trickle down economics[an enormous huge pile of bunkodium that rests on a most extraordinarily slimey,and so greasy a grimey slippery slope of empty ideas that Milton Friedman had to have known the fraud he connected himself to, and that kind of emptiness, even David Stockton finally admitted it was useless bullshit of a type heretofore never encountered but voters felt it was so poetic and they loved it so much the neoliberalism captured our RW gov't for over 30 years after Carter with even 2 Presidents,Clinton&Obama swept 2 terms each and winning as Democrats, but acting like Conservatives as they were there to complete the craziness that got them ushered in alongside the 1990 GOP Congressioinal victories.

      Just offering feedback for ya. We all need to think and really think about Progressives and whatever the RW calls itself lately just who we are and what we want in a gov't of, for, and by the people. Be we real citizens who can amiable disagree or even agree and be brothers and sisters, I know it's a wide channel, but we have to make it better than a destroyed 'free' country.

  8. I wished I could say America is an Evil Empire, but most Empires leave something good behind. America leaves nothing but destruction and qualifies only as a Pure Evil.

    1. Unfortunate, but true. When energy companies are finished with mining or drilling they leave behind their equipment with no clean-up efforts shown. When Russia invades Ukraine to overthrow the government there it is seen as bad, but when the US moves in to Panama or Nicaragua it is seen as Not bad? Double standard indeed

    2. I disagree with YOU NEO Planta ... WE left behind GREAT incredible Europeans WHO fought AND died for OUR AMERICAs ... BUILT America into what SHE was a few years ago AND most assuredly ARE turning over in their graves TODAY! TRUMP stated "MAKE America GREAT Again!" Awesome eh? Sweden (2022) used MR President's logo "MAKE Sweden Great Again" AND so did DENMARK:) Love it! LOVE MR President TRUMP! HE won! THATs all I NEED to say!

  9. Awesome doc, must watch.

  10. The United States of Greed, Power and Hypocracy raped the world on September 11, 2001 and destroyed Earth's precious virginity. With acts of severe cruelty and unspeakable evil shown in this revealling film, to poisoning Earth's natural food supplies [GMO's/Monsanto], attacking innocent countries for their Natural Resources/Minerals/etc [S.America], using overwhelming economic power to force weaker Nation's to bend,break and crumble [name a 3rd world country], to proclaiming themselves as "Earth's Police force" and the "Rulers of Space" Etc Etc Etc, it is not a question of WHO and WHAT the USA is but ONLY a question of WHEN WILL WE AS A WORLDWIDE PEOPLE SAY "ENOUGH" and END THIS SADISTIC, LYING, BARBARIC, RACIST, SICKNESS OF A COUNTRY and RETURN TO AN EVOLUTION OF RELATIVE PEACE ON EARTH? WE as people worldwide are also guilty of doing nothing while speaking, writing, tweeting, posting, etc our hatred towards them yet doing nothing to end this diseased nation's grasp. WHEN......IS the ONLY question.

    1. Girl, YOU have been misled. You lack maturity and the ability to discern right from might. Might one assist You in clarification. RSVP

    2. I***ts like you think totalitarianism is bad.? but I'll wait for you to name anything accomplished by a government NOT ruling over the plebs on the street.

    3. Now with the dreadful 'federal leadership' during Covid-19, CAPITALIZED words in your description have the rest of us in the world waking up to their reality. Due to greed and selfishness and willful ignorance, folks can't even fly to the EU.
      Stay safe, please, by staying home; and for the sake of the person near you on this Planet, please wear a mask and wash your hands and wear rubber gloves to serve anyone. You just may save the pair of you from contacting those horrific bits of spittle spreading through the atmosphere. I will everyone to be well, always!

    4. It's not our country, not even our government. It's a small group of evil that have a form of blackmail on the others in government. They use that to manipulate people into their control. It has gone on for to damn long, time to end this evil! They will hang!

  11. Convince your people that doing wrong is doing right and you create evil

  12. Solve 9/11 = end all wars. ~ Christopher Bollyn

    1. I believe that might actually work. The big ones, anyway.

    2. Every American needs to read Christopher Bollyn's work.

  13. There go some of the most evil men in modern history.
    We can never undo what has happened with their influence.
    Can we ever change? Why do we so easily gravitate towards greed, cruelty and hate?
    If God exists may he be merciful upon us.

  14. Anybody who has read the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats AT THAT TIME, knows of the shift they made to Republicans of today. The fact that your using that example to make Republicans look better is stupid. Stop trying to using the Constitution, which says it PROTECTS ALL PERSONS FROM GOVERNMENTAL DEPRIVATION OF LIFE, LIBERTY & PROPERTY WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, to help you lie, because you can't. Obviously.

  15. I am VERY happy to live in America. Where we are free from as many obligations and rules as other countries, unfortunately. I'm not PROUD to live in America, with the history of terror to other countries. I wish it would change. I wish we were "Protectors" of bullied nations, like they'd have us believe here, if they could. They can't, though, because we are free. Jesus did walk the earth, so he did exist. What, or why he was here hasn't been proven, but he was here. Facts like that shouldn't be hard to digest. Him coming back or believing someone is hearing a voice and giving him instructions to do something, is. I believe in God/Allah in my own way. Maybe that's offensive to some, but I'm not hurting anyone, so why don't you worry about yourself, and stop being offended about A WHOLE OTHER HEAD AND ITS THOUGHTS.

    1. The only thing the US is protectors of is it's business interests, and if we have to overthrow a sovereign nation and install a puppet regime, then so be it. The economic rulers of our country don't like democracy, they just want to protect their interests, and to hell with anyone who has opposition views. So sad, really it is evil.....

  16. Why liberals hate conservatives: Mislabeling and related propaganda for the most part. They call this PNAC group "neo-cons" or "new conservatives". They are definitely hate-able but are as far from "conservative" as any. At minute 13:30 Leo Stauss is described as the first to begin spouting the concepts of the "neo cons" and the mentor of Wolfowitz.

    Chicago Professor Leo Strauss believed "individual freedom led to personal conflicts", "envisioned a compact society which allowed the individual to pour their personal ambitions into a collective movement."

    Neo cons are just different brand of COLLECTIVISTS with a different flavored agenda. But they definitely don't want to "conserve" your freedom. Which the same problem with any Collectivism, such as Socialism, the lite version of Communism.

    "Neo Cons" is the mislabeling of collectivist a**holes much the same as the "Alt. Right" is the mislabeling of the collectivist extreme left. For instance back in the day, the Ku Klux Klan were mostly Southern Democrats. It was the conservative Republicans who freed the slaves, not the Demonrats. The conservative republicans wanted to "conserve" the God given rights and freedoms for all. This is still true today. It is the democrats who want to do away with the rights outlined in the Constitution. And want to make the constitution say whatever THEY says it says via the "living document" lies. It says what it intended to say for all time; for the benefit of all us citizens. The progressive socialist democrat agenda is as Obama stated, to fundamentally transform. Open borders is part of that agenda because you cannot have a country with no borders. It will be transformed by the hordes. See how much better Europe is with its middle eastern hordes.

    What time will you have to fight and defeat the elite progressives who want you to be their slaves, if you are too busy dealing with the mayhem of immigrants overwhelming the system? Not to mention you will have less dough to fight them with due to the lower wages they will cause, the "gimme free stuff" politicians they will elect.

    Truly, enough saw the end of the usa as we knew it and wanted to conserve the good things about it so wisely vetoed Hillary. It was literally ANYBODY but a progressive liberal who may have sunk the last nail in the coffin. And they are still trying with all their minions in the CIA, the media, the FBI, and other agencies. God help us all. Turn off the major media and become enlightened to what is really going on.

  17. As you will inevitably learn on your path to losing weight, effective weight loss is not only about watching what you eat, but much more about changing your lifestyle. This means changing your habits and how you approach your day-to-day life. Read this information to help you throughout the process.

  18. Above I've read religion haters who are as judgemental and hateful as any person of faith. I've read finger pointing towards Christians and towards Muslims and towards Jews.

    This is EXACTLY how THEY want you to react. To continue fighting among yourselves rather than pulling your head out to see and solve the REAL enemy.

    Who are THEY? The same people who gin up wars to jack the price of oil higher, including imams and shieks and western corporatists (not capitalists, study what that is please, simply the ability of one person to trade freely with another without govt getting in between, long disappeared in the usa) and international banksters (those who own the central banks who also own the military supply companies and media).

    In other words a very SMALL group of individuals behind the scenes who get their minions to stir up conflict and war so they can profit and grab power. PNAC is just one group who have cooperation with the other "powers that be" in order to accomplish what the world lets them.

    The question was asked several times, "what can we do?" This is the lazy minded response of those who desire to do nothing for fear they would have to spend 1 minute or 1 hour doing ANYTHING but racing home to sit on their backside sucking on a beer like it was their baby bottle.

    The answers are simple and quite easy: 1. Spend 1 hour per month gathering together away from the media to find wise incorruptible people to run in numbers, from all parties, for all offices, who know what the swamp is and will root them out and fire them. Who will imprison the ceo's of all those corrupt companies and all the guilty including both Bushes, both Clintons, Obama, generals, ceos, etc. But it has to be a big movement, a big cleaning house. One or two will not get it done, we have that now, only about 4 in the Senate that are worth a hoot.

    The second answer is to support those who are bringing back the energy generation inventions of Nikola Tesla and others or like minded new energy generation methods. If you believe that oil, natural gas, nuclear, or solar is the only energy choices that we have, you have been indoctrinated by those same few in number "powers that be" that own the media and donate huge sums to the universities to control them and what they teach the teachers.

    Most wars are truly about money and power. Religion is just a convenient tool to gin up a war so they can profit. If religions were banned, they would find another convenient tool such as "nationalism". Which in fact was the tool used by the nazis and by the usa. When the average citizen in the usa "learned" that someone attacked us on 911, we didn't care what religion they were. They could have been from Germany or Sweden. We would have reacted the same. "Kick their butts." It was my reaction also, until I looked into the twin towers and bldg 7 coming down. Religion was fed into the stream of tension to keep things going worse. To create more war.

    So, 1. There is no excuses. 2. Not for usa citizens doing nothing. 3. Not for muslims raping and taking over parts of Sweden and other European countries. 4. Not for those in the military who are warped and kill or harm for fun like dogs after cats.

    There are groups in Islam just as bad as those of PNAC who want to rule and dominate the world. To deny that is to follow the q'ran and lie as it teaches you to do to the infidel. A concept muhammed learned from the corrupted jewish leadership who calls us goyim. The elites the world over think so little of you, think of you as cannon fodder, and rightfully so; you keep falling for their plots. You say they shouldn't be like that? True, but they are. Whining about it does nothing. End their power the easy way. Vote them out.

    Unfortunately, the indoctrinated fools in the usa will take that to mean vote in socialist-communist-progressives = collectivists which are the Stalins of the world who would eventually get around to killing off all the rest who disagree with them. Why do all those collectivists want gun control? So they have no opposition and can then enact what they really desire. YOU SLAVE, THEM RULER. We are 2/3s the way their if you haven't noticed. They keep perpetration atrocities to blame on "guns". Fortunately we haven't fallen for it. Gun crimes PER CAPITA are nearly as high in other countries. Violent crime is actually down in the usa. If you don't realize it, the media is propaganda and nothing but propaganda; turn it off and you will be more informed and less misguided.

    All religions and atheists will have to pull their heads out and look to the REAL common enemy, the banksters, their media, their war mongers, their minions, instead of falling into their hands as we have chosen to do.

  19. How does the Trump Presidency fit into all of this?

    1. Even though the Project for the New American Century ended in 2006, the ideology of world conquest is alive and well. Pull up the web-page of Signatories to The Project for the New American Century and you will see many familiar names including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, Elliott Abrams, Jeb Bush, Steve Forbes, William Kristol, Dan Quayle, and Paul Wolfowitz for some. They may not hold office at the present but their influence is present and palpable. Trump claims so many ideas as his own invention but the concept of a "Space Force " is not his but the brain-child of the PNAC. The Project is not dead, but very alive.

  20. "Dick Cheney is far more honest than people give him credit for."

    God, please help us. We're far worse off than originally suspected. lol

  21. Very insightful Tracy T. I wish everyone got it. Sooner or later someone will mention 'The Illuminati,' or 'New World Order,' and the unenlightened lose it. I truly believe if everyone with an IQ above about 75 were sat down and things explained to them, and put forth the minor effort of paying attention, EVERYONE would get it. We're not talking about Lizard People running the government from their underground lair, but men doing what (many) men do best. Waging war for fun and profit, exploiting others, and trying to get every last dollar they possibly can, by any means they can. It's nothing new, or so hard to believe.

  22. It's sad to see that some people still don't see the obvious. Some never will. Some are too limited in their intelligence, while others could never accept the truth. At least more are waking up everyday. The fools and cowards can ride our coattails and reap the just rewards - equality, TRUTH and justice.

  23. Thanks @Ivan, they say misery loves company. That says a lot about what you're about.

    1. You need to start your own blog.

  24. It makes me ashamed to be an American, or least the America in the image in which I steadfastly believe in. If there were any way to apologize to those devastated by the action of MY corrupt government I humbly wish to do so, knowing it is far short of enough to account for these atrocities.

  25. Same thing happend in Romania with Becthel, when they were employed to build a highway. Guess what? No highway and on top of that they lost the contract :D.
    This was the price we had to pay for entering EU.
    Now they are trying to do the same thing with ROSIA MONTANA. Bilions in gold that they want to steal.

    There is an American dream, but it's rated Horror.

  26. All of this is hearsay. People who appose whatever... love to piece coincidences together to support their theories. USA did NOT blow up the world trade centers to start a war, just the opposite. Terrorists who were proven on those planes did.

  27. The story goes deeper than just oil and Haliburton. Research who the neo-cons are. If you don't get that, you get nothing. There's an ancient Mystery here, one that goes back to the "Mystery of Iniquity," the synagogue of Satan. Look at how economies are run, what "fiat currency" and fractional reserve banking mean, look at the history of usury. It ALL starts there, and it will end there as well.

  28. JacFlasche, Hawaii wasn't an American State at the time the Japanese attacked. They bombed and strafed our Navy, not our land.

  29. Don't blame "the U.S.A" or "Americans." We Americans don't have any more control over what the likes of AIPAC and Haliburton do than anyone else. We're overrun by oligarchs, people whose names we don't even know. Our media are owned by people who hate us. Wars are arranged for the sake of Israel and oil. And we're as powerless over it as the poor civilians in Iraq were. Now the entire Middle East is destabilized because of those lies, and "refugees" are pouring into Europe, which few Europeans want, but which they'll get anyway because the same damned oligarchs who've trashed the USA plan on trashing Europe as well. And the Europeans are as powerless about it as we in the U.S. are powerless over what the oligarchs do in OUR name. It's vile. It's unspeakably vile. But don't hate US because of what THEY do. We, ALL of us, are just pawns on some banksters' chessboard.

  30. any documentary that references Alex Jones is pretty much worthless.

  31. What I see Mr Seymour is a man that has been left out of the loop and fears for his life. He knows it's an inside job and trying to figure out who is behind it, why he was excluded, and what could or should be his next move. He knew he was safe where he was, or he would already be dead. If he was to be assassinated it would be after he left the school. He probably had a good idea who the people were behind the plot, but his being excluded from an event of such proportions confused him, made him doubt the loyalties of his allies, and where and how could he have made the mistake that led to his being so surprised. He wasn't in control and he knew it, that is why he stayed right where he was until he sorted out his options and what the intent of the people who were in control were going to be towards him. If he knew what was going on he would have been prepared to play the role of hero, or at least play the role of a leader by acting like he was one. Bush is a lousy actor. His fathers Mr Rodgers act was convincing. It was so convincing that some people thought a former director of the CIA could be a wimp. Though I understand the psychology of how propaganda works and how people can be made to believe obvious lies, GW is such an obvious phony I am unable to assess how far in to the depths of insanity and unreality people are in, how much more insane will they become, or how much, or how little, they will ever be able to recognize reality.

  32. One of the first things this doc says is incorrect. It says that America had never experienced an attack on it's homeland before. Except for the war of 1812 when the British burned Washington to the ground aye? Or the several Canadian invasions of the US. Not to even mention Pearl Harbor. whoops I mentioned it.

  33. That was not Bin laden in the fake video of him speaking to a friend and saying he was aware of the attack. Bin laden is left handed and the guy in the video uses his right hand when making talking gestures

  34. obvious....bin laden had nothing to do with it. bush knew...but i doubt he knew v.much. When he's at the school, you can tell he knew

  35. Wish I would have watched this back in the aughts. But make no mistake, this is bipartisan. See CFR.

  36. When will man learn to live without empire? When will we as people raise our children to be loving and never hateful? In a cosmic sense, this dreary piece, with all its truths intact, gives us an emotion of great loss and waste. It is hard to see hope for us.

    1. We are doing the exact same thing that Athens, Thebes and Sparta did.

      Create a balanced system with a growing middle class, circa 1940-1970 then,

      In-fighting over resources freedoms and foreign policy results in non-stop political warfare,

      State governments to fund this warfare begin socializing profit-making entities becoming a fascist state supporting the creation of oligarchies,

      To refocus they find external threats and begin funding foreign wars which unites the states behind a common cause and creates a standardized economic model that begins to only benefit the wealthy and political class,

      Ending in Civil War and more GREEKS BEING KILLED BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE than were killed in every foreign engagement in their history.

      All America needs now is war with Syria, Iran, China and Russia to stop the developing internal civil war and ongoing political war. Then total civil war and collapse.

      Just like Greece did it 2,500 years ago. It is textbook.

  37. I have watched this film and it paints the american elite in a very bad light, they have managed to make a people who were not their enemy into one that is now their enemy, and all based on control and greed.

  38. PURE EVIL!!! How will the USA ever recover from the "Acts of Dick?" L.

  39. Mike A can you be specific as to what parts weren't true? And I am not a believer in the influence of the illuminati do you recommend a documentary? And why are Rumsfeld, Chaney, Wolfewitz and the others not members of this illuminati you speak of? Also This does not endict the entire Republican thought. Only these greedy ones.

  40. Pure propoganda. You gotta love when a film billing itself as anti-propoganda is itself a propoganda film. This film goes not after the Illuminati or the true architects of the new world order, but instead seeks to create a right-wing vs. left-wing mentality by going after the right-wing pawns of the Illuminati. They even go so far as to show an excerpt from Alex Jones, who's philosophy would never agree with the good ole "blame the right wing" angle of this film.

  41. I'm surprised the bbc haven't called this doc into question about its blatant plagiarism. Whole chunks of the contend including the voice over script and pictures have been directly taken from The Power of Nightmares documentary by the brilliant Adam Curtis made for BBC

  42. I find it laughable all these comments (including my own). We all comment and complain. We watch more videos collecting ever more information that signals to us that our worse fears are correct about the way things really are. Yet we do nothing. We have become scared to take action because as long as society keeps moving along at home and we have money to buy yet more s*it we don't need to impress people we know and care nothing about, we will allow all of this to continue. It will remain this way until society at home crumbles. So we can all make these grand statements but that is all they will ever be - words without will to inact it. I think that peace is a lie. People who are peaceful possess minds that are not interested in evil and control and will never possess the faculties to overthrow evil. You cannot use violence as it only creates more chaos. We all will just continue to live our lives with the knowledge that horrific events are being carried out all around us so that we can sleep quietly and have much while so many suffer. Just wake up do your job and continue to complain on a forum or go protest. The gov doesn't give a s*it.

    1. Discovery is the first step to change. Changing yourself is the first step to changing anything else. There will never be true peace but the closer we get the better. :)

    2. I agree. It appears that the citizens of this country are total p#ssies. I see things happening in Europe, the middle east and elsewhere. There people take to the streets and protest and riot. We do nothing but watch videos, post on Facebook and send emails back and forth. We are afraid and tired. We are waiting for the time for them to take over, then we will stand up. THEY ALREADY DID TAKE OVER!!!! THE TIME HAS ALREADY COME!

    3. They say we have too much stuff and we are too comfortable to revolt. If we were all destitute, they'd say we don't revolt because we are too busy trying to put food on the table. It's just a trick of the mind to keep us thinking we're not in the right position; we should put it off until things are worse/better (as the case may be). But in either position we are taught and convinced it is the wrong one for doing anything.

      We're not taught and convinced of this to keep us from rebelling, but to keep us from realizing a truth about our history. All our revolutions have failed, all our ideologies have been discredited. That's why we don't revolt. It doesn't work. This is something kept hidden. We all know this a little and that's why we feel so powerless, and for that ever-diminishing fraction of the population who enjoy lots of "stuff" there is guilt too. But it isn't the stuff that keeps people from revolution. It's our history. Been there ... done that ...

    4. Our history is all part of a process that has led to present we have now. Yes it's still s*it and there are problems but to say our revolts have not made head way or made a dent in the whole scheme which seems to be what you are implying is just cynical and wrong.

      If that's the case then go back in time and see how you like living there. Revolts have happened and will continue to happen. There are movements going on right now. We have and will continue to fight for change and each step although not a giant leap has brought us to an improved position.

      To say and I quote you "All our revolutions have failed". Proves that you clearly need to re read your history textbooks. Say to Martin Luther King Jnr that his civil rights movement did nothing to change the lives of those who supported him. Tell Martin Luther of the German Protestant movement that he did nothing to break to chains of catholic oppression. Or better still tell those of the Occupy Movement that their attempts will do nothing to change the system that they revolt against.

    5. You're talking about specific groups in society (Protestants, blacks, etc), and the matter in question isn't about specific groups but the society as a whole. It's possible for some group to change its status in society, no doubt about that, but changing the society itself is a different story.

      The fact that you jump to these micro-examples is telling, it's how people think now, they don't believe in fundamental change for everyone anymore. They focus those energies towards single-issue special
      interests, and that is taking place right now quite vigorously, so that can't be what you're talking about when you mention everyone sitting with their fingers up their butt. You must be talking about more fundamental revolutions.

      Occupy is attempting a wider change, but it is already corrupted, and therefore will never be able to achieve anything more than a changing of the guard. More realistically, it will probably just become a
      sort of lifestyle movement/theatre group run by Adbusters, it'll run for maybe 3-6 years or so, then just peter out, partly as a result of diminished enthusiasm but mostly due to internal power struggles.

      You can call me cynical if you like, simply because I don't agree that revolution is a productive method for universal social change. But I think that would be quite myopic of you. I never said liberation is impossible, only that revolution has not had any true success with it. Fundamental change has remained elusive; we are still just hierarchical monkeys, with some fat greedy apes sitting at the top of the pile, taking bananas they never picked from those who worked for them. Has that ever changed by revolution? No ... you just get new apes. Because it works very well in terms of swapping groups into new roles, so you can take some disenfranchised group, have a revolution, and they can become included or even become the new elite. But with revolution, you can't change the fundamentals, you can just swap roles around. This is really quite a meaningless exercise if you think about it.

      The communists throw out fatcat bankers ... and become fatcat bureaucrats. The Americans toss out some bullies ruling them from across an ocean ... and become bullies ruling nations from across an ocean. And so on. This isn't real change, it's just a changing of the guard.

      Real change can and does happen, but I haven't seen it as a result of revolution. It's more of an evolutionary process where small gains are achieved through politics, adding up over the course of generations to real change. But even this can't make fundamental changes, it can only tinker with what exists in small ways. But yet it is more adept at lasting, true change for the entire general population, than revolution has ever been.

      There is no great drama in it, it is a slow and rather boring process taking place by hard work rather than propaganda and violence. So it holds no thrills for youth, especially those in this culture of violence and instant gratification. The same thrilling impulses that drive some youth to long for war, drive others to long for civil conflict. It's a visceral thing.

    6. What exactly are you trying to say here.

      Small groups and small victories are a benefit to us all.

      You are not backing this up with any real points and I don't really see your point at all.

      You are saying no changes come from revolutions. But change comes in many forms. You said that no change comes from revolutions but clearly it does.

      Stop arguing for the sake of it and make a more productive and clear point.

    7. If you can't describe what change for the whole society that has ever been achieved ... I think I don't need any further explanation than that.

    8. The creation of the NHS in the UK which providing healthcare for all those in society.

      Universal suffrage for all members of many societies.

      The birth of the education system during the period of the enlightenment giving universal education for all. A concept that did not exist prior.

      You are the one making the claim. Why must I prove you wrong? How have you proven your point in the first place. Where is your counter argument with evidence and facts rather than your simple opinion lacking any foundation.

      And before you start getting all picky over rhetoric the word "Revolution" can mean a revolution of the mind it doesn't need to be restricted to violence or mass resistance. However if you want an example like that what about the French Revolution which drastically changed life for all in society.

      There, now I have answered you may you please provide some bloody examples and facts to at least provide some foundation for your line of thought rather than simply making statements.

    9. Yes, the NHS and universal sufferage are achievements ... but they weren't achieved by any sort of rebellion or revolution, whether of the mind or otherwise. They were social reforms, mostly responses by the authorities to various conditions.

      NHS was a response to the success of public organization during the war, universal sufferage was critical to enfranchising workers, and universal education was necessary to train them for industry. None of this was some sort grassroots uprising against the man or anything like that.

    10. If you don't believe that any of the examples I have given are a form of revolution in thinking then we are simply arguing over rhetoric. I don't believe you add anything to the debate in my opinion and I am now extremely interested in your career and personal life as you clearly are not an i*iot. I would just like to see you provide some ideas for positive change rather than simply dismissing others attempts at change.

      If you fancy telling me some of your ideas for change that would mean we could learn from each other.

      I do think that we are simply. I do think that revolution is a term that has been over used. But you need to majority of people o come round to smaller groups greater ideas for change to occur. I just think that what you are saying is that no revolution has brought about change but what about the technological revolution that is responsible for em any hints even this conversation we are having now.

    11. Perhaps it's a semantical difference.

      I'm not dismissing change, just the concept of revolution. We can make some changes, and it's good to do so. My main point is that we can't have a new system altogether, rebuilt from the ground up. Well, we could, but it will just turn into the same thing eventually.

      The technological revolution ... ok well that's another use for that word, when I think of revolution to change society, I think of political revolution. The technological revolution is a mixed bag but yes it's made some very good changes.

      My ideas for change are not so pessimistic as you might think, although I tend to focus on small, local issues. Because I think for most people, the problem is "death by a thousand cuts" the issues that affect them the most are small things, most of which aren't on the radar of either the media, the politicians, or the protest groups. Like getting a new spay/neuter clinic that will do services at very low cost here in my city, because so many people can't afford to do it and it's one of those little things that makes their lives really miserable and sticks the city with a feral/stray problem that costs lots of money (half a million this year, up from 150k last year, and we're a tiny city) which could be put to better use elsewhere.

    12. Maybe we can discuss real fundamental solutions?

    13. The root of it all is Judeo-Christianity, that supposedly gives us, human animals the stewardship of the Planet! Big mistake.

    14. I might have agreed with you 50 years ago, but in reality, 'the love of money is the root of all evil'. The irony is this is a quote from the bible, so it would appear that religious text has identified what most atheists cannot. That is, greed/evil is running the world; it is a terrible construct to base a stable society upon, and until this issue is addressed, any attempts at blaming anything else is an exercise in futility.
      Note: this is not to say that religion, politics, and even science don't have blood on their hands, only that they are a means to an end, (effect) not the root cause. Take care liaisonus.

    15. I happen to agree with you, but organized religion is a facilitator!

    16. I happen to disagree because history repeats itself and it those who have nothing to lose who start revolutions!

    17. Interesting,but true. MOST Revolution have been instigated and fueled by the UPPER and RICH enabling them to replace and take over their respective governments and so to get rid of their oposition, after all if you need an army, who better to mobiles that "the people" Voila, instant army at your (propaganda) beck and call. It is indeed true that being destitute and poor DOES NOT encourage people to revolt. Maybe on a very small scale, but nothing that changes societies/governments to any significant degree.

    18. Those are my exact same sentiments..We need a total shift in the way we conduct our lives!

  43. I would seem they took it down. US net crawlers don't want any alternative versions of history. Ministry of Truth in action.

    1. Yea. The web crawlers under control of the US government took it down. Nothing to do with copyright violations or, you know, the law being broken. And the ministry of truth? Harry Potter is FICTION. No wonder nobody takes you people seriously.

      I'm doing a paper on the conspiracy theorists rejection of logic and ocams razor. I'm using your quote.

    2. Actually.... a reference to 1984. George Orwell? Also fiction, and based upon the very real possibility of power and control of many by few. Also seen in any given propaganda machine (just like the above documentary).

      Conspiracy theory? Are you kidding? The US military-industrial-complex has a problem, it needs to survive. It needs war, and it creates as much conflict as it can so it has a purpose. The US has been instrumental in the fall and overthrow of many democratically elected governments.

      All of history is a narrative. I don't believe in hearing only one side. I also question anything that has only one side told.

  44. This doc. is trash. They take a dozen issues out of context and try to dump hatred on the military. The military is us as a people. The biggest demon here is Rumsfeld. He had generals fired because he wanted to use 125,000 troops instead of the 400,000 the generals advised. That way he could drag out the war four times as required. The soldiers from top to bottom paid the price for that. The biggest tragedy that will take this country a hundred years to put behind us was the abuse of POWs. This country has always had a reputation for fair treatment of prisoners...notice the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi troops that just raised their hands and gave up in the first Gulf war?...That is gone forever now. This will cause the deaths of thousands of our military in the future...This was traced back to Rumsfeld...Dick Cheney is far more honest than people give him credit for. Just before the first Gulf war he had an informal meeting on a flightline with masses of reporters and told them He was not a veteren..he went on to say he would do the best he could as Sec.of Defence,but if people thought he was not doing the job correctly he would understand their observations and let the admin. choose someone else with understanding...That was a degree of honesty seldom seen in politics. He did lobby for his friends at his last job. If you look at the greater picture we would see that there are not many companies that qualify to take on a job that big on short notice. There are probably hundreds of times execs from KBR called in favors from their business ties in that area that helped our military that we will never hear about..BTW I am a lifelong Democrat,but I call them as I see them

    1. Protectors of the world, by Jack Shepherd
      The USA wants the world to think we are still the super power and defenders of democratic way of life. We have allies like Russia & China who do not support this way of life. Some Islamic countries have with in them radicals that commit acts of inhumanity towards women. Joseph Koney of the Sudan region has committed murder and other crimes in the name of the Christian God for over forty years and the world is finally starting to denounce Koney.
      The UN has become nothing more than a voice in the wilderness. The same might be said the same of Congress and the Senate in the USA by their inactions.
      With our world aide to our perceived friends who act as enemies, we certainly are not getting our monies worth. When you count the American dead by our so-called friends in the Green & Blue killings and Pakistani’s wanting money for payment to use the roads in their country it seams very wrong.
      We might want to rethink our trading partners in and out of the UN, and those we attempt to help when our aide dollars go to warlords and not the people in need?
      We the USA are not with out fault! By doing nothing every American becomes part of the problem. However to do nothing does not absolve one of his or hers responsibility. We have the duty to vote not a privilege! When it’s gone completely you might understand that.
      In a world of economical turmoil one would think our politician could get it? It’s jobs we need. If and only if you look to Faracon, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton to solve your dilemma of who to vote for, or to fix your social problems, or maybe you look to the Catholics and Mormons for your answers? If so? Then you have forgotten the reason for Separation of State and Church. I am assuming you knew in the first place, sorry. If you’re voting for Congress and Senate persons who may have been brought up on charges of ethical violations shame on you!
      There is no recession if you’re in a depression like Creece and we here if Greece falls; if China does this, if the Euro collapses we could be in for another recession. [Wake up! It’s a Depression]. The Senate has not passed a budget in over 1’280 days. Congress and the Senate continue to focus on the unfixable party line battles.
      If and only if our politicians start with the reality of they are here on a temp job not a lifetime of politics and they repel the regulations not being enforced and stop the regulation that hinders businesses for ten years. Forget the party line and remember the Americans they serve, hope may abound.
      We can be a great nation. We are up to it! It only takes us (We The People) to do it!

  45. I hate the fact that so many people are so stuck on the party rather then the actual people and ideas they vote for at the election. Not much difference in the parties anymore, it's time to focus on the people and issues. I don't get how we are down to 3 candidates and RP is still behind. Ok I get the Obama deal and the racist blacks who favor him only because he is black (well 1/2 anyway), then some want him out so bad they will vote Romney just to get him out. That will be even worse because many Americans will sigh in relief as they relax while Romney pushed ahead in the same direction, while it goes unnoticed at first. What about this constitution defending guy Ron Paul? OK so he is not smooth like a car salesman but nobody likes them. People are uneasy with his ability to deal in foreign policy, with foreign leaders. Take a look around, almost all the other countries fully support him. Most likely the dollar is going to collapse now no matter what and if we become the richest country on the planet, it will not matter w/o freedom, besides, USA appears to have become a bit to big for our britches, it might do us good to be humbled down a bit & our consumer society is destroying the planet. We have got to quit this practice of buying overseas cheap items and go back to making our own, quality, built to last MADE IN THE US products. That it all we have to do to heal, how hard a concept can this possibly be? This may be the last election we have, I would love to ask parents, which would you wish for your child future. a strong economy, or freedom?
    a few seconds ago · Like
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  46. Ouch, you know somethings wrong when the narrator claims Bin Laden never claimed responsibility for the attacks, when he did, in 2004.......

    1. Again..thats what they tell us..he didnt actually go on tv live and admit it to the was revealed thru a tape recording released by who...exactly

  47. @Leslie
    I wouldn't put much stock in the "Culling the Herd" article. I read it after you mentioned it, and followed up on the apparent misreferenced references in the article. The author makes sweeping suppositions that clearly are based on subjectivity, not objectivity. Alot of mis-quotes and non referenced quotes, such as Henry Kissenger. I read the documentof proposed "culling" and for the life of me could not see the section quoted. It would have been easier if the author had placed some indication of where in the document the supposed quote came from, they way you reference properly. Yes the document was about reducing BIRTH RATES, but was not about KILLING HUMANS like the author indirectly alluded to. In fact, most of the propsed "culling" methods included, increased education, especially for women, improved health care, increased wages for the poor, reducing the gap between the very rich and the very poor, I did not see a single mention of starving people, withholding aid, and other unsubstantiated claims of the author. The worst part was when the author made it look like an individual had made direct quotes, however these came from a summarised version of what they had said, from a third party, which anybody who has experience at writing, even in at ametuer level will tell you is a big no-no. Don't get me wrong, governments all over the world have their dirty secrets, that come to light only when a whistle blower shows up, or years later when documents become declassified, some never do. However the one about the culling of humans, by America, is sensationalism at is worst/best. As a side note, checking up on the author, Sheila Samples, yeilds evidence that political commentary is what the author writes about, not conspiratal writing. So far, culling the herd seems to be the only article written by the author in that sort of prose. Kinda reminds me of Enders Game.......

    1. Mysteries everywhere! Of what purpose do you think the "Georgia Guidestones" represent? This culling stuff is etched in stone, the writing that is.

    2. Aliens versus God by Jack Shepherd
      If and only if there was proof of the fabled ET’s that according to some legends have been visiting earth for over a billion years and you claimed to be a believer in one of the known twenty-five hundred religions would, it affect your belief?
      The earth is believed to be four billion nine hundred million years old. Yet new sciences suggest that the earth may be five billion nine hundred million years old. The oldest rocks tested with carbon dating is what they have to work with and still some geologists state that we have no way of really knowing other than math computations that lends its self to the studies of the universe. Since we cannot say how many universes are out there and we do not even know the true size of the Milky Way we really only have educated guesses of the age of our little world in the scope of things.
      Man has questioned evolution versus creation since the cave man howled at the moon. The missing link is still missing and the proof of God or ET’s holds as many theories as the number of people on the face of the earth at any one time. So who’s right? What if none of it is true? We would call it the big bang. If it were God, as we do not understand him or her we would call it creation. What if all of it is true- Aliens and God? Could we or should we not consider God as an alien?
      If God created our planet, is he not an alien simply because he was not from here? In the Old Testament it states “Let us make man in our image.” So if and only if this is a true fact then one must conclude that both aliens and God exist and one does not cancel the other out.

      Origin of life on earth again is highly controversial.
      Some say life began three billion, nine hundred million years ago as a one-celled amoeba. Ok, how did we get to the ameba from a planet in the building blocks of chaos? No oxygen, molten surfaces, constant bombardments of asteroids and comets as well as other space objects like meteorites. Whirling gases of which we can only guess what the gases were seems like a big leap of faith to me.
      Ten to the forty thousandth power is what mathematicians say the odds for this process of life to start on earth by the big bang or any other way thought of before. Therefore it is more likely that life originated on Mars for example than the chemical theory of the one-celled amoeba on earth. Man is said to be new in the scheme of things on earth even if you add evolution to his geneses? Civilized man has only been around for estimated ten to fourteen thousand years. Yet remains of human like people have been found with stone tools and fur clothing dating back to three and a half million years ago, which one is the most accurate?
      The movie, The Forth Kind of Nome, Alaska and Alien Abductions is said to be in part a documentary since the year 2000. Furthermore the movie claims to have documented proof. Claims have been made that the F.B.I. has been to Nome over 2000 times investigating missing people. While MUFON, a UFO reporting agency, claims only thirty reports have been made to them on UFO’s sightings in the state of Alaska.
      In the world of hoaxes everything is speculative. Faith, the Age of Aquarius, and Aliens along with the reported facts that this world will end on December 21 of 2012 only serves as food for thought on the realms of parallel universes. If you wake up on December 22nd of 2012 with a sink full of dirty dishes you know what you need to do. Pray, wash dishes and always look up and back because the bastards from Hollywood might be invading your mind through the TV.

  48. I think this doc should be in a another category all together under the heading 'True Stories' and not 'Conspiracy'. This doc is way to factual for the American public. Some of these politicians are so blatent and sometimes arrogantly confident with their illuminated agenda that they dont even bother about concealing their goals and ambitious endeavers.

    This is one of those proud moments to say I'm glad that am not a American. They need to focus more on their own turfs. There are 50 million citizens who are living in dire poverty, another 50 or so millions living around the poverty line. Wont even bother with dozens more harsh factors. Save your own peoples from death before you act like heroes in other countries. Maybe staring with the obesity crisis first. I apoligize, just my FB humour just crept in on the end.

  49. The problem is in the distribution and control of wealth. They, modern-age money changers, have
    found out how they can unabashedly squeeze the American public for every nickel they’ve earned, naturally necessitating more observance and control on the streets while turning the public’s attention towards the easily targeted Muslims as the reason for the need for ‘better security’ and fewer freedoms.
    The New York NYPD police force is now operating in New Jersey on Muslim witch hunts along with---now listen to this----the CIA. American Muslims are the convenient bogeymen (just like in the McCartney era) in order to kick of a new security posture that will soon be rammed down the throats of the general American public which has begun to realize who is really behind their failed economic and war policy woes. The spying has started on the Muslims ----a trial run that will end up being implemented on the greater American public. The powers-to-be are shifting the focus Muslims with their negative propaganda why they sneakily slip the police forces out of their blues and into military uniforms as the police state starts to take shape. Now the spying has extended to involve those who criticize the questionable policies of the government and free economic reign of big corporations. Does any intelligent person really believe the CIA spying in New York will stop with Muslims or stop in New York? There's no New WORLD Order, but there very likely will be a New American Order imposed on the heads of the---for the most part----oblivious American people.

    1. I think you asked who the guest was, can't find post, got email. I was/am the guest who wrote I'm ready to die! etc!

      I have 2 sons, one is 23 and he and I aren't and never really were very close, he is materialistic and a game player, I wish him well, maybe someday.. have a 15 yr. old son who I love more then I thought possible, what I love the most about this kid is his heart. I have 2 kids, one is a taker and one is a giver and the giver I would give anything for.

      He has not had it easy, I'm not going into detail, custody issues, I know my internet activities are something saved to use against me in court.

      Anyway, my mother was into conspiracy stuff after I was told something disturbing about our Gov. and happened to repeat to mom back in my early 20's. My mom had always had big support of America till then, that was the turning point, she investigated and found the disturbing info to be true and she actually knew somebody involved (this had to do with aids, I'm trying to not make this post endless).

      My mother was very hurt and troubled, betrayed is how I think I can best describe it, but she was in an endless pursuit from then on and always spilling all kinds of news about what else they are doing or have done and how far it all really goes back in time.

      I will say I became sorry I ever told her anything to begin with, I didn't doubt the truth to her discoveries but I sure as hell didn't feel I could make a difference. I have not ever been very impressed with being part of this world. 13 was when I started fantasizing about suicide, I just didn't want to be here and that feeling comes and goes but it always returns and lingers, '
      Had I been able to come up with a method of which I had the guts to carry out, I would be long gone, Being dead does not scare me, it's the process, at times I just wanted it over with so I didn't have to worry about it anymore.

      All her disturbing discoveries were very depressing and I was then a mother and didn't have the luxury of those kinds of thoughts leading me anywhere but deep depression.

      Really, what the point in all the disturbing activity was, we weren't sure? My mother and all her knowledge would not have been prepared for the truth as I know it to be today.

      My mom has since passed of cancer, she made me promise that if she ever got to a certain point and was unable to end her own life, I would have the heart to help. I promised, I have watched many animals suffer as I struggled with my inability to assist them with death and end the pain. My first concern when I made the promise to my mother was how if I ever had to make good on this promise, I had to decide and find a method I could actually live with. Bang, I remembered how a couple I had known used to be Heroin addicts and they had overdosed and they laugh about it. Everything was all good till they woke up in the hospital, they even ended up in the hospital more then once, and the hospital is the only negative aspect of the experience. My mom agreed, everyone agreed, wow, great idea, that was settled, I never had to make good on my promise but if I ever see an animal suffering knowing death is near I will act with an opiate, no pain, no mess, quite the way to go as I understand it.

      My wake up call that answered the question of what the whole point to the disturbing activity hit me out of the blue about 6 months ago. I had been really adamant that I wanted my son to know what constitutional rights we have recently lost and why even though we have nothing to hide, being stripped of these right's still is sounding a huge warning and how the loss of these rights just is against everything this country stands for.

      So I started (I guess I am my mother now) doing research on the net as to what else they were up to, the speed with which America is being destroyed is alarming,
      I came across a article, Culling the Herd, 7 billion down to 500 million. My heart sank like a anchor, I sat stunned but knew that oh God, that is it, isn't it? ONE article answered all the questions we had for so long, all of them but we never would have come to this conclusion on our own because it is something so far from what we know to be human nature because we only know human nature by the only human nature experience we know and that is our own.

      I had a really bad couple of weeks of breaking down, all I think about is my son. God he is on the verge of getting a driving permit, getting his license, almost a high school grad, whole life ahead of him, but I don't see much of a future the way things are going right now. How long will this façade of normalcy last, will we still have a shred of freedom left in 3 years when he turns 18?
      Or will the world already be on the downward spiral, disease, cancer, etc. thinning the population?

      I'd volunteer to trade my life to guarantee his but nobody is making those deals, not like you could trust them if they were and when I mean guarantee his life I mean a life worthy of living.

      I have no doubt in my mind if the people don't rise and stop them, were doomed! I 'd give anything to be wrong!

      SV40, Monsanto, Chem-trails, Vaccines (schools don't need parental consent anymore), The massacre of the Canadian school children, Timor massacre, Growth Hormones, Fukishima, Haarp, Iraq, Iran, war on drugs, 9/11, Ok bombing, NDAA ,The Patriot Act chemical testing on our own military, Agenda 21 Birth control commercials ? Aids, cures for cancer have been discovered but they do everything w/in their power to prevent even patents being created by the founders and botch the results of the clinical trials. I mean cures that are actually good for you. (it's not all about $).
      They are working hard to make sure many get and die from cancer, cures counteract all their effort.

      Multiple cancers in one patient used to be almost unheard of, my oldest son's GF, mom was just diagnosed with like 4 different cancers at one time. I watched my mom die of Cancer, believe me I did not create life to have this life, If I live to witness suffering added to the equation or the guarantee of it, God Dam them to hell but I do know if SHTF, I can offer a pleasant transition to freedom.

      Do your research on our real history, even the Vietnam war was started over an event that NEVER EVEN TOOK PLACE, they made it all up.

      2 years ago I think it was said in 10 years Africa would be 25% of what the population was then w/o lifting another finger.

      Many of the feed the children type organizations are actually set up to cut them off from aid eventually.

      China is now harvesting organs from live prisoners, eyes, kidneys, livers, hearts, whatever. They are acquiring customers worldwide and charging top $. These live prisoners are mostly of simply practicing Falun Gong, can you imagine suffering a death like that simply for practicing a religion of peace and tolerance?
      Some guy has designed a euthanasia coaster, afterbirth abortions?

      No worries, it's all coincidence! Right.....

      Oh FYI I am hearing this season of crops of food are only 80% of what is normal and this should cause spike in food prices as we ease out of winter.

    2. Did that really happen? By Jack shepherd
      This question has been asked for thousands of years by scholars like Plato and Socrates as well as Gurdjef and Ouspensky in the 1920’s. Do things that go bump in the night exist? Ghost and other parallel universes or vision of things past or the future to come, are they real?
      The Creeks had the Oracle of Delphi a voice from the gods. The Sumerians one of the oldest known civilizations that gave parts of its beliefs of writings and way life about deities some six thousand years before to the Egyptians. The Sumerians teachings can be attributed to parts of Christians, Islam and even Buddha religions influenced by the Sumerian religious beliefs.
      In the age of things past we really only have bits of broken pieces to attempt to put back together for a coherent look at man with his beliefs and ways of life lived. Today hard sciences of math and quantum physics along with geology, paleontology and archeology are attempting to show physical proof of how things were or may yet be. Soft sciences are speculative with theories and ideologies of faith with no ability to show hard evidence. Or has that changed too?
      To attempt to compete with a sincere belief is attempting to change sincere delusion and yet it should not be discounted haphazardly. We now know the earth is round is a case I will point to again. The sciences are daily finding new was to measure the possibilities of all things once thought to be of the hart with no empirical evidence. Two such men where Jung and Freud, Freud the father of Psychology and Jung’s studies of audio phenomena are but two examples of studies which are built on daily in many different disciplines of studies. In the late 1800’s Tesla too brought unique studies to us in mathematics and the studies in electricity with frequency and possibilities of parallel universe and time travel. Which many thought was what today we call science fiction. Yet in the 1940’s a young mathematician by the name of Einstein was proving with numbers these and many others ideologies as possibilities.
      It sounds pretty outlandish to think that time travel and remote viewing with parallel universes would be the subject of government secrets and yet they were and still are to some degree along with ET’S the search for the beginning for life continues in secret by the Americans and former Russians to name a few. However one country was so sold on these ideologies they believed it could aid them in winning a world war in which they alone would control the world. Hitler spent million from the 1930’s through to 1944 on such things. If it is known what total gains he had from this and today’s value of trillions spent, it is still a secret in part.
      It happened again. I thought of thing and it came true. Da Ju Vue maybe? I have witnessed on five different occasions UFO’s. I thought I have stop this alcoholic drinking. Yet the next day news cast and newspaper headline stated UFO’s viewed by many. Maybe it was not the drinking. So what was it? Data insufficient to make a positive idea; on other occasions I have had audio hallucinations. I would hear my name being called when no one was about. Or whispers that I could barley hear and never quite make out what was being said. Julian James who wrote a complete full course study of these phenomena in [ Origin of the Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.]
      Dreams and soothe Sayers who interrupted them have been around since the beginning man. Out of body or Astor projection are new words in our vocabulary today for old ideas. I have experienced voices, ghost, and UFO’s and others things that go bump in the night at three AM. After making sure I was not a candidate for Schizophrenia I am left with data insufficient once again.
      There is but one thing I have yet to mention. Frequencies; Tesla shows us that every thing in known and unknown universes has its unique frequencies, the earths is 7.6 mhtz for example. According to Tesla every tree and blade grass, man, woman and child has his or her very own unique frequencies. Most we humans can never pick up do to our hearing ability. On several occasion I have had friends who seamed to some how become one with the frequencies at once on multiple occasions in their lifetime.
      Vision quest may be another way to describe this. Many aborigine peoples around the world have been reporting such things as early as cave man pictographs eight thousand years ago. I have enjoyed this to a very limited experience. For me I called it being at one with my God. Others may call it whatever works for them.
      A sense of awe followed by an overwhelming sense of being a part and belong to everything at once is what I thought, felt and experienced. From this I emerged with a profound respect for every thing, even the grains of sand on a beach. In a few days the energy dissipates. The thoughts and feelings resurface in my memories and peace with tranquility our sought after by me more than ever before and knowing I am not alone in the universes I truly believe I had a walk with God and I pray you can

  50. U.S. citizens make up about 5% of the world population. So, they choose to fight 95% of people on this planet?

    1. Google projecvt america or see my reply above on this topic.

  51. I'm at 45:48 right now and just have to comment that funny how they are always silencing critics with weepy accusations of the critics being against the troops and it's the U.S. corps selling the machinery to kill those troops!

  52. Has not advanced technology came to a point that would end the common foot soldier? For logical reason perhaps one should question of country who points a finger at who they want killed. Murder is a mighty big favor to do for anyone. Sadly it's highly embraced. The Middle East have assets which are plentiful with Oil, Poppy plants, Diamonds go throu there and Money, the USA needs in on that- at the mercy of no one. The interstructure of the US government doesn't want a war, actually it's the banking and power structures that you pay money too, are the actual finger pointers your children leave this country to die for. The Lotto winners in every state alone pay millions to the IRS which buys bombs, bullets, missles, etc. It's the British Corp simply runs the IRS, (has anyone tried to follow those billion$). All this military gangstering just for a Nation to retain it's status of the Worlds Superpower. They think. The United Nations (the British dominate) own this country and it's military. Knowing that maybe we the people better get prepaired for another country which may be getting ready to police this one when the president calls the next State of Emergency. I'm no expert but after all the wars- no one never made any hostile move towards the Pope at the Vatican for reasons of WAR MONEY. It's time for this planets Monopoly game to go back into the box, way to many cheaters.

    1. Some guy did a Documentary back when the war started, and he went to Senators, Congressmen, and all types of Politicians, asking them if they would be willing to send their own children to fight in the battle. The answer was unanimous, NO. Speaks volumes in my opinion.

  53. I have no doubt, they will turn on us, soon.

  54. God, are we responsible for the entire worlds troubles of war? Am becoming increasingly ashamed to be American, land of the formerly free people. All this for $ and power! It is not even possible as I see it to do the type of cleansing needed to correct and prevent further damage. I love the ideals this country was founded upon, but they seem long gone.

  55. you know,many wanted to know how a whole nation like germany was seduce by hitler to hate a whole race of people and and believed he could conqure the world militarary.,just look how this was orchastreted,and many germans complainn they dint know whats going on behind the scenes,well i believed that now,its the same type of mentality running this only the names were changed...and you dont think these action they had wont represented hatred and then revenge down the road,what would we think or do ,if others came in to our country and did that to us,we would not gather arms against,this is the liberty we brought them...I guess many dont learn from history,I am sick and discussted now by those who ran this under our country and we will pay for this a long time ,while private enterprises got rich,do you notice america has lost those war that were agressive instead defensive not justicefy vietnam ,korea and now iraq,if anthing they made they gave theres enemies advantage,do you know how many they can requited showing them what others done behind the scenes the americans tax payers and the integrity of our arm forces were sold out by these neocons,and they should be brought to trial for war crimes,thousands and thousands of innocent life,I can see now why there is also so many suicides with our soldiers coming back,they were given rein to act or witness no conscience or respect to like,its still shocking to me how many politions are still pro military and fell for all the proganda,there in a denile bubble,and think there honor and intregity is the motives of those running the show at the top,this is also proof why the cia should be shut down, there so call information on mass destruction,we were the only mass distruction there present,they annouce there were not against the people only terrorist ,but when other took up arms to protected there homes and neiborhood like any man would do for his family,they were label terrorist or opposition,I am a firm believer of a strong army for defence but not aggression,even envolment in lybia was for the oil,these so called bad regimes are who we put in place or allowed,nor doent democracy spread by force,we were all pawns in there game and conquest,no president befor or after should be member of the military cpmplex,thats called conflict of interest.or any other government official.they dint do all this for our security iand interst ,but there interest,they took the money and ran,and will be paying for this for at least two generations

    1. The greatest scams in the world is simply this. Cerate a want, turn that into the thought of a need. Offer to provide for this need. Goverments and Empiers have used this for six thousand years and still do today.Today Pimps,Drug Pusher,Gangs offer the same thing. TV and all ads have me almost convinced without sex or the pills they push I will die in about one hour! Control the education of a peoples and you control all food productions and utilities and the people will die for false hopes. They will sell their Kids into sex rings and yes it gets worse. We the people have stood by and 90 million who could vote did not or will not. The Constitutions is a living document on its death bed if we do nothing. So please vote!

  56. Cherry picking?? are you kidding me?? we are in a freaking cherry tree grove of lies and deceit. We need people to wake up first and foremost before ANYTHING can be DONE. so... if we show average people the biggest shiniest cherries to get their attention away from manufactured distraction, then thats how its done. Until everyone starts researching on their own and finding out the truth to things that matter to them, and decide how to fight for what they believe in, an informative video like this is all we can ask for.
    Make a documentary yourself about your points. I would applaud you but trying to discredit others who are on the same path of change and see the same things you see, albeit a different perspective, is too damaging to the movement so please consider this next time.

  57. The worst part about what we did in Iraq is that all of this was based on a lie.

    1. I begin to wonder what we do that is based on truth anymore, even domestic events seem buried in deceit. What gets me is like, I used to draw the line at chem - trails, the word has conspiracy imbedded in it I swear, the Gov used to deny doing it, but not anymore, they admit it and use global warming as the cause. They say they are trying to build a barrier to block excess heat from the earth.

      They lie, they lie and they admit they lie yet the people do nothing, it does not even bother them past the point of making a few wise cracks about it, then all is forgotten!

      Aren't we supposed to expect more from the people we elect to represent us? If we don't expect perfection, we will never, ever get it.
      everyone has flaws we have been told outright lies over and over and if we are willing to accept this, then I tell you, it will only get worse until we draw the line. The people, we who have elected these liars into the positions and trust them to protect us. Lies from the very people we have entrusted to represent our best interest should never be tolerated with the rare exception of it truly being in OUR BEST INTEREST, but this isn't the case, the deception is far from our best interest, only theirs and what is the must disgusting part is mostly it is all for the financial gain of people who are already wealthy enough to never have to work a few lifetimes over.

    2. Leslie, the second I read "Chemtrails" I stopped reading you, 8 posts on this one doc? Please get a life.
      Politicians lie, it's just amazing how they can take a 10 word sentence and draw completely different conclusions from words. Your job is to see thru the spin

    3. Utterances by Jack Shepherd
      After looking at the boob tube and the Internet for information of what is really going on at the conventions, both the Democrat National Convention and the Republican National Convention. I can tell you, 1) a lot about a hurricane and 2) what the wives and supporters of the candidates’ think of those running.
      The news speaks not at all about lesser parties like the Independents or Libertarians. Until the fringe parties raise the same monies as the two major parties they will not be counted.
      I have listened to the stump speeches and they are good, yet ironically I am stumped by the negative, false ads, and the refusal to talk in-depth about the; budget, jobs, economy, immigration, our country’s failing infrastructures of (roads, bridges, electrical grid); all entitlements such as (Welfare,) education, federal reserves, regulations, wars and rumors of wars with over seas funding to nations and warlords who would do us in the United States harm.
      I do however keep hearing I, I am, I will, I can, I plan to, and I promise and let me tell you. I wonder where (We The People) fit in this.
      I have no idea how Obama or Romney intends on getting anything done. The pundits, like the politicians are only stating half-truths and in my opinion and by listing to them I know less now after hearing the candidates.
      Where is the transparency Obama spoke of in 2008?
      For me it has come down to this, I can find any of my local candidates running in my local and state elections and their plans of what they hope to get done if elected. I do this by attending local get to know your candidates. Please note, I did not say I got my information from the TV or newspaper or Internet.
      I would also argue why as a voter of any party why can you not vote for who you choose; instead of being forced to participate in an antiquated systems?
      It’s my opinion that these one sided utterances by the press, TV or individuals do nothing to encourage voters to risk going out to vote. Condescending talking points become the overwhelming verbal garbage of utterances, which frankly leaves me dazed, confused and frustrated.
      The average American, married with two children and both parents working, if they are a lucky few to have jobs; do not have the time or energy in their day-to-day life to swim through all of the propaganda.
      It seems obvious to me why some estimated ninety million voters who could, will not show up at the polls every two or four years to vote. They are depleted of energy; dazed and confused by the verbal garbage. Which can only add to voter apathy and they believe one vote theirs, does not count.
      From this I can only add, if nothing changes two things will continue, 1) hopelessness or 2) the insanity of thinking it will be different this election year.

  58. Um... The bases don't match perfectly. Two of them were on top, the other dozen or so are not anywhere near. That was very careful cherry picking of facts. This video's portrayal of creative destruction shows inherent flaws the creators understanding. It also shows a lack of understanding of military function, and is fairly on sided, showing only the faults of the neo-conservatives. Yes, neo-cons are bad, the wars were wrong, we know, but this is a very narrow view of what happened.

    1. whether or not it was cherry picked, you've seen other videos of the destruction caused in Iraq and you also know we were over there for a lie. You've seen videos of the atrocities our military has done and that of mercenaries as well. I thought it was a good video and hey, now we know where the 2 trillion dollars the Pentagon lost went to.
      The neo-cons are evil.
      I know this is not representative of all military personnel, but I know of some that have completely lost it. I don't now about you, but I'm a little worried about when these psychopath types come home! They'll love the NDAA law and I think some of them will be glad to arrest us and use force against us.

    2. If its a very narrow view than what good came out of these illegal wars.They made America and every country involved less safe by there discusting action,and put America in dept it will never get out of.A few evil people in the military industrial complex got richer than they already were.Killing millions including people in there own military,but it's not like they care.The world should give them a reason to and every country should cut ties with America,and most have with Israel already.

  59. These dudes are full on psychopaths.

  60. As much a people are scared and their is also cowards people will get fed up.It will take longer than it should but we will fight just like anyone.It most likely will be against criminals of are own countrys taking are freedoms.History has shown recent history that people will die by the millions to have freedom for themselfs their family and others.Its duppressing that even with much more people aware of the truth there are still as many that are not.America is destroying its self along with other nations it it has no money and people will suffer but then we will fight for freedom like millions of are forefathers did.There is almost 7 billion people on earth and less than a billion of them, its not black and white its rich and poor they will lose hopefully sooner than later.

    1. The brutal truth is WE AMERICANS ARE RESPONSIBLE for every last death that came at the hands of our US government! We were warned over and over by the speeches and quotes of our founding fathers, Freedom, this gift they handed down to us is the most precious gift, do not take it for granted, it comes with a price and in order to keep it, it will require the blood of man to be shed!

      I am not free of guilt, most of my life I wasn't paying attention then to politics, it wasn't my thing, I know some people are really into it and I figured they were best for the job, surely they fill the role of our lookouts and will signal at signs of trouble.

      Was I right? I don't know, we are so past the point where action should have been taken and if signals have been going off, I didn't notice until recent.

      Innocent men have been slaughtered as a final sacrifice how many times now to cover up the truth? I can't even begin, I don't want to.
      I want to go from here and fix this mess while we still can but it is going to take a miracle for people to put their differences aside and stand united to defeat this evil and the plan it has for the people living on this earth.

      I know at this moment, if we unite, we would be victorious but people aren't even close to unity right now. They are bickering about NOTHING that is as important or going to accomplish anything that amounts to jack. Racism, sexism, religion, you name it, people are stuck in these endless debates that only distract from the real issue!

      Our children! What about their future? If we don't act they don't have one! don't you get it? What the hell are we waiting for?

      The clock is ticking, Haarp is working day and night, the earthquake maps are posting day and night. Japan had like 6 quakes over 5.0 in about the same number of hours the other night. Something big is going to happen soon, I have felt this long before my awakening.
      This is the quiet before the storm, every big event is just another excuse to take away our rights and slip further out of our reach to destroy them.

    2. I am not responsible. Or am I? By Jack Shepherd
      Edited by Mary Elizabeth Porter Shepherd.

      Every day we are flooded by atrocities through out the world on TV, and listen about it on the radio, or we read it in the papers. This mind numbing experience lends us to say, “I am not responsible. Is this really true?” What if we witness a crime being committed? Thefts, Molestation, Rape, Killings are we responsible now? What if we hear about a crime about to be committed? Am I now responsible for reporting it? What if its just politics we are speaking of?

      Social studies can and has devoted books to this topic. Psychologists certainly do entertain the topic. Many politicians broche the topic briefly, religious groups try with little avail. None has come up with a yes you are or no you’re not responsible clear answer. This seems to be left to many factors. Where and how we were raised is just one factor.

      Some pseudo reasoning comes about with statements like, “it does not concern me, or I do not have time to get involved.” The one liked the most was “I am only one person, what can I do?” So it would seem that if it does not affect me personally right now I can use group justification and say, “ nobody gets involved”. Joseph Kony is a world away. How does this affect me? Or Sandusky at Penn State, what could I do? Or is it the homeless? There are just too many of them. Politics in the USA is the latest victim. Stalemates and blaming the other party is the way. Not personally getting involved is widely accepted as the politicians focus on re-election instead of serving the people. This excuse not only avoids responsibility. They leave us powerless. Here are a few more excuses. “Well, what can I do? One vote does not really matter!” My best excuses of these are “how can I know who to vote for”?

      In 1929 no one spoke out against Hitler. However, many left the country in a hushed sort of way. World governments helped many of those only if they had something to offer the host country like new breaking math or sciences. Rumblings of World War One were the same thing. Let’s hold our breath and maybe this too will pass. The same can be said about all splinter religious groups like Jim Jones Christian group. By the time a serious concern was mounted it was too late.

      Has anyone ever made a difference? Yes! Sam Childers in the Sudan, a one man team to rescue kids. Mitch Snyder in 1973 started the coalition for the homeless. Michael Stoops now in his fifties has devoted his whole life to helping others for room and board and now is he head of the National Coalition for the Homeless. Warren-Hill Productions, a man and wife team continues through writing and short film productions gets their word out of what concerns them, and there is me. I hope my walk across the USA for the homeless has helped at least one. I also hope my time as an Addiction Specialist has helped more than one. A teacher I know since 1976 hopes she has inspired students to do more. The Peace Pilgrim gave away all she owned to walk across the USA in the 1970’s with her declaration of peace. In the 1960’s concerned citizen brought the Vietnam War to an end.
      Every day millions of people volunteer in soup kitchens and band boosters clubs. Many are involved in sports or the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and yes-even politicians rely on others to give freely. Millions still say {Please and Thank You} they also hold the door open for others and entertain strangers with dignity and respect. They call friends and loved ones just to let them know how important they are to others.

      So back to the question, am I responsible? My answer for me is yes, and you may not know how many you affect by doing what I call the right thing.

      Be involved. Life is not a dress rehearsal.


    1. There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

      A.J. Muste

    2. It appears our failure to keep our Govt in line might actually cost the entire world. Yo must remember we were warned all Gove will become corrupt and it is the job of the people to correct if we hope to keep it honest, and acting w/in the best interest of the people.

      We the people I am afraid must share some of the blame for the actions of our Govermnment!

  62. The time will come when all things will be made anew and men will turn their swords into plowshares. And justice will roll down like a waterfalls, vanquishing the vicious evil of bloodthirsty men.

  63. Here's a nice quote:

    The loud little handful will shout for war. The pulpit will warily and cautiously protest at first…The great mass of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes, and will try to make out why there should be a war, and they will say earnestly and indignantly: "It is unjust and dishonorable and there is no need for war." Then the few will shout even louder…Before long you will see a curious thing: anti-war speakers will be stoned from the platform, and free speech will be strangled by hordes of furious men who still agree with the speakers but dare not admit it ... Next, statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.

    ~~ Mark Twain

    1. Thanks for this I used it in response to a news article in the local paper regarding Libya...our latest imperial adventure.

    2. "... God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

      Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334 (C.J. Boyd, Ed., 1950

  64. how can anyone make kids run after the bottle of water and actually keep it.

  65. Why aren't these people in jail?!!

    1. Because the tables have turned and the rules to the game change to suit the people who hold themselves higher then God! Culling the population is the name of the game, the rules are written on the Georgia Guide Stones but those rules are for a higher level of the game. The rules of the game right now, are whatever it takes to move towards that lever ASAP, w/o alarming so many people to defeat them.

    2. As the person below me said is somewhat true, the other part is that there isn't irrefutable evidence like this documentary would have you believe. It quite simply isn't this black and white, this is a minority opinion here which I think is probably true but isn't absolutely true.

  66. ok mod-if it doesnt mention Israel it is all just meant for u to blame some ome else.The mossad or Israeli cia is responsible for 911.
    The truth can only be found by watching "911 missing links"

  67. am,erican fascist pigs at it some more and the band played on...

  68. Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.
    ~ Benito Mussolini

  69. I didn't ask to be born here.

  70. I wonder about the accuracy of this, particularly after evidence to show otherwise have been found in his hideout.

  71. Hmmm...whats with all the negative comments towards the us citizens? We don't support this bullshit....I routinely speak out against my government and the reason I live here is because I was born here...One day, I hope to be able to afford to move...

  72. A somewhat naive documentary. It falls into the trap of partisanship. The fact is, the globalists are bi-partisan. I would recommend reading Carroll Quigley's, Tragedy and Hope and Zbignu Brezinski's, The Grand Chessboard. Also, research the Council on Foreign Relations. US presidents are not elected until they've been selected by the CFR, Bilderberg Group, etc. This is global corporatism and it's moving fast.

  73. Not much here that anyone with an enquiring mind doesn't already know. That's not to say there's anything wrong with it. In fact, this documentary serves as a great primer for those not fully aware of the true nature of politics, as it joins what may at first seem like random dots, into a very clear picture.

  74. Widows shut, don't forget the sun blinds and curtains. Now duck & cover.

  75. Everyone knows how out of control the government is......Deny all you want but the time is hear..Were are close to the boiling point....

  76. Americanism

    1. dude. for better or worse soldiers are the people that put themselves to serve. yeah, some are dicks, some are a**holes, some are douche bags, and some join to "do there part". like in any field, you get all types. a doctor can spend his life helping starving malaria stricken children in south america, or he can spend his time giving michael jackson face lifts and pain killers. why would some one choose one side or the other? education, poverty, moral values, who the hell knows. was 9/11 staged or not? was it all bush's evil plot? time will tell. but, for now, how about showing some f***ing respect to those that died, are dying, and will die in order for you to be able to sit in your chair and talk s*** about them. support the troops, not the war.

    2. I gave you a thumbs up but I'm Canadian and do support the troops,but not the ones seen in this video and many more are like that.There are really good soldiers to and it's sad they kill themselfs because they hate what they are orderd to do and what they have seen.But soldiers that willingly sighn up to go fight knowing what it's like I feel no sympaty for them,all these wars since WW2 are illegal and against the constitution.Also the way million have died for freedom in past wars,only for the tyranicle government to take the freedoms they gave there lifes for,and I belive it,s just starting.But for the soldiers that go to do right thanks for your sacrifice and GOD bless.

  77. Now we have Rumsfeld actually strutting around pushing his bookon talk shows! when he should be in the docket with the entire PNAC crowd exactly like the batch of crazies tried in Nuremberg in 1946. We should also try the money monsters who supported this cabal. If you have begun to understand what is going on in this country and do not find some way to make a difference and make a change then you are perpetuating the evil these people represent.

  78. if religions don't start fights then why is everyone arguing about them here on how which is better and converting to Islam..definitely seems like it starts some squabbles and this is way more minor than countries and wars... i can see how this escalates to holy wars and such.. your all so single minded about religions when we should really stop with the whole religion thing and just give it a rest a while all that comes from it is segregation and hatred.

  79. And what do these American boys have @ home....nothing! the joke is on them. Welcome back to the big reservation American boys...where Wall street and business control your life, the very people you went to war and killed children who's running for a bottle of water.

  80. its not about religion. Its about freedom...
    i bet that religious people would be really peacefull if there wasnt a propaganda-

  81. Many here blame the states. It isn't the states behind it, it is the globalist elite communist freaks. America is just their enforcing end.

  82. Everywhere, anywhere, the right of people to seek beyond the capabilities of their own eyes emerges from the will of knowing the truth about certain issue. By foreclosing the SHUTTERS of our mind, we have assumed to purge the pain in our hearts. We are left with FEAR and IGNORANCE and these remain hidden like a CANCER! However, if we accept our wrong doings , and consequently, opening our hearts and eyes to the extent in which these too may sink in our minds... doubt will be the mother! With our hands in wretched BLOOD... our eyes with torturous TEARS and our hearts with SADNESS and SORROW, the actual TRUTH will come afloat. WE ARE ALL PART OF IT! In the end, and maybe we will be FREE OF ALL WRONG DOING and our souls will be purged! We will learn and stand tall! Perhaps then, we can pass it on to our CHILDREN.

    1. Well I'll stand here with you and wait for the rest. 2 of us won't do but God it is hard to sit here waiting for everyone else to wake up. when they do I question how many will act.

  83. I live in Orlando, FL and I am furious & sick to my stomach. I am 24 years old and full of energy and I want to do something about this. If anyone knows of any potential reformist groups I can look into or has any will to start one let me know. I'm not talking about writing letters & making phone calls.

    1. You might want to check Craigslist in your area to see if any revolutionary groups have already formed. If there isn't then you can put up an ad and start one. There are many people who want change in the country just as much as we do, but they are afraid to go at it alone. I think you will be surprised by how many people will come out and join you!

      In order to change our social structures we must do it on a local level before anything else. Face-to-face discourse between neighbors and townsfolk about the problems that affect them on a daily basis is the best way to motivate citizens. Plus, people will be able to see the changes in their community almost instantly and this will encourage even more participation and support.

    2. We need the patriot act destryed!

      People, please WAKE UP! Do your research on agenda 21, it is the re-forestation project, it sounds innocent enough but it is far from it.
      Most of the US they plan to return to it's natural forest like state, most of the US will be off limits to people.
      They are trying to push everyone into the cities to begin with, than push the population of the cities into it appears the east coast, living in mega type cities. We will no longer have or own homeslandcars, etc. We will all be piled together and everything down to water consumption will be monitored and regulated. They will have control over the water, food, air, etc.

      Agenda is nationwide, check with your local planning dept. Some cities have begun rejecting Agenda 21, otherwise it has begun quietly around you. I live just north of LA, I am aware that they are putting pressure on the people who live in the rural areas evacuate their homes and I hear they are winning. I don't know what method is they are using but they are getting land owners to just vacate.

      Please become informed, please spread the word, we need to attend our local town meetings and protest this.

      Agenda 21 is real, it is very easy to confirm with your local county offices.

      Many people call it pure evil! Many are convinced this is only the beginning.

      The belief is.......You ARE DEAD!

      7 billion=650 billion too many!

      Depopulation, Culling of the Heard awaits.

      I hate to tell you, I am about 85% convinced they are right.

      I hope to GOD they are wrong, but too many things going on that left so many questions, suddenly make sense if this the goal.

      Agenda 21 is REAL, FACT.

      The rest, please become informed, do some research for yourself.

      Lots of theories regarding the small details but many agree on the outcome.

      If you think it even 50% possible, we are n trouble and need to wake up and take action before we lose more of our rights.

      The internet is so full of imformation, I can't believe we ever lived w/o it.

      It also enables communication among the masses in a way nobody would have imagined possible not long ago.

      This last thurs, the president told congress he thinks it is necessary to make it a crime for people to tell a LIE on the internet.

      If you join a dating site and say you are 10 lb lighter than you really are=Crime

      Just use your imagination if this is passed the impact it will have and the length to which this would be stretched and enforced.

      I believe if we are ever going to unite, if you are waiting for something to get started, the time to act was yesterday but I think we still have time but w/o warning the door will close forever!


    3. We need to stand as one the entire world,and stop letting them use race religion and any other means they can think of to seperate us.And look at the Gorgea Guide Stones and how they want a stable population they can controll at 500 million,that means most of use will die.Thank to countrys ;like China and Russia and others that stand in the way.I said much of this but it was a real long comment and needs to be accepted before it shows.

    4. Look on youtube, video The change your founding fathers wanted, they are a group trying to take over and restore the original America but they need members.

      I have no idea but I heard this group lacks organization and possibly has tried to hijack the efforts made by other groups, proceed w/caution!

    5. I started a meetup group, I paid for a year of hosting the group and I have had like 3 responses. Either I am a complete failure at this type of thing or people just are not interested.

    6. Look up the Fourth international or Trotsky that should get you to where you want to go.

    7. Its a great idea but we would need millions not thousands and most people look the other way.And defanatly won't put there life in danger.I would rather die for a good cause than die doing nothing.But that would take large numbers or it's suicide.I like brave people when they are good people like you seem to be.

    8. OK, we got 3, anyone else?

  84. Jesus in another guise.

    What is the punchline to the joke? That you know he is not a muslim and are just making fun of your president (in terms that have recently led to the tragic attempted assassination of a congresswoman)? since when did that become de rigeur? since your pres was black? and no, I'm no muslim, I am a christian who is very aware that Jesus was more a socialist than an American dream capitalist. So Jesus, what guise are you in today. Who is the leader of this global Jihad then, The late Usama? The problem with simpletons like you is that you are happy being spoon fed simpleton sized disinformation that doesn't offend your prejudices. You therefore cannot nor feel the need to reconcile your assertions of a global Jihad with your admission that Saudi GIVES Amereica much needed oil. Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam in case your limited knowledge hasn't helped you figure that out. You tube is not an educational tool. Least of all when you trawl the kind of disinformation clips that actually are part of your discredited electoral process. We recently had a Member of parliament de-selected because he circulated false information about his opponent. How did slander and libel play in the Swift boat veterans for truth campaign? 4 more years for bush thats how. The campaign had the same "joke" disclaimer attached to it.

    Jesus in what guise I ask. Who me? Yeah You Fool!

  85. @Who me? yeah you! I will speak up for conspiracy spoiler in his absence, the disclaimer is a joke did you watch the video fool, you do not think there is a global jihad ongoing then you are simply a sympaphiser of the muslims, you probably are a muslim, you seem to be forgetting Saudi Arabia gives the USA much needed oil and so it would be foolish to push them too far when there is other nations which require to be dealt with first. Go and do some research before making accusations. You are pathetic.

  86. Vlatko,

    Congrats and thanks for the great vids.

    Just a quick point, celtic warrior suggested a rating system like you tube. I personally feel it would ruin the exchange of ideas etc. You tube always boils down to the most popularised comment rather than the most informed. the comments are all too often popularised by the level of offense they cause the opposition, and the frenzy to not be removed or shouted down by supporters. At least with no ratings a comment stands and lives or dies on its own merits.

    Its why I watch many you tube vids on your site.

    Just a thought


  87. Conspiracy spoiler

    You are a dimwitted simpleton. I have looked at all the links you provided and have to ask, do you even know where Beslan is? The taking of the school was a heinous crime in any culture. The war in the Caucasian Russian republics has been conducted in a most ungodly manner. Brutality hidden in the name of Russian patriotism (Russian press controls), barbaric war methods propagated by use of religious fervour (Commanders of Ingush,?hechen, Dagestani and in this case North Ossetian insurgency/war of independence depending on your view of local situation) amongst people who have lost faith in all else on this earth. You use Beslan as an example of global Jihad? The major funder of these type of groups is Saudi Arabia, an American client state. Its root is all politics and the political leader is Uncle Sam. Your proof of Barak being a muslim was a you tube video whose producer provides the disclaimer "the makers of this film do not state that Obama is a muslim". They, being smarter than you, are aware of American Slander and Libel laws and covered their asses, but that went right over your head simpleton.

    Can people who know nothing but tittle tattle not present their views as learned facts. More so if your fellow tattlers are simpletons like Conspiracy spoiler.

    Who me? Yeah you!ProudinUs,C-spoiler Lary Nine and others like you.

  88. no one should be ashamed Saddam Hussein needed removed end of, actually the situation is not as bad as it seems but I wont go into details continue in your hate, everyone who condems this act of gallantry and justice should be ashamed.

  89. dear Murad.

    you are a miserable nihilistic son of a bitch. How dare you assume that everyone in the west colluded or was too lazy to do anything about the war in Iraq. You come across as the type of virulently anti-west extremist whose diatribes are splashed across the newspapers with the subtext "told you they are out to get us". We marched on parliament and communicated with our local M.P. our feelings on the war and voted accordingly. What exactly was your contribution bearing in mind it was just as successful as mine. (and yes I know they are both part of the same machine but that machine still has to be told every now and then)

    The more hate you carry in your heart the more you are like these warmongers. You cant object to media distortion of the view of islam then give your own extremist distorted view of christians. Backing it up by quoting select extracts of Sharia law is as effective as the the western media's touting of free press and freedom of speech.

    The enemy of the righteous man is more subtle than that. He wears many uniforms, flies many flags, speaks many tongues and even in his subtlety works extremely hard for his goals.

  90. Yavanna,
    all americans should be ashamed? Of what? what should i be ashamed of? are all americans evil or something or are you a rascist? it's funny to watch a documentary showing us the evil, fear, anger, rascism and some people on here just spread it around some more...hmm i bet that will fix things.All americans should not be ashamed at all....Our government should be ashamed.. Our government killed 3000 of our fellow Americans, murdered them and yavanna says we should be ashamed..You should be ashamed of thinking all Americans are evil. my governemnt kills people and I should be ashamed? some people need to do themselves a favor and evolve.

  91. What a terrible fate those people were subjected to at the end of the doc. I feel so ashamed of my country and others that have been involved in these wars of greed and power. I'm glad I managed to watch it all, although I must say it was hard to watch. I do feel that my eyes have been opened to some extent. I am completely against all forms of violence, and always have been. However, the right to defend oneself in the face of violence is also necessary. It just doesn't have to be with a similar force. As the old proverb says: 'two wrongs do not make a right.' I believe that a truely civilised nation that promotes freedom for all should be able to utilise what its own country has to offer,and work alongside other nations using fair trade,diplomacy, and allowing freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and ways of life. Anyone who stands against that is the true opressor. We should all be able to use our rational minds when considering other people and not senselessly judge others we deem to be different. Embrace difference, and live alongside it, as deep down, we are all fundamentally the same anyway. Every human has the right to live in peace and harmony with the earth, and with the rest of humanity. If we could achieve that, then there would be no more use for this mindless violence.

    True happiness is when you find love, and are able to share it with every other living being that you encounter.

  92. While I knew a lot of the stuff in this doc already there was more than enough either new things I didnt know or more in depth info on things I had seen before. Excellent doc that someone I believe already said should be mandatory viewing in all American schools it might help them understand why most of the world doesnt think to highly of the USA.

  93. no matter how many times I see something about it I still crack up during those stupid vids telling people to climb under a table for protection if a nuclear bomb goes off near them.

  94. I've been following all of the BS since a year or so after the towers we're brought down. Following all of the mainstream lies and wondering how people are so asleep to believe what they are watching on mass media...

    I literally broke down and cried my eyes out after watching this documentary. What I can't fathom is these soldiers laughing and having a great time killing innocent civilians as they drive down the street. It's as if they live in a whole other reality and have no conscience or heart.

    Not to mention the holding the bottle of water out of the back of the truck and having the children run for blocks in hopes of being given it. Don't these soldiers have children of their own back at home. How can you do that to an innocent child. It makes me sick.

    Karma is a bitch....

    Maybe when these soldiers are back at home, possibly wounded, or just sick as shit from being exposed to contaminated water that Halliburton didn't care to keep sanitized for them, or exposed to god knows what the military lied to them about, and the US government could care less about them... as they suffer with no aid...just maybe they will see the light...

    I know there is a heavy dose of brainwashing once you join the military, but there is no way i could do that.

    I will be sending the link to this video to everyone I know and challenging them to take the time to watch it. This makes me incredibly sad for the human race.

    I know it sounds corny, but Love is the answer. The ego needs to be laid down everyone....

  95. @ Vlatko

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great docs on here. Im a documentary freak, and to me this is one of the top websites on the kidding. Great resource, and great debates all in one place. Thanks again Vlatko. Keep up the great work.

  96. I hope one day the Iraqis can forgive us.

    1. Maybe Americans never the neocons or the soldiers that broke the law.But if Americans protested by the millions and did someting I'm sure they would love you.But it takes millions not thousands or even 100s of thousands in a country with 350 million.I belive the military and police many would stand with the people if there was millions.In a countary with 350 million 100 thousand is a drop in the bucket.More people need to wake up before they are the ones the government turns on like they already have but on a much larger scale.

    2. Social conditioning started in 1907 and thats when the powers that be planed the 1929 great deperession. With Roosevelts good intention we end with mor social control. If you do this or if you don't do this we wil take away your; foodstamps, medical access, SSN, disability, and the IRS will most likely have to audit you. Thats the social condition also known as Behavoir Modification Programs. It is most important we keep are critical thinking skills sharp.

  97. @over the edge I'm not having a silly argument If you want to be the winner ok you win but all I can say is you must have got as far as reading the disclaimer and didnt watch the video, well maybe u didnt say anything about taking over the world but thats what the new american century is I only wish the story was true but it's not. Things are a lot worse than you think, I'm not a racist I just want to wake up a few people and maybe I can make a difference before America falls to the Muslims, it will happen in Europe very soon its not being racist or fear mongering its the truth, i just don't want the world to go back to the 7th century under Islamic sharia law.

    @ Vlatko is it ok to tell over the edge my website or could you give him my email so i can show him I think it's important to try anything I can to avert this from happening, everyone thinks it's racist but it's not, it's just about beating tyranny.

  98. @conspiracy spoiler
    what did i make up please point it out to me?

  99. Vlatko could you not do an experiment please and include that video I posted on your site to see what the comments are, just a request I don't know if you are allowed to do that. I noticed a big difference between the comments on protocols of zion and that on missing links but maybe thats because people only watch what they wish to believe. Don't know but I think that might be true.

  100. @over the edge you are a bad loser, u r making things up now, is new american century not a hate video directed at the people who protect us, its propoganda nothing more, so is loose change everything else to turn americans against their own government

  101. @conspiracy spoiler
    where did i say that the U.S is trying to take over the world? you have no facts for your claims all you have is quote mining and conspiracies. so when that fails you put words in other peoples mouths. the last link you posted shows that there are some Muslim extremists and i agree with you. that doesn't make all of them extremists. don't bother posting any more links directed at me as i am done with looking at things that you claim answer my questions when they done. i have wasted enough time with your hate videos

  102. @conspiracy spoiler
    where did i say that the U.S is trying to take over the world? you have no facts for your claims all you have is quote mining and conspiracies. so when that fails you put words in other peoples mouths. the last link you posted shows that there are some muslim wxthemeists

  103. @over the edge everyone is entitled to their opinion I think that maybe you need to look around you where is the evidence that the usa is trying to take over the world. Are they carpet bombing arab countries, as for what I suggest the evidence is everywhere.

  104. ok sorry Vlatko will do

  105. @conspiracy spoiler
    congratulations in only 6 links you managed to answer none of my questions the first link states that he is christian.second link only requires a person to read the disclaimer where they state that they have no evidence for him being a Muslim the other 4 have nothing to do with my i gave you a chance and anyone who wishes to look at your links and my questions can see it for are a racist and a fear monger.

  106. @ Bytor69
    No! It's NOT the Americans we(europeans) don't like, they are very nice and decent people. I know because I've been to America many times and met many of them. It's not the continent because it's beautiful. No, it's the rulers of the nation. Or the ones that rule the rulers. Something has gone terribly wrong somewhere. There where love for truth and patriotic vision meets power and money.. sincere intention often looses. Corruption creeps in. It's what happened in America and it's what seems to happen all over the world now. In Europe people protest, though. Hard and long. They woke up. The government is there for us and not the other way 'round. What I miss in the USA are the protesters, and I mean by the millions. The real power is with the people. Where are your voices?

    1. So important what you said I say it all the time by the millions in a country with 350 million 100 thousand is a drop in the bucket.It will take many millions to get real change,that the life of everyone on earth may depend on.I'm Canadian and can't go to America.

  107. @Bytor 69 don't be cruxifying america and feel sorry for anything because it is all lies, realise that aemerica has did nothing wrong ok im going to post a link i hope vltako allows it

  108. THE BIG PROBLEM....

    To all you who say you HATE America and her people....

    What you really hate is the corruption going on at the very top, not the typical citizen.

    We as normal Americans do not wish war or world conquest at all. Im mean really, I've been in the US all my life and have not once ever heard anyone say they want to go to war (accept when it was politically correct right after 9/11). Have you? Think about it for a sec....If you have, good chance the guys a redneck.

    My point here is that we as American citizens are not to blame, just as the citizens of any other country are NOT to blame. Its the leadership/power not the people. The suppposed leaders are nothing but international thieves (bankers/religious leaders...I dident mention polotitions becuase from what I can tell there mostly bought by the bankers) that eventually buy there way into power.

    We need to wake up and take a look at who's really running things. Is it the US? No. China? No. The UN? No. International bankers and religious leaders? YES. This is the problem, not regular people. The regular people need to get together (like us)and take back what is really ours to begin with. Namely the resourses of the Earth, and the power over where we will go in the future.

    As long as the people are kept in the dark as to the real power of the planet, we will continue fighting amungst ourselves and blaming the other country until we're all blown off the face of the earth. We need to awake now. Please join me and quit hating America or any other country. Please start to understand the real problem. The international (not local) bankers, and the religious hiarchy around the planet. NOT REGULAR Joes like you and me. This is a fact. Again, until we understand this, nothing can change. As soon as we do realise it, everything changes :)

    Thanks for listning all.

  109. @over the edge of course I have just hope Vlatko lets me put it up to prove u wrong just wait and see

  110. @conspiracy spoiler
    do you have any proof for
    -Obama being a Muslim ?
    -obama refusing to wear flag pin ?(i googled it and found multiple pics of him wearing 1)
    -obama also said the U.S isn't a Jewish or Muslim country as well (his attempt to repair the damage done by Bush)
    now before you accuse me of being a Muslim i am an atheist and believe all holy books to be fairy tails. and while i am at it there are many pictures and video of Bush holding hands and bowing to Saudi Arabia leaders does that make him Muslin as well?

  111. @Lary Nine & @Conpiracy Spoiler

    Right on!

  112. well said Lary Nine we are all being brainwashed by muslims, barak obama is a muslim and lied about being a christian, now there are going to be laws so people cannot speak out against muslims even though they hate chrisitans and intend to take over the world and make us 2nd class citizens, in the koran it says it is ok for a muslim to lie if it advances islam so why did obama sit and lie through his teeth about being a chrisitian, he refuses to wear an american pin during the elections, says that america has never been a christian country and that islam has always been part of america. he doesnt bow to the queeen of england and yet he bows to the king of saudi arabia like he is a peasant, he praises iran and now he wants to ban freedom of speech and have people arrested for speeking the truth about Islam, wake up everyone get ready to defend the world the 3rd world war is coming i just hope that islam is not continuing to advance at the rate it is now. it says in the Koran the hostitiality between us and the Jew is eternal, palestine was christian land so what dont people understand. The Muslims are attacking our land and have been for 60 years.

  113. TYPO= Where it says 'IS' replace with 'ISN'T'.
    Apologies for the typo.---L9

  114. Anyone with an education, a TV and an internet connection knows that there are a dozen Alex Joneses out there, although Jones is a top 'playah' in the independent conspiracy industry. It's a big business too. Alex Jones, Mike Ruppert, Clovis Straven, Armstrong and the fringe neo-cons on Fox News... Dan Brown and "The Da Vinci Code", "Angels & Demons"...the group of blockheads who deny the moon landings (without a 6th grade level science education between them)...Area 51 and the club of abductees... the 1,001 conspiracy theories of the Kennedy Assassination... OMG the list goes on and on. Shame on the History Channel for what they've done to the discipline of historical method and the writing of history! This crap is pure bullsh*t...but it's very profitable bullsh*t. Go ahead. Watch it...but only for entertainment, like a fictional tale. But DO NOT TAKE THIS STUFF SERIOUSLY. IF IT'S TOO BIZARRE TO BE TRUE...IT PROBABLY IS.

  115. this video is all fabricated get it into your heads it is muslim propoganda, people believe anything they are told by these sand monkeys

  116. If you don't have a comment on the movie take your babble elsewhere! This film is nothing to do with religion. It is to do the rise of the new Nazi's which is proceeding along the same lines as the last emergence.

    As for the movie, well there is not much you can say about it. I have seen much of this information before and it still sickens me.

    This is not a conspiracy movie. It is a movie about crimes against humanity, lies and greed.

    Unfortunately the perpetrators are still in power. Anyone with a brain knows the US is morally as well as financially bankrupt, it is just the endgame we have to deal with now.

    The US elite don't give a f@#$ about their own people so why should they care about anyone else in the world, even a nuclear strike is in the cards at the moment and still our media in the West tells us nothing. So we risk leaving a barren waste ground for our children.

    If there is a God he must surely be shaking his head! Namaste

  117. Utterly disgusting. :-(

  118. never ceases to DISGUST me, pure DISGUST, these are my neighbours. america, you are free to do as they tell you. and these docs dont even scratch the surface.

  119. is this admissable into evidience,ya kno like wicn cables,,,,proceed,especially the conduct clearly demonstrated while straffing civilian vehicles,,,state terrorism plain and simple,employed as a tactic,oo,pure evil,,in documentary format no less

  120. Reb, youre good, we should create another religion and you'll be the priest,hehe...keep up the good work!

  121. love peace hate america

  122. maybe we shouldn't fight it and just embrace it, maybe it needs to get more evil before it will be worth it, there is no point in creating wars to line the pockets of the rich, a war should be about making a better world or just survival, maybe the Americans should stop selling weapons to other countries and just take over the world as long as it doesn't end up like America, bring back the old America before civil rights and we can talk business, bring it on in bucketfuls of blood to cleanse the world, ye-ha p.s. all good people will be spared, the evil religious nutcases will be wiped from the face of the earth

  123. There has to be a revolution coming against this evil.

  124. I hate America, if this is what we stand for, if this is what we tolerate.
    Down with the Evil America.
    Up with the good America.
    I'm an American, yet I hang my head in shame.
    I want to fight, but that will just produce more of the same.
    I must Be the change I wish to see in the World.
    Sometimes, that seems like it will take too long, but
    I believe people will wake up.
    I can't tolerate another war, killing in my name. I want
    to have compassion, even for those seemingly EVIL soldiers, it is challenging, but I know anyone who can kill must have killed their own spirit first. They are asleep at the wheel of their body, and plowing through innocent bystanders.
    We should help each other wake up!
    Wake yourselves up to your Divine nature which is Love and
    then we will not be capable of killing.
    Peace and Love are not easy, killing and hatred is.
    I choose the harder road to salvation.

    1. Exactly love is more powerfull than any thing.Way more powerfull than any missle.

  125. @Bytor69 you have sold it to me, it may be possible, well I have an image of Valkyrie in my head now but I think the rich and powerful would try everything to avoid it but I guess if the United States army can be somehow appeased then why not or it would be bloodier than the American Civil War but hey you guys already have a civil war going on there from what I here, a war of the races I'm lead to believe from television I've seen dont know if its sensationalised or not. It's great to hear positive talk, I like it a lot but hasnt that patriot act changed the wording of the constitution in regards to opposing the state and such? I'm not sure.

  126. Ahhhh.....but you forget, we have the GUNS. If just 1 percent of Americans take up arms, thats over 3 million people and game over for the current system. Now just to be clear, I'm in no way promoting violence of any kind and hope it never comes to that. What I am saying though is that if theres an injust system of govenment that needs to be taken over by the people, our constatution specifically states that we the people not only should take up arms, but its our duty to do so. For if we dont, we deserve the tyranny we will then ultimatly live under (Jefferson I think said something like that).

    So, I still stand by what I initally said. Namely that it will have to be the US to lead the world in a revolt against the current powers that be for the real world revolution to get under way.

    And btw... Im guessing the revolution WILL be telivised (and YouTubed) contrary to what Gil Scott-Heron once sang in a song way back when ;)

  127. The cavalry is coming lol, USA is too full of rich people to ever contemplate a revolution, it would never happen in my opinion we are stuck with the United States and we are on the path to hell with no hope of turning back, the USA is too powerful no one can stop them not even the Americans themselves for you are slaves too, it's finished goodbye world.

  128. Dear Inverness184,

    I couldent agree more. Everything you said above I have also come to the conclusion of. Its almost like you were typing what I was thinking. I think alot of us are starting to wake up to whats really going on. Interesting also that all this world rebellion seems to be leading up to something....

    Im no profit, but it seems to me that something is infact happening on this planet. Think about it for a sec....

    1. Worldwide economic enslavement as we've never seen on this planet. Not my imagination...fact.
    2. Globel weather change as we've never seen it...fact.
    3. NWO forming through NATO and other round table organizations....fact.
    4. Moral decay throughout the world...fact.
    5. Corporations run the world...fact.

    All Im trying to say here is that things are infact changing and that WE are the ones that we've been looking for. All we need to do now is actually do something about it. Most of us are awake finally. The only thing left to do now is act. Saddly though, the US has yet to join the worldwide rebellion.

    But hey, dont worry planet Earth, the USA is always the last on the scene. We just need to wait till its really bad so that we can take care of these problems permantly.

    So again, don't worry world, we're monitoring the situation. We'll be along soon. It cant be long now.... ; )

    Scott in Cali

  129. Kids: As a product of the cold war, I was fearful of the wrongful intentions of the Soviet Union.

    UNTIL, I realized that it was not 'Igor' in Communist Russia nor 'Johnny' in the Capitalist West who wanted to destroy the other's society. Igor and Johnny were simply trying to earn a living, take care of, and get along with their family and neighbors – pretty simple stuff. This 'cold war' was not about democracy – is was about economic dominance. Sad.

    IT THEN OCCURRED to me that psychopaths (political, corporate, along with criminal) had been increasing in such numbers that they have been able to reach positions of power – 'our leaders'. [I will not define psychopaths, you will have to research this affliction yourself.] Psychopaths 'understand' what emotion is supposed to be, but they do not 'feel' it – hence they do no react to it. A psychopath's decision, consequently, is coldly and logically 'driven 'and he does what that 'drive' dictates. Remembering that a 'dollar' has no loyalty or conscience – the psychopath is then released to accumulate the most 'dollars or power over others' – and then he wins.

    AND THE REALIZATION came to me...we should never give up our guns, because someday, we will need to retrieve power from those who abuse it – including us. Normals need to infiltrate the corridors of power – societal, political and corporate. In any free society, we need over-power the psychopaths in power notwithstanding our own apathy.

    The oppressed French peasants understood the value of the guillotine – fix the problem – 'once'.

    When is enough...enough?

  130. I was Born an American citizen. I do what I can to make sure my friends and family know exactly where I stand when it comes to war and humanity. I am only in my early 20's. I never signed up for the military and watching this video only reminds me why I made that decision back in Middle School. We are all family... I have no idea exactly why everything that has happened in the past few decades has happened. I want nothing more than for all of this to stop. I realize I live in a nation that has destroyed so much, I never wished these actions on anyone. I never for one moment bought into the false flag attack of 911. I watched the footage on the day only hours after it happened, and only wished for relief to those who suffered... I never wished for revenge. And reading through some of these comments, anyone wishing these same horrific actions on myself and the citizens of the USA in general are only willing to continue this cycle of destruction, this exact pattern that has been moving forward since the dawn of mankind and recorded (remembered) history (It has always been one war after another despite the players). We need a movement, not only in the USA, but a global movement for peace. If there was such a group that sent food and proper supplies to war zones I would send as much money and goods as possible. The only way to fix this issue is by treating aggression with kindness. Treating stupidity with knowledge. And treating the frightened with love. I try to be the best American and the best Christian I can be by not imposing any doctrine related to being an American or a Christian EXCEPT those beliefs I have just stated. We are all in the middle of I see as being a final move that will either continue positive growth from a historical standpoint OR what could possibly be the fall of yet another Empire. If I could change the way out leaders do things I would in an instant. This is a drastically more complex world than any one person could change unfortunately.

  131. May God, Allah, Jehova, Krishna,,,,,,deliver us all from this true axis of evil

  132. man created god we just want some thing to believe in.we dont deserve to live in this world we destroy everything the air polution the animals we are sick people and need to be terminated...every thing we touch we destroy we all play a part weather you want to admit it our not society is what i like to call the matrix you need to get out of it.its all an illusion go in nature thats where its pure.

  133. Its going to take a "while" to wash off this shame.

  134. I am sooooo mad right now!!!! That was not the history of Iraq that we are destroying, its the true history of the world and nearly all religions!!!! HELLO??? You can trace the beginnings of the bible, Koran, Rig Vada, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman gods all back to Summer. What there doing is protecting there power by protecting the true origins of the above mentioned. This is completly unacceptable on numerious levels. I've had it. I understand now what Im a part of. I will be a part of it no longer. Enough. Its time to stand up for humanity. This is just embarassing what were doing. I swear from here on out my perspective has officially changed. Evil needs to be delt with or they'll suck the good out of everything that still exists. If there not stopped, the world will be vertually enslaved w/in the next 100 years. And once they have that ultimate power, they'll never let go, just like they havent in the past.

    These criminals need to be prosecuted or put down. Either way, they need to be removed.

  135. I am a North American Indian, who is saddened by the atrocities committed by all human beings throughout history. Lately, I have been educating myself on such topics as Government corruption, mass genocide,political brainwashing/manipulation and so forth (eye opening)... Having mentioned that, I am pleased that, each day, more people (not sheeple-dislike that word!!!) are finding that we have been taught how to act, behave, how to follow their laws and value systems. Moreover, I have hope that one day paranoia and self hate will subside, we can learn to embrace fellow man/woman as a whole (imagine that looking at a stranger with a smile not skepticism). In closing, I must mention, as a North American Indian residing in North America, I am ashamed of my Government, I'm certain my shame is of the majority here in the states, don't crucify the unknown, you'll be no better than those you waste you precious time hating. Start voting Independently U+S!!!

  136. the shame is at the feet of the world for allowing the united states to become such an instrument of terror

  137. You cant blame the entire USA. There are probably no more than 20% of Americans that know this story. We have unfortunately become a nation so distracted by Americn Idol and Justin Beiber, that we have lost our way.

    This movie was a missed opportunity to point out that these three individuals (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz), were the same ones that created the Office of Special Plans (OSP) to interpret intelligence on WMDs to mean whatever they wanted. Even after it had been discredited by the CIA.

  138. i feel sorry for those who do not believe in essence of this documentrary...they still are asleep or they are nazi's their believes

  139. these criminal worms that govern usa completely destroy the dignity of the american people....there will be time that all these will unfortunably be returned to the american people...not even nazi's had that kind of's a sad conclusion

  140. I´m still in shock after watching the doc.

    While I may agree with the thought that religious beliefs can often be used as a weapon to induce "weak-minded" to carry out the will of others, I think (and this is my personal opinion) that we all keep forgetting that instead of bit...g at each other for our beliefs, maybe we should think and concentrate on the fact that a group of people like Cheaney and Rumsfeld, among others are capable of doing such horrendous things for money.

    What does that say about our own society and way of thinking when WE ALL allow those people to have such control because THEY are the ones that "should be brought to justice"


  141. We've always had war and greed because we've always had scarcity and competition. This is not human nature - it's human behaviour. There is hope for change - Citizens of the world unite and PEACEFULLY protest the Elite Corporations and Governments that rule the world and ENSLAVE US ALL! They are so few and we are so many!

    The Venus Project offers a solution.Let's use our gifts of Science and Technology to build a system that designs OUT the flaws that lead to war and greed. Watch Zeitgeist Addendum for more information.

  142. This is not about religon or race

  143. Many people have claimed that this is not a conspiracy doc. I disagree. Although this doc cites many well researched political and military events of the 20th and 21st centuries, behind all that is the assertion that the US government manufactured 9/11. That is a conspiracy theory.

    The film would have us believe that simply because the US had engineered (ie Vietnam) and considered (ie Cuba) false flag attacks in the past that 9/11 is an inside job. This is an assumption, not evidence.

    The doc also takes the whole 9/11 "truth" movement at face value and leaves the viewer with the impression that the Alex Jones led "truth" movement is actually on to something, when in fact they haven't proved a thing.

    War is always terrible. Wars are always fought for someone's gain and profit at the expense of others, and the US in the 20th and 21st centuries is no different than at any other time in history. That the US would seek gain (oil, money and geopolitical influence) is not a historical anomaly, but a historical trend. And that trend is most certainly not any kind of evidence for the "9/11 was an inside job" theory.

    This film tries very hard to convince the viewer of the uniqueness of the Afghan and Iraqi wars. As though the US needed an incredibly elaborate secret operation, which would have involved killing thousands of their own innocent civilians, in order to convince the US population that the Taliban needed to go or that Saddam was a threat.

  144. @Adam Schoedel

    Yes, f--k them!
    I'm Dutch -- and 23 years ago I did everything in my power to keep my two sons out of the dutch army. I succeeded.

    And you?
    You see and you know.
    You're great.

    With regards,

  145. I'm an American. I actually served in the military 20 years ago. I was never in combat, but I easily could have been. With the clarity of hindsight and wisdom of age, I can't believe I ever joined. I never would now. I will go to the ends of the Earth to stop my son, should he even consider it. Those guys are used and abused. They're turned into non-thinking killing machines. But it goes deeper. As the documentary explains, we are a culture of war and violence. It is glorified in movies, TV and video games. It must be easy for the military and Blackwater to turn people into thoughtless killers. Americans are great raw material. With what we've done in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and even with what out own country is becoming, I'm othen just reduced to weeping. I'm not even all that worried about America's "fading glory, etc". It was never really real anyway. I just want to be a fair decent, non-harming member of humanity.

    Peace to all! But I will add the following caveat:

    F**k Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and all the others like them!!!

    1. After seeing this even though I've seen and read lots I agree with you 100%,I would rather my 5 year old go to jail then ever serve in the military.Pertect your familly friends and your house.The wars are for money and baised on lies.OBL did not do 9/11 it was done by the neocons and Israely mossad probably 7/7 also but no proff like 9/11 that mossad was involved.Mossads mooto(By Way Of Deception Tho Shalt Do War)plain and easy to understand we will decive you into wars baised on lies.Talk about trying to hide your intensions.1 thing that was not mentioned that I see and read always and thats about Israel the biggest treat to the world along with America,look at Israels Sampson Option and how it started,then tell me how the real terrorist are.Over 65 broken UN resolutions with over 35 American vetos to allow them to continue there crimes.Thats more broken resolutions than the Entire Mid East put togeather,Palistine 0.

  146. excellent documentary !

    THANK YOU to the creators. And Please, people of the world remember that most of us in the USA, millions took to the streets to protest going to war, hate these disgusting wars every day and realize the truth about 9/11.

    Shame on the traitors who have betrayed us and the world to enrich themselves, shame on us, on our government, on our news media and on those pathetic soldiers who have become worse than any animal.

    We need to bring those responsible to trial. We need justice. Not more crimes against innocent people.

  147. Proud to be an American? Hardly. Lucky yes. I was born and raised here and served in the military during the 1st Persian Gulf war. The shame that has been brought upon my country by a cartel of insanely greedy & cruel thugs with immense power & wealth is immeasurable. The ignorant people that blindly follow are just products of a society, culture and education system that has molded them into myopic automatons only capable of serving their own needs. I do what I can to raise awareness & speak the truth and more of us wake up to the reality each day, now that we see the real threat of the same perpetrators at our own door. Americans or Iraqi, Afghani or British, Pakistani or Canadian, Greek or Bolivian...we the people of the world are all slaves to the same masters. Some of us just don't know it yet. @Simon, wake up mate...the knock will be at your door soon enough too.

  148. Sad truly sad, shame on america for committing such atrocities. How can american people be so ignorant and believe their government blindly? America isn't a land of peace, its a land of deceit and deception. Wake up American people BEFORE its too late.

  149. @Nader
    The world? Thank you but we are fine here in Europe altough we are concerned with the pathologically insane ex-superpower the US of A.

  150. a very well done doc. everyone should whatch it

    very very sad what the world is becomming to be, what some people in power can do is monsterous, and those brain washed ignorants at the end... just plain and simple pissed me off


  151. Hi Rhea,
    I live in a town near Leiden.
    Have a good night too!

  152. Hi @ ron evo,

    LOL means 'Laughing Out Loud'
    I'm dutch too -- where about do you live?
    I live near Enkhuizen.

    And yes, the documentary ìs heartbreaking; at a certain point I covered my eyes -- it was too much.

    Have a good night.

  153. O, before I forget, what does LOL stand for?
    Sorry I am dutch!

  154. This docu actually made me sick. I thought I knew that
    were not given al the info we would like; but this looks
    worse then I expected. Esp. the last few minutes were
    sickening (Iraq). If this is true, we need help!

  155. @vlatko sorry for the caps,the seo explains it and i full agree so no more moaning from me,this is my favorite site so keep up the great work thats done here..while im at it if you could find and put up any documentry about the hunt for saddam and his sons i would love you even for the reply by the way.


    Do not use CAPS LOCK please. We can all see what is your nick name without using BIG LETTERS.

    I've decided to censor the word stupid, amongst others, because I don't want this site to be ranked high for that keyword. It is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reason, if you know what I mean.

    I agree. The possibility for rating or flagging the comments and the documentary itself is a must option at this point.

    I'm planing to do it for a very long time and probably I will.


    If you want info. about moderation systems, you may want to google..."Internet Forums-Wikipedia"

  158. ok i get it now that word must be blocked,now i find it very amusing.s.t.u.p.i.d.

  159. yes i agree thers to be rating to remove comments that are noy relavent to the documentry but the word STUPID was removed from my response to a previous comment left by someone else.A bit petty do you not think.

  160. Please... there needs to be an option to rate these comments... (like YouTube or Digg)! :)

    Truly an eye-opening film! <3

  161. one more thing why are my comments being censored by the people who run this site,i find it very disturbing..i thought this was a excellent site to visit and share my views but now im not so sure.i would realy appriciate an answer to this..

  162. Hey freethinker was it not the American people who stood by and watched as the neo-cons stole the election for Bush, was it not you who stood by and watched as they then ripped up your constitution, was it not you who stood by and watched as they sent your army half around the world to slaughter the people of Iraq who by the way had f%&k all to do with 9/11, was it not you who stood by as they lied and lied and lied to its citizens about the reasons for that war, was it not you who stood by and watched as they then walked away with their big fat pensions after destroying your credibility around the world, the neo-con government you RE-ELECTED should all be in fu%&ing prison for the war crimes they have commuted in the past ten years in the name of keeping America safe... so don't come on here and call people stupid and narrow minded when you haven't even seen the damn documentary.

    It is statements like yours that only reinforce peoples views of what the uneducated Americans really think and how they view themselves. Before I finish I would like to say I do understand that there are millions of Americans who despise and are sickened by what has happened in their name, lets just hope that they don't have to see it again..

  163. The ending of this documentary left me feeling very sick. I knew we were at war for Oil, now I just know more reasons, and detail why. And the next person who asks me to support the troops better be prepared, because I'm sure they haven't seen the home videos we've seen in this film. I would rather DIE than support sick motherfu*%ers like that.

  164. the american neo cons are failing miserably at their " new american hellish century " thanks to the muslims and their determination to be independent and keep their culture.


  165. @ Freethinker
    Just watch the damn movie. I am an American and I agree that most Americans are brainwashed and manipulated. Why do Americans tolerate their government trampling the Constitution?

  166. I haven't even watched this film yet but I feel compelled to comment on the stupidity, narrow-mindedness, and outright hate being thrown at us Americans. It's our government that is corrupt. It's our government that divides us. It's our government that seeks to destroy this country. And it's yours too. And if you don't believe it, then you're as brainwashed and manipulated as you think we are.

  167. Its an absolute disgrace what them innocent people have been put through, I'm presuming this a American site so i really must say shame on you as a nation and people,you claim as a nation to be based on the motto "freedom and equality" where the hell are the people of Iraq freedom and equality???? You have practicality destroyed that country for no reason whatsoever and please don"t pull that terrorism and 911 bulls*** because if I'm honest that line is getting old.

  168. .. it has broken my heart ..

  169. Ps A good documentary well presented.

    I still cant believe people believe that a plane crashing into the towers would collapse the whole building that plane would still be stuck in the towers today and the towers standing if it wasn't for the support of bombs to deternate the building.

    ..what a F***k up by who ever did it ! but how simple are the general public in america, britain etc. etc.. very easy to convince bless them!

  170. A very sad reality...

    We as human beings can not be trusted in any position of authority without abusing it! MEDIA, POLITICIANS, SOLDIERS etc. etc. etc. ..AND PEOPLE USING THIS f****n FORUM!!! everyones in the same boat!

    People will always try to muscle in there views and believes even when there not required and dont matter! coming back to the documentary itself there is a chance that if not all some of this is reality and if it is, its REAL REAL SAD!.

    And the footages shown are disgusting against humanity in every single fu***n way because making starving children run after a bottle of water is far from funny and O killing Innocent civilians.. naked tied people, women raped all these things have come with a war and always will, these people will repay during there current lives in some way and these people should not be aloud to live as a part of any community anywhere in the world! ..Hang them until they die.

    What is War!..its fighting!

    WAR takes form in many ways for example our friends earlier in this form slandering each other believes and views, this is low a level fight on a silly forum. (And they get little kicks by muscling in there little views)

    !! Stop slandering each others views and believes as this is war in its self !! and if somebody can they will use your narrow mindness and hatred to create a fight!

    There are people, society, groups fighting for a number of big reasons ..Power, Money, Reputation and so unfortunately simple and narrow minded civilians are doing the dirty work at different levels and in different ways.

    The media is a very powerful tool that can be a very big brainwasher in its self.

    Believe nothing you see and nothing you hear these days and do not ruin the love with people because of what BBC says be f***kn civil at all times with everyone.

    Spread the LOVE! if everybody follows this simple policy then nobody will be fooled because you will show no weakness me not liking Americans would be a weakness because not everyone can be the same.

    let the government officials now that you will not follow there soppy reasons and stories, you will not support any wars ! and they will find a legitimate way to make there fortunes.

  171. stunning..

  172. Great except using Alex Jones as a source does hurt its credibility.

  173. 9/11 = Bilderberg Group

  174. they don't deserved to be called soldeirs. just brainwashed pawns.

    just bads people, who can't be forgiven. is what they.

  175. really i don't know what to say. i hope those sick in the head soldiers. i can't describe the anger i have towards these unhuman pathetic soldeirs.

  176. These young-kid soldiers jerk-off to killing people. It's the whole sad system that has led us to this point. Please, world, wake up!! please!! It's not islam, christianity, or judiasim. It is the interests of a small group of elite, who control the resources of this planet and will stop at nothing to advance their aims of securing more and more. We are all slaves!! We will always continue to be slaves unless enough of us wake up and burn this house down. Peace and love. God help us all. (oh and there is no god)

  177. Islam is coming back baby, no matter how hard the enemies try to fight it. one simple reason why the Islam wont be defeated because it carries within it justice for all.

  178. God smiles as His creatures squirm and thrash to glorify their identities over His Eternal Power. God shall rebirth this system of awareness with death through fire and shall possess no qualms about doing away with all of humanity in the perfect process. God's face shall remain still in Its radiant smile.

  179. Marad,
    I have not seen the video yet, but I enjoyed a lot to read yu, and all the discussions. I am Spanish, so educated under the Christian system. Sometimes I feel yu learn more reading the comments than in the video, as people add new information and so on.
    I completely agree with the idea that USA it is only focus on the interest of a minory who are richer and dont care about democracy, religion, or any nice idea they sell to justify killing people.
    To the Marat comments I should add that the Roman Empire brought lot of innovation to other regions of the mediterranean, as acquaducts, culture and lot of modern technology... other different empires have taken lot of advantage of different countries, but I strongly believe no one as the USA has been more aggresive and selfish. As an example Spain did lot of wrong in South America, but it is obvious lot of people in Spain were criticizing what was being done at that ages over there... even lot of people when they came back to spain were hang for their crimes there... As well, lot of people went to america to christianize them, it can sound colonialism now, but they were peaceful people, and at the end of the day people had limited access to information and easy brainwahsed, but there were people willing to help as well...
    I know some american people and i feel they are all brain washed...
    I have a deep respect for musulm people, because i think they have suffered the most lately... and western countries there has never been any interest to help them... there are some crazy musulms but we have a good deal in western countries as well, i am thknig about the innocent, workers and children... we did lot of damage to them...
    I am watchihg the film now... and I will read all the comments afterwards, a bit tired after work today... so I take a break while wathcing the video... congrats all for your comments i read a few, but nice to see there are good ones. I am sure the rest are good...

  180. OMG!!!! This is terrible! I have the solution, but the Supreme Court has ruled that it's unconstitutional (surprised?). We need PUBLICALLY FUNDED ELECTIONS. If we had publically funded elections taxpayers ( to all you "don't raise my taxes people" it will be well worth it, considering how so much of our tax dollars are squandered by self-serving politicians)Last time I checked, 2004, it would be $4 for every man, woman, and child in America. If we THE PEOPLE, financed political campaigns there would be no proverbial pocket for the oil companies and Halliburtons to put our politicians in. Their power would lie with us, not the corporations who are giving them millions of dollars each election cycle.

    Also, we have to wake up and take an active role in our government, All of the "neo-cons" mentioned have been in government for 30+ years. When are we gonna start holding politicans accountable for what they do? They have no more incentive to uphold their office than Halliburton has to spend money. No matter what they do, we keep them in office. The educations system is so bad that I'm really starting to think that they're making sure we stay dumb enough to keep voting for them.

    Also, I agree w/ one of the previous posts, the people in the film are DEFINITELY NOT CHRISTIANS. They may go to church and they may profess their faith, but they go against the teachings of the faith. The basic rule of the Bible, and the lesson that can be learned from the life of Jesus is love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  181. As predicted many years ago.... The government creates a problem,the people beg for the government to help, The government complies, and the result is always the same... Expansion of government and the reduction of freedom and civil liberties of all involved. Also known as Socialism... Good luck USA citiens, you're gonna need it. Geez, I wonder what's next... Protection from alien forces? Don't be surprised. Weapons in space are the next big thing and there's only 2 things left... Asteroids, and then when that line fails, ALIENS. Guarranteed, by 2012 to 2014. We'll be chipped, tracked, and protected from alien forces from attacking earth. The New World Order is almost here.

    Werner Von Braun made that prediction in the late 1970's and so far, all his predictions to date have been verified.

  182. I recognize much of the footage from docs over the past few years. This lends credibility and cohesion, sadly, to a tale vastly different from the MSM's foreign policy fantasy show. I've seen a few docs but this one moved me to tears and anger. The doublethink that's alive and well in America is amazing; "Hearts and Minds", "Patriot Act", "Coalition", "Human Rights", "Honor", "Bravery" ... Shame.

    And thus saith the Lord: They shall stand as a bright testimony against this people, at the judgment day; whereof they shall be judged, every man according to his works, whether they be good, or whether they be evil.

  183. sad.

  184. American,Don't send your children to an unjust war if you do not want to cry over their dead bodies and later the loss of their souls.Look at the injustice and cowardice of these would-be soldiers.May God bless the Irakis and other defenseless target of America(this falling empire). You false leaders, you cannot escape the justice of God. I am a Christian and will stand for what's right,not for a bunch of lies. Americans,stop violating conscience by condoning these cruelties, stand for justice before justice stands against you forever.

  185. Just....please? .... simply ,,,simplify it this way (w/o the blah, blah, blah, name calling.... they, they, they suck and we, we, we, are good blah, blah, blah..............)
    BEWARE of those who hold the power and the sway - the shadow governments of ALL countries - the owner's of our 'freedoms' they exist in EVERY country, in EVERY part of the world and none of us, that is NONE of US (here on this forum) have even the slightest sliver of a shard of WTH is really going on here. Unless you are the owner's of freedoms and the one with all the money, power and sway... you don't have enough information to even comment intelligently about any of this.

  186. Wouldn't planet earth be such a better place without America? I don't know how they have the right to call anyone terrorists; they have caused more terror to the earth and all its other inhabitants than..... than..... Well i really can't think of a big enough analagy to use. @ the moment the American establishment (meaning; government, all security services ESSPECIALLY THE C.I.A which should stand for CREATORS of INNOCENT AGONY, the many many company’s supplying the American fighting machine with all its equipment and ammunition praying, encouraging and ordering war so to sell sell SELL, the so called scientists that STILL deny climate change, the oil company’s pressuring the government not to sign up to any meaningful emission targets, all the secret, denied, undisclosed and untruly fronted organisations that only America seems to encourage and produce on a daily basis and too many more to mention) and the American people are crying rape about BP and the current oil spill, don’t get me wrong I hate this, but 2-3 days after this disaster they were amounting up how much compensation congress and the effected people around the gulf coast should get. I’m going to finish this rant with 4 words but first ok BP have straight away agreed to pay this within reason, even though mostly the company’s used to service this pipeline and adjoining structures are AMERICAN! BHOPAL NEARLY TWENTYSIX YEARS!!!!!!
    India is projected to be one of the largest and richest countries in future years, please get your own back and humanely or not cull the American establishment, please.
    OK IM still on the fence over the American Public but can they really be that stupid???

  187. your eyes my friend for it is not you or i that we have to understand,it is the corrupt so called leaders of this planet that we must and should be watching..i understand myself pretty well and i am open to other peoples beliefs but not when they are rammed downed peoples throats with the barrell of a gun as the USA does. re..hawkpork...excellent post my freind and just to add the only way to change a way of life and structure that only benifits the rich is to revolt.History tells us this time and time heres my quote for today I WOULD RATHER DIE ON MY FEET THAN LIVE ON MY KNEES........................................................ re.. shane is because of people like you who are defeated before they even get out of bed in the morning than the big boys will always win,grow some balls and stop being so defeatest..

  188. Quick question, What is to stop the US from taking control of the world tomorrow? I dont mean literaly tomorrow but to declare war on the world tomorrow. They would win for sure. if they wanted to they would win, they only way they wouldnt is if all other country united together to fight them but that aint going to happen. everyone in the world truly is f--ked. If USA want something they will get it other wise they will just own you.

    1 million Iraqi civilions killed. WTF?

    It is such bullsh*t. They are in control of the world, they can do whatever they want, if someone wants to stand up againts them the usa will just nuke them, if countrys protest this hey lets just nuke them as well. They are the global terrorists and there is nothing, NOTHING we can do. its to late. It is such a depressing thing to say but USA owns the the world. They win.

  189. man with no name, celtic warrior and others,
    revolution sounds good. but the ultimate cause is selfishness and lack of empathy.
    and if , as we probably agree, power corrupts, then revolution is merely a band-aid.
    i think we need a major shift in human thinking and activity.i don't profess to having the answers but one quote comes to mind as being relevant. "as long as there is slaughter houses there will be wars" tolstoy?
    anyway, i think the propensity for evil, or lack of empathy in humans is a fundamental trait of a predatory species.
    imagine if we'd evolved from cows :)
    and i think the economic system we have, has completely wrong focus. it incites hoarding, monopolising and predatory corporatism.
    sigh.. but of course i've got no idea what alternative there is. labour credits?
    think i'll go watch or read something about marxism.
    sorry if i seem to be off topic.

  190. @everyone

    This page of comments is pretty revealing as to where everyone's concerns lie. We shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves. We're better than this. At least the people who took the time to watch this video must be open minded? Our religious/theological differences should be open to discussion but the discussion should be of self-examination. It's impossible for us to completely understand one another at this time. We should focus instead on understanding ourselves, so that can share the things we've learned objectively. Wouldn't it be easier to be happy for someone's beliefs and revelations, if that someone was talking about his/herself? What he/she has done and should be doing? Instead of passing judgement.
    (Please don't bother me with "hypocrite" comments. i was trying to choose my words carefully. this applies to me as well.)

    Anyway to comment on the video..
    We all know who planned 9/11. MONEY!! Money is always responsible. The greediest always have the most.
    Why Iraq? Saddam would not be a puppet. Not that he was a good man. I've heard bad things, though they could easily have been lies. The fact is Saddam was in control of his oil. Not that they need the oil, they just want control.
    Think about the BP spill. That was ONE american offshore drill. 1/3rd of the gulf is contaminated. Does anyone know how much oil that is? This world has more than enough oil. They want control. Why? MONEY!! We might never see Iraqi oil. We already have enough. They just want to sell it at unreasonable prices.

    I'm disheartened by all my neighbors and most of the population for not being able to think critically. Most of them are just brainwashed products of the american environment.

  191. all the pieces seem to fit.... remember nothing is a coincidence..... the documents are there to prove it

  192. @man with no name:..LET THE GAMES BEGIN...

  193. @celtic warroir : Now only if the people could remember that we might actually make progress:)

  194. couldnt agree more with you man with no name,the rising will happen and we shall overcome...remember we the people are THE RESISTANCE.

  195. TRUELEY DISGUSTED WITH WHAT HAS BEEN SINCE THE DAWN AND WILL CONTINUE LONG AFTER THE DUSK!!! there is no limit to what is the condemed ugliness of the human mind uneducated and lost but to be what that shows you truely have to of had a foul morale compass all along and that unfortunately is the environment of the west today and it is only going to get worse my only real question is at what point will the common man realise what is real and not illusion that has been warped around our brains to percieve as truth when do we all stop being american or arab or black or white when do we (THE COMMON FOLK) start being human and rise to our feet only then will that bring these false self appointed masters of the world to their knees!!! it is only a matter of time it has been going on since the day one thought of what if while the other was to busy living in what is!

  196. @CelticWarrior
    Well Done! Paddy! Had there not been a Katrina event, then Bush-ed may have snookered his way in again with his lack of compassion. However, Presidents are only puppets yanked about by the "Illuminated" Ones. As I speak, your Prez is at a G20 closed doors conference down the road, selling his wares to promote the North American Union. Security costs for this party is a $Billion-Bucks of taxpayer money along with all the other related costs foolishly spent by our government. So as you see? We also need a change of leader(s). I wish our military would come home to protect the protesters from the NWO cop-outs. PS: Glad you saw the humour from former remarks, hope that whiskey you're sipping on is Canadian Club.

  197. hey eff and if it wasnt for bc bud im sure the canadians would be just as bad the i think you made my point regarding (stolen elections)the whole world knew and could see what was happeing in florida,they the people had 4 years of bush and they didnt stop him,millions more voted across america for him to be relected,not just in florida.your point is taken regarding getting the last election right, a bit premature on my part but hey the whiskey is kicking in..that bullwinkle is a shifty looking character..

  198. @celtic warrior "If it wasn't for whiskey, the Irish would rule the world." If you read the old newspapers more may notice that Georgy Bush was re-elected thanks to his Brother Jeb and the Floridians who "rigged" the election. And who says that they got the last election right?
    Concerned Americans actually voted for Rocky and Bullwinkle
    and also voted to get rid of Milwalkee beer and free-trade some good Canadian hooch...But Hey! You are only Irish sitting on your shamrock laurels....

  199. why after being called the crazeis by the elder bush did the american people allow bush junior and neo-cons to steal the election? And then to make matters worse you the people voted the same people back into office to carry on the detruction,as an keen observer of your country and its foreign affairs over the last 20 years i think the american people have a lot to answer for.iam not sure why but the people wilfully refuse to educate themselves on the subject of their goverments foreign policy,this observation is a broad statement but i think i am right in saying this.before i finsh i would like to say to those americans who do educate themselves thank you for getting the last election right,and to keep the neo-cons out of power for as long as can.....mind you i think a few neo cons have planted themselves into the irish

  200. Hi People
    @ Ayron Aukland
    @ El Hanzerino
    @ Matt (from down under)
    @ Pete
    @ Pacha
    @ Epicurean Logic
    @ WTC7
    @ joetmml
    @ anyone else I may have missed in my hunt.

    Just a REMINDER?
    It's easy to register and join in the FORUM page
    I did it! So anyone is capable...this way we won't need to
    plug up the documentary page as much...
    and in turn lessen Vlatkos headaches.
    Cheers! See you online. Your valued input is desired by all!

  201. @ Achems Razor
    Thanks for your input. This sounds rather odd? I hope he (Reb) is OK. Government doesn't like intelligent thinkers, (swaying force-fed propagandized public sentiment) Unless they are working for the government.

    I see very few comments opposing Uncle Sam on other sites as well(except for my own blather) And will continue to retain my FREEDOM of SPEECH.

    I'm still waiting for a covert Blackhawk helicopter to punch a missile through my window. If they miss? I hope they don't hit the beer store... I could get very thirsty and depressed otherwise.

    PS: If by some good fortune you are in contact with Reb... Send him my best wishes... (perhaps He got smart and moved to Canada) or worst case scenario: locked up in one of the too many prisons built for thinkers and hempers. Cheers!

    PSS: As I stated on National television a few years back out on Vancouver Island,(cross-border connection) when asked if I could proffer any advise for our neighbors to the South (of the 49-th) (the ones who like to travel to foreign countries wearing Canadian flag patches and choking on their Yankee accents) I stuck my smiling face into the camera lens replying: "Sure! Just think more Canadian." Even my friends on vacation in Florida saw me. Its feels good to be WANTED!

    PSSS: This may be the FBI's favourite site? After all, They are entitled to an education too!

  202. @ Eff:

    Yeh! Reb was/is good, he was here, and then he is gone. He figured his IP address had somehow been compromised.

    Sort of a mystery, I know nothing to do with TDF. Has to be some outside sources! Was it big brother?? Glad I'm Canadian!

  203. @ Reb
    Nice job with the words... If you are not already a should be! You have great courage and speak your mind as a realist. I have met many Americans who have traveled North of the 49-th And I liked them a lot (albeit they were more likely to be from a Blue State and not trained to kill!)

    So let me make an apology about tipping America into the only needs a quick bath and a rinse...
    and then back on a level playing field. My door is always open to people like yourself. Cheers!

    It's good to see some Americans joining the Tea Party (you are! after all! supposedly the "Land of the free."
    I would be careful about people like Sarah Palin however, I think her brain froze in Alaska!

    Check out my Facebook homepage @ Storegga Sliders Hope to hear from you as well. There are several interesting participants at this great site.

    PS: No worries! The CIA knows where to google Earth me to death: 2-doors down from the beer store in North Ontario

  204. fuking hell. america is fukd.

  205. @mic robins: just making a point, alternative energy is not bad it just should not be developed with taxpayer money. Take the patents away from oil companies. that would make all of our lives better.

  206. @Caspricious: "What can we do? Our hands are tied; we’re surrounded by weak-minded vaginas (for lack of a better word)." Do you think the whole nation rose in revolt against Britain? I do agree that people are more weak minded today but this really makes no significant difference. In Iraq and Afghanistan the people at least still have the stones to stand up for their land. Here people grab a camera at most. People have to organize in their local communities. I will not loose my liberty before I loose my life.

  207. Everyone needs to realize that the people who profit from war will continue to sacrafice the youth of the world in needless conflict. The deaths of soldiers ring like cash registers in their ears. I am sorry for each person lost in America's wars of imperialism.

  208. what if all media was owned by the American people.instead of 4 or 5 people.which happen to run the military companies.i wonder

  209. imagine all the money being spent on war if it was used to help each other and for new energy alternatives.what a shame.instead we are trying to destroy ourselves all in the name of freedom and for a god.Has anyone noticed the longer war goes on the more of our way of life is being dwindled away.
    we are at war for our freedom but what do they get.more corruption.all governments are inherently evil.they think they know what is good for us while they preach peace the opposite is true.megalomaniacs with our money doesn't make for good leaders.only when all is destroyed will they finally be content.

  210. war = war ,period

  211. I hope America gets a taste of their own medicine. The sooner the better.

  212. @moltenman

    Well said and I am speaking as a sad and disappointed American who knows true history and the truth about what has been going on in this nation for many years. The sheeple have been played as fools and most of them are only concerned about 'self'. They refuse to admit they have been had and that we do not live in a 'godly' nation. If we did they would get up off their ignorant arses, come out of the rotten churches and help the rest of us take back what is rightfully ours and leave the rest of the world to pursue the same happiness they want to claim instead of killing and robbing them blind.

  213. The Canadians burning your Whitehouse was NOT an attack it was in retaliation for the USA invasion of our sovereignty. A lesson unheeded it would seem as we see american military doing the same to most of the 3rd world countries and now the middleeast. wake up, its not about the piece of land u live on or about who or what u decide to worship. In the end its about us all being people , no one is less or more than what they are ,HUMAN. Oh and before u go and decide that humanity today is such an advanced social species , take a good look at what the american governments foreign policy and the rest of worlds turning a blind eye has done to our world and ways we live. This is not the world my grandfathers and yours died to protect, its the world they feared at the hands at the hands of the Nazi renamed and re-designed into the New World Order.

  214. Horrifying doc, like so many other big lies, corruptions and agressiveness and also on the smaller but not less effective scale of the things we do to eachother every day... these things are only possible because they are a reflection of the lies, corruption and agressiveness in ourselves...

    The neo-conservative in the video states something like 'they will have to attack us in order to survive or submit to our superior power'... if we as earthlings choose to stay blind for our own individual and communal power and to keep following like sheep... i'm afraid he's right!

    when reading the comments above i notice the shame of being a westerner, the hate and anger towards our so called leaders or the fear of not being able to do something... then follows the religious bickering... i must honestly admit that , initially, i also had all of the feelings above, rising from my stomach (exept for the religious part, 'cause i'm really past that)

    but people! let's stop wasting our precious energy on thinking in such boxed and conventionally offered ideas that only create division. the power that anyone has over you is based on your own consent... we all have the power to change the way we view ourselves and the world... to change the way we choose to act in our everyday lives and interactions with eachother...
    instead of fighting against or submitting to the seemingly unvincible destructive powers, let's just choose to respond 'no thank you, not for me' -as being a third possibility- and acting accordingly. let's try to see 'there is no spoon'(the spoon being a metaphor for the illusions we like to keep up)... wake up and step out of our 'comfort zones', stop living in fear, really make an effort individually to clear out and overcome our own corruption and to become more aware (like by watching some of these vids and spreading them or at least daring to talk about them as a topic worth discussing with our friends and family even if they say your crazy) and create our own independant way of life, our own 'economy' by simply offering eachother our services in whatever you're good at and 'really' like doing (it will also make you feel happier than just receiving death-dollars for it), our own food production, cultural freedom and diversity, allow change in our lives and even room for mistakes... take back the right to use our time like we choose (away with self chosen slavery) and to refrain from the guidance of people with (obvious) destructive intentions...

    it might be, no it IS hard and might take a while till the fruits of these changes can be enjoyed...

    but would that be worse than to watch in fear and apathy how our world and lives are being destroyed for generations to come?... or maybe we can just go back to sleep after a good night's discussion and pretend the next day that we didn't know what was happening under our noses and in be 'happy consumers'???

    it's my, your, our choice... certainly NOT pnac's ;)

  215. i'm disgusted for living in a "western" country...
    i thought myself a "tough" guy and the only thing i could do during the last half an our of that docu was crying..and i hate myself for it because it dont changes a shit.
    the rest of the docu is well made but leaves rather more questions and wasnt really something i didnt knew already..nevertheless its a shocking film.
    1 more thing, i was amazed that its just focusing on america (although of course it was about pnac which is american)
    beeing a german and "european" i now about the politics over here. which play's a major role in claiming markets,killing innocent people f--ks up the environment,sells weapons to people for killing more people(Which supports sick government's in uganda to name but one) is again a horde for racism,hates immigrants from country's we f--ked up economicly as well as politicly and cultural and is again involved in crimes against the majority of human beeings on this planet.
    we (mostly) whites are the scum of this planet!
    i have a (iam interessted and serious about it) question to religious people( no offence to anyone ) if there is a god,what is reason that he/her/it allows such thing to happen? (please no such anwser that god gave the free will or thats just human nature) had that question in mind a long time not just since a few years.

  216. hella ulahhh.

    Don't be zo impatient
    the time wii come.

    Find your { LIGHT } it's the on.
    Ly your the;

  217. You guys are arguing about religions in this forum. I cant beleive it. You are just playing their game.

    We should be talking about how to settle freedom and democracy throughout the world, and make these scums realize that we have got the power.

    Whats going on now is a new financial war. we should look at it and do something. and try to preserve international freedom of speech , via the internet, as long as we still have it.

  218. Some of you are blaming all Americans for this atrocity. Wishing ill upon our heads. Please search your soul and realize you can't blame every American for this horrible stuff. I wouldn't blame every German for what the Nazi's did just as I wouldn't blame every Middle Easterner for suicide bombings on innocent people. This is a problem all good men and women must stand up to and resist and name calling, ill wishing, and damning of others will not help!

  219. The (fat!) cats will play on while the mice are blogging.

    There are lots of groups and places who are working for real change. Just look around in your own neighbourhood.

    Or, if there aren't, start one yourself. Lots of people are ready to do something. It just needs some solid commited leadership for genuine social change - beyond any of the old ideologies. Enough of us have outgrown all of them now.

    Cheers from down under !

    Ayran, Auckland, NZ

  220. Well I first have to introduce myself as to being new to the forums and also the many voices of the people. I feel honored to realize there is still a rational inquisitive and intelligent collective of individuals. Here is my dissertation of above said entries and in no way am i saying nor stating a superior agenda to set aflame your opinions for I respect YOUR side of the spectrum. I feel obligated to say that based on myself and only myself that this world we made is no longer sufficient. We are in desperate times and I'd be negligent in most regards by not saying we are capable of KNOWING BETTER but hardly DOING BETTER.

    I'm not able to cite sources of a more refuted and acknowledged master on the issues I express. There is more important topics to address than who said what 2000 years ago or 2 years ago. My interests reside with who's doing something about it. The next issue to embark upon is what is BETTER? With that is why is it better, and who supports your vision of this better. How will it affect me at a personal/social level.

    But even now I see the questions formulating within the confines of your mind so I stop here to eagerly await your responses.


  221. Lucky I'm Australian. Protected under the American imperial umbrella of power. BTW, thanks fellas for your efforts in WW2 at Guadalcanal. You sacrificed thousands of the lives of your American sons in stopping the Japanese on that island. Thanks to you, they were halted from being only a few hundred kilometres away from my home state of Queensland. So yeah true the USA has had some shady dealings in its' history. But it has paid massive amounts of its' own blood for the freedom of others.

    Cheers USA

  222. Yes indeed, so sad and so tragic, and the worst part is that people is actually getting used to see this kind of human misery as a "common thing", its so sad that many people will not no ANYTHING until their own country gets invaded and beat down to pieces, only then they will scream for justice, when they are the ones in pain.

  223. This documentary is sad. All you can hope is all the people doing this will one day be held accountable for there crimes. Not only in this life but the next and every other one beyond that. Look at how they shoot and beat innocent people and laugh as they do it. SAD AND TRAGIC that the world has been reduced to this that the innocent have to suffer for the guilty to gain. And after reading the justifications on this thread like 'oh all other civilizations and empires have done the same sooo its ok.' What kind of rubbish excuse is that? If the same empires went and jumped off a cliff would you do the same??? DESPICABLE!! The things they are doing are in-EXCUSABLE. Any person looking for any justification for this should examine himself 1st cos something is wrong within you.... This is just my opinion.

  224. Well, at least there is a place where you can see virtual people trying to have an open, honest and relatively rational conversation about highly sensitive topics.

  225. What really pissed me off was the smug look on that sh*t stain of a "human" Rumsfeld when he was being questioned. Something has to happen.

  226. Mythotically written well done "Beyond Treason" is another must see doc. The defining attributes of the typical psychopath as put forward by any psychologist would point out the real impact on society starts with the evil lurking at the top.It's ruthlessness can be hidden in the beginning by a privileged upbringing commiting their crimes with impunity.(enabled at an early age.) Later manipulating that position of trust to rise up maliciously taking advantage of momments of chaos/vulnerability/weakness, blatantly burning your world financially/emotionally/physically for nothing more than personal gradification with no empathy,remorse or thought for future consequences.It's my opinion the "Gang of 4" fits the profile and their delusions of grandure have back-fired all ready. Just have to arrest and prosecute for crimes against humanity and bury Halibertone in the arab desert for breach of contract.

  227. rawr atheism! I take your religion and refute it! I deny the existence of everything! hahah.... anyway all kidding aside, to honestly consider yourself an atheist is to say that you in fact are omniscient.

    You are stating that you KNOW for a fact that there is no higher being of any kind therefore sorta claiming to be a god yourself seeing as the only ones who could truly know if there was a "god" is either god him/herself or a dead person. I don't see either of them talking to us any time soon so to add some modesty to the claim how's about we all settle on Agnostic Atheist lol.

    Moving on... My first intent was to just post about how moved i was by the docu, but boredom and slight immaturity forced me to poke fun at the atheist remarks lol i mean no disrespect :P anyway, as i have seen many many many many documentaries I plan to combine the ones that have the most relevant information and avoid speculation but rather state facts and bring together the bigger picture in a clearer fashion then most have done. They usually consist of "they are evil that do this!" "they worship satan" "nibiru is going to steal our gold!" etc...

    Those are laughable and upsetting conclusions that many people who seem to have done great amounts of research have arrived at. I hope i dont get sued for using clips of information from these vids lol and i also hope to post the vid here when it is finished.... whenever i can find a working vid editor for linux that doesn't crash when it sees a FLv file >.>;;

    a very very good vid on 9-11 is Zero: An Investigation into 9/11, i have seen sooooooooooooo many 9-11 docus and there was still so much information i hadn't known or thought about that was brought to light in this video with little speculation to boot. nothing better then the facts!!

    One final note, without religion there would be almost no moral grounding live with. It is peoples interpretation and deliberate manipulation of these religions that have caused most of the problems that we see now. Not to say im some bible beating god fearing s.o.b am an agnostic theist lol, something may exist and may not, how could we ever know? :P

  228. very informative well put together documentary and while i will agree that it brings to the fore several underlying factors such as religion i don't think religion is the main contributing factor for the atrocities, and based on the comments it is clear that none of us are without our own degree of prejudices and mind set based primarily on socialization. having said that the thing that stands out is the fact that several groups of persons (even some Americans) were nothing but pawns and victims themselves this goes to show how far some of us are willing to go to attain power and wealth... i say just live and let live 1-LOVE-!

  229. Yavanna

    ” Islam is concerned with living a balanced life, emphasizing knowledge, logical critical analysis, compassion and a high regard for human life.” that’s utter bull****.

    I think I myself as a Muslim, I would never bull**** other people's beliefs. maybe I have a love of humanity raised above mere personal affections. maybe I'm a good child who understands the rules of behavior. anyway I thank God I've had terrific parents.

  230. Glad to be moroccan, arab and muslim.
    At least when I will have my kids -If God is willing- I shall raise them without being propelled to lie to them when they ask me about history. when my kids will ask me about history I will show them this among other things.

  231. I'm from the US, I was able to handle this till the end... I actually got sick. Very good Doc, a real eye opener but a stomach churner...

  232. Arugula, I also suggest you do some simple research on what a threat the Illuminati were considered to be to our Founding Fathers. This demonic group, along with their zionists cohorts in central banking were deemed the most destructive elements that this nation faced. They unfortunately lost the battle against these world powers and what we see today is the greatest and deadliest last ditch effort for these powers to gain complete and total control of the world and de-populate the undesirables. They, of course, will decide who lives, who dies and who is enslaved. Ignoring evil will not make it go away. As long as people like you prefer stupidity over knowledge there is little hope for the rest of us.

  233. Arugula, all info packaged in a mass media medium is propaganda. The point is, are you smart enough to find grains of truth in your world and place them together yourself, or are you content with just calling everything propaganda as you leave your head buried in the sand.

  234. Arugula, Lincoln is quoted as saying "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." In your case it would be type your empty headed clueless opinion.

    I suggest you read the governments published plans 'Program for a New American Century', Global 2000 and also Codex Alimentarius. I highly suspect you can't comprehend anything more difficult than the Dick and Jane publications. What an imbecile.

  235. How silly that supposedly intelligent folks actually consider this piece of fluff to be anything more than a propaganda film! Quite amusing really. This is no more a documentary than that goofy Michael Moore's films are documentaries.

  236. This is a reply to yavana's question posted on feb. 28. The question was what to do now after obtaining such knowledge. The only thing left to do is start thinking about a people's revolt no matter how ridiculous that sounds in this day and age. Either we bring the violence down on ourselves and stop this or the violence will continue else where but still places the blood on our hands.

  237. To S Buyco: "What can we do now?" WE CAN ORGANIZE, PROTEST, and DEMAND A NEW INVESTIGATION OF 9/11. After watching this video, and after investigating 9/11 for a year, I joined a Truthers group in NC. We pass out flyers on the street, we invite people to ask questions, we attempt to educate others, we are organizing events, our voices WILL be heard. I cannot sit on my butt and whine and blather about this issue another second. I still believe the people have a voice, dammit. I am angry and will not keep my head in the sand a moment longer. Our movement is sweeping the country, so get off YOUR butt Mr Buyco and join a Truthers group. Talk is cheap, and I've heard enough. It's time to ACT. And by the way, right on Fredd Robertson.

  238. Fredd, as a born and bred American who was just as brainwashed from my birth as anyone else who trusts their government and religious leaders, I must agree with most of your comments. It seems that most people prefer to stay blind and dumb and go along to get along. I don't. Someone once stated that "even in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth". People don't want any part of the minority who seeks truth as they have been trained from birth to be part of one herd or another. They believe there is safety in numbers, but knowledge is power and that is what is lacking within a controlled herd. They play follow the leader and for the most part are cowards. They care more what their peers will think of them than they care for the safety of their own children or their childrens future. Part of that can also be attributed to personal greed. They fear retribution from many directions if they dare speak out or take a stand. As long as they can live the life they are accustomed to living no one is welcome to rock the boat. They fail to realize what they receive is mere crumbs compared to the slices of pie the political and religious crooks and cons receive, all on our hard earned money. The only difference in this nation and any other is the fact we have the military might, evil leaders and a land of stupid blind selfish fools.

    I fear for my childrens lives and future. Most folks think of other countries who have butchered their own by the millions and say that could never happen here!!!! What a moronic attitude. This nations government has conducted all sorts of bioweapon experiments against it's own people for decades without the knowledge of the people, much less consent. They force deadly crippling vaccines, and like the obedient dumb sheep people are, they line up and wait their turn draging helpless children along with them. These facts have been proven since the FOIA was enacted yet most people never access their right to know and willingly stay on the dunce seat.

    Maybe one day, hopefully before it is too late, these imbeciles will wake the hell up and realize "we the People" way outnumber the perverted greedy mongrel parasites who now rule over us and they will stand up and take care of business. Then and only then will there be a proper cleansing.

    Wishing bad things on everyone within any nation makes us all alike. There are many good and just people in this nation, but their voices are smothered and the media does what it can to make them look like fools and nutjobs. Those who really begin to pull back the curtain and expose corruption most times end up dead or harm comes to their families.

    Your country, like all others, has a bit of dirt around the front door and a beam or two in your eyes. Until we all take responsibility and stop living in some dream world, history will continue to repeat itself and fingers will continue to point. Wish us total destruction if you must but I think it would be much more humane to send out a good thought for those of us who do and say what we can to wake people up. I would rather see that than the genocide of a nation.

  239. WELCOME TO AMERICA! Land of greed and power mongers... Land of the real terrorists... As a proud Canadian, I do not condone our military presence abroad, aiding and abetting American interests. Cowards like Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld etc. should be drawn and quartered. Is there any wonder? Why there is an insurgency... So many needless deaths and cultural destruction. If Americans had a back bone and stopped watching CNN propaganda and Hollywood trash...perhaps they would view the reality of it all... If God exists and justice prevails The USA will tip into the oceans and the world will begin again after its long overdue cleansing...

  240. To those saying this isn't a conspiracy documentary, it spends a lot of time focusing on aspects of 9/11 and plugging the alternative of government blowing them up. It talks about general government lies over the centuries, but there's clear bias towards "9/11 truther" ideas, with 9/11 imagery repeatedly coming up (It's the background of the topic-change screen for god sake)

    It's a bit more "archived footage, don't trust government" than interesting facts, but it's allright. There are a few other documentaries that cover it better, not that I can think of off the top of my head though.

  241. I'm not claiming to know the answer to all of this, nor do I claim to know every detail, but in my opinion, we should take power back from the oil companies (who knows how) and have a way to share out the resources equally to ALL countries... and that should apply to all resources, but even doing that, there would be war about countries needing it more then others and so on. Really, western countries need to stop thinking they own the world. The whole thing seems to remind me of the German Nazi's. The only way this madness will end, is when America either owns the whole damn world, or they have blown it up for there own gain.

  242. Yavanna: indeed you must be omniscient, as your certainty is impressive. But looking beyond your opinions we are both motivated by what we believe, it is that in your world the tangible, material is absolute and can be easily rationalized which in fact makes it easier to apply your concept of a jigsaw whereas my world affirms, the material world though denies the ego's effort to claim mastery of all things.

    logically I can not know for certain that God exists however I can use the material world in conjunction with what I regard as divine revelations held in the Quran to develop sound, logical suppositions to inform my belief knowing that I can never be certain about what I know. Yet the superiority complex that you infer in your tone suggests that you have irrefutable evidence and also that my world is less valid than yours.

    I am an open minded individual ready and eager to listen to sophisticated rebuttals, not nonsensical remedial replies that begin and end with bull****.

  243. @Rashad

    I am an antheist, I would even go so far as to call myself an antitheist. I find your comments to be as objective as a religious person could hope to be and as a breathe of fresh air from the nonsensical comments we are usually exposed to on TDF. Judgeing by your comments you seem to represent everything that is good about religion. Keep it up sir.

  244. Rashad I wrote an earlier answer to your first post but then deleted it - it seemed too aggressive. It must be my old age mellowing me out. Maybe I`m just sick of explaining to people like you there is no such things as ghosts fairies and leprechauns. It just really gets soooo tiring.

    Point 1 - I will not argue that - It is a factually based argument. What the USA and my own country the UK is doing around the world can only be described as evil.... that doesn't make the inhabitants of the USA and the UK evil...

    Point 2 - " Islam is concerned with living a balanced life, emphasising knowledge, logical critical analysis, compassion and a high regard for human life." that's utter bullshit. Perhaps if you're male you can fit that concept into the jigsaw. Bury yourself under a personal tent for a month or a year - maybe those "objective" rationalisms will differ...."

    I have met you half way here. !It's freedom baby yeah! (Austin Powers pbuh)

    Would you acknowledge in your anonymity - here you are free and at least please allow yourself a little critical thought. That perhaps you or your Imans might be wrong. There is no shame in admitting imperfections. I have yet to hear an honest Muslim.... only brainwashed ones...

  245. hardy: There is nothing in which people more betray their character than in what they laugh at.

  246. To those concerned: before you make ill informed judgements about Islam consider this. As I am writing these words to be published on this website there will invariably be alternative modes of interpreting what I am expressing. This brings me to my point. The Quran ought to be understood in the context in which it was created to begin to approach comprehension. Thus, to understand what I am writing here and my motivation behind it, it may be important to know that I am and educated Black Muslim, who is anti war and pro human rights. Now this may give the reader a richer comprehension of my writing.
    There are some people who interpret the Quran both literally and rigidly ignoring, the fact that the context the Quran came out of is not the world we live in today.

    On the other hand, there are some who view the Quran as a multi layered wonder of meaning to be understood in the context of Islamic history and applied to life, today, moderately and intelligently striving to enrich and protected all people.
    My outlook on life supports the latter.
    For all those with a far reaching perspective I recommend reading: the biography of the Prophet Muhammad by Karen Armstrong who was a former nun, now an author on comparative religion. Reading this will provide and informative and intelligent history of the Prophet Muhammad’s life and the Quranic revelations.

  247. "2) Islam is concerned with living a balanced life, emphasising knowledge, logical critical analysis, compassion and a high regard for human life."

    *Pfffbtbt* Ahahaha!

    Sorry, I tried my best, but I couldn't keep a straight face.

  248. Regarding this documentary, being a Muslim my position is clear. Although I do not and will never support extremist sensibilities for two reasons
    1) I believe such effort to be counterproductive. America's military presence around the world exists in order to create instability. Retaliation against America serves only to justify America’s amoral agenda to its self and all those who believe that America is the land of the free. Rather, a peaceful world will cause America a tremendous amount of problems geo politically, financially, psychologically etc.
    2) Islam is concerned with living a balanced life, emphasising knowledge, logical critical analysis, compassion and a high regard for human life.
    When humanity has debased its self to the realm of animalistic tendencies, death is not only an inevitable outcome of issues of self interest, death becomes customary.
    I am ashamed because blood is on my hands.

  249. My 'hypothetical magnet' sees you as a 'master' over the mammoth... I hope I am wrong.

  250. @allan

    Well solomon I guess that's just where we disagree. I don't believe your hypothetical magnet actually has any magnetism.

  251. @Achem, "Know the truth and it will set you free."

    @allan, You only want to see the magnet but wants to deny the magnetism... but all in all, you want the best out of that metal... which is impossible by denying the functions. Interactive initiatives will tell you that it is not so to know what is from what was. As for you point of view, money is to be used by people and not the other way around.

  252. @Solomon

    Religion and existentialism are both methods in which one finds meaning for their existence. The major difference between the two is that religion uses the book, church and religious doctrince to find the meaning.

    A carpenter uses a hammer to build his house. Religion uses the book to find meaning. The difference is a carpentar does not worship the tool in which he uses. He recongizes that he is just as capable at getting the job done without the use of that one tool. And just like in carpentry, their are much better tools at ones disposal in the modern world to achieve ones goal other then through religion.

  253. Solomon, Solomon.

    I think your prime objective is to drive everybody nuts!!

  254. @Reb, fools earned their shares. lol.

  255. @allan, better for you to study more deeply of what religion means. Being of existence is just a part of the wholeness of religion. What you have suggested about existentialism is just like 'inputting a dog in a human way of life'... Religion is you but 'the leadership' would suggest in you of something else which is above and beyond of what is from what was... like the magnetism in magnet.

    Facts are not the truth, it is just part of the truth as life goes on. As the saying goes, 'the show must go on'.

  256. Sojourn, I do not know where you get your information from but I suggest you go back to the drawing board. As far back as any religion can be traced the story of war, hate and division is the bottom line.

    Someone once stated that "the first priest was a wise man who met a fool." Even a fool should stop and consider how the so-called government leaders live like royalty on the money of the simple workers all the while claiming they are there to serve us. Worse than that the so-called holy leaders live the same way from money they extort in the name of an invisabile vindictive god. Wake up idiot! We are slaves to both religion and government but you are too stupid to see it and you are a huge part of the human problem. If the masses should wake up and stop supporting these vipers, they would fall and perish like the parasites they are.

    Money and greed cannot compare with the human ego. Very few are willing to admit to wrongs within their governments and religions and so it continues on and on. If the ego could be conquered all other problems would be a piece of cake.

    As it was said "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

    No one here needs your empty pious attempts at setting us straight. If you like the sound of your irritating words go stand in the shower and bellow your idiotic mantra to the walls.

    You claim everyone should think for themselves yet you butt in and begin to tell everyone how to think and behave. What a hypocrite!

    Achems, you tell it pal!!!!

  257. @ Sojourn:

    Help people?? All religions where created to control people.
    to keep them in line, like good little sheeple. And to make money, money, and more money!

  258. @Solomon

    What you perceive to be religion is actually existentialism. Religion as evidence shows is much different.

  259. Religion as for my understanding is a personal guidance of oneself, nothing more nothing less. It is the leadership that is destroying them through their congregations.

    Politics as for my understanding is a way to give the society what it needs but not directly to the one in needs. A society does not need is hands out to a tardy people.

    War as for my understanding is a way to control the population of people who are destroying the world of their greed and indifference. It is an accepted and despised mechanism of destruction for the benefit of the world's population. Imagine without World War I and World War II, how many humans do you think are hungry and homeless? With the on going death and destruction, humans are still the prime reason of imbalance to nature.

    Ah, I know, I'm also sick of this kind of life that humans are giving unto the heavens that God gave us... as I myself is human...

    Peace to all... as I will keep my faith of what was promised on what was written and not on the promises of science...

  260. Solomon-Yavana-Murad-Reb-

    Aren't we behaving like human's on a battle ground ? what happened to compassion and logic? properly, ALL religions where ones created to help people- but, people, humans, are in control of them-this is one of the mess - till -today !

    Politics and War - I personally hate both of them - politics, is to me deception, control and greed - in a "chameleon" way - helping and freedom for others - it is fogging of our minds ! War, I have experienced World War 2 my self - War, a "child" of politics, is the worst of human behavior - destruction -suffering - pain - death - but, for some - Money - Greed and Control over others - Who is so blind to believe the prostitution of politics ?

    I think, it would wise for every one - to think for them self ! be more understanding and accepting - no mater of their religion or believe, color or heritage - and the right to their opinions !

    There are good and bad people in ALL religions, believes and races -

    To idealistic ? my excuse - I am on artist - Sojourn

  261. GO REB!!!!!

    Murad, you brainwashed fool, read Reb's comment and stop wasting everyone ones time with your mindless babble.

    Islam is a misogynist religion of hate, violence and intolerance which belongs in the dark ages.

    I'm not the liar - Hudaibiya

  262. @Solomon

    Well I don't know where your from but where I live there is about 10,000 tree's for every 1 person.

  263. @Allan, Natural Water cycle is the purist water cleaner through the power of the sun... but it is already threatened in a term called 'acid rain'...

    The water purifier that you have mentioned would cost a lot, just like the bottled water of today...

    As for the air, too many trees have been cut down already...

  264. Hardy, the religious nutjobs would do quick work of ripping one another to bloody bits. Since they insist on destroying this entire planet with their so-called 'holy wars' it would be great justice if we could exile them all in one area and let them do their thing to those of the same ilk.

    Allan, which interpretation do you suppose eagle eyes is referring to? There are more versions than an octopus could shake sticks at and thousands of religious denominations that interpret every verse in their own way. The bible is written in such a way you can make pretty much any doctrine you choose. It is a book of chaos and making order from it depends entirely on who needs to make what point at any given time. Anyone who can follow the gods of the bible can commit any act of atrocity the mind can think of. In the name of their god christians have committed countless genocides and are doing it again in the middle east. One doesn't need to eliminate an entire group of people to commit genocide, they just have to destroy their culture. Remember the American Indians just for starters??? Jews invented christianity in order to have the gentiles fight their rotten wars for them and support them financially. I sometimes think that christianity brings about severe brain damage as these idiots have no ability to think or reason.

    yavanna, when you read the ravings of zealots you see why this world is in the mess it is in. While they sit on their pious self-righteous worthless arses waiting for their non-existent jayzus to recue them, we are all being sold out by our rotten governments and they will be the last group to finally figure out the real score.....when it is too late to do a thing. The holy books were not written for men but against them. It has been the tool of enslavement for hundreds of years and it still works like a charm. Fools never learn.

  265. @Solomon

    As far as water is concerned their are various methods which one can use to purify unclean water using nothing but rocks, sand and charcoal. The same goes for purifying air.

  266. Words of the century:
    "Be with us or we will destroy you!"

    Either way, we are all destroyed anyway... Welcome to the future!

    $5.00 per canister of oxygen... it will last for a day at minimum usage!

    $20.00 per gallon of water! Use one drop per hour and it will last a month!

    Services offered, we will assist you to die @ $250.00 and rest assured your meat will be distributed among the poor!

    Reality dream world cinema @ $50.00 an hour. You'll be in the dreamworld of Nature. You can be among the exotic animals that you have not seen before...

    Hiring: Mercenaries for $100.00 a day with free meals a day, a canister of oxygen and a gallon of water a day! Willing to kill their own friends!

    lol... What a world.

  267. @Hardy

    Well I definitely know which side would be more fashionable :P

  268. @Eagle Eyes

    To say that these people are not true christians is to imply that your interpretation of the scripture is the true interpretation of the scripture.

  269. Hey, quick thought: how about we seperate atheists from theists physically! How awesome would that be, huh?

    One big wall between the two, I think I know who I'm betting on to survive longer...

    1. Sounds like a great idea. It just so happens that I'm in the market for a new homeland. One with 100% atheists sounds perfect!

  270. DITTO!!!!

  271. "Religion, opiate of the masses."

    Ain't much hope left, eh?

  272. All hail Reb!!!!

  273. All religions are pure hate filled and bloody doctrines of mass mind control for stupid people to follow like the mindless gutless sheep they are.

    All religions were created to deceive and control FOOLS who turned off their brains and operate on what they call blind faith. What a bunch of f'ing morons they are.

    Islam, Judaism and Christianity are the worst of the lot of them and all are cut from the same rotten cloth. Abraham was a Hyksos Shepherd King and that bunch was a vicious murdering lying mob who were defeated and kicked out of Egypt and disquised themselves as hebrews. These creatures are now called zionist jews and they run the world financed by the Rothschild crooks.

    How do you get nations to hate and kill one another? Give them all a different faith and a different god. They fight and kill and steal for the leaders who lie to them and get richer with every war. As long as the simple masses believe this garbage and play the game there is no hope of survival of the human race or any form of true freedom or peace. Period.

    As for all you religious turds, save your time and do not address me. I consider all of you a pack of evil devils who should be exiled on another planet. Take your bloodthirsty hateful gods and 'f' em.

    1. I gave you a tumbs up and I don't follow a religion,but do belive in a GOD creator.Many people that follow religion interpet it in a good way and many don't there is a difference.Get rid of religion and people can have faith and that don't cause wars.

  274. @antjo......You are a LIAR. It is to be expected from the likes of you to LIE against Islam, 8 + Million massacre Muslims are not enough, that were Massacred on lies coming from Tel-Aviv, London and Washington, that you spout out more LIES and do more mass murders.
    Sura 9:5 is about the Mushrikeen that had expelled the Muslims from Mecca devouring all their properties, as is done in modern days by evil Banksters, to fight only those who break their agreement with the Muslims. This sura does not mention Jews or Christians.
    Sura 9:29 Is referring to those Christians and Jews that are under the protectorate of Islam, that, they shall pay tax and get equall protection. No where in Quran, it says to kill children. This female infanticide was practiced in pre-Islamic era and is still practiced in India. Muhammad (pbuh) absolutely forbade the practice and gave equall rights to women. All the children regardless where they are born are innocent. Its is the teaching of Bible to kill every man, women and children and even their cattle and uproot trees, that do not believe in their set of belief. It is still practice today. You killed untold Millions on LIES all over the world. You Kings were the drug runners and still are. The Monarch of UK and Holland still earns their money from drugs. Why do you think the English has attacked Afghanistan twice?
    As far as women dying? Ask Yvonne Ridley why she converted to Islam. Of the mass reversion to Islam 2/3 of them are women. Ask them why they have reverted to Islam. Ask the people of Iraq, why their women and children died. Ask the peole of Afghanistan why their women and children are dying. Its your Judeo/Christian barbaric culture that find pleasure in killing innocent women and children.
    Ask the native American who killed them. Its your Judeo/Christians ancestors that killed them. You pathetic barbaric murderer, your ancestors killed 150 Million Native Americans.
    Our women have dignity and honor, and we protect them and respect them. Our women are queens and princess unlike yours that is just plain simple sex object, use them and throw them and find new object. Like the book says "To you, your Religion, to me Mine" and "You will not believe what I believe, and I would not believe what you believe".
    Islam is the Religion that believes in Justice first, regardless of your religious affiliation, a must, so every body can live their lives.
    But hey keep on trying the LIES. It is to be expected from immoral people like yourself.

  275. no country should have to go through this.

  276. antjo

    Don't worry mate, my views are pretty well known on the site. I`m not really a Muslim; that was just a little joke with Hardy. Read my comments on the doc Muhammad – Legacy of a Prophet if you need proof of my persuasions.

    Thanks for your concern though and nice post :)

  277. Yavanna,

    I am sorry to hear that you recently converted to Islam. Islam is not a religion of peace but of hatred and intolerance. How many women have died in 'honour' killings? How many men, women and children have died as the result of suicide bombings, both as perpetrator and victim? How many girls have been killed or maimed for daring to go to school? Muslims kill Muslims - Sunni hate shiites and it goes on and on and on.

    The Quran clearly says in Sura 9.5 and 9.29 that Allah commands Muslims to kill all non-Muslims (even children), who do not submit or believe in Allah. In other words, every human on earth must believe in Islam or be killed by Muslims.

    So don't be a hypocrite and take the moral high ground when your chosen religion is just a violent as Christianity, Judaism, Hindu etc.

  278. not sure how religion came up in the comments section, maybe pointing fingers at a possible root cause? thinking one group has more right to do gods will than the other... are we still in the 13th century ? i think this particular doc may be similar to many others following the same topic and thats prolly why....its the same topic and the information available for explanation is what we all have access too and can be interpreted many different ways but the problem does exist, quite simply it is an effort to gain control of every aspect of life.

    On an individual basis a person trying to gain control of his or her own life that would be ok , however this particular fkd up situation is due to corporate agendas and business incentives passed on to those in our government and to them it seems worth selling out basic human rights when they are not personally affected by the those decisions il quote some religious rhetoric for the solution " let them die for the things they are doing go right with them " a new generation of thought perception is emerging prepare for natural sustainability with technological advancements , detoxify ourselves eat organics get ur head out of the sand don't fight amongst yourselves nor against those who oppress you just try to maintain and survive the transition ...the end of cheap fossil fuels drawth nigh !!!

  279. @Yavanna, I have asked around and it was said that it was a story of a fagot and its victim.

  280. "More" you are totally right - the last bit just totally blew me away. NOT a conspiracy doc.

    Solomon. I don't know what you have read about Mammoths but yes I am an idealist. What other type of people should there be? Why not at least hope if we cannot expect a perfect civilisation where the atrocities seen in this doc wont happen?

  281. A MUST SEE....specially the FAINL PART.. i wz in tears...!!!! and btw this NOT a conspiracy doc'

  282. The leadership seems recognizable now... Take what is suppose to be taken and disregard what is not needed.

    I know, words are just words but it tells you of what is from what was.

    @Yavanna, forgive and forget? Tell that to the victims of your proposed society and see who the sinners are. You can not serve at the same time a Master and a Mammoth... that is what I have read... It is easy to follow what evil have been done, just follow the lead of the leadership... and you'll find out that you'll become one of them!

    Who tells who are the Jews are? Who the Christians are? Ah... the power of denials. You are just a plain idealist!

  283. Why is it then that a Christian recently told me to go suicide because I was worthless and had no point in existence? There is no such thing as Christians in the truest sense and at best they would be described as lapsed Jews. Jesus was a Jew; go worship what his faith was. Hypocrisy your name is Christianity!

    My best friend is a Christian and when I told him this his reply was Oh well some Christians can be a "bit over zealous."

    You know what? I forgave him because Atheists are like that - very forgiving and morale.... Meek and mild quite often also. Now I`m off to the salad bar - anyone need anything?

  284. The leaders of these aggressive countries are not christians.Their actions prove they are exactly the opposite to christanity.These people belong to the church of satan.What good is it to control all the money and power of the world if in the process you loose your soul.To Hell with these psycopaths...

  285. War on terroism ,WMDs my ass

  286. Death to America.

  287. Nice doc, however - Im not a big fan of this new emergence of mixtape, plagiaristic docs that began with Zeitgeist who simply just take other people's research and perspectives and mash them up to spin them off as their own.. While I was watching this, I thought to myself how much parts of this resembled Adam Curtis' work and then in the credits he is referenced.. I prefer to see new material, with new thoughts...

  288. This was not the first attack on American soil.
    The Canadians burned down the White House in the War of 1812.

  289. I find these conspiracy doc's to be highly entertaining. I used to believe in this stuff, but upon careful inspection of the information given, over the years I have found it to be without a foundation. Alot of this is assumptions, falsified documents, hearsay, etc... They are asking the right questions, but I find that they have come to the wrong conclusions.

  290. @Murad, The war has nothing to do with religion. Religion is you in your congregation. This is all about leadership. The greed and corrupt leadership.

    Maybe in Quran, it will tell you that the nature of the beast.. The very core of tyranny and the Devil's joy is within the greed for power and money! You can see and observed them on any group or society.

    Love that is not shared is not love but greed... Peace.

  291. yee of little faith... Yavanna. you need to watch some of the movies with Richard Dawkins in the religion section before you start talking about offensive!

  292. Murad,

    Please understand the documentary was trying to take an objective stance,
    I do not believe that Christianity, or Jewish nations are the problem, or that Islam is the solution.

    Whatever our color, religion, beliefs whatever, we are all capable of both loving gestures, and horrendous acts of savagery.

    All religions, and all holy texts, whether the Qu'ran, Bible or Torah speak of laws for the good of humanity, the very same laws that religious fanatics break to emphasize their religion over another

    We must look beyond the petty divisions of religion to solve the worlds problems and realize that we all are human, all capable of horrendous crimes.

    Before we can fix the world, we must fix ourselves.

  293. PS

    Beating up unarmed elderly women and children, destroying their fields, uprooting their trees and destroying their shrines are the only things I have left in life..... Please don't take my only pleasures away...

  294. As a newly converted Muslamic let me say Hardy that I find your comments offensive and yee of little faith know not the true meaning of our profit!

    /faces east


    Not enough Mana!!!!

  295. Pah. Don't try to tell us islam is any better than christianity, for that would be naive and ignorant.

    "Now compare what the Muslims have faced from the bible oriented Nations in recent times and then tell me how is Christians or Judeans or Atheist superior to teaching of Islam?"

    - I can say nothing good for judaism or christianity, but I can surely say that any rationally thinking person should be able to recognize that no war ever brings any good to anyone. Does it say that in your Qu'ran, too? So yes, I can say that the the teachings of rationality are better than your 'oh-so-holy' book.

    Great doc, it shows again how politics are corrupted by capitalism. It's time for a change of system, for as long as government officials are driven by power, money and greed we won't see anything else than the pictures showed in this doc. Once we realize this, there might be a chance for global peace.

    Until then, the poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer - until the poor have nothing left. Maybe this will be the point we must wait for, because if you have nothing to lose, you are open for revolt.

  296. The western civilization has far exceeded the Pharaoh,The Roman Church, the Mongols in barbarity and destruction for greed and power. Pharaoh was so bad that Qur'an mentions him by name. Yet Pharaoh was selective as to whom to kill, and did not kill women or children. Same is true with Nebuchadnezzar who did not kill women or children. But the bible oriented western civilization takes pleasure of killing everybody, destroy the land and infrastructure, life maintaining food growing fields by using depleted uranium and destruction of Mosques and Schools. Last time it was the Mongols who destroyed the Iraqi Schools and Library. This time it was USA, UK and their Allies that destroyed the Schools, Libraries and robbed the Museum.
    Though very heart-aching and disgusting on the part of USA, this documentary failed to pin point the actual perpetrators behind the scene. There is no mention of UK and Israel. There is no mention of Grand Theft of USA and other European countries by the same people who were the organizers and cheer leaders of the Illegal wars. Though much damage have been inflicted in the Muslim Countries, the brainwashed western citizen are next victim of same Murderous and inverted Robin Hood and its Cabal, and I for one will say, 'You deserve it brothers and sisters'.
    because you helped your rulers by being lazy and inept to realize/understand their game of all this negative propaganda against Islam and Muslims.
    Why I say this because the comment I read on this forum after the documentary. This is the only documentary where comment makers have not been that aggressive against Islam as compare to other documentary. Their aggressiveness reflects their inner hatred against Muslims that, I am sure, is due to Media distortion and misinformation. Who owns the Media? 95 % of Media is owned by Dual American/British and Israeli citizen. So in actuality the western Goyim is not the benefactors of this Barbarism, even though its their leaders who committed the atrocities.
    What does Sharia say about laws of war?
    You will not attack unarmed.
    You will not attack women.
    You will not attack children.
    You will not attack the elderly.
    You will not attack the places of worship.
    You will not destroy fields.
    You will not uproot the trees.
    If enemy surrenders and wish to retreat. Help them reach their places of security, with their weapons.
    If enemy wish to make peace, make peace with them, for Allah does not like transgressors.
    If you take captives, offer them same food that you eat.
    If a captive can teach 5 Muslims to read and write give them their freedom.
    Now compare what the Muslims have faced from the bible oriented Nations in recent times and then tell me how is Christians or Judeans or Atheist superior to teaching of Islam?

    1. You left out the most important and crucial element of the "evil beliefs and practitioners of such", i.e. the Zionists. Not Jews per se, but those who teach & control them, vis-à-vis, their Talmud. They are the modern-day Pharisees, Scribes et al. They have a burning desire to "play God" and who is you suppose they hate with a seething passion? And why is that? Well, which nation in particular continually touts itself as a "Christian nation" (which it clearly isn't) and supports the Zionist entity as "the Chosen Ones" (which they clearly aren't) and bandies about the term "Judeo-Christian" (an oxymoron if there ever was one)? But bear in mind, Judaism has two sides....priestly Judaism which believes the Torah, the original, and Rabbinic Judaism, which follows the of difference. It is the Zionists (along with their British "peerage" cohorts) who are our true enemies. I'll bet if the US simply told the Israelis, "ok, it's over, you're on your own" and cut the ties, a huge amount of the hostility the Islams have toward the West would wind down rather quickly....n-cest' pas?

  297. its just a game to them
    'they' have no conscience for the all the suffering caused

  298. To hell with the USA

  299. Domestic violence and corrupt leadership...

    Was that Democracy or Money Kingdom come? It was demonstrated in the Iraq's fund of 2 billion dollars unaccountability... No Iraq or US or British Government. Just the plain power of money!

  300. Capricious

    I may just as well have included British in the first line of last nights comment. We are just as bad. Your comment is great. What can WE do? I just got really angry last night watching the last bits especially; where mercenaries are shooting up civilian families in cars on the highway and zerging "numerous people on the road" in one push of a button...

    By being apathetic we are just as guilty as the direct perpetrators though but I don't have any answers, only a guilty thought that I`m glad I wasn't born over there...


    I had watched the doc twice - back to back - before I posted last night. What now? I don't know. Maybe some incredibly wise person will tell us how we can all help those poor people over there. We have this notion called democracy and in theory this means we could call for full withdrawal and reparations to the war zones.... Like that's going to happen..... Maybe we should all (atheists too) convert to Islam - that would really screw up our governments.

  301. Yavanna just because we live on the same soil that carries the same name in no way means we support what has been done or what is going on. Our country has been systematically brainwashed and dumbed down. It's literally almost another Nazi party type scenario minus the concentration camps. I am frustrated about the history and actions of my country just as many American's are - that is, the small percentage of them who are even remotely awake. What can we do? Our hands are tied; we're surrounded by weak-minded vaginas (for lack of a better word).

  302. This is indeed a depressing video,
    however its nothing new, countless instances have occurred through imperialism and wars since the Roman Empire.

    The only real difference is the scope, psychological understanding and its manipulation, and more advance technology.

    The Game remains the same,

    1. Yes, and that's the most depressing part of all. If this horrible behavior was an anomaly, then there would be some hope of overcoming it and putting it behind us for good.

  303. Now that you have finished watching the documentary film. Well, what now, Yavanna?

  304. Absolutely sickening. All Americans should be ashamed; those that could stomach this documentary to it's end.

    As for the sycophantic tosspot comments above. F*** the museums, f*** your BS pseudo intellectual platitudes and f*** you all. How dare you comment on a documentary such as this with such moral superiority having clearly not watched the video. Or more's to point understood what was reported.

    I`m so angry right now I`ll say no more. Stop treating these comment sections as some sort of display for your crass morality platform / ego management. Childish hypocritical verbgage!

    Awesome documentary. Everyone should watch it btw.

    1. I share your anger, and as an American, I assure you that I am ashamed. I don't feel personally responsible, mind you, but ashamed to be associated with such a corrupt and immoral government. I've tried to oppose the depraved actions of my government in the past and I've certainly never done anything to encourage it, but frankly I feel completely helpless to do anything to stop them.

    2. Well, the problem is that americans feel ashamed, yeah, casually. But are you going to do anything? are going to try to organize and gather with other people that are aware like you are? or are you just going to be ashamed. Living on this side of the ocean gives comfort doesn't it?

    3. I'm ready to act, I am ready to DIE if that is what it takes to never have to tell my son he has no hope of happiness in his future.
      I've got some Herion I decided it's time to leave, please come with?

      No, No, No, I don't ever want to be pushed into that being the kindest thing I can offer because life will become unworthy of living!

      I did not make life to destroy it in order to save it from a long, slow death from a life that no no loger holds any joy!

      The more I learn, the less I feel I know lately but it is all so bad I can hardly believe I am awake, I guess I have been sleeping for way to long but God I'd rather go back to sleep but I can't.

      I believe it is BAD and I believe WE ARE IN TROULBLE in ways most have never imagined possible!

      I watch the internet chatter daily, pointing fingers blaming races, religions, pointless endless debating about NOTHING.

      The world around seems normal, by the time the signs are staring us straight in the face, you can bet it will already be to late.

      We have become targets for destruction and we are being hit silently from all directions. It won't be long before we start dropping like flies.

    4. I have no doubt, they will turn on us as well. I do what I can to be active and spread the word, problem is, most do not want or will not hear it.

    5. the post above is mine as well.

  305. Piece and prosperity to all living souls

  306. McCarthy and communism... is a ploy to destroy local government. USSR is not in play simply because they have internal conflict with themselves... but supports other nations who go against US.

    Iraq war comes from United Nation...
    Chemical Ali, Gerald Bull's missile launcher, human rights, nuke wars and others...

    The Saddam Military are the one annihilated on their way home... that the Americans showed but not on Soviets pictures.

    Texas... Pres. J.F. Kennedy was assassinated and has an oil tycoons believed to be behind the activities where V. Pres Johnson have a knowledge of the events, have really got hold and have rooted in the political system. Maybe they got hold of the military system as well...

    This NEOCON and among other entities doesn't know how to run the business of the Government. They only care of their pride and pockets... as Americans.

    Hmnnn... a plus and minus for this documentary.

  307. I wish that someday americans will live in the situation that middle east people live now

  308. hope this is not true...
    but the sadest thing happend in the iraqs museums,the nation with less than 400 year history destroyed the evidence of the first great culture in the history of the world.
    ...and they think electing some black guy is a great achievement for the culture. someones moral compas is not working

    1. Don't worry, because the Sumerians themselvs said that it was all created by the Anunnaki, and that they would return and set shi t right.

    2. Why do people always turn to God to save them? Why should he when we aren't making much effort to save ourselves?

  309. the poverty of the soul or mind cannot be contained with wealth or power