The Next Black

The Next Black

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When Coco Chanel declared that "fashion passes, style remains" she couldn't have known how applicable that would be fifty years on. With every season we see more colors, collections and styles as never before. Although fashion moves faster and faster the concept of clothing hasn't changed much in over 100 years.

Textile still covers bodies and signifies social code. Fabrics are still sewn with needles and sold in stores. Maybe it doesn't make sense to disrupt the 1.7-trillion-dollar industry but shouldn't there be something more progressive than design and style changes? Shouldn't there be innovation that alters the entire concept of clothing?

Nancy Tilbury is one of the pioneers of merging technology and fashion. Together with her team at Studio XO she works to actively develop what they call "digital couture experiences" which in basic terms means creating garments that are interactive and evolving. Her ultimate goal is to bring these ideas and concepts to the streets, but as a first step they're creating extravagant outfits for the likes of Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas, and of course Lady Gaga.

While Studio XO are at the cutting edge of fashion they're not alone in putting machines on our bodies. Historically this base has been perceived as too cyber and science fiction. But recently there's been a rapid breakthrough of products grouped under the term "wearable tech." Behind the scenes there's race to integrate technology with mainstream clothing.

In Germany, sportswear icon Adidas has spent the last few years developing a system that can monitor an athlete's real-time performance via other clothing. When envisioning the future it's easy to get caught up in the marvels of technology, but could the most groundbreaking future innovations be organic? Embracing nature rather than dominating it. Biocouture is a design consultancy focused on bringing living and biological materials into fashion and sportswear. Founder, Suzanne Lee, is currently heading one of the most thought-provoking initiatives in the industry today.

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6 years ago

If you've got time to worry about clothing, beyond your clothes being functional and not horrid looking, then you aren't busy enough. If so, maybe you could work on something actually more useful than a new (in reality probably old) design cut and make me some jet boots and life sustaining helmet so I can jet off this rock to where there is intelligent life.

9 years ago

"When Coco Chanel declared that "fashion passes, style remains" she
couldn't have known how applicable that would be fifty years on."

Of course Mme. Chanel knew what was coming up the road- as all people who are ahead of their time certainly do.

This doc. was so-so.

Aside from Patagonia and their "don't buy this jacket" campaign, they are all just wallowing in gimmicks- no matter how good-natured or well intended they claim to be.

Whether it's fashion, electronics, automobiles, etc. it's blind, obligatory consumerism that renders any industry to be frivolous.

Kansas Devil
Kansas Devil
10 years ago

Clothing is a hedonistic self indulgence that isolates humans from evolving into their natural environment.
And humans have been self indulging with increasing creativity ever since the concept was inflicted in society.

10 years ago

Great comment from the young designer , they are like ' bacteria' and their work will evolve with time. Refreshing that someone who is obviously at the cutting edge of design , as we in 2014 know it , realises that it is just scratching the surface of what will come very soon.
I also noted the woman who talked at length about using natural grown fabrics . I immediately thought , wool ? Linen ? Cotton ? Silk?
Did I miss something with her slime mould growing materials that used loads of energy and were cut with lasers instead of scissors. Where is the progress there ? Help !

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
~Oliver B Koslik Esq
10 years ago

Forgot to comment before I passed out (after the doc).
Well made and true to its kind.

The most interesting bit was about the grow clothes/fabric!

Not only do I want a shirt in it (preferably like a button up & mandarin collar) I wonder if its tough, like leather?