No End in Sight

2007, Military and War  -   34 Comments

No End in SightOn March 19, 2003, forces from the United States and a handful of allied nations invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

American military leaders expected the conflict to last no more than a few months, and President George W. Bush declared that major military operations were over less than two months later.

However, Iraq soon became a dangerous quagmire for American forces, and near the end of 2006, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, one of the key architects of America's strategy in Iraq, resigned from office due to public outcry and Bush declared he was "rethinking" his plan of attack in Iraq as the nation sank into civil war, with U.S. troops the frequent targets of attacks on both sides.

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  1. George Sterpka

    I still think the Bush administration should be held accountable for War Crimes.

  2. Aaylsworth

    Wow the more facts that are revealed about American foreign policy and it's decisions about it's role on the global stage, the more you see how they are laying in the bed they made. I am against murder of civilians and military personnel but in this case America is gonna get a good dose what the are giving. The "war on terror" was created by America through ignorance and arrogance and they will pay the price for it. Maybe once they have, they will actually be able to make the claim that they are "the land of the free and the home of the brave"....

  3. staszekgobi

    Why bush, rumsweld, chaney, powell and blaire are still here? shouldn't they be on their way to hague to answer few simple questions?

  4. Belinda Seven


  5. Dan Cronin

    just like the brits treated the irish in the 70s

  6. Nakor420

    My GOD! Just watching the first part, you get a blunt reminder of why the Bush administration is the worst presidency in the history of our country. Obama is destroying our economy more than it was, but this bungled war caused SO much heart ache for the Iraqi people and our soldiers. I can't believe these MORO NS with no military experience second guessing our generals. And then the total lack of concern for the Iraqi antiquities. My god, those artifacts are from the first civilization! When I watch this, I am ashamed to be American.

  7. Nakor420

    Rumsfield is a moro n! If Bush had listened to Colin Powell and not that twi t, then we would have been in and out of Iraq just like the first Gulf War. Of course if the whole Neo-con lot of them weren't evil basta rds, then we would have never gone to Iraq again in the first place.The whole war on terror has been a giant scam. They used 9/11, and the fear it caused to take away our rights, and to go on a military adventure so their corporation friends can make money. And what happens as a result? over 1 million innocent Iraqis were killed. I'm an American, and I was horrified by 9/11. But honestly, 3k americans died, and in response, we go and kill a MILLION people who had nothing to do with it. That's not counting insurgents and "terrorists". We killed a MILLION Iraqi civilians. Men women and children. I was angry about 9/11, but that is not even close to justified. We are on par with the Nazi's and the Soviets now. When you start leaving body counts in the millions, you are no longer a good country. I fear at this point that we are no better than the evil regimes that we fight against.

  8. calimona

    In the sixties, we forced government to end Viet Nam by marching to Washington, holding peace rallies, speaking out against that invasion and war! We have to do it. They have no right to act like Hitler invading, killing, burning, policing, taking control of governments in other countries. That's not stopping terrrorism, it's being the terrorists! Our military leaders are no different than terrorist, acting like, and thinking like terroists with their bombs, missiles and soldiers commanded to destroy lives of innocent men, women, and children. Our military is no different now. Why would anyone enlist in that outfit? Oh, that's right, we were lied to. There weren't any real terrorists on 9/11. No real reason to invade Aftghanistan and finally Iraq. Well, accept one. All of that had to happen, befor the Bushes and Rumsfeld elitests, who own our asses in America, could show everyone the might our army, the presence of troops, the blessings of the people, to deploy the biggest, scariest military on this earth, and it will kill you. They aren't done hurting this country yet. Yep, our leaders without blinking, caused the deaths of 2,500 ppl on 9/11 just getting things started, and that's not counting the young troops. Now after seeing what the military leadership did to the country of Iraq, there's no doubt 9/11was a military coup. Unlike devasted Iraq, I'm not afraid. When you finally realize who the enemy is, you get confidence you've missed for awhile. This is only a mental and an emotional game being played on us by a small group, by whatever means, hoping to control the world. These are psychotic individuals. That's what they are. Only mad men actually believe that all people, and this whole planet, can be ruled by their order alone. That is insane! We don't want world domination, we want world peace. We will stop them. We must behead the snake, with whatever it takes.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      YOU never stopped anything the North Vietnamese defeated you that same way that you are being defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hollywood and Rambo movies gave the American people the myth that non support of the troops caused America to lose the war at home. You bought it and this is the result. I pray that Libya will be seen by the Libyan people and the world as the disaster that it portends to be. The last thing we need is an emboldend dying and desperate empire with the Military power that the west has thinking it can run roughshod over the world using the "Victory" in Libya as an example.

  9. calimona

    Rumsfeld and his click should be tried for war crimes. The late Zacharia Sitchen is turning over in his grave. Dr. Sitchen went to Iraq to study the Sumerian Tablets, from the oldest civilization ever found, and found there. I wouldn't blame them if they fired a missile on Washington, and the Pentagon. IMO it would be a blessing for the American people whow were lied to. F*** Bush and Rumsfeld! Iraq's antiquities consisted of the oldest treasured artifacts on earth and the Sumerian Tablets. I can't find the right words to express my grief and sorrow here. COME ON PPL! We can not negotiate with a warmongering, terroist. If you expect me to believe NOBODY has any balls to do SOMETHING to make it right? God if I were a man.

  10. visualize

    In the movie :treasures of sierra madre" 2 gold niners fell down and scabbled the ground on a gold find. The 3rd, old miner said , " ya theres some gold here, but the real find is up there, up there is were we need to go, UP THERE!. Meaning its not the politicians that we visually SEE , its the unSEEN that holds the true power.
    To say that democracy and honest politicans or even dishonest ones who say has power is like " the tail wagging the dog" Banksters took over and are ruling this very country , if not the entire world. Only a handfull of people rule the world. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors. IMO. I commend Mr. Furgeson to present a clear interpetation for us. The Mass media is filled with 15 seconds of orchestrated news and closing with ' a dog and pony show". It seems politicians and other dignitaries seem to be careless of their conduct and questionable characteristics.

  11. who_me_yeah_you

    I don't know why people are quick to label the Bush project as incompetent. The Oil is flowing, They got a massive new base paid for by Iraqi oil, If/when they attack Iran they will not be limited to a hazardous sea landing thanks to the massive new base paid for by Iraqi oil.

    Sounds like mission accomplished to me.

    We were just naive enough to believe they would try get the oil in a less inhumane way.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      That war cost of two trillion so far and has left America bankrupt. What are you thinking...and the LAST thing we need is more oil, oh I suppose youthink manmade climate change is a hoax as well.

    2. Me

      since when is it your oil. so if i break down your door smash you in the mouth knock you out i can help myself to your stuff?

  12. Elderkin

    at 3:35They had to Cuddle under the blankets during Winter? Does it really get that cold in Iraq?

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      All deserts are very hot by day and very cold by night.

  13. Greg_Mc

    Seems some people were trying to do the right thing but since the American Gov't was in charge the whole thing was basically a "clusterF*ck"

  14. Nathan

    its time for a revolution. this government has to go. i foresee a huge conflict in the near future. itll be the bloodiest most excruciating war the world has seen. Americas elitist government of immorality and and addiction to money will run its course soon enough. i dread the day that war breaks out on American soil but i fear its imminent. we're running out of fuse ppl. Americas end will be costly, for sure

  15. Lucas Paradis

    So what is the difference between this and the nazis ?

    1. eugler

      Frankly I guess the main difference is that the Nazis probably wouldn't have made it past Belgium if they had presented a similar mixture of callousness and incompetence.

    2. anuragawasthi

      Nazism is a ideology,it still thrives in many parts of the world when one view a community as a whole as evil,but this is a plot for monetary gain and nothing else.

  16. Eisenhower Dollars

    Most people think that feminism started sometime around the nineteen sixties when women started burning their bras and stopped shaving their legs for a while. In fact, feminism has been around for centuries! Don't be fooled by the stereotype of the "militant feminist." Feminists have worked within their societies for hundreds of years to promote equal rights for both genders! Here are a few of history's most famous feminists

    1. Rocky Racoon

      Feminism was a big distraction the same as gay and lesbian rights. It first demanded then erased class as the primary divide on our planet. In a world dominated by capital there is no other way to understand reality other than in class terms. We have to get rid of class usher in true democracy ( it can be improved upon a thousand times over what we have now ) and this can only be done with the elimination of private property.

  17. rhondadavis

    Thank you for sharing this information. I am yet again sick to my stomach about what our nation did. Shameful!

  18. Pierre

    You know what? Sometimes I giggle so much seing Obama who now have to pick up/clean up the mess!
    Just to think of this, I giggle even though it ain't funny at all! Poor guy, good place but at the exact bad moment!
    Anyhow, Democrats or Republicans... It is exactly as if there would be only 2 countries who has oil or only 2 fuel companies on planet earth! Only 2 persons play pingpong.

    Just as Mike Holland commented: There was no reason to invade Iraq. The UN had plenty of inspectors monitorizing what ever WMD there could have been over there. Saddam was under strick scrutiny not only by the UN concil but also by the surronding arab countries including Iran.
    The guy was cornered, nothing less!

    Anyhow, when the USA requested a UN vote if invasion was justified, it came up as a "No".
    The so-called "Allied" who went over there on their own were much less than a handfull!
    Anybody seen Australians over there, Frenchies, New Zelanders, Canadians, Germans, Italians, Indians, in Iraq?
    How many nationalities went on tour of duty?

    Bottom line for my comment, all of the problems mentioned and discussed in this documentary is a waste of saliva because the mistake or lack of competency, lack or responsabily is not the reason which sunk the USA into a heck of a mess but rather, their first decision to invade Iraq was ludricrous. The rest of the movie is chit-chat.

    The whole world was fully aware way ahead this Iraq incident that the USA we once knew (Land of the "Free") dramatically changed as soon as the early 50's when the CIA and its other US Gov. partners got into the scheme of overthrowing democratically elected governments abroad and pushing USA choosen dictators & tyrans like the Perrons in Chili.
    Such as in Iran, Chili, Salvador among a list too long to mention fully.
    I'm a simple christian white caucasian but comes a limit where I did wonder: - How many chilian died under the USA supported tyrans? How many died in the world trade tower?
    And the, how many years went by between the end of Eisenhower era and the 911 event?

    Remember always that the firsts high ranking individuals who established, organized and lead the CIA are NAZI war crimimals hosted by the USA sometimes after WWII.
    Whatever happened in WWII appears to have seriously infected the USA to the bone. Up to a point where the citizens over there vote for their dictator every once in while.

    2 Political parties for which I'd challenge anyone to try to differenciate their political actions (Facts) through USA history up to the last man of good will: Eisenhower who had much more than a head on his shoulder!
    He knew and foresaw for a fact!
    He spoke more, much more than his mind when he left.
    I don't see the point of taking into account the era of "Non-Yesman" Jimmy Carter 'cause he just passed by so swiftly.

    But what can the "Common Average" USA citizen can do, really?
    Frankly, one sole USA man deciding on his own of the USA faith?
    Understandingly, since the USA president and his gang are the only trusty "Patriotic" USA citizens while all other USA citizens could give away their nation regarding some "Well Kept" confidential CIA or political information.

    Such as the information that G. Bush Sr. being in a NY meeting in which meeting, Ben Laden's brother was present.
    His jet plane carrying some Laden family menbers took off from the USA later on, or rather the next day while all other jets & airplanes were forbiden to fly over the USA territory airspace!
    Allowing the Laden family to fly away (Since they're in business with the Bush Family) is an act of "Treason" if not a criminal negligence while they could have been held back to impose Ben Laden reddition immediatly.
    Criminal negligence it is.

    Decided by "Commander in Chief" whatever of the USA army forces. German tranlation: "Furher".
    Humm... But that may not concern common USA citizen, what concern USA citizen if paying close to the equivalent to the USA debt for their war in Iraq. Left aside the Viet one.
    Anyhow, when the money pool will be dry, they'll simply declare war to all the nations to whom the owe the dought?

    Bare in mind that in the 40's, almost no countries had weapons piled up. Very poor, almost nothing.
    When time came to take care of the most imposing & powerfull war machine in Europe, we took time to get equiped, got over there and solved the case.
    Bad! It was uggly, they were well equiped inded but what's a few millions aside a few billions?

    That USA constitution concept of "Only 1 man, Chief Commander) appear to be within core the of the USA constitution. If this wasn't totally the case a litte while back, it sure is by now with their "Patriot Act".

    It become obvious for the rest of world that this become very dangerous since the rest of the world now know for a fact that the USA's Elite not only are ludicrous liars at the UN regarding WMD, but also harbor war criminals.
    NAZIs and guys like Rumsfeld, Powell, Cheney among so many other yesmens and hired guns like the Blackwater's.

    Private war mongerers corporates do not have any rules of conduct under the safe heaven of USA protection.
    They do not have a soul, do not fit the definition of humankind. Just US-based spychotic serial killers.

    Since a few generations went by since the Eisenhower era, not only science got forward but also specialized politicians who now have more efficient tools and skills to use countries Constitutions Acts for their own personnal benefit. Armies included.
    Stucked with a heck of a nice problem that is!
    It may well be time to update considering the new trends?

    I don't see how an update could be feasable.
    Anybody seen the yet for now, empty detention camps all over the USA recently build in case of sedition?
    FEMA prefer to state that they could serve for an after disaster event. Tornadoes or seismes.

    Well understood considering the razor barbwires surrounding most unhabitated camps.
    But since there ain't no more civil rights in the USA since the Patriot Act was democratically voted, I have seconds thoughs.

    Oh Misery! All this is none of my business since I am not a USA citizen and that for now, USA do not agress commonwealth countries.
    Nevertheless, it stink, stink so bad!

  19. Mike Holland

    Thank you for posting this movie

  20. Mike Holland

    I'm a US citizen, and I was totally against this invasion and occupation. It was illegal and immoral. They lied us into the invasion. The many failures shown in this movie were planned. They wanted to destroy the evidence of their past complicity with saddam, by allowing the looting and to sew more chaos under bremer by disbanding the army and forcing damage to the country and insuring the need for continued occupation. I believe we need soldiers, with honor in our society, but I would not ask a single US soldier to be harmed over saddam, and yet i am certainly ashamed that some of our troops were allowed to treat people as they did in prison and their own homes. Again, with Abu Garib, I think this was planned to enrage Muslims and insure a spread of hatred toward the US, so that bush and company could justify their plans.

    1. staszekgobi

      people of germany were lied into ww2 and they paid and still are their dues to jews and other nations, does that mean that america is going to be held accountable for the genocide in iraq?

  21. Jane

    It is impossible to comprehend the level of gross incompetence the Bush administration displayed in waging the war on Iraq; it begs the question "Could these people really have been that dumb?"

  22. SMoore

    I just watched this documentary and I am stunned! How do the American people allow this to happen. I am Canadian and I am sure we have our own transgressions but this is unconscionable. What is really behind the US involvement in these types of conflicts? I fear for us all.

  23. Vlatko

    I believe I fixed that @Ron.

  24. Ron Rogers

    The movie here doesn't seem to load.