No Volverán: The Venezuelan Revolution Now

No Volverán: The Venezuelan Revolution Now

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No Volverán - The Venezuelan Revolution NowBehind the bold policies of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez is a revolutionary mass movement that is saying NO to capitalism, and attempting to change the course of Latin American history. Journey deep into the barrios, out to the factories and into the heart of the revolution to find out why there is a movement to transform society. Meet the people who are fighting for power in their communities, and taking control of their work places.

Follow the factory workers of Sanitarios Maracay in their struggle against sabotage and corruption, as they pave the way forward with their unprecedented campaign for full nationalisation under workers' control. In this feature length documentary, meet many of the key revolutionary figures to find out how they are trying build socialism of the 21st century, and how it is changing peoples lives.

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5 years ago

How does it feels now.. in the end socialism brings nothing but chaos

6 years ago

Kind of a shame, people still die for such a flawed idea.

Orlando Romero
9 years ago

Most of the private business sector has grow, because they are subsided by the bolivarian government, and the venezuelan minimum wage is the highest in Latin America, so, giving the venezuelans money to spend.

They copy the best of the Cuban Revolution...Let the state take care of basic needs of the people...such accessible food, health care, education, and housing.

We, who live in the "First and Democratic World" have to struggle to make the ends meet at the end of the month, if not, you're out on the street with your family. And do not dare to get sick.

Capitalism is just business, not democracy......!

10 years ago

Most of Venezuela's private business sector has collapsed under the presidency of Hugo Chavez over the years. The communist and socialist in Venezuela are always denouncing the "evils" of free market capitalism. Yet the only thing that keeps that country from crumbling into an entirely impoverished (not just mostly like it is now) sh!t h@le like Cuba. Is it's access to the very thing that they say is so terrible, the global free market. Where they engage in the "evil" act of selling vast amounts of their oil reserves to others who are willing to purchase vast amounts of their oil. All with the explicit aim of generating that which is the "evil" of all "evils" in the communistic socialist mind, profits.

Profits, which are then used to fund from what I understand to be right around 95% of the entire Venezuelan governments socialist budget. Which in turn funds Venezuela's socialist programs and policies. In short, that single artery of capitalism is the societal heart beat that is needed for the believing people of Venezuela, to even be able to pretend that socialism works.

"Great is the irony with this on Obi Wan" <- Says Yoda ) DERP!

10 years ago

It sounds like when they are saying socialism they mean anarchy; they describe a classless, fair, bottom-up rule. I think Venezuela can get away with this new system because they are a rich country with more oil reserves than Qatar. I see a problem with giving all ownership to the state because who is to say that their elected leader won't have a change in heart later? Same with Qatar. Right now their society is great too. Free everything. And what about abolishing the monetary system like Che wanted?

Miguel Lima
10 years ago

Hugo Chavez.

Solidarity from Lisbon, Portugal

10 years ago

OH look at the middle class whiners crying because they have to share some of their wealth with their countrymen. Chavez was ELECTED. The opposition lost. Suck it up

RIP Chavez

Adrian Peña
11 years ago

I'm from Venezuela, was born here and lived here for 22 years now. I just left for one year to study in the UK and I'm back now. Chavez is transforming our lives, true! but for worse!! Crime rates are rising stunningly fast... It isn's a "sensation" as the government say, it is true I have lived through really hard times myself, I have even being afraid of losing my life (one particular night when we were kidnaped inside our own house. This is so common now in Venezuela, and also express kidnaping is very popular... and I'm not a rich guy, I'm just working class)... More people are dying murdered here than in irak and we are not in war...

He claims to hate capitalism but continues selling gas to USA. We have had the huggest profits in the last 14 years and still you see Caracas hasn't got any new motorway since the 60's. The traffic here is hell!! you can take up to 2 hours to get to your job every morning, when you should get there in 30 minutes with normal conditions. The public health system just doesn't work, you get no beds available, no medicines, strikes all the time. You cannot trust the police (the ones that kidnaped us were active members of the police) you can't report what happened to you because police works that bad that they can get revenge before the police do something.

Many companies closing down and running out the country, so less work opportunities. The companies that are nationalized after a while stop working because of corruption or missuse of funds (and I know what I'm talking about because I have a relative working in one of these entreprises)

Everything that you look at is worse than before!! the only thing is that he speaks like the poor, he uses their slang and they feel identified with him. He tells them what they want to hear, he complains about the same things that the poors complain about but then he does nothing... He just talks and give some money to people so they go to his marchs... But he doesnt teach them to get their own money and stop being poor, he doesn't give them real opportunities. We have stopped producing many goods and we are now importing them... is that what to be independent is called?? noooo... And again less workplaces for the population...

I live here and I see what is happening!! I have many poor family and I know how things are for them!! This is not helping them... not at all...

12 years ago

As a result of an international food system which creates huge profits for a few while leaving millions hungry. Three US companies – Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge and Cargill – control nearly 90% of the world’s grain trade. In the first quarter of 2008, at the height of a global food price crisis, Cargill’s profits were up 86%. The company is heading for its most profitable year yet. Don't ya just love capitalism!

12 years ago

Hey James, you lost all credibility when you said Canada was a socialist country. It is not. In fact, Canada has had an ultra far right-wing extremist conservative government for the past 5 years.

12 years ago

Regarding propagandist James - if you want make a point please give evidence, from credible sources, all you are giving is (mis)information without any credibility, just subjective rantings. People need to search for evidence before believing anything, because every human on the planet is a lier, evidence and scientific fact are all one can trust. People should check out for credible and independent journalism.

12 years ago

Benado--you claim you lived in Venezuela for several years and conditions have not improved under Chavez. When did you leave Venezuela? Conditions may have improved (per the stats cited) since you left.

Templar Knight
12 years ago

The worker state for worker's does not work. If these people have been paying attention the the state of socialism over the past 150 year's they would f@#$%^& know this. Capitalism is not bad if put in place and implemented the right way. And just for the record I'm an Socialist.

12 years ago

tomas has obviously been drinking the imperialist koolaid. im pretty sure that folks in venezuela are'nt asking for everything they want. im pretty sure they want to have a safe clean living environment..with things like electricity and running water and not having to deal with open sewage lines lol. And yes probably a living wage and health benefits and the ability to have their children go to school and get an education. But we see that if this was left to the ruling/upper class that it would go on like it has been. because obviously the old ruling class did not give a flying f--k about their people. While they horded all the wealth of the country to themselves they left their workers in the cold...

the economy in venezuela may not be perfect but at least it is moving towards being more fair and equally distributing the wealth enough so that ALL will prosper. Not the social darwinism that you capitalists like to practice.

12 years ago

This film just shows another problem that has been sweeping the world...that people are automatically entitled to everything they want and that it is the governments responsibility to do everything for them. Things are NOT better off today in Venezuela under Chavez. The economy is in shambles and any hint at a differing opinion from this want-to-be caudillo is shut down and expelled. If this model that he espouses was so popular, why is it that only poor/rogue states such as Cuba and Iran are the only types buying into it? Venezuela will suffer and continue to suffer for years to come if they do not change. Even though the state prior to Chavez was corrupt (as it most certainly is now also), the Venezuelan people have no one to blame but themselves for letting it get to that point. I do not know about you, but I would not want what I earned with my labor being taken from me and given to others who may not work nearly as hard as I do, for example. Venezuela needs to wake up and realize that pushing the US away is a major mistake. If you want a better life and a brighter future, pushing away the world's most powerful and dynamic economy is a mistake. EVEN CUBA is reforming and liberalizing its economy. Anything to say about that Chavez?

12 years ago

There is nothing wrong with a socialist government with a capitalist economy, we all know that it works (Canada, Denmark, Norway). Chavez is just pursuing the extreme left with the government and one party controlling everything (more like Cuba, North Korea, Soviet Union, and China). Cuba is free from watch? Free from liberty? Yes. Have you ever asked yourself why Cubans take their chances of dying in the open sea? I would recommend informing yourself more about those governments. I am just telling you what I saw, I was a pro-Chavez student in college and my friends took me back to show me since I wouldnt believe what they told me. See to believe. Now I understand how this is joke.

heylel shalem
12 years ago

besides we all know how much blood was spilled during the french revolution. Did'nt they use execution a lot during that one? i suppose its a grave temptation for the populace to birth their revenge fantasys in the real world i guess.

12 years ago

well what is the other option james? The poor and working people in that country were in much worse of a jam before. but i tend to think you might be an agent of the empire anyways right? why is it that imperialists are so quick to criticise third world countries that try their best to struggle outside the reach/help of the empire? because they prove that countries CAN exist outside of the net that the empire has set. it may never be perfect...hell Cuba is far from perfect but at least its outside the benefits of the empire comes with certain hardships that are unavoidable....but they must be endured to allow a foothold to be made. I admit i will have to educate myself a bit more on this issue. But in all fairness I dont think that most of you that have commented on this documentary have given chavez a fair shake. It all sounds like counter propagana to me.

12 years ago

I am an American that recently came back from spending time with my venezuelan friends in Caracas and the rest of the country. My first trip there was in 1997 a year before the election of Chavez. 13 years later everything is worse, major cities look like war zones and the country side is nothing but political propaganda full of empty promises. I considered myself a Chavez supporter, but after seeing what is going on there I realize that I was wrong. While I was there some general openly declared that if Chavez lost the elections in 2012, the Armed Forces will not allow the opposing candidate to rule. I was speechless to see a general declaring something like that and I was sure that the guy would be demoted if anything. Boy was I wrong, the guy is getting promoted to the highest rank in the venezuelan army. Needless to say the people are speechless and cant do anything but watch. I am not the smartest man in the world, but I know that the government is a joke. A joke that finds believers with dumb movies like this one.

Juan Carlos
12 years ago

Here are some things we see everyday in Venezuela: He gives handouts to the poor to keep the votes. He promises what he can deliver and then he says he never did. If you vote against him you cant get government jobs. He has nationalized over 600 companies in 10 years, must of them have gone bankrupt. Schools and government offices scream "Country, Socialism, or Death...we will win".

We have 15 million weapons in the country with 30 million people. We average 16,000 deaths a year. He falsely accuses opposing candidates and leaves their trials TBD. He visits North Korea, Belarusia, Cuba, Russia, Iran, Siria, and Libia as often as he wants to buy weapons. He gives billions of dollars to Cuba, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, and any other country that wants to use him.

We dont have milk, eggs, butter, or beans. The subways and highways are terrible. There is ten times more corruption than before. People that protest anything get beaten and thrown in prison. Opposing parties and reporters get insulted on national television. He is always on national television. His TV budget surpasses the housing development budget. He has more Hollywood movies than Obama and Bush combined. He raises statues for fallen terrorist and drug dealers. He has former terrorist in government positions. He protects the FARC, ELN, ETA, and other terrorist groups.

He allows people to invade and keep other peoples properties. The executive, legal, judicial branch and elections organizations is ran by him. He redrew the electoral circuits so even when he got 47% of votes he ended with 90+ of 160 seats (the other side got 53%). Elections results usually take 8-12 hours to be told using his "best machines in the world". He has Venezuelans hating venezuelans.

He brings 30K doctors from Cuba although we have thousands of unemployed doctors. Cubans, Chinese, death people, batman, robin, superman, and other fictional characters vote for him every year. Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, and other fellow socialist are the international viewers of elections. I am sure I am missing a lot more....but i want to invite fellow venezuelans to continue.

12 years ago

I am really heartened by how the revolution is going in south america. And its a big step to even nationalize industry there. The burgeous will always try their best to retain their death grip on society. but the wealth must be shared!! wealth is generated by the labor of the people and should be equally shared by it. throughout the history of humanity it has never been this way...and the wealth has been horded and squandered by the elites. the experiment that is happening in chavez's country is a bold one and i hope that they find all the answers to the problems that they face. it may be humanitys first truely equal society. Ironically the USA which is supposed to be the great example of capitalisms triumph is crumbling and teetering over the brink while the totalitarian china pimps us out like a cheap hooker. we have two potential futures and i do not want to see us go the way of china. venezuela is the future. and The imperialist state will go the way of the dinosaur as it deserves.

12 years ago

If Oliver Stone and this movie are saying it, it must be true.

Maria, Hector, and fellow venezuelans, forgive these people as they dont know what they are talking about.

12 years ago

Antal: thanks for not letting a film make up your mind. I wish we had more people like you in the world.

Molly Rose: socialism as in Norway and Denmark could work in Venezuela. This is the North Korea and old Soviet Union type. Sorry.

Romanian: "but I hope I will see the same result as in Cuba".... may the mothers of all the ones that have died during Castro's mandate both in the island and trying to leave the island forgive you.

Benado: that is true, I see it everyday.

Michael: humanitarian work and economics dont make you an expert. I work with computers and played baseball in college but that doesnt make me an expert. Btw, they are right, you wouldnt last a week down there, you would probably get killed by the people you are trying to defend since you are the "enemy" just like anybody else that has worked for something in their lives.

Dancesforfun: you seem to be mad at your country, ours doesnt have the answers. Dont believe me, go down there. Hope you make it back to talk about it.

Billy: I would explain to you the reasons why there is no milk but I would be wasting my time. In South America there are coffee shops with free computers and internet. Do you have to be rich to buy coffee? Maybe in starbucks but not in south america.

Davd: I am guessing you are not poor either so you need to shut your mouth!! and get your behind off your shoulders!

Alex: this is the tip of the iceberg. Image schools that tell students to scream "Country, Socialism, or Death...we will win" and you will be in Venezuela. Also imaging 15 million guns for 30 million people with no corrupt politicians and cops. We have close to 16K homicides a year and we are not at war.

12 years ago

I just read Romania's comments.

Romania if Cuban communism is so good, why do Cubans take their chances of dying at the sea to get to America or to any other country?

Why the desertion of their best athletes whenever they get a chance?

12 years ago

Michael: most of the stats about this government come from the government. The executive, judicial, legislative, and even the organization that runs the elections are controlled by Chavez and his political party the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela). The only stat they dont keep is crime rates and homicides, but all you have to do is spend one weekend anywhere in the country to see that it is true (we avg close to 16,000 a year). You draw your own conclusions.

Dancesforfun: You are right, FIX YOUR OWN country and then worry about "helping" us venezuelans please.

Billy: you took what she said out of context. There is a milk, eggs, butter, beans, and even electricity shortages all around the country. That affects everyone not only the poor. What if Maria used a cybercafe where they let you use computers and the internet for free? The irony of it is that poor people actually do have the internet bc I live right next to a barrio (slump) and they spend the little money they produce in DIRECTV and internet subscriptions. Think of poor Americans that have cars and put 22s and all the stupid stuff in it instead of saving the money and using it for something useful.

Davd: Why the insult man? do you have to be poor to express what you see? Actually, according to Chavez armed militia a.k.a bolivarian circles....yes you do. Our mistake.

Everyone else: Venezuela's democracy is nothing but a communist regimen using fixed elections to stay in power. If you cant understand this think of George Bush winning Florida to have a second term (cheating), and of Obama winning the last elections (combination of economic desperation and racism).

To all my venezuelan brothers and sisters, I feel your pain when I read these comments too. Dont hate these people, try to understand them. They will feel like we do if we traded places. Saludos a todos.

12 years ago

p to the opaganda!

12 years ago

Benado you must not be poor. Shut your mouth!! Get your ass off your shoulders!

13 years ago

its nice to see all the supposedly poor venezualans talking about not having milk on here...BUT you do have INTERNET access huh? interesting!

13 years ago

It's very interesting how people are losing jobs, losing homes, losing health/care in the USA and yet have time to demonize a man who is sharing his country's wealth with the poor citizens of his country. He's wiped illiteracy, empowered his people to take control of missions for education, health and learning a trade so that they can support themselves instead of living in abject poverty. Listening to middleclass Venezuelans say atrocities about Chavez is indicative of how selfish people are when they have to share the wealth with poor people they used to look down on. People like to feel superior to others and when these poor people start educating themselves and are now sharing universities and resources with the formerly entitled, it brings out a rage that is quite scary. Students who had a monolopy on Universities are now seeing the poor who never had an opportunity to higher learning before walk their campuses are now attacking these students. Because of this Chavez is planning on building 22 universities to educate his young people and hopefully stop the wars. As i see my country privatizing its educational system, abandoning affordable housing, fully privatizing health care while subsidizing rich health care companies, and basically letting the working poor, and middle classes slide into quicksand, it's amazing that people let off steam by criticizing this man. Before you fix someone else's house, FIX YOU OWN.

13 years ago

I work with humanitarian workers and you are a backpacker with subjective backpacker opinions. I couldnt care less about your subjectice experience.

I not a Chavista but I care about facts. I dont care whether Chavez gets reelecetd. I dont think its a revolution like you do. There was a Venezuela before mr. Chavez you dont know much about. Homicides is a part of the culture of that particular country. You talk about homicides but are totally ignorant of the mortality rates. I dont care about your cherry picking of data.

Somalia is not a city. You cant compare Somalia to Caracas. In fact most of Somalia is peacefull and have prospered more than other African countries since the break down of the state. There are only few but also very dangerous places in Somalia. So Somalia is not the most dangerous place.

13 years ago

Dear Michael, do yourself a favor and take a trip around south America. I understand your point of view, trust me, I am born and raised Canadian, and would not think any differently if i had not lived in Venezuela for 10 years. It is sad, and astonishing how little people know on this country. And, how propaganda like this makes its way across the world and not really what is going on.

13 years ago

The improvement of living conditions? what improvement of living conditions are you talking about? are you saying that the poor which is the vast majority are in better conditions,think again, after 10 or so years under the bolivarian (Chavez's) power poverty has increased well over 10% not only that but Caracas (Venezuela's capital) became tied this year as the most dangerous city along with somalia. There has been over 110,000 homicides since Chavez. Two people are shot to death every hour in Petare ( Caraca's largest and poorest neighbourhood). So, If that's an improvement of living conditions, my friend, I think we live in different worlds. I not only invite you to live in this false revolution but I recommend you pick up a newspaper once in awhile. Ignorance is not a bliss. Awareness is intelligence. Still not convinced? Try seeing how long you last alive in Caracas.

13 years ago

Dear Hector
The improvement of living conditions in Venezuela are propably more apparent to those of you who don't have computers, internet connections, or enough money to travel abroad, and they (apparently the vast majority) seems to be pretty satisfied...

13 years ago

Mr Michael,, nice to hear that we in venezuela are producing more food,,,, Maybe you can tell me where i can buy some milk, sugar or beans over here in venezuela,,, or maybe where can i find some toilet paper,,, we cantv even travel to other countries wihtout asking for permision to the goverment, because they are the ones that tell us how much we can spend in a trip
If you are into economics,, you could probably look at the numbers on how much has mr Chaves' spent in propaganda,, just like this one you have just watched....
Its a shame what we are living in this country, you are welcome to come and live in this false revolution anytime you want

13 years ago


I'm into Economics. Your statement is false. Take a look at the Gini index for instance. Food production has increased by 25% since 1998. The private sector has grown more than the public sector in the past quarters.

There have been more voting going on than in other any social-liberal country in the world.

A dictator does not give away free education to people. Chavez has made people able to read and thus able to participate in democracy.

The truth is the opposition is f***** up. It was headed by a figure called Manuel Rosales:

He is suspected of corruption and unjustified enrichment during his mandate as governor of the state of Zulia between 2002 and 2004. Rosales, whose trial was transferred to Caracas (because he had met with four judges of the state of Zulia), is suspected, amongst others of:

donating to relatives and friends more than 300 vehicles that belonged to the State;

starting businesses in Miami whose assets surpass US$ 11 million; and

taking bribes from the German enterprise Siemens for the construction of the Maracaibo subway. The said multinational corporation acknowledged having paid certain amounts in order to obtain the contract, without mentioning any name, however."

13 years ago

This is a joke! I lived in Venezuela many years and I have great friends over there. Chavez has destroyed what little democracy there was. His government does not work and the poor people are just as poor today as they have always been..He is a narcissist with absolutely no education other then the military..Venezuela remains horribly poor and the promises Chavez made have not in any way been fulfilled!

14 years ago

the russian comunism didn't work, the capitalism is better, but this one it's much better, it take's only god parts from each one; this situation it's very fragile because they depand only on Chavez,buy i hope i'll see the same result as in Cuba,and i hope that they (cuba-Ven.) will have long term cooperation, because it's the only way to resist the big empireS.
And if the population will be well educated, it will be very hard that the americans will come, and have they're clause back in. I hope that in the future i'll make a trip into Venezuela and see with my own eyes the situation. GOOD LUCK brothers and keep learning because it's the only way....

Molly Rose
14 years ago

21st century socialism under Chavez seems to work. Of course th capitalists will be against it, after all keeping the people enslaved to them is their ultimate goal.Mother Nature wants to share her goods with all of us, not just a select few.

14 years ago

It sounds beautiful just... but... You know that the capitalism it's a bad social enviroment but we did not invent anything better. This film looks like an old communist propaganda film... it's scary for me, i have seen revolutinary victories and it was not all that good. Let's hope this is different... or not.