North Korean Film Madness

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North Korean Film MadnessIn 2011 VICE went to North Korea to try and penetrate the Korean Feature Film Studio, the state-run film production facility west of Pyongyang: a sprawling lot that at its height produced around 40 films a year.

You could say that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il had two primary obsessions: maintaining nuclear weapons capability as a means of protecting his "hermit kingdom," and thwarting pressure from outside forces like America and the rest of the industrialized world to open his country to modern things like electricity... and he was obsessed with film.

He loved movies. It's rumored that he had one of the largest private film collections in the world. His favorite film was "Gone with the Wind" and his favorite actress was Elizabeth Taylor.

He was a film collector and bona fide cinephile, but he was much more. He was everything really. He was a director, a producer, a financier, a costume maker, set designer, screenwriter, cameraman, sound engineer... and he was also a film theorist.

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  1. dewflirt

    Crazy and fascinating ;)

  2. Declan_Walsh
  3. Declan_Walsh

    State Guide - "He himself, saw this guitar"
    VICE - "He, he played the guitar?"
    State Guide - "No, The actors and actresses use this guitar"
    VICE - "He saw this guitar?"
    State Guide - "Yes, yes that is correct"


  4. Jack1952
  5. Jack1952

    The frustration of the tour guide at the film studio trying to explain how many times the great leader had been to the studio, how many times he offered guidance, etc....that was funny.

    The protocol involving how the the Korean leader's names are to be spoken is something else too.

    We complain about our country's leaders. Happily, we are allowed to complain, ridicule or even praise them if we want.

  6. Dan Indiana
  7. Dan Indiana

    R*tarded communist to think that all those people go along with him..they are almost as st*pid as their r*tarded .....general

  8. KsDevil
  9. KsDevil

    Yikes! North Korea would be an interesting study in human social psychology but the mind games that would have to be used to gain access would ruin any reseacher.
    The 'Rome burning' reference really fits.

  10. TheDanishViking
  11. TheDanishViking

    "He saw the guitar" HAHA! There are some good laughs in this one.

  12. goodkat
  13. goodkat

    This was insane, funny and way to short :D I want more!

  14. lakhotason
  15. lakhotason

    It's really hilarious for those living in North Korea.

  16. Vidhya Mahadevan
  17. Vidhya Mahadevan

    Emperor's new clothes - North Korean style !!

  18. TheDanishViking
  19. TheDanishViking

    ...and even more crazy than Gangnam style :-)

  20. ThisDarkChestOfWonders
  21. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    This was excellent

  22. Friso Woudstra
  23. Friso Woudstra

    fun to watch!

  24. seamus watson
  25. seamus watson

    The people of "Koreor" are crazy.

  26. morsie2
  27. morsie2

    The fat American was a laughing stock himself. He was so rude and coming out with those childish jokes. And the state of him! What must the Korean's think of him, with his unwashed greasy hair, smelly t-shirt, dirty jeans, etc. At least the Koreans were respectful and polite. That fat smelly westerner was a real show up for the books. It's no wonder he had to be escorted. He wasn't fit to be seen in those decent museums and monuments. Go laugh at yourself, you disgraceful pig.

  28. mn_skatepunk
  29. mn_skatepunk

    How do you manage to walk around on those tours and not laugh at how absurd the whole thing is. I know you're not supposed to do anything that would be seen as disrespectful to dear leader, eternal president or whatever they're calling them that day for the threat of being locked up in some gulag somewhere. You're just bombarded with so much BS and they have to know it's BS, no one is that ignorant. You would think it would just make you snap and laugh hard at how ridiculous the whole scene is.

  30. Guest
  31. Guest

    All of that media is just a show=Obvious!..But I'm presuming this guy doesn't watch American News too often.That's as realistic and honest in its reporting as any dictatorship/It just uses Hollywood propaganda to satisfy the ignorant audience.

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