Northern Lights: The Canadian UFO Experience

2004, Mystery  -   34 Comments
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Unexplained objects in the sky have been a part of history ever since human began recording their experiences. Lights, angels, and monsters descending from above appear in virtually every society's folklore. These fantastic objects had become inextricably linked with extraterrestrial life forms and many theories have been created to explain their origin and purpose. By studying our own UFO stories we may gain a better understanding of their true significance.

1967 was a pivotal year in Canadian history. As host to the world's expo Canada had secured its reputation as a modern and enlightened country. But by 1967 in Canada the UFO question became as relevant as the need to explore. However, the UFO age didn't begin in Canada. The origin of the modern flying saucer myth was a distinctly American story. On Tuesday, June 24, 1947, businessman and pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his aircraft over the mountains of Washington State. Arnold was a member of the Idaho's search and rescue flyers. He had heard about a missing C-46 air force transporter lost somewhere near Mount Rainier and decided to spend an hour checking of the steep cliffs and deep crags of the mountain side.

The weather was clear, not a single cloud in the bright, blue sky. Arnold was gazing down on a high plateau when a flash of light caught his attention. For a moment he tensed... it could mean he was on a collision course with another aircraft, but the only other aircraft in sight was a distant DC-4. A second flash caught his eye and now he knew where to look. From the direction of Mount Baker in the North a formation of bright objects flying at an incredible speed was heading toward Mount Rainier.

To his surprise there were no projecting parts, like wings or tails, on the objects. At first he thought they were a squadron of jet aircraft but he had doubts. Arnold pushed up the window to see the objects better. They were flat, not quite circular. Using watch he calculated their speed to be 2000 miles per hour. The squadron passed by Mount Adams and finally disappeared over the horizon. The show was over and it lasted only three minutes.

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  1. Whoami

    in 1986 pieces of remains of Granger Taylors bones and his pickup were found in the vicinity of Waterloo Mtn near Duncan, where he lived. This was reported in a regional newspaper.
    Credibility of this documentary is seriously diminished as this was known 18 years before this documentary was made.

  2. Bill

    Spends way too much time on Roswell and WWII history and Red Scare. Get to the actual Canadian experience.

  3. Duane Wesley

    Great video but mislabeled. It's Out of the Blue and not about Shag Harbor.

  4. Sebastien

    Where is this documentary, i cant find it anywhere.... I cant even buy it

  5. John Brigden

    a_no_n You like many people over the centuries are not as smart as you think. It has been said, Better people think you are stupid than open your mouth and prove it! I'm sorry to be so blunt. But the world is not flat and it does circle the Sun. Along with Aliens do exist. We have aircraft that can travel at 2000 miles an hour and space craft that travel to the outer reaches and beyond now of our Solar system. If you cared to study the phenomena you will find those that wish to deceive yes and fake information. But there is an overwhelming and growing amount of real and legitimate information. Yes you should be a skeptic if you have not seen a craft. But have an open mind study the subject. I suggest you start with " I know what I saw " . You will see I have used my name I am not hiding. I believe why? I've meet them and it's turned my world upside down. This whole planet needs to wake up and adjust. Of course you will dismiss me as some kind of crazy. Open your mind your crazy not too.

  6. usernamedoesnotexist

    good film.

  7. Flying Saucer

    I think ufo's are rather primitive.Just because we need space ships to travel through space doesn't mean that a million years advanced civilization has to.There are inter dimensional beings.They can be anywhere at any time in the universe.The phenomenon ufo dates from the 50's when it became popular and they were just experimenting with nazi rocket technology and getting into the space race.

  8. Emilia Holm

    Don't know if I should be intrigued, scared or skeptical to this documentary. I have always been a believer that some things are not what they seem, and I always keep an open mind to things that some people believe to be superstition.

    One of the things I believe in for sure is ghosts (totally off-topic I know), but ever since I was a child, also space, aliens and UFOs have fascinated me. But I still feel that I want to see this "Flying saucer" for myself before I believe that life on another planet exist, but if someone was to come up to me and say that had seen something and could give me a credible story, I just might believe it.

  9. Richard Neva

    Very compressive study of a topic on everyone's mind that is often dismissed as hog wash. Enjoyable documentary. We are left with hope to know more!

  10. Lauriesheri

    I'm almost a fourth of the way through, and they are still talking about the U.S. I thought this was supposed to be about Canada??

  11. Matt K

    What this 2004 UFO doc shows to me... is just how far we have come to a clearer picture about the UFOs. We now have serveral hours of real saucers, lights and discs on you tube. It makes this 2004 doc seem 1920's.

    Yet it is 2013 only 9 years ago. This was 2 years before youtube was invented. You tube really has changed everything. The camera tech in iPhones means more and more UFOs are being seen.

    Goto Sirus Disclosure you tube channel for witness military describing Roswell, Bent Waters and many other inncodents.

    Man things are moving fast.

  12. MarkmBha

    Good documentary!

  13. sTahon

    If anyone has ever watched Trailer Park Boys, you'll recognize Mr. Lahey (John Dunsworth) is the narrator for this documentary! Awesome!

  14. Jack1952

    I went to Expo 67. It was pretty cool. Didn't see any UFOs that year though. Bummer.

    1. bringmeredwine

      So did I, and my parents bought me a cowgirl hat! My goody-two-shoes brother insisted on a Mounties' hat!

  15. a_no_n

    He used his watch to calculate their speeds at 2000 miles an hour? lol, sure, of course he did...Pfffthahahahahahaha!

    1. Achems_Razor

      Do not know what watches they had in 47 but aviator watches now, can tell you what you had for breakfast.

    2. a_no_n

      well in 1945 Rolex made their first watch to include a date window in i'm guessing your bog standard piece wasn't the sort of thing you'd...ahem...set your watch by today.

    3. Norbert Neel

      Do you know any math?

    4. a_no_n

      I know that 2000 Miles an hour translates into just under 900 meters per second.

      So if he had indeed seen something moving that fast, he wouldn't have actually been able to see it because it would have been over the horizon and away in a fraction of a second.

    5. Norbert Neel

      And you were there? I've seen a UFO up close, and you weren't there.

    6. Norbert Neel

      By the way, he was in an aircraft.

    7. a_no_n

      Good for him...Still doesn't change the facts though.

    8. Norbert Neel

      That he saw it and you didn't.

    9. a_no_n

      neither of us saw it because it doesn't exist.

    10. Norbert Neel

      But I suppose you believe in God?

    11. a_no_n


    12. grifter

      Ive sat on the bank of the st. Johns river and looked to my left and seen the buchman bridge and turned my head and saw downtown jacksonville 28 miles away in the blink of an eye. Your sarcasm over using a watch to judge speed is really dumb. Its a common technique used in militaries all over the planet.

    13. a_no_n

      so because you can turn your head aliens exist?

    14. a_no_n

      And i am Titania queen of all the fairies.

    15. Norbert Neel

      Well I do have witnesses, a video filmed by a Sheriff, and a photo I took. And I don't doubt you're a fairy troll.

    16. a_no_n

      of course you do.
      Odd that you haven't claimed your nobel prize for discovering and proving the existence of alien life.