Not Business As Usual

Not Business As Usual

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The traditional form of capitalism is putting a product or service to the market and making money. However, some businessmen contemplate that the real entrepreneurship is to figure out how the world is better off because of your product or service and bring that into the marketplace.

Business is a kind of construct for people to get together to achieve some kind of result, so why not take business as a tool to achieve more progressive result. Instead of seeing capitalism as an evil which's destroying humanity on the planet you can take capitalism and use it with a conscience to create a purposeful result... adjust and equitable society.

Twentieth century model of capitalism has one rule in its operating system which is: The purpose of the corporation is to maximize shareholder value exclusively even if that means that there are significant, for the benefit of the doubt, unintended consequences.

But new communications channels, like social media primarily, are driving transparency into companies. They can't get away with careless behavior anymore. They need to be very, very diligent about how they serve the community. That's driving corporate social responsibility, it's driving better governance and it's certainly driving sustainability. That's has been constant trend over the last 15-20 years.

The baby boomers' generation grew up in a world with one motto "If I have stuff I am successful." This shaped the minds of that generation, so by the time the baby boomers got in control of the economy, in the 1980's, excess was everywhere. It became all about stuff. Corporations became about adding book value for shareholders, not adding societal value for all stakeholders.

In the last 50 years of business companies are rewarded based on success of one metric and that's profit. CEOs who are successful deliver profit to shareholders. Our entire stock exchange is founded upon that so it's hard for us criticize the CEOs for forsaking other things like supplier relations or social impact or other causes.

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5 months ago

japan taiwan hong kong were examples of economies subsidised by US tech and capital to recover and to serve as a bulwark against capitalism. Once the Soviet Union collapsed, there was no need to preserve these economies and they were actively undermined (see Plaza Accord, end of bubble economy, 1997 collapse of tiger economies etc.)

3 years ago

This is really good tells you a lot of the world and what goes on and how these things are done

4 years ago

I love that there are so many comments that know what capitalism is and whom watched this despite the creators shallow understanding of economics.

The documenary was awesome, most people wont spend thousands of hours reading economic texts from both capitalist and socialist ideology.

Those people mistakenly think we have capitalsim today, thats okay. Thats what they have been told and taught. People began to hijack it almost a century ago.

Its amazing that the power of the people (the free market) is coming back around to original capitalism, and its using new words to define old ideas and to return to ideas from people like Hayek and Mises.

The sooner we shake off this socialist big government corporatism the better.

Keynes, you clever politician... You turned the tides!

I'll never get over how fascinating hegemony is, truly. You just change somethings name, or its definition, and with enough time and effort, society just goes with it.

So excited to see classic/true capitalism returning.

Away from corporatist, socialist, marxist ideologies. Marx was a great thinker, but he made one fundamentally incorrect presumption: people do not define value from work.

They define value from creation, life, invention, and many other things. Toiling is not the purpose.

Keynes believed the same thing, Hayek believed the opposite.

One group of people (EG: Marx and Keynes) believe:

People live to work.

Another group (myself, Hayek, most entrepreneurs) believe:

People work to live.

This is the primary ideological seperation which changes the foundation from which people reason. It's okay for one to believe either, people should be free to choose either. But the totalitarian nature of Marx set the tone for most of socialism. I've recently read a lot on anarcho-socialism, and in all honesty, that is the best sociaist ideology ive ever read, and I was a marxist back in highschool!

Thank goodness I kept reading and became an austrian economist.

5 years ago

From the storyline: "Twentieth century model of capitalism has one rule in its operating system which is: The purpose of the corporation is to maximize shareholder value exclusively..."

That is a false premise. Has nothing to do with Capitalism. It is CORPORATISM having corrupted govt to its will. A political corruption problem which is even worse under Progressivism or Socialism.

Capitalism, the ability to trade with your neighbor without interference, especially from govt. is an economic system that would occur without any govt what so ever. GOVT IS the problem. Govt facilitates corruption. Much more so with Socialism. Proof is that the USA is far more socialistic than when I was young ...and far more corrupt.

Sadly the lazy minded people fall for the Progressive Socialist Communist propaganda.

5 years ago

@mike m: good thing to have happen. How are YOU going to get that "simple" thing of removing personhood status of corporations to actually happen?

Until you stop corporations from being able to donate to political candidates which would require finding enough political candidates that the people will vote for that will also sign a contract to remove the personhood status of corporations, your solution may be simple but unlikely to occur.

It seems the only time people become less lazy politically is when enough of them don't have enough to live a decent life, for an extended period of time. Then the risk is them believing the lying progressives who caused that, blaming it on capitalism and conservatives.

5 years ago

To see all the controls (volume, etc.) click the paper plane icon at the top-right of the video, it will show you the vimeo page link this video comes from.

jerry mcquired
5 years ago

The control of the video leaves a lot to be desired. 1 hour long - and no way to come back and start from another point in the video. Lame with a large L.

mike m
6 years ago

Take away legal personhood from corporations and it becomes manageable, simple!

6 years ago

Corprogovtmedia complex indoctrinated ignorant bliss. If there is ANY finger pointing to be done it is at the masses, especially the ignorant progressives = socialists.

With Capitalism, a company will not survive if people stop buying what they are selling.
With Socialism (or progressive if you prefer) or any other type of collectivism, the govt crony company will continue on, you will have no other CHOICE and be told to like it or protest your way to prison (or gulag if you prefer). If you don't like what a company is doing, you will be the enemy of the state because that company is approved by the state. If you haven't figured it out yet, govt is all about protecting corporations from the people, not the people from corporations, despite the titles of various agencies.

When the former USA was founded, corporations had few rights and were nothing like today. How did that happen? Corrupt judges = govt. No one in congress nixed that since your ancestors didn't see to it they did or else fired; then straightened out with the next crop of congress.

What exactly is corrupt capitalism? USA Capitalism has been corrupted by incremental Socialism via a populace hell bent on staying ignorant, limiting their input to emotional socialist major media propaganda, which of course is nothing but lies to lure you in, just as Saul Alinsky (what Obama and Hillary follow) and his predecessor Karl Marx described: Lies and more lies until the Socialist agenda is achieved! March on all you red coat goose steppers!

If you think things are bad now, wait until the lying Socialists take over dictating the winners and losers, mostly by payoff. Socialism is all about getting rid of the COMPETITION.

A person would be close to the truth in saying that the ultimate corrupt capitalism is Progressive or Socialism.

So while you progressives are whining, educate yourself by looking in the mirror to see who is to blame for what you don't like.

It is much easier for a labor union to whine and carp and strike in an attempt to extract more pay than to start their own company. SAME for progressives. If you don't like it start your own MUCH better responsible company. However, time is running out, all your progressive sisters and brothers will summarily determine your company is just another also ran and not worth giving a permit to exist after asking their corporate friends if you are any danger to them while stuffing their pockets.

It is a simple matter to correct a Capitalist ship. Get the word out and stop buying what you think is bad. I can hear it already, "Oh but it is the system, I'm locked in to buying bad stuff because that is all that is available..." Anyone but you believe that? Start your own company. "Oh I don't have the money." Really? How did all the other people with no money start their companies?

I'm all for a clean environment and people knowledgeable enough to realize corporations are shoving as many costs onto the people as they can to improve their bottom line. Pollution, eminent domain, etc. How many letters have you written to your representation to stop that?

How many have you gathered together to stop an evil corporation from doing bad things? I have so piss off and stop throwing the freedom of choice out with capitalism and work to correct ALL the corruption which will only get WORSE the more Socialism we get.

Or you can wait until your shelves are bare like in the old Soviet SOCIALIST Republic.

Better yet just move to a Socialist utopian country rather than being fooled into voting this country into one. Don't let the screen door hit your backside, please.

What is the difference between Socialism and Communism? Whether the people are fooled into voting for it or whether it is implemented by force. --Ayn Rand

7 years ago

These kind of things can only happen in the bubble of a First World economy, with resources and wealth delivered from Third World economies. Capitalism isn't sustainable. Where is the value going to come from to cover things like interest when we start rubbing up against the limits of economic expansion in a closed system? It's no more possible for us to predict what will come after, than it would be for feudal societies to imagine capitalism, but change must come, it's inevitable. Economic systems do not last forever, they just seem like it at the time.

John Defalque
8 years ago

If corps have no responsibility to society then we should as a society force them out of existense.

8 years ago

Good doc. Although a welcome change, I do think this is merely an incremental innovation on the existing paradigm constituting only part of the solution. Consumption based economics is no longer fit for purpose. Most people on the planet will have to become engaged in some form of prosumption. I.e. become prosumers (value creators, not value extractors). Everything an individual does, everything they engage in, must add value to social and ecological systems simultaneously. Furthermore, within this new paradigm, we need to integrate ways of repairing damage already caused to ourselves and our planetary systems. So its not about less impact, its about making sure our impact is so big and so positive that all life on earth benefits. Ultimately, we gain the most!

9 years ago

I feel that this whole documentary is only relevant for a middle class + lifestyle. This type of capitalism will not bring back the well paid jobs for the millions of jobless working class people in "developed" nations. For everyone to jump on the "whole foods" bandwagon - we need to be able to afford to purchase these things. Until that point comes - the struggling majority will continue to buy there not-so-ideal products from the very large retailers.

Additionally there's something quite sinister I need to warn you guys about this documentary. They're essentially saying with that dynamic business models - there will be a grass-roots-esk revolution in the way we live our lives and the examples they've been using are companies which abide by ethical obligations to the environment etc. Unfortunately there's nothing really different about these companies. It's a well known fact that rich people like to buy things that are currently considered good quality so that they can feel different and good about themselves; it's always been that way and that's who these companies are selling to (perhaps with the exception with the token cafe but even then). There hasn't been any dynamic business model in this documentary that has shown that we will all be better off.

I know that the demographics of this website will most likely be middle class people but consider that there aren't enough middle = upeer class people around to go to all of the co-ops, cafes and expensive eco clothing shops needed to give all the "have-nots" jobs and financial security. A welfare state that prints more money than it taxes it's nation can do that. I certainly don't think that's a bad thing by the way. I think we should stop believing that capitalism is going to solve the problem with mass poverty and maybe start thinking how we print more money without hyperinflation. Capitalism would still exist.

geo moses
9 years ago

coca cola is the hidden face of sprite and other soda's

9 years ago

This was pretty good, except for the giant windmill idea, for these ugly giants kill birds, cause arrhythmia, and make a landscape look alien instead of green.

Lynley Ruth Butt
9 years ago

"The Bilderberg Group" by investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, put out by explores the implications of how much influence over our national, regional, global future directions is exerted by our successful ( 1 % top) economic and political elite.
So- It is good to see this film and follow it's arguments. To have these down to earth individual- community friendly signs and specific examples of
successful enterprising trends- treading a middle road way towards socially community-considerate/ conscientious materialism.

We have to ponder how much the existing elite group of influential
Trend setters are humanitarian ly and socially influenced by this kind of thing. Whether we can take and leave them to their secret confabulations. Or whether Civil Society 's coin of exchange must be recognised and ratified as consistently consisting of Heads (princely elite rulers) AND Tails ( a societally produced elect ...scientifically and conscientiously aware) interaction... For all to have faith in and future rewards out of "the way" the path we tread together, the Boss- workers contractual System of effectual management -governance.

9 years ago

In my opinion it should not be up to government or anyone else to decide what can be presented to the market. Prices rise and fall naturally by supply and demand. If your your product is useless it won't sell. We don't need big brother taking over to decide what is market worthy and that's what it always comes down to.
That's why global business thrives in communism. Communist people still need toilet paper but the Communist government decides which toilet paper company is (most profitable to government) "best for the people" and that's all they get. That toilet paper company is hugely successful but there is no competition so it's a crappy (no pun intended) product.

Now multiply that by every product you buy all controlled by a massive government and appointed Czars who alone control ALL profit and production so that ALL commerce is used to feed one central global government. THAT is where we are headed.

Communism HATES small business and privately owned business because that presents the opportunity for freedom in the market place allowing for natural product COMPETITION in price setting which would slow down their profit.

It would be nice if we could all hold hands and sing kumbaya and trust that government is like a kindly mommy and daddy that loves their little children but that's not the truth and people should wake up.
Uncontrolled government bureaucracy NEVER in the history of the world acted in the best interest of the people. Totalitarian simply means government is in total control which is what you people are pushing and swallowing.
Government places a dollar sign on each individual like a pimp on a prostitute and that prostitute is only worth the net total of it's asset which diminishes over time.
The ONLY good federal or global government is one on a very extremely short leash. The core of power should NEVER be centralized but should be distributed by each state and that is the only way to discourage power hungry sharks with zero scrupulous like we have in our white house right now.

John Defalque
9 years ago

Crapitalism can never be a force for good, it is only about exploitation, greed, austerity, scarcity, exclusion, keeping everyone down and dumb.It is hostile to community and democracy.

Janeen Clark
9 years ago

there are no forms of money barter or trade that can achieve better results than we have seen because the corruption is built into money and barter and trade. its like saying be a rapist or murderer but be polite about it and speak calm and reassuring to your victims while serving them tea and biscuits.

9 years ago

Kind of a one-sided documentary; I don't think the makers of this documentary understand entrepreneurship, business, or economics. I'm a libertarian and am well-aware of how evil and destructive big government in bed with big business is to the common man. This documentary would appeal most to big government socialists; therefore its hopes are the false realities of naive idealism. There are more worthwhile documentaries to watch.

9 years ago

When you watch a documentary like this, you find yourself actually starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for the future; in particular how the world could do business, in a way that is in everyone's best interests. Although it is just a start, it is a damn fine one. Kudos to those of the next generation who are actually thinking, and are showing all of us how it should be done!

9 years ago

this was great!

definitely a step in the right direction.

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
9 years ago


That was a very informative, as well most inspiring doc!

I really appreciated the explanation of modus operandi in B-Companies. Especially the ones from Vancouver!

As well the "food tokens" are such an incredibly impressive & heart warming idea + ideal to uphold!

Many kudos!