Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide

2017, Technology  -   16 Comments
Ratings: 8.05/10 from 102 users.

Anytime you go online, you're not alone. Your internet activity is likely being tracked by the prying eyes of corporations and the security branches of government. It's an insidious form of spying that remains invisible to most. Others claim they couldn't care less who is watching or gathering data from their internet searches. After all, they claim, they have no secrets of value. The feature-length documentary Nothing to Hide outlines the flaws behind this common perspective, and reveals why modern online conveniences should not come at the expense of a person's right to privacy.

Many of those who have expressed grave concerns over online privacy have been dismissed as kooky conspiracy theorists. But according to the film's perspective, their paranoia is firmly grounded in reality. The film features interviews with consumer rights activists, sociologists, a former member of the National Security Agency (NSA), and a series of consumers who have experienced the perils of online surveillance.

At the center of it all is a young man who sees little harm in the practice. Like many others, he happily breezes through terms and conditions when installing an app, and accepts the risk of having his every online activity monitored in exchange.

He agrees to participate in a fascinating experiment for the film. His phone and laptop will be tracked for 30 days, and his metadata will be shared with analysts much like those employed by companies and organizations that specialize in monetizing personal data. What will this data reveal about his personal comings and goings, his likes and dislikes, and the building blocks of his daily life and relationships? Will he think differently about online surveillance once he gains a true sense of what he's giving up?

The film argues that the practice of surveillance, and our willingness to relinquish our private information, is more than just a ploy to target advertising. In fact, it's a gateway to a dystopian future worthy of George Orwell. The information gleaned from our online activities may be used to hinder our employment opportunities, threaten our financial health, and compromise more than just our freedom of speech.

Directed by: Marc Meillassoux

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literally why
3 months ago

its not good, most of it is in German, and it honestly just edgy cut scenes at a dinner table,

im trying to watch this for a high school assignment, and i watched it like 3 times and still have NO IDEA what i learned from this video, believe me I WAS paying attention

Peter Hill
3 years ago

some people need to be spied on .

Izzy Kidding
4 years ago

i can't do it anymore. 15 minutes in and i'm done. It's a great subject but this is just a terribly executed documentary. Way too much awkward padding.

Izzy Kidding
4 years ago

It's got a lower score probably for the same reason i don't like it. i don't wanna watch a bunch of jerk offs just hanging out at dinner parties and dumb stuff like that. Get to the facts.

4 years ago

This is fantasic. It deserves to have a much higher rating that this.

4 years ago

why such a low score I wonder...I must watch to find out....

Martin Hedington
4 years ago

Now that was some scary sh*t

4 years ago

...why such a low score I wonder...I must watch to find out....

4 years ago

"bomb death target attack detonate casualties chemical gas damage kill jihad fire terror weapon explosion

Greetings, government snoop. Now that I have your attention (which was my purpose in including the terms above), I have a message that you should definitely spy on, monitor, review, analyze and pass on up your chain of command.

If your goal is to serve the interests of your political masters, then you are right to spy on me, because I am an enemy of the state. However, this is not because I want power for myself, or because I have any desire to harm, victimize, or dominate anyone. Quite the opposite. I am an enemy of the state because the state is always the enemy of peace, freedom and justice. Always.

It must have occurred to you by now how creepy it is that you get paid to monitor, and maybe even control and suppress, people who OPPOSE tyrannical authoritarian power—who OPPOSE the initiation of violence in principle. After all, who would have reason to be scared of people who want all human interaction to be VOLUNTARY, peaceful, and by mutual consent? (Yes, that is what actual anarchists believe.) Who would view as an enemy someone who believes that force should never be used to COMMIT aggression, but should only be used to defend AGAINST aggression?

If you thought your job was to find and spy on the bad guys, then stop reading this message and look in a mirror. You are one of the bad guys. Now, that might just be the result of your good but misguided intentions, and no doubt the people above you are a hell of a lot worse than you. But you are still, right now, acting as their pawn, their accomplice.

How much “patriotic” bullshit did they need to feed you, how much nationalistic rhetoric and how much fear-mongering was needed to dupe you into being their unthinking hound dog, or maybe attack dog? Did they convince you that authoritarian power is actually good for society, and that massive government power and surveillance is necessary in order to maintain “law and order”? Maybe they even convinced you that this Orwellian crap is being done for the sake of freedom. Were you stupid enough to believe that?

They probably also warned you to watch out for anti-government “propaganda,” which might even sound convincing. But I’m sure they made it clear to you that the last thing you, as the state’s mindless little bitch, should ever do, is think for yourself. No, just follow orders, do as you’re told, and get a pat on the head from the evil bastards you work for.

Ironically, at least some of the people you are now spying on want YOU to be free, just as much as we want freedom for ourselves. We recognize that YOU own yourself, that no one should initiate violence against YOU, that no one should rule YOU. Have your handlers made you into so loyal a slave that you will still spend day after day trying to surveil and undermine people who want YOU to be FREE? How pathetic and impotent must you be that you will continue to act as a pawn for people who view you as their disposable property, while helping them try to demonize, intimidate, harass and silence people who view you as a self-owning, valuable human being who should be FREE? (If you are baffled and confused at this point, take a few minutes to research and read up on the term “voluntaryism.”)

If your trainers and handlers left you with any balls at all, the least you should do is show this message to your fellow snoops, and even better, to your bosses. You see, those of us who condone peace and freedom don’t need to sneak around, don’t need to spy on others, don’t need to practice deception, censorship, manipulation and terrorism. We leave such cowardly, immoral methods to agents of the state. Like you.

We just say what we think. We openly and honestly advocate genuine justice, genuine peace and genuine freedom. And we understand that government and political authority are always the enemy of those things. Again, that is why we are enemies of the state. So you can either keep being a useful idiot for some of the most corrupt, power-happy psychos on the planet, or you can quit your job as snoop for political sociopaths and join the human race. Your choice."

– Larken Rose

4 years ago

Too old for a ticket on the genetic ark saving the race so what.

4 years ago

Its already happening in China, they have the social credit system.Look on you tube to find out more