NOVA: The Film

NOVA: The Film

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NOVA: The FilmNOVA: The Film is a documentary film directed by Isaac Niemand and the byproduct of a collaboration between ROJO and BossaNovaFilms.

The film brings together several insights from the participants from Nova Contemporary Culture which took place in the summer of July and August 2010, in MIS-Museum of Image and Sound, and SESC Pompeia, in São Paulo, Brazil. It is an inspiring DIY documentary film on new art and the young artists behind it.

This is a new kind of creative event, open to public, presenting live collaborated work in progress processes by more than 100 selected artists from around the world, featuring live art, music & audiovisuals; performances, video screenings, round tables, workshops and many unpredictable social consequences. Only for the happy, the gifted, the curious and the open minded.

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  1. john ledbury

    dear heavens this channel needs a fast forward button, this is self indulgent twaddle

  2. Sonny Corbi

    Perplexing - Mental Master Bation. - I’m not judging, I’m responding. - First impression. What eye witnessed is not good - is not bad - it just is - Mass movement - profound implications

  3. David Quiles Guilló

    Good to watch it again. So many good moments and ideas... Timeless. Happy to be part of it. :)

  4. Terry Beaton

    One definition of Art is 'to create an impression that causes the viewer to contemplate the subject in a deeper, or more novel way'. There works of Art that don't conform to that discription but I think that's a good one.

  5. Kyle Zeiszler

    simply amazing documentary

  6. Guest

    Did you notice how many people used blue in their art? Was definitively the most popular colour in this doc.

    1. Pysmythe

      They're all copying Pablo, those HACKS!
      ( ! another 6 words... lol.)

    2. Guest

      I count seven without the '

      Pablo, and Dali...two painters (not counting Miro) who lived around the same time, from the same area, who let the art control their entire life.

    3. dewflirt

      Why not subvert the topic, tease the philosophy of art and paint it over with science,
      Colours are light :)
      Universal constant in photonic ocular reciprocation,
      Or maybe just - blue is easy on the eye ;)

    4. AntiTheist666

      “L’art pour L’art”

      Forget Phil and Sci. What do they know? Let’s have it defined in OBJECTIVE, EMOTIVE and HUMANE terms.

      “L’art pour L’art”

      The Sparkle of Humanity?

      I have 6 words that seem extra pertinent on this thread. Especially for Artists with Passion.

      The Objective One

    5. dewflirt

      Objective and emotive? Mutually exclusive. Sorry, can't do it :) anyway, if you start to value art too highly it becomes a commodity and is not then art. Just a product for sale. Like hookers. Fun, but less fun every time. You can't buy love, or own it. If you can't lose it you can't appreciate it fully. Art should have a life and a death, no room for new stuff with all the old stuff cluttering the walls of galleries and the minds of young artists. There's no art future in art history, it tows you under like a pair of soggy trainers ;)

    6. AntiTheist666


      I need to spake to a few other Venusian Artistés before I can even understand your post? What sort of Artful Codger Language is that? I did just about manage to comprehend the soggy trainers bit....Pheweeeee.

      What is at the Leading Edge of Contemporary Art? Where is AT today? Soggy Trainers? Holding you back? Do you mean like the way Tracy Emin’s soggy, skanky unmade bed held her back?

      Objective, pwah, you know not the meaning of the wrod!

      The Modern One

  7. Guest

    you got your name back...bravo!
    What are your six words to describe “L’art pour L’art”?

    1. Pysmythe

      See above. :)

    2. Pysmythe

      Not really sure how philosophical that is, though... But it does seem to touch on Ethics a little bit, if I'm not mistaken.

  8. Matt Kukowski

    I loved the music and circles/rings effect they shows... awesome.

  9. chard01

    is it just me or do these artists seem happy blissfully so. seemingly all it takes is string, gaffer tape,emulsion paint, nails planks scaffolding and music we should make all make art even bad art is good if you appreciate it and you dont to take it home unless it is your own home.

  10. wald0

    Come on guys, please at least make some general comment about the doc and how it was. I value you guy's opinions and use them to get an idea of what to watch and what to skip. I am not crazy about arrt documentaries usually but, what the he11. Its raining out so nothing to do anyway. I get one day off work this month and it's raining- does anybody have managements number? I want to lodge a formal complaint. But hey, that's what TDF is for right- lets watch some documentaries!!!

    1. Achems_Razor


      I hear you, and you are right! Any more chit-chat off topic posts will be deleted.

    2. Guest

      My first comment is about the doc and this comment is to say...Yes watch it, it's great art.

    3. AntiTheist666

      Contemporary and Modern Art.

      Anyone who enjoyed this doc should also checkout – This is Modern Art here at TDF. It’s FAB!

      @Az & All

      ”L’art pour L’art”

      How would you interpret this in a Philosophical sense? In one short sentence please. I will be using no more than 6 words ;-)

      The Contemporary One

    4. Guest

      Sorry had to replace this one....
      "Keep digging as you progress upwards"
      do i keep the like?

    5. Guest

      beauty, the elixir of the mind
      blood, the juice of the mind

    6. Guest

      waiting for your 6 words.

    7. AntiTheist666


      Well I hope you keep the like. I thought your “Blood, Juice of the Mind“? was a great and ON topic? After all it’s a valid interpretation of “L’art pour L’art”. Art is our life Blood? I can’t give my answer just yet as AN ON TOPIC and WITHIN THE COMMENT POLICY post I made regarding freedom of expression in Contemporary Art has either been deleted or is moderation for some reason? I’ll wait and see for now. I will give my answer soon though.

      The Bohemian One

    8. AntiTheist666

      Contemporary Art?

      The bubbling creative cauldron that feeds new born artists daily. Those that feed hungrily and deeply will reinvent the past and the fewture.

      L’art pour L’art = Art for Art’s Sake = A Literal Translation.
      Art for Art’s Sake! Can it be any more important and pertinent than the development of Contemporary Art?
      Art for Art’s Sake? What does it really mean? We have had many fine contributions from a Few Posters. Viva L’art. Merci.

      Art for Art’s Sake for me is truism and a thing in itself philosophically. A while back I said I would give my definition of what “L’art pour L’art” meant, most especially to Passionate Artists that wish to express themselves freely.

      This is not my definition but it is. “L’art pour L’art” Means

      “Let Morality go to the Devil”

      No Prizes for guessing whose definition it really was?

      The Crucified One

    9. Guest

      Salvador Dali once said: Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.
      As for contemporary art...anything goes.

    10. Guest

      Let Morality go to the Devil....hum ....many people could have would have should have.

    11. Pysmythe

      Leaving the world a better place!

  11. Guest

    Watching here, there is no way to know how long this doc is.
    I found out....74 minutes
    A lot of tape, squares and triangles, some of it almost seem connected, a lot of good interesting stuff.
    Not done yet...not sure where i am in it...some where towards the end.

  12. dmxi

    ²as the brain learnt to fart.......'it' created 'art' !²

    1. Guest

      from the dart of a tart in a kart right from the start.

    2. dmxi

      ...& so my heart falls apart & i can't buy a new one from wal-mart.
      i wish i were so smart...but i'm just a typical bastar't' .