Nubia: The Forgotten Kingdom

Nubia: The Forgotten Kingdom

2003, History  -   65 Comments
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Nubia: The Forgotten KingdomOnce a powerful, sprawling presence in Northern Africa, the ancient kingdom of Nubia now lies buried beneath mounds of red brick rubble in the Sudan.

Forgotten by history and largely neglected by archaeology, its cities have lain buried for centuries, harboring priceless secrets of a civilization that once rivaled Egypt.

Join world-renowned archaeologists Julie Andersen and Salah Ahmed as they unearth Dangeil - a thriving Nubian city that once sat at the juncture of several prominent trade routes.

While excavating a massive temple to the god Amun, the team makes a surprising discovery that could solve the mystery of why the city was abandoned.

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65 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Eric

    Nubia has always fascinated me , a wonderful civilisation.

  2. regressiveleftist

    Some poster above commented about how whites are obsessed with proving ancient Egyptians were white. Really? Most whites I know could really care less.
    What I find humorous is how your ilk screams that ancient Egyptians were black, ancient Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Aztecs, etc according to you were all black.
    Even if they were, most whites (99%) could really care less. So what's the point?

  3. Ngalu Kaluka

    Am a Nubian from Nuba mountains in Sudan, I am so proud for this article and the videos. It's true that Nubian kingdom was the strongest kingdom in Africa, it only collapse after egyptians and Arabs invaded Sudan from the north Sudan and after a heavy resistance from Nuba people collapse and also due colonization of Sudan by the Britians that Nubians were displaced from their ancient kingdom to their current regions which is Nuba mountains. Though Egypt had a kingdom it can less be compared to Nubian kingdom. A dream of restoring Nubian kingdom will soon be realized. PROUD TO BE A NUBIAN AND AN AFRICAN.

  4. Dank Raven

    Why is the quality so bad on this? Having tough time getting interested when everything has a very pixelated look :(

  5. Steve the workers advocate

    Civilization goes back 200 million years they have found clay pots
    and human bones that date to 200 million years ago. The scientific community will not except facts that make them or their idols look like fools. Check out " The Origins of Man" on you tube with Charlton Heston. Milton they were all colors black brown lighter, the big thing people never realize was Ethiopia was as tough as Egypt, they have monuments in Egypt that tell how they pushed back the Ethiopian armies, Ethiopia has the Ark of the Covenant in one of it's churches.
    All the Churches in Ethiopia have what they say is the real Ark of the Covenant. No Joke, Ethiopia has a great history.

  6. Milton G. Wiggins III

    Let's get this out there. The charade is over, you fooled us ha, ha but the jokes on you. The original Egyptians are black (Gee Surprise, I'd have never guess, blacks in all parts of Africa?) Just like the original Hebrews (Now called African Americans among other Afro-names during the transatlantic slavery) ((I can hear the butts puckering now)) are. Once all this stuff gets out to mainstream and they see that what has been said for at least 100 years is actually true and people become smart enough to connect the dots, there will be many difficult questions answered and more asked. Stuff like this among other things are secrets of the elites so certain groups of people stay in power. Read your Bible, read about history from legitimate sources and review archeological findings and you will see yourself that what has been told is not true.

    1. Shen Terrell


  7. ALEE

    honestly, the comments really ruin any enjoyment you could have of this video. a documentary should be watched without bias so you can actually learn something - if you go in with a solidified opinion, what's the point in watching? so many documentaries i have passed by based on a peer review system because people can't keep their personal thoughts separate from intellectual.

    i personally loved that i came to this documentary to learn about an ancient african city & subsequent culture and the very first comment is calling "white people" "psychopaths". what does this have to do with the quality of the video posted? if an anglo-saxon came across this; would this comment make them want to learn more about a continent occupied by mostly dark skinned people or turn them completely off from opening their mind because they were already judged & lumped together based on a couple of comments on the internet.

    even if only 80% of this documentary is true; the _images_ of them excavating & handling the area are absolutely true. and very few of us actually have a chance to see these areas in our life - i think it's sad to be insulted & berated upon just opening the page for wanting to know more about a certain topic.

  8. Patrick Smith

    The first form of long distance communication other then smoke was the Rock Gong. I love it.

  9. Orla Conway

    I can't even watch it because it's somehow not working. I click the play button and nothing happens, and this only happens with the google videos not with the youtube videos. what is the deal?

  10. Your friend in science

    Nobody can say, with any certainty, what color or race people were 5-10,000 years ago. For that matter, the scientific evidence is scant, but accepted because the authority of experts and past scholars is accepted by the ignorant, who wish to have their own views reinforced. Peace be with all of you.

    1. badebunmi4

      you can actually. every ethnic group has different skeletons. Caucasians have wider flatter foreheads and other characteristics. although many scholars and archeologists are in fact very euro-centric, after all Egyptians were black Africans, as were the Moors and Berbers. Africa was and is the birth place of civilisation. If it wasn't for colonisation and the subsequent racism that followed Africa would still be at the center of the international political economy, but for the right reasons

    2. Gondar79

      Egyptians were black Africans? F*** all the countless relief carvings and frescoes they left!, just like that, right? Oh no wait, must have been the same white Euro-centric fellas that made the Rosetta stone on Napoleon's payroll, painting and carving away like there was no tomorrow.And the Moors and Berbers? really? what the f*** happened then, did they all got paler by wearing those tunics and turbans, lack of sun? huh?... Wow...what about Mongolians?? were they black Africans too?... You seem to be willingly ignoring how much of a natural barrier the Sahara desert is in contrast to how much of a nexus the Mediterranean sea is. The only feasible route for migrations of people from Sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean in that period of history would be by following the course of the Nile. I hope you will find out in time how outrageously "Sub-Saharan-centric" your statement is... *eyeroll*

  11. Eniki520

    docs down

  12. Alex Yedomakha

    Its interesting but i am sorry the thing that just made me go insane was the fact that she found a piece of rock and went , yes this was a weapon ... i am sorry ANYTHING could have been a weapon and could have been able to smash up a sandstone statue to bits ... it just annoys me how they dont think outside the box...

  13. TheAfricanKid

    ancient Egyptians were black? Most ignorant i***** think of ape like features everyone in african is black Egyptians looked like the people of axum Sudan,and somalia some may have been mixed but their features stay the same. the oldest human remains were found in Ethiopia the features of the remains look exactly like the people of the horn.

  14. susan

    I am nubian :D sudanese <3

  15. Gareth Sidwell

    Fascinating stuff!

    1. knowledgeizpower

      Yes I agree it was fascinating lol..

  16. John Cury

    If they weren’t killing each other in a perpetual civil war for the last 50 years maybe more excavations could have been done.

  17. lightbearer

    They flirt with the idea of the great knowledge of what is now called Egypt, belonging to black/melanted people, this is info that has to be fed to the public slowly. For if they gave truth all at once, the masses would be overwhelmed, and the white supremacy that comforts so many would be scathed. Let's start at least know they were not white, ok children? Nubia HAD to be one LIVE ass place though! lol

  18. ObamaATL

    Why are white people so obsessed with proving to others that Egyptians were not black? Even though there is overwhelming evidence proving that they were without ARGUMENT. I'm really starting to think white people are some kind of psychopaths....I mean, I could understand a person of Arab descent arguing whether or not the Egyptians were black. But why are white people so concerned with us? It truly makes no sense...I'm telling you these psychopaths (white people) are obsessed with black people...

    1. jumpsx14

      bro the egyptians werent black (im white btw but thats irrelevant). why would the ancient egyptians be black but the egyptians of today not be? that makes no god damn sense. egypt is situated between genetically black areas of the world and the middle east, they are the link between the two, so they are a mix. they were not black. i dont think thsi becuase im white and i want to feel better than everybody else cuz im self concious that i cant get sun burnt, i know this becuase its the only thing that makes any type of sense. on a not completely unrelated note, it think black people can exhibit something reminiscent of an inferiority complex at times. i mean obviously becuase of the centuries of subjugation and slavery its compeltely justified, it just when i hear a black person say stuff like u did, i cant help but feeling your being a little paranoid. if u took what i just said offensivly, my bad, i didnt intend it to be that way, its just difficult when white people talk about race xD we do have a bad reputation for that stuff *cough cough germany cough cough*

    2. Huh What

      You sound like an ***** the Americans were Native American many years ago however; now when ppl think of an American they usually think of a white person...why because white ppl are the majority now and stole America from the Native Americans ...even though they are not the original ppl of the past for America (white ppl). So your comment about the way modern day Egyptians look is absolutely null and void. Egypt is in Africa, therefore while it appears to be a mix of ppl now in the modern age the ancient Egyptians were black!Because of travel, mixing, migration, politics, etc...the majority of ppl in a region can look completely different than the original ppl of that region so don't try to act like things don't change and that's why Egyptians couldn't have been black because that's a weak argument. I pray that you read a book and stop being educated by what you wish was true..please it's pitiful to try and stake a claim over something that obviously by show of mere common sense doesn't belong to white really sound like a racist in denial're being very stereo-typical just thought I'd let you know

    3. Michael Ben-elohim

      The term middle east was created by white european former colonies now neo colonies, with individuals now worshiped like cecil rhodes they split Afrika up, thats why they have control of afrikan economies they never left or gave the resources they pillaged back now afrika starves people forgot what happened in the past and blame the richest continent on the planet for being poor when the weakest enslaved them and never gave the people back full control of their future, mind you afrikans were civilized before a european came out of the caves

    4. english100

      you sound jealous, the truth we europeans have been sealing for centuries in the name of racism is coming out, we don't want to admit that africans historical legacy because we do not have anything compared to what they have achieved does not mean we should deny them their history, after all we all come from the african family, so what is the big deal in admitting the truth? africans build ancient egypt, sudan, ethiopia and the rest... i think we also have greece and the like... why the need to distort others history, time to concentrate home and live africans alone, the distortion is enough please please!!!!

    5. Sonia M

      why do caucasians only want to be friendly and loving when it's convenient. if u are a shamed, u should be and it actually makes a person more humble and more human than the rest! but of course u cant just expect us to like u on command eventho we dont really have the time to hate u. and no we r not jealous, we r just human so we cant just forget.

    6. daggy_rebel

      u might b right about the egyptians being mixed. but a lot of evidence suggests the egyptian empire was BEGUN by blacks and highly influenced by kush and nubia. Evidence has been found about kushite dynasty tomb that predates the earliest same thing found in egypt (forgive my english). the current egyptians are obviously a mix of blacks, arabs , caucasians and more... dont forget we are talking about history over five thousand years i dont think the argument that ancient ones should have looked like today's egyptians is strong. ur right about some blacks feeling inferior sometimes...thats because we have not seen anything good come out of africa for like the past 5 centuries.. and we find it hard to understand our once glorious past..

    7. Eniki520

      the same way ancient americans were brown, people move around for all kinds of reasons, like war and climate change.

    8. Truthseeker420

      ATL = Above the Law?

    9. WallyWally

      It's not obsessed. It's just refuting bull****. It takes all of 2 seconds. Nobody's saying Egyptians were *Europeans*, that's an oxymoron. But obviously they were a *caucasoid race* of people, just like modern egyptians, as evidenced by their numerous physical remains and artistic renderings. Why are blacks so obsessed with trying to claim EVERYONE ELSE'S HISTORY AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS as their own, from Europeans to Arabs to central Asians to native americans. Oh, wait, could it be because you never accomplished or invented anything in the world, and didn't even have written language until European colonization of sub-saharan africa, so you have to make **** up to make yourselves feel better haha?

    10. galatian

      The inventions and achievements that shaped the world are well known and specifically attributed to the names of those responsible for them. In other words, the law of gravity was not discovered by "A White Man" but Isaac Newton. Thus 99.91/2% of the White race did not invent or discover or explore or achieve or accomplish anything more than 99,91/2 of the Arabs or Asians or Native Americans or Hispanics or Hebrews, etc. We all need to seriously get over ourselves. Period.

    11. Milton G. Wiggins III

      Ah young Jedi. A 2 year old answer but nonetheless it's the answer you seek. Because it proves that if the Original Egyptians are Black (THEY ARE), then that would mean the original Hebrews are black (WE ARE) and then, that would make someone a *&%%%(% liar. A someone with a history or persecution. And a some perpetrating a big piece of the puzzle for one of the biggest lies ever told. The identity of our people, so called African-Americans, Who we really are, and where we're really from, Which the Bible and ancient documents and archeological findings verify which would also means, that yes, once again, the Bible is correct. (Mainstream media would just love that...not) Anyway, I know that's alot of info if you're just hearing it but it's true. Do your research. Many know but many don't. Shalom

  19. Murad

    Iam Nubian proud to be from,Wadi Halfa

  20. Murad

    I am Nubian and i am proud to be,all these comments about my civilization are very useful things,Murad

  21. Mahmoud Farrag Farrag

    realy great work show us the nuhia history thanks for u

  22. keepsakes

    As soon as the comemtators stated that the nubians were "Africans" in order to deferentiate them from Egyptians i knew couldnt watch this documentary any longer. In case the commentator doesnt know this, but egyptians were and are Africans too. Perhaps he was more specifically hoping to stress the ridiculous point that Egyptians were "not" black Africans , a claim which i do not happen to accept due to the overwhelming evidence that proves quite the contrary. All people of acient african history were black africans except for the time when eygpt was invavded by arabs much later.

    1. Elfu

      Oi, he was the narrator was referring to this: through "African" peoples one understands that it is referred to the native black peoples of Africa. Egyptians, on the other hands, are Semitic (like Arabs) and they have arrived in Northern Africa some time later after a venture further into Asia (although, yes, before recorded history). Don't blame the narrator for using this terminology, blame social-linguists, ethnologists and the guys who coined this terminology in the first place; for all inherent purposes, the narrator was using the correct demonyms. Well, actually, to be fair these categorizations refer more to cultures and languages, but those two pretty much define a civilization.

      tldr; As Egyptians, Jews, Babylonians, Akkadians etcaetera are called Semitic Peoples, Nubians, Kenyans, Somali, Zulu, Nigerians and all other non Semitic non European peoples of Africa are called "African Peoples".

      Onbtw, Egyptians were not black. Ancient Egyptians' lineage is traced to the currently quite-alive Coptic People who happen to be quite fair-skinned. To further prove my point, a quick google on your sides about what the Ancient Egyptians wrote about the Nubians on their encounters shows that the Egyptians themselves noted that the Nubians' skins were black. I would fail to see why someone who is black-skinned would take it out of their time to write down that the folks they've encountered were also black-skinned given that it wasn't exactly all that easy to write back in those days.


    2. Eruditus_Rex

      You should look up the Sphinx, built by the pharaoh Khafre, look at his features and tell me what race you think he is. If you are able to recognize the facial characteristics of certain races and use those to speculate on one's origins, then certainly there is no denying that Khafre is black.

      Drink up

    3. Taharqa_Conqueror_of_KMT

      "Onbtw, Egyptians were not black ... To further prove my point, a quick google on your sides about what the Ancient Egyptians wrote about the Nubians on their encounters shows that the Egyptians themselves noted that the Nubians' skins were black."


      how about this: Tassitus said " they deemed it indeed a duty to cover their altars with the blood of captives and to consult their deities through human entrails"

      So from your argument above are you suggesting that based on TACITUS comments, the Britons where not white?!?!?

      your sense of reasoning DEFIES logic dude!!!

      this is what the EGYPTIANS said about themselves on the PAPYRUS of HUNEFER translated by Sir E. A. Wallace Budge who translated all of the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Hunifer.

      "We came from the beginning of the Nile where God Hapi dwells, at the foothills of The Mountains of the Moon."

      SO ANSWER BELOW!!!!!
      Where is "the beginning of the Nile?"
      Where is the farthest point of the beginning of the Nile?!?

      when you make clueless statements like the one above BACK it up with credible sources and don't just asume STUFF!!!!!!!

    4. Abubakr Rono

      The beggining of the Nile is Lake Victoria since your such a fan of google ask it image of first egyptian pharaoh then answer the question Why then did all pharoah after being swarn in go for pilgrimage to the land of punt which they say is their ancestral homeland modern day SOMALIA Why are the vast majority of pyramids in NUBIA modern north sudan and why are the oldest pyramids there answer they were built by blacks designed by blacks because civilization in began with blacks the further you look back in history the blacker it gets figuratively, literally, and globally

    5. hadihood

      Lol my man you just read us some history from 700ad when the romans ruled egypt. You need to go back further learn your history!

    6. Elfu

      Okay, I see your point.

    7. Girma_da_arziki

      The ancient Egyptian language was an Afro-Asiatic language, belonging to the Egyptian branch. It was distinct from the Semitic branch, which is ALSO a branch of the Afro-Asiatic languages.

      Furthermore, most Afro-Asiatic languages are present in black Africa (the most spoken being Hausa, spoken from Nigeria to the Sudan). Somali and Cushitic languages share the closest linguistic links with ancient Egyptian. This means that most Afro-Asiatic speakers outside Africa are, in part, descendants of their African neighbors.

      There are different definitions of black. Before whites came to Africa, a toffee-brown skinned Fulani or Tuareg would consider his very dark-skinned Songhai neighbors to be "black" and himself to be "red" or "brown" (as the Egyptians once did between themselves and the Nubians), while from a white European/Arab perspective, both groups were put under the umbrella term of "black/aswad".

      Egypt was colonized and pillaged by Greeks, Romans, Berbers, Arabs and Turks. It is obvious that the original Egyptian brown-skinned African people (proven by the Afro-hair they had depicted in their art and from mummified remains, and their actual skin color depicted as being not dark nubian but not white like a berber or hittite) would have been intermixed with white conquerors over the centuries creating the white-skinned mestizo-like population today. This is very similar to what had happened in Latin America with the Spanish and Portuguese.

      Marry a black man (light or dark skinned) to a Greek or Arab woman and you will see his children lighten in color and have hybrid features. Repeat this process over a period of nearly 2000 years and you will have a result similar to the modern population of Copts in modern Egypt today.

  23. Anugrah

    A very well made documentary. The well placed music and narration makes it that much more fascinating!
    great job!
    I simply loved watching it and i was also able to learn so much at the same time. As a film student myself, i look forward to making such great documentaries myself in the future :)

  24. romeo

    What is the meaning of the name Egypt? Was or is Egypt in Africa? was or is what you call Nubia in Africa? were ancient egyptians black or white? What race were the people of Nubia? Is it a problem to admit that ancient Egyptians were not anly africans but NEGROES meaning what people call: BLACKS?

  25. Namaa

    This region wasn't always the desert it is now. At Nubian times it was all green, the scattered locations of the monuments indicate that movements between one site to another was not as difficult as it is now. The Nubians,who were a strong empire had a choice of locations, if the land was as harsh as it is now, they would not have stayed where they are.

    I repeat the comment from above, Egypt and Nubia are both black civilizations and so were the early Greeks, man started life in Africa, therefore we are all African, so no need for all this bickering we are all relatives on one another and all from African decent.

    I am not sure whether the civilization was destroyed by an invasion or as result of desertification. Perhaps it might have been the Nubians who destroyed their temples as they moved North/ South/ East and West of the Sudan.

  26. Omaima

    It's just a drop of the iceberg talks about the history of the Nubian civilization

  27. alex



    STOP THE LIE...,

    1. Shen Terrell


  28. Rocky

    thank you for this website to who ever runs and owns it.

  29. phil atio

    @tarhaqa, yes the focus of classical civilization in universities is on greek and romans but that is how european historians define classical. Most prestegious universities also have african studies as well, I know harvard does. I guess classical refers to Greeks because the romans basically copied greek civilization and much of its culture so that is why it is classical. Minoians are completly left out and so is most of europe.

    I also agree that most of the books in university about africa are incredibly anti african for lack of a better word. They describe Africa from the perspective of 18th-19th century white people who held obviously racist views as everyone back then was racist in europe/america/ historical academia.

    I am impressed by all the things you are saying because I'm open minded and had no clue you can continue if you want, I find it interesting.

    Of course european scholars are not going to focus on Africa because they are european, they have racial or they would say national biases to study their own countries

  30. Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt)

    @ Kebra Negusa
    Oh and that's why the Moor known as "OTHELLO" the main character portrayed in Shakespeare's "OTHELLO" was portrayed by an African as well...LoL... Oh I mean the main character (Sir Laurence Olivier) played Othello in a black face.....LoooL. They could not have a real African character for that role unfortunately due to racism so they colored him black. Really black...LoL!!
    In fact the first Hollywood movie "OTHELLO" surprisingly depicted him in his true nature as well. I think the main character was Lawrence Fishburne.
    Now I don't think that's a mere coincidence since Sir Laurence Olivier was colored black representing a moor as well as Sidney Poitier in " The Long Ships "...LoL
    Now according to the mandinke manuscripts now found in TIMBUKTU which were hidden from the invading Moroccans, it is said that most of the noble men and high officials during the Moorish invasion of Spain came from the Ghana Empire which later was conquered by the Mali Empire.

    Oh and by the way the manuscripts now re-emerging in TIMBUKTU from descendants of the Mali Empire who hid them deep in the sand from the Moroccans will take at least 50 - 75 years until we decipher all the information found within.

    True Knowledge and not Aryan Model based Knowledge is power my friend!!!

  31. Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt)

    @ Kebra Negusa
    Let me set the record straight my friend!!!
    You said you are descendant of the African race. You are right!!!
    The Human race or African race PERIOD...LoL
    Now other GROUPS genetically developed by migrating out of Africa.

    Now you said " I believe Europe could not have pasted into it’s awakening periods (Greeks- egyptian/Kemet:Dark Ages- The Moors of southern Spain) without the Dark Man and all of his simplifications of lifes orders." Now I don't exactly know what you meant by that but all I know is that the moors where a mixture of two groups of people(Africans and Arabs PERIOD who had numerous WHITE slaves.
    To my greatest surprise, I believe Al Mansur the most popular and heroic MOOR figure was portrayed in his NATURAL STATE in a Hollywood movie called " The Long Ships " produced in 1964. The main character AL Mansur was played by Sidney Poitier, an African by the way. Now the rest of the plot was totally jacked up and distorted, but they at least represented him rightfully in his true nature...LoL
    Enough said

  32. Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt)

    @ phil ation

    well I think what Fellgium meant to say is there is not enough attention given to quintessential or classical African History. Most of the stuff you learn in school or in "Prestigious Universities" about Africa are straight from GOOGLE. You would always hear something like "Neolithical to Classical Period" regarding Greece or Rome.
    I wonder sometimes what's so classic about that period that other civilizations did not have. In most University history departments you will see that only Rome and Greece will feature in the classics department.
    Now IMO most history books about Africa especially in the U.S. and Europe need to be BANNED because they not only are very limited in true knowledge but are usually biased and neglect important aspects such as the science, medicine and cosmology.
    Most Classical West African civilizations like the DOGON empire had mastered astronomy and had a present day calender long before Greece or Rome.
    East African civilisations like the KILWA where the first to have mastered Iron smelting technology using one stage process, burning less fuel.
    The Mali Empire was performing eye cataract surgery long before the rest of the world caught on.
    The Banyoro surgeons in Kenya (east Africa) were performing the cesarean surgery perfectly and successfully long time before the Europeans. These afrikans had developed their own anesthetics and their own antiseptics.
    The actual knife used in one of the caesarian operation witnessed for the first time by Dr. R. W. Fellkini was presented to the late Sir Henry Wellcome and is now in the
    Wellcome Historical Medical Museum.
    The Nubians (Ancient Sudan) had mastered the art of perfecting gold artifacts which were highly regarded and purchased by the Northern Africans of Kemet (Ancient Egypt).
    The list goes on and on and on. If I were to go in detail about that I could be writing for years!!!!!!!
    They say Africa has no written history...LoL now that is absolutely ridiculous...People got to remember that when Rome conquered the British around 40s AD the natives from theses lands couldn't read or write.
    The British had no ancient script at all!!!!
    The Dutch had no ancient script.
    The GERMANS had no script.
    The French had no script.
    The only Europeans with any known script were the Celtic script, the Russian script, the Roman script and the Early Phoenicians' script. The rest were illiterate.
    Africa had long time developed the Mande script, Vah script, Farca script, Akan script, Ge'ez script(Ethiopic).
    Meroitic script, originated at qustul at the edge of the sudan at least 200 years before the 1st Egyptian Dynasty. Now isn't that something...But based on the Aryan Model knowledge you will never hear this or if you do it will probably be reversed...LoL!!!
    Enough Said!!!

  33. Kebra Negusa

    Well. I am very pleased to look at this site and all of the videos presented. However, being a descendent of the African race; I am very proud to have this documentery out there. I am always amazed how the structure of life keeps African life down. The world is only worried about the victor's and rarely does truth come out about Mother Africa. I believe Europe could not have pasted into it's awakening periods (Greeks- egyptian/Kemet:Dark Ages- The Moors of southern Spain) without the Dark Man and all of his simplifications of lifes orders. Truth crushed to earth will raise again; Our people perish for a lack of knowledge. I once read; "The ultimate thing to withhold from someone; is not property or goods, but to withhold knowledge" This docu serves the greater good of all respectable parties. Reality must be realized by the makers of all life and technologies.

  34. phil ation

    I don't know what some people on this board are talking about. Unless you come from somewhere that neevr taught about ancient egypt then I have no clue how you can have no exposure to ancient african civilizations.
    @Fellgium dei
    "it almost seems as if African civs are systematically ignored or left unmentioned."
    I don't think that is true but I do notice that ancient egypt tends to overshadow other ancient african civilizations but for obvious reasons

  35. Atabey

    We need more documentary like this that shows the richness of humanity and its diversity. Thank you for bringing part of our history. I share the words of TRUTHSEEKER :Seems it would be in their best interest to maintain that the majority of Africa was (and is) uncivilized.
    Happy, Healthy and Truthful 2011!!


    Gee isn't it interesting how we never learned THIS from our European "historians". Seems it would be in their best interest to maintain that the majority of Africa was (and is) uncivilized. Damn dirty apes!!!
    Hey VLATKO thanks again for all the hard work you continue to invest in this site. I think I speak for a lot of us LIFERS when I say thank you and have a safe, happy New Year!

    1. Truthseeker420

      ME! (before DISQUS)

  37. MHTV

    Great documentary!

  38. MIchael22541

    Awesome! Thank you for posting.

  39. Jamol

    A fascinating ancient empire.


  40. chickenpants

    a m a z i n g

  41. Flagellum Dei

    Oooh! looking forward to this doc. Nubia/Axum are indeed largely forgotten or ignored. Indeed, it almost seems as if African civs are systematically ignored or left unmentioned. Great empires, such as Mali, were once some of the wealthiest and most powerful in the world.
    This has got to be one of the best websites out there. Kudos and keep up the good work!