Obama's Real Reason He Wants Your Guns

Obama's Real Reason He Wants Your Guns

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Christopher Greene examines the "real reason" President Obama wants your guns and while doing that he explicitly claims the following:

In many ways America seems to be making the same mistakes as Germany did prior to the outbreak of World War II. Since taking office in 2008, on the promise of hope and change, president Barak Obama has launched an aggressive assault on America's liberty.

He has armed America's enemies, violating his oath of office, by sending money and weapons of war to insurgents in Syria led by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

He has violated federal law by overseeing a cover-up surrounding attorney general Eric Holder's operation "Fast and Furious", in the running of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

He has lied to the American people by overseeing a cover-up of the September 11 Benghazi terror attack in Libya which led directly to the deaths of four American citizens.

He has bypassed Congress using executive order prior to the attack on Libya, insisting that congressional approval was not necessary.

He has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which includes provisions to permit the abduction and military detention without trial of all US citizens, violating "Habeas corpus" - the right to a fair trial.

And on January 16th 2013, surrounded by children, he has signed twenty three different executive orders for broader gun control in the United States.

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11 months ago

Could not care. It would upset others who use them for hunting, but that is it. I would rather dedicate myself to education than worry about these issues. I read articles everyday about amazing scientists that do things that I can not. More important issue for me is how do I become like them.

Joe Wong
1 year ago

When Obama said Chinese could not have modern life like the American, we know he is a 'god-fearing' morally defunct evil 'hypocrite'.

1 year ago

Simple. A purported quote from Socialist/Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler-"To conquer a nation, you must first disarm its citizens."

2 years ago

So did he take your guns you m*rons?

2 years ago

I will never trust the communist/democratic party to protect the USA citizen.

Stacy Flit
3 years ago

This is a convoluted mess from someone who does not understand the Constitution or states rights.
Ensure your county sheriff understand he was elected to protect the counties citizens as they enforce laws and the police or federal law enforcement has no jurisdiction or power over or above the sheriff.
You will never see military on your street and if so then shoot to kill. Tyrants have no authority over you.

4 years ago

This is total Right wing political propaganda bull-crap that is meant to scare those Fox news watchers (i.e. idiots) to believe that the Democrats are the enemy, when it is the Republikkkans that are conspiring with other nations like Russia to bring down the American democracy.

Bojack H-Man
4 years ago

Number of guns I own-5. Number Obama took? Zero, 0. Zero, the same number Bill Clinton took. Every time a Dem gets elected, out come the big bad scary 'gonna take my guns' conspirators. Another delusional paranoid NRA Trump-loving idiot!

4 years ago

If you raise arms against a prevalent power...with a capability to destroy others (real or imaginary threats). You are either a terrorist or a democrat. It all depends on whether America is defending or attacking at the time. What your aims are and who you call God. Otherwise

5 years ago

ebola-bama un d-suckers can try to take what is mine...

5 years ago

This is not worth to have a title of a documentary....and if you think it does then its a damn shame how low that standard has fallen. More guns is not a solution to gun violence...you know what is? Wolves....releasing wolves.

5 years ago

In order to control so called gun violence, every person and entity must be gun free, from police officer to security officer. The military should be weapon free also, since we're seeking peace. Let's see how long America will exsist.

5 years ago

More people are killed with knives in the United States of America than guns in fact for every one person killed with a gun 4 peopl are killed with knives in the United States. More people were killed with bare hands then guns in the United States. There are close to 400 million guns in the United States America. There is less than 10,000 gun related deaths every year . But to put a better analogy to it. For people who want to ban guns why not ban cars because 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year. And yes, in case of home invasion you point a gun at someone and they're going to stop and if they don't stop, shoot them! When talking to a cop friend of mine he's pulled his gun thousands of times and people stop they listen. He's never had to shoot anyone, but he has definitely disarmed, arrested, saved lives of hundreds of people using a gun. Half a million people died of drug overdoses every year many of which were prescribed by doctors and considered accidental death are you going to ban all drugs, all medicine. Half a million people die of cancer every year related to tobacco products, my point is people die some for circumstances beyond their control. Again there are 400 million guns in the United States probably more. There are millions of registered gun owners. With crazy gun control logic like this, if all guns were bad there wouldn't be any one in America, we would all be dead. Do not punish the responsible upstanding citizens of the United States because of the mentally ill. It is not the guns that kill people, people kill people. When seconds matter law enforcement is only minutes away. If you want to stop or hinder mass shootings in schools pay for more law enforcement in the school. Make teachers go through weapons training and arm the teachers.

5 years ago

More people are killed with knives in the United States of America than guns in fact for every one person killed with a gun 4 peopl are killed with knives in the United States. More people were killed with bare hands then guns in the United States. There are close to 300 million guns in the United States America. But to put a better analogy to it. For people who want to ban guns why not ban cars because 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year. And yes, in case of home invasion you point a gun at someone and they're going to stop and if they don't you shoot them. When talking to a cop friend of mine he's pulled his gun thousands of times and people stop they listen. He's never had to shoot anyone but he has definitely disarmed, arrested, saved lives of hundreds of people using a gun. Half a million people died of drug overdoses every many of which were prescribed by doctors and considered accidental death are you going to ban all drugs, all medicine. Half a million people die of cancer every year related tobacco products, my point is people die for making stupid choices. Again there are 400 million guns in the United States probably more 270 million registered gun owners. With your logic if all guns were bad there wouldn't be any one in America, we would all be dead. Do not punish the responsible upstanding citizens of the United States because of the mentally ill. It is not the guns that kill people, people kill people.

urban dweller
5 years ago

Really? It's all President Obama? Really? Not the mass shootings mostly among white students?

mike m
5 years ago

so.......obama took yer guns, huh?

6 years ago

How did that work out with Obama getting all the guns?

6 years ago

Just a note the right to bear arms was put into writing to protect we the people in case of tyranny. That right ain't goin anywhere kids, not off the books and not out of our lives. I for one feel assured and safe having such a right.

6 years ago

Your all a bunch of idiots . May no man rule over me to the extent that I have no control over my destiny , or the safety of my loved ones . You come at me , you die . Hurt mine , you die . You don't like it , shut up and don't call for help when it's you on the chopping block . Live your life , and leave me alone . SIMPLE !!

code poet
6 years ago

If the gov't wants your guns there is nothing you can do about it. I know our egos and firepower may us think that there is. Ultimately it is gov't regulations that allow the guns to be made and sold in the market in the first place. For every weapon the allow us to buy they have a weapon to defeat that weapon.
If the gov't will let you buy the guns do you think they would sell you weapon that could unseat them? If your ego, excess testosterone and delusion makes you think you can you could fight the firepower the gov't has you are truly foolish and deserve whatever fate comes your way...

6 years ago

If the U.S an these other country's had not given all these country's all gun's an all the other weapon we wouldn't have middle east attacting all these country's you go into a country for war you take it over an keep it an you do not have an this mess they go into the country take it over then you built it back for them an years later they come back an attact us again years later if you people would read the the Bible you would see the middle east will not stop fighting till Jesus come's back but our great people in Washington do not no what it means an do not care about themself's an not the people of the United States of America an if you dam ass people vote for hillery clinton do not blame the people who vote for Trunp because if you you vote for Hillary you will have seal all our fates you wate an see may God help us................

james hayden
6 years ago

more people killed in nice with a truck than any mass shooting and how was he stoped oh that's with a gun now look at history places where guns were taking at what their leaders done then and besides that when there was no guns someone invented one you dont think that could be done again then what they would have a gun and noone else will that is real smart thinking

6 years ago

Most of you are missing the truth of the matter (didn't read all the comments). Although I have seen several news reports of a mother, teen or adult successfully stop intruders with guns. The real reason Obama (also Hillary Clinton) wants to disarm us is to completely take our once loved Republic to total Socialism. In history you will see before a despot took over a country they disarmed the people by using the same arguments Obama is using now.

Our forefathers didn't put the Second Amendment in so we can go hunting or protect our families from intruders (although part of the reason) it was to protect ourselves from an out of control government like we see today. They owe China so much (giving them our land to pay debt) but China doesn't want to have to fight the American people for it, they want us disarmed.

Trying to enact marshal law will be an all out civil war if they try. The Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and Columbine shootings have been proven to be false flags perpetrated by people working for that .0001 % that run the world. Right now America is the only thing holding them back from completely implementing their plan. You can read and or listen to past presidents JFK, Lincoln and Washington warning us about those families who pass down their agenda to their inbred offspring.

When Woodrow Wilson opened the doors for the Federal Reserve to take over the printing and handling of our money (with interest to be paid) he signed the death warrant of this beautiful country. There have been many warnings in many ways since this country was fought for, go and search and read before you comment.

Zac Tolan
6 years ago

The gun is one of the scariest and most effective tools of war. Just watch a youtube video of people shooting guns. They have a lot of power. Now, how in the world could you take over America if the nation is together and all the PEOPLE are armed as a militia? It is a BIG country. But if you disarm the people...

Zac Tolan
6 years ago

If you live in the United States of America, and do not support the right of its citizens to own firearms and carry them about, you disagree with the Constitution of the United States of America. You literally need to go move to another country because you have a fundamentally different belief system than the people of the United States of America. Good day.

7 years ago

Ive never seen such nonsense. Im from GB and the answer to why guns need to be controlled was in the stats he gave about our country versus the US. Our murder rate was nt just "slightly" less per 100 000 it was 3 times less. Lets assume that our violent crimes are actually 3 times that of the US as was stated in the doc, (even though i doubt that very much ) our muder rate is far less. THE DIFFERENCE IS GUN CONTROL. If we had as many guns as you we would kill each other too. Why? because it is easy to kill someone or many people with a gun and run off. Much harder to kill with a knife. How many moments of madness killings are there in the US? yes we have your crime docs!!, the first 48 etc. Most are jumped up soft little kids killing other kids for a quick dollar or some stupid facebook argument or some crap. Well every country has angry teenagers its just that they don't have guns in their pockets. Wake up and smell the paranoia,Obama is nt Hitler or Pol Pot he s trying to reduce gun crime and death from gun shot wounds.....that involves guns........Its seriously simply and weird that you don't get it.

7 years ago

"Obama is trying to take our guns away! There is no other possibility other than that he's a nazi!"
Great comedy movie, man.

7 years ago

Im not a gun nut, but knives kill more people than guns,the real issue I have with firearms especially pistols is that its too easy for someone to take there own life with them.

7 years ago

There are many scenarios involving the gun issue, but take the following into consideration:
(present-day Okinawa). When that once-independent kingdom was taken over by a daimyo from Kyushu in 1609, the Ryukyuan people were forced to surrender their weapons.

Instead of remaining defenseless, they secretly developed a fighting style that combined their native martial arts with forms from China, such as Shaolin Temple kung fu, to create an effective method of unarmed combat. The point is that guns are not needed to kill. I am trained in several M.A. self-defense techniques, and sometimes teach those seeking my knowledge. I show how almost anything can become a weapon...so should we ban and criminalize "everything"? Of course not, we have a privelege in America, to bear arms. With that privelege comes responsibility. A country should never allow it's right to bear arms diminished for any reason. We may need our guns to fight our enemies on our own land someday, ISIS and it's followers is a good example. Don't fight among yourselves about guns and gun control, fight to make gun owners more aware of the responsibility that comes with gun ownership. There are always going to be "crazies" and criminals. If some one wants a crowd of people dead....they simply find another way, check recent News stories.

I know nothing
7 years ago

Further more ,all the "laws"that any state ,or federal goverment make up ,are for one reason and one reason only ,,they want to be the only ones to have the bigger guns and more ammo in them ,so to me ,they are infringing on my constitutional protected right ,remember why the second amedment was put in place for ,it was not for hunting was it ,don't you find it odd,,just the same why does anyone needs some one else dictating how to live your life ,do you need it ,because I don't, I never agreed to some one running my life ,,,it is mine to do with it what I want ,don't you know .does anyone one remember why the colonists decided to sussed from England, was it taxes? So why are we the people being tax even after we are dead ,,it sounds to me like it's time to review our current situation, and tell goverment ,you work for me ,to make my life easier, not to tax me even after death ,now if you don't like it let me know you can be replace,,and no we don't have to wait for another election ,I could terminate ur employment ant any time ,by the way ,for the people that say that some people are paranoid ,look up ,Bill Clinton's executive orders to fema ,,then talk about it ,have a great day

7 years ago

Can someone one please tell me what happend in any country that the government have disarmed the people ,has anyone pay attention to history ,I don't know but it haves a funny way of repeating it's self bottom line ,if you want a gun get one ,if you do not want one then don't ,and my right to defend my self is not given to me by the constitution, it's protected by it ,my creator whatever it might be ,gave me that right ,I'll will not burden any one whit my safety ,that's my job ,,have a great day

7 years ago

Obama wants our guns for a reason. Just stop and think not all these shootings are from American citizens. Taking away our guns isn't going to do anything criminals are just going to find a way to get them. There's 600,00 people in winsconsin alone with guns some police officers hunt some people can't afford the grocery store people have hunted for thousands of years. Guns are not the problem

Timothy Allan Campbell
7 years ago

Brainwashed gun nuts believe everything the NRA and the gun lobby tells them and every time there's a shooting they go out and buy more guns like a bunch of stupid sheep.

Peter Piper
7 years ago

The USA has a lot more to answer for than killing each other. The NRA is a Godless corporation without a soul. You have twisted a belief in God into an unrecognizable justification to topple governments, arm death squads, and the perfect example of Bush W. to invade Iraq behind a veil of lies to invade Iraq killing tens of thousands of civilians and trigger the middle east into the murder and torture of millions. Christianity has been gutted, just as Islam has been gutted, to justify the most heinous acts of barbarity the world has seen. Now the US and Russia are in a stand-off, with Iran and China on its side and itchy fingers hover over nuclear holocausts with Pakistan and India, and maybe Iran too, and let's not forget Israel. Each power thinking that maybe only the first to launch will be the last to stand. So you fools arguing about you're right to bare arms should maybe bring out your machine guns and aim them at the sky because in case you haven't noticed the world is fu**ed right now and the good old USA has done more to cause that than all the other mad men combined.

Leigh Atkins
7 years ago

Well then, Mom Pie, surely you would be aware by now, that anyone living within 100 miles of a US border has now had their constitutional rights removed & that means all of your amendments. But don't worry, I hear that soon that discrimination shall be removed & that everyone will have their constitutional rights removed from them equally - it's only fair.
I sure hope that doesn't leave you feeling too infringed upon...

bora yadigar
7 years ago

trumpsAhead you are so correct!! well said.
now i must respond to Rick Kiriakidis and the comment about a citizen shooting the bad guy. first of all, the citizen that has shot the bad guy is encarcerated by the government to set examples and leave the citizen unarmed when the gun is in his face. its all a scandal. unarm us and take our rights away. the justice system is not in anyones favor but its own. $$$

Mom Pie
7 years ago

The point is...THE SECOND AMENDMENT guarantees my RIGHT TO OWN a gun. Period. I don't care if you like it or not. It's my right. I don't infringe on your rights and you sure as hell better not infringe on mine. I can own a gun for sport, for protection, for the mere pleasure of ownership. It doesn't matter how that makes you feel. Your interpretation of gun ownership is irrelevant, thanks to the brilliant minds of our founding fathers.

7 years ago

I think-when you want to buy a rifle for shooting game in season you should have police check--checked by your religion- and not past violations-then have to wait about six months

7 years ago

Fine, for each lethal weapon that a civilian gives back he gets a non lethal weapon of his own choosing. Your 2`nd amendment should be just fine with that. As non-lethal weapons are still 'arms' .

Aaron Christiansen
7 years ago

If people are polite only because they fear you are armed, you are not living in a "polite society" by any definition of the word. You are living in a society paralyzed by fear. Only a fool thinks you can put out a fire by dumping gasoline on it.

Rather than arm every one to stop crime, we are better off eliminating the root causes of crime: poverty and social inequality. That is the sane and reasonable way to deal with things.

Figures the same party who insists they are "the party of life" are the people least willing to stop dreaming of legally murdering someone and calling it "self defense".

7 years ago

This documentary if full of spurious correlations and insinuations with great cherry picking of statistics. Comparing Obama to Hitler. Paleeze. Terrible editing too. What a farce.

7 years ago

And when the army shows up at your doorstep to take over, it is not a few citizens with semi-automatic weapons that are going to stop them.

7 years ago

Come to Canada my friends. Leave your guns behind. I live in a city of three million and know nobody that owns a gun and no nobody that knows somebody that has been shot by a gun. I walk the streets at night with no fear. The gun nuts create the problem than propose the solution. Everybody armed? How is that working for you? There were less than 50 murders in my city last year and only a fraction by guns.

Scott Gibson
9 years ago

First. Thank you. Now. one thing i so miss is where we can sit down and talk about all things and no being called names and trying to belittle or hurt the other. now we do it all the time and look at what has go wrong on that! We all have the right to say what we feel with out being called nasty things. I do live in the south texas and very proud of it. Yes i do have hand guns and rifels.

we do hunt some. we have set down and learn to use them and use them very well. keep them clean and ready to go. and sadly. i had to stop someone from getting to my wife and babys., I still can see his eyes when all that happen. :( We should have the right to own and keep fireamrs to hunt and keep the love ones safe. we need to look to the past. every contry that does not allow persons to keep there arms. thy will fall very fast. Gov have turn on them! Other Gov start wars and take over. look around and see it now. I am NOT saying arm up and turn on your gov.. but keep a eye on them and your friends to help them. But Please.. and i do mean Please. Stop the hate and name calling and lets sit down and start a new line and be open to Learn from others.. ANd always. Look to your town gov and back them up at all times. if you or not happy.. Then Vote them out and replace them! you have a voise and a vote! use them!

Conrad Mason
9 years ago

There is nothing wrong with taking guns away from a populace. Here in the UK we don't own guns, as a general rule, even our police officers remain largely unarmed, there are illegal firearms which are occasionally used to murder others generally within the black population and there have been gun crimes over the years but nothing like the issues of the USA. There is no need to own a gun in a sane society. This documentary is extremely one sided I don't like Obama but if he is removing the vast majority of guns from the American populace this can only be for the good of everyone in the long run.

9 years ago

Many other countries have a high rate of gun ownership and low violent crimes related to guns, eg. Norway and Switzerland. There are also shootings, but these are very rare and always by the insane.

Emmi Grainger
9 years ago

He wants our guns because he knows that eventually the true patriots in this country will rise up and he doesn't want them armed when they do... Well, guess what? There is ALWAYS a way, remember that...

9 years ago

you can sum this s*it up in one sentence: american citizens owning guns does not equate to the wild west. criminals will get their guns regardless of law, therefore extensive gun control measures, for the most part, only affect those who are following the letter of the law, that is, your average gun owning citizen. i dont like that they talk about sandy hook as being a scapegoat in this "documentary", i dont believe it was any kind of false flag terrorism. People lost their lives that day, and no matter how much you may hate obama, he didnt make that happen. is he using it to his advantage? yeah, sure he is. but i think people, especially republicans and conservatives, need to take a step back, make a f--king real arguement against it, instead of saying "oh yeah obama? well my names ted cruz and im gonna talk for 21 hours straight. that'll show you! america! f--k yeah!

heres what should happen, and it could solve all our problems, roll a fatty, get john beoners a** into the oval office for a legitimate smoke out. that indoor s*it.

GFolkk Laflare
9 years ago

The real reason he wants to ban firearms is so when the NEW WORLD ORDER takes in full affect citizens won't be able to defend thierselfs

Ed Privat
9 years ago

People should educate themselves a bit more .Go on alternative medias platform , do not listen to mainstream media. I am french , I live in South Africa now , tired of the oppression of the masses, and the brainwash we live in .Just come back from Europe , and saw again the blatant faith that people have in the media, whether it's about syria , JPMorgans ,the Boston Bombing,gun control, FEMA camp , and the list goes on . Knowledge is power , and the people backstage know this !