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Oceans, by BBC Earth, is a documentary series about a variety of topics dealing with the oceans and the life that flourishes in them. Several marine biologists and conservationists make recurring appearances in this film. They swim with the whales and observe astonishingly rare marine animal behavior. They investigate sea whips in the waters of Sunken Valley and observe beautiful, fluorescent coral reefs in the Red Sea. They look for weedy sea dragon, a distant relative of sea horses, which is only found in the Southern Ocean in kelp forests near South Australia and Tasmania.

In the Sunken Valley the scientists also search for sea pens. These animals are called sea pens because they resemble feather quills that people used to write with. Each sea pen is an individual colony of animals that work together to ensure that the colony survives. When a predator is near, the sea pens even deflate and bury themselves to keep safe.

Then they visit the underwater village that resides in the Red Sea and they're stunned by its beauty. The village was created to determine if people would be able to survive underwater. Five people lived in the village for a month. They unearthed new species and created videos of animals and plants that had never been seen.

Next, the team heads out to discover why the Atlantic Ocean has such a huge number of poisonous lionfish. In the past few years, the numbers of the most poisonous sea creatures have rocketed. These fish have fins with a neurotoxin that is very dangerous. The team then tries out a new shark repellant in the waters near the Bahamas. The repellant is dead shark tissue which should drive the other sharks away.

Finally the team goes to Mozambique. Sharks are being killed in the millions and the team wants to investigate why the shark trade is thriving. The people are making huge amounts of money off of the fins for a very interesting reason that the film goes into detail about. Oceans is a brilliant and creative documentary that details a variety of sea creatures and adventures that the team embarks on. This film will help you to delve deep into the ocean's waters and learn about things you never knew existed.

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