Oil, Smoke and Mirrors

2005, 9/11  -   113 Comments
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Oil, Smoke and MirrorsOil Smoke and Mirrors offers us a sobering critique of our perceived recent history, of our present global circumstances, and of our shared future in light of imminent, under-reported and mis-represented energy production constraints.

Through a series of impressively candid, informed and articulate interviews, this film argues that the bizarre events surrounding the 9/11 attacks, and the equally bizarre prosecution of the so-called war on terror, can be more credibly understood in the wider context of an imminent and critical divergence between available global oil supply and increasing global oil demand.

The picture Oil, Smoke & Mirrors paints is one of a tragically hyper-mediated global-political culture, which, for whatever reason, demonstrably disassociates itself from the values it claims to represent.

While the ideas presented in this film can at first seem daunting, it's ultimate assertion is that these challenges can indeed be met and perhaps surpassed if, but only if, we can find first the courage to perceive them.

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  1. Your whole argument is based on a lie. Canada and the US has 100 times the reserves the Arabs have and, we can step up production. 2) we can change easily all heating to natural gas as well as cars and trucks, machines trains etc. with our over abundance of nat. gas. Remember when the natural gas companies were plugging up the wells off the New Jersey coast to save the companies tax dollars??? You present a good argument; find a better subject.

    1. It is true that Kanada and the U.$. have enough oil reserves to sustain themselves for several decades. However, the reason they are invading and seeking to reconfigure the Middle East is not because they need their oil; it is because they want to control the world's oil supplies to prevent China from becoming a superpower. That is according to the Project for a New American Century think-tank, as well as various declassified national security memos. Secondly, the U.$. cannot easily change from oil to other forms of energy as you allude. The entire infrastructure that was built here over the last 150 years is based on oil - it mechanically require oil to function. To change this, it would be necessary to destroy our whole infrastructure and rebuild it to be compatible with alternative energy.

    2. We don't have oil in Canada. We have Bitumen, a heavy substance mixed with thousands of hectares of sand which is extremely costly to process and refine into synthetic crude oil, and the energy return on investment is very low, about 2 to 1 whereas conventional oil used to return around 30 to 1 during the 60's and 70's. Not to mention we have to burn tons of natural gas and destroy whole ecosystems to get at it. Oil sands activity is becoming a major net contributor of carbon dioxide emissions.

  2. The ex-energy minister made a verbal typo. World production in 2006 wasn't 84 million barrels per year, it was per day.

    1. listen again. thats what he says

  3. the U.S. government burns up about 160 million barrels of oil per year, at a cost of something over $10 billion at recent price levels. Of this the Military uses 97%. The Military Industrial Complex has got to go.

  4. Of course, the US Government was/is in on 9-11 and the cover-up. It was the opening ante about the immutable status of Peak Oil. It is a resource war - that will last forever. The electorate, just under the surface knows that - the "terrorism" mantra holds no water - none - never did. I am way more likely to be killed on my bicycle by an errant automobile than by a terrorist - hundreds of times over!

    But an economic system of forever growth based on cheap oil - is the real danger - and it is here and now.

    This is the world we live in - and the question is what to do about it.

  5. America doesn't want martial law, but neither does America want unnecessary risk. Americans expect their government security and their government military to operate behind the scenes for safety, not in their faces, and not by occupying their thoughts increasing their apprehension. Americans are not naive, but neither are they pawns to be used for military greed, and military self justification. It's a lonely job, but someone must do it, and by electing that profession, the American military is bound to be responsible, accountable, effective and efficient. America needs no secret allies of our enemies out to harm us, or dominate the world. We need no Hitlers, and no dictators.

    As an immigrant nation, we are at high risk for genocide from every source of Social Darwinism that believes in eugenics for social advantage. Americans don't think that way, and could not have survived this long if it did. America has troubles, but the troubles have been so far "home made," and albeit, thrust upon us, she has managed as best she can, once proving a model for humanity. That today is threatened by global forces that may appear unmanageable at times, and excessive intrusion is not desired, just as any other nation doesn't want unnecessary intrusion.

    Americans love the world though they may appear self centered, and wants the world to love them. Americans carry no grudges because they are too young to have grudges, as Americans. They can import persons with grudges and that is her risk. She is not an imperial power aiming to take over the world with military or seductive violence.

    She tries not to start the fight but won't back down. She may end the fight where one is imposed upon her, so diplomacy is of great value to America. Sadly, it isn't to all nations who are still rooted in the violence of their past. That's unfortunate because it creates a more dangerous world for all.
    Errors may be easily rationalized but cannot undo the harm done; protecting against them is best, by any nation, and mutual respect and dignity has always been found to be the best cure for peace, and nearly the only attitude that can prevent war. But it isn't bound only in a nation's government, it must be in her people for that success to be grounded, and safe.

  6. There is no one solution to our energy problem.

    However the simple minded, pre programmed individuals on this absurd documentary are the problem.

  7. Thanks for making this available.

  8. Capitalism will use any means to control the marketplace. Even the marketplace of Ideas. Capitalism will poison you for profit, your mind and body if it means they make a nickle. They will sell your children into slavery for that nickle. Capitalism without the Union is slavery.

  9. These people are id**t green activist/population reduction queers. switch to nuclear power... and stfu...

    1. Ok I will vote to have a nuke plant constructed near your home and family and when a quake hits or the think melts down by human accident you can keep your 2 headed kids and your dead sperm... see? We both get our way.

  10. This doc should be spread like wild fire and go viral. It is long but the issue is complex. This is not all 9/11 theories. It offers fixes to the problems at the end. This doc made me jitter with excitement.

    We go Solar/Wind or the OIL tycoons via the Military are going to 'reduce the population'. Pretty much is the point of all this.

    Forget nuclear. (Why? Because uranium must be mined and that too is finite and will run out eventually... and we are right back to the PEAK OIL problem. In this case PEAK URANIUM.)

    Solar runs out when the sun runs out. (WOW what a concept.)
    Wind works because it is powered by guess what? THE SUN. (Yes yes and the rotation of the planet.)

    Love and Invention. Care or die.

  11. Now I don't believe the governments side of things and for good reason they have a proven track record for lying. What, for me gives weight is the fact that they attempted this before. If you search operation Northwoods you'll see they strongly considered staging terrorist acts in order to get support for war both domestically and internationally. What's to say they wouldn't do it now to gain oil? Why is it they only get bleeding hearts when the country they are 'helping' has oil or strategic value? What about Myanmar, what about Rwanda?

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  13. Everyone knows how bad the government has gotten. They wil lie until you catch them and then they lie about why they lied......Everything is comming to a head now wether we like it or not........911 was an inside job............

    1. Of course the government is lying. It really surprises me when someone says otherwise. It's like the have no brain or something?

  14. I'm sorry but this documentary is flat out wrong. The peak oil theory, which is debatable (abiotic oil, anyone?), is anyway irrelevant to our future because we have coal. Lots of it. Enough for the next 800 years at least.
    I think the reason these talking heads are so hypnotised by oil is because they can't think outside the very small box of the recent past when oil became the world's currency. Prior to 1916, coal was our main power source - and it can be again - but it never became a currency like oil did.
    The reason oil became the world's currency was because the oil barons in league with governments, engineered an oil addiction and legislated against coal.
    In the UK, during the 1980s (when 60% of our power was still produced by coal) the government, advised by the oil companies, deliberately destroyed 90% of the Britain's coal mines.
    Before 1916, most automobiles and trucks were battery-powered, then the oil barons persuaded Henry Ford and others to switch to gasoline-burning internal combustion engines.
    Before 1916, ships and trains were fuelled by coal - and they can be again if necessary. But the reason oil is so important to these establishment-types is because it backs the world's currencies. Oil is money in a way coal never was. The conniving oil barons, over the years, maimed or destroyed their competition, and manipulated industry to become oil-dependent.
    In a sense, oil is like heroin and, for the past 90 years, the oil barons have gotten everyone in the world hooked on it.
    Oil barons like John D Rockefeller also became bankers and manipulated our fiat monetary system so that when Western governments took their currencies off the gold standard, their currencies became linked to the 'oil standard'.
    The reason the US dollar has been able to retain (since 1945) its world 'reserve' currency status is because - thanks to U.S. military superiority - it's been able to force the world to buy and sell oil in U.S. dollars. This gives the Federal Reserve (a cartel of international private banks) a license to print money.
    Peak oil (if true) is not what scares the establishment, it's that declining oil reserves would damage the fiat money system that keeps the establishment in power.
    Besides, we already have new technologies waiting in the wings to provide us with unlimited cheap power - if only the governments and corporations that rule us would get out of the way. We already have bio-fuels and high-tech solar panels (as used in satellites) that can power airplanes.
    Petroleum IS needed for the manufacture of chemicals. The chemical industry needs oil. But it's the only industry that does.

    1. im sorry but what your forgetting is oil is not only used for cars and boats etc...it is used for far more than you can imagine...paints, resins, plastics, agriculture, food, machinerey, transportation, pesticides, beauty products and on and on...coal whether we have enough or not cannot replace all that..besides you need energy to make the coal a power source.....the only thing that can sustain humanity is things like solar and wind energy..natural, limitless, clean , and free!

    2. I used to believe that we needed oil for plastics, pesticides, beauty products etc. too. Then I learned that we don't. Scientists working for I.G. Farben, the first great chemical corporation, discovered back in the 1930's how to synthesize molecules and polymers using raw materials that included plants with high cellulose content (such as wood and hemp), coal, seawater, sand and rocks. Coal is a source of all the same hydrocarbons you find in oil. Oil is a useful raw material for chemical production but is not necessary for it. The reason oil became so economically dominant (when we don't actually need oil at all) is because of one man: John D. Rockefeller. By 1910, John D. Rockefeller had become - mostly thanks to engineering an oil monopoly in the US - the richest man in the world. Anti-Trust laws were introduced to break his monopoly but failed to do so because he simply split his monopoly up into seven shell companies. John D. used his immense wealth and social contacts to promote oil products. He, through his friend the American beauty and socialite Jennie Churchill, persuaded her son, Winston Churchill, in 1915 (when he was First Lord of the Admiralty) to switch all naval vessels to oil from coal - even though Britain produced no oil! John D. - mostly through his tax-free Rockefeller Foundation - instigated the pharmaceutical industry we have today, which is based on petroleum derivatives. It was the Rockefellers, working with I.G. Farben, Dow Chemicals and DuPont, who financed the development of oil-based plastics, paints and solvents. The toxicity of these chemicals and pharmaceuticals is well-known and, for this reason, some chemists say that crude oil is an inappropriate raw material for chemical production. Other raw materials, such as wood or hemp, would be far less poisonous and polluting. And you don't need 'energy' to make coal a power source. All you do is burn it.

    3. "if only the governments and corporations that rule us would get out of the way."

      Well that is the problem then isn't it? Vested interests always fight any change that threatens their positions and seek to exploit and maximize profits at all costs.

      There is no scenario in al the things you mention to replace the current infrastructure and just like the oil companies paid the car companies to Kill The Electric Car (name of a doc) so will these chemical companies (monsanto, etc) exercise control over their patents and as oil becomes scarcer to exact greater and greater profits through their enhanced control over the most valuable commodity on earth.

      The 'chemical industry needs oil' yet they're the ones that are gonna save the world as it is?

    4. regardless of if you find alternatives for oil ,oil remains the worlds most traded commodity and will be for some time.

      sadam made a deal with japan where no $ were involved. he also wanted to sell oil in euros instead of dollars. the worlds largest oil reserves go figure...

      iran+iraq=40%+ of worlds oil

      oil is alot more important than you make out...and will always be the highest energy returning and safest fuel - thats why everything uses it.

      oil enabled skyscrapers to be built and big cities as well as...

    5. I hate to burst your bubble, but coal is not sustainable and poses just as many problems as oil. There is no such thing as clean coal, that is a myth; coal extraction is highly destructive and like oil, is becoming harder and harder to extract. And all industry runs off oil - oil is used in order to extract coal these days. We have created a monster and that monster is fueled by OIL and MONEY. And as a matter of fact, the way the economy is, we don't even have the money or the resources to even convert back to having coal as our number one fuel source...it's just not feasible.
      Reality is, there is no sustainable energy source. We are taking risks by drilling deeper and deeper into the Earth, turning to ridiculous energy sources such as nuclear, hydro-fracking and on. If we could just turn back to coal we would have done it by now - it's obvious we are desperate and because of that desperation, events such as oil spills are going to become more and more of a reality.
      Both coal and oil are not sustainable and they pollute the hell out of land, water and air. Do you realize how much water is polluted due to mineral and oil/gas/coal extraction? What will you do when you don't have clean water to drink? Think you can buy bottled water, not only is the bottle made from petroleum but the water in the bottle doesn't guarantee it's safe to drink...bottled water is one of the number one items on the market that is recalled. It's a fact...
      Where you get off thinking coal is the answer is just laughable honestly...and as far as battery operated cars, do you even know what kind of extraction process takes place to get the components for that battery? Same for nuclear, not only is nuclear a HIGH RISK energy source, but mining uranium is DANGEROUS. We are hitting a limit with ALL natural resources, we are living in a way that IS NOT SUSTAINABLE and NEVER will be.
      And you know, my grandfather was a coal miner and because of that he died at age 60, so coal also impacts the lives of those who mine it and those connected to that individual. And most importantly, mountain top removal is sickening, whole ecosystems WIPED out. COAL STINKS and so does OIL. And I could go on about "green" energy but I'll just say that it's nothing but a joke too.

    6. I disagree with you. Nuclear power is the only real sustainable energy answer we have found so far.

      If you compared the deaths due to nuclear power, less than 5,000 people in the history of nuclear power, to the deaths due to coal and oil (including their pollution), you'll find that you would have to have to have partial meltdowns every single day for nuclear power to catch up to be as dangerous as burning coal and oil. Currently the U.S. has 20% of it's power supplied by nuclear power. France has 70%. All that power produced with only a smattering of deaths over the last 50 years. Nuclear power can be safe. It's just scary because people don't understand it.

      They have breeder reactors that can breed more fuel. They have newer fuel designs that cannot melt down because of their pebble bed design.

      All I ask is that you PROVE to me with statistics that nuclear power... for the number of Kilowatts of power produced... is not MUCH safer than burning either coal or oil.

    7. I am a physicist, so I understand nuclear power, however I don't think its the best solution available today. The Picken's plan involves wind power, which is cheaper than nuclear per Kilowatt, approximately $300-$800 dollars. Nuclear is off the table for discussion in many countries not because its not safe, but simply because its more expensive. We really don't need to use fossil fuels anymore as well. There are cheaper alternatives. However, without government support, the change goes very slowly. Cold fusion, which many people dismissed as impossible, is also back on the table as more and more labs are producing significant and reproducible results. However, that's not getting shown in the media. Why? I have no idea. It's quite insane. There is an energy revolution going on behind the scenes and one day its going to break out, despite the opposition.

    8. Industrial wind factories are destructive to communities and local environments. Fragile ecosystems are destroyed. Birds and bats are killed. Animal habitats are disrupted and wildlife is driven from the area. Noise and vibrations cause human health problems, including sleep problems, headaches and nervous disorders. Home values and real estate prices are reduced, with some properties becoming impossible to sell.

      But other that that...

      I do agree, however, that nuclear power is expensive, and I'm not one for government subsidies, but... as peak oil approaches (if it's not already here), the price of oil will at some point SKYROCKET. At that point, nuclear will become more viable. I'm just afraid we're going to need a head start.

      The biggest problem we have is not just electricity, I'm afraid. Oil only supplies about 1% of our energy needs. We use oil for SOOOOO many other things... things that have nothing to do with energy... when the prices start going up... our whole lives will have to change.

    9. To comment on your theory of wind power production. Noise from these generators would be no noisier than living in a city and sleeping with your window open. I find that the "over-bearing noise" is a vast exaggeration. I've stood in a field directly under a generator. Noise from other people's head phones are louder and more annoying than wind generators. Now I can't comment on old maybe outdated models. I have no experience with those.

      You describe all these negative health implications. Do you think breathing in the gases released from burning coal or natural gas for electricity production is better for your health than these "noise and vibration" disruptions? You likely are not directly affected by these gases as you live miles away from the production facility, but what about the people who live within a close proximity? I beg of you, do not be ignorant and explore all facts and opinions before you make rash, bias accusations.

    10. The strongest opponents of wind power are environmentalists.
      The visual blight and they kill a LOT of endangered birds.
      They are not very reliable mechanically either. I don't know if you'll ever get past that.

    11. @wpsmithjr Check out a doc called 'Into Eternity' and you will quickly withdraw that comment! Despite all your facts Nuclear power as of last year didnt count for 8% of the worlds power supply, and when you think about the waste and the aftermath of the Fukishima incident in relation to that percentage you can see why the Atomic age never materialised.

      We all thought it would be the next step after oil, it is now however, already too late. I'm glad to be honest, as you'll see in that film, there is no real justification for nuclear power on the bigger time scale.

      Sarah Jones made a number of good points, and I do enjoy seeing all over the web more and more people are waking to the peak oil problem.

    12. Throw out the deleting oil theory and you still have the govt lying about what really happened on 9/11.

    13. Firstly, Peak Oil has never been, and never will be debated. It is a basic rule of science and Math, that apllies to anything that is Finite.

      Geologists consider the abiogenic formation of petroleum scientifically unsupported, and have done so for years. This looked like a viable solution to the soviets for a while, but was soon put to bed.

      The rest of what you say is complete dross I'm afraid, your in the right ball park but batting the wrong way using a fish. Keep digging and researching, and please join us in the post petroluim debate when you start putting the facts together.

    14. Coal is a fuel you can burn but your car can not burn coal to run at this current time. As well all the products that are or run on oil have taken this long to make. Think of the time when the entire world learning we are running out of oil and all trying to change to alternative forms of power and production for whatever they use. This means trying to change our infrastructure such as gas stations, factories and mass transportation not only for local bus service but planes, tankers, trucks that carry the goods we need. This also brings us to your comment about coal taking over from oil and yes it may be the next fuel but then you need to provide it to all consumers, producers to use it as a fuel, how do you do that at an affordable and timely basis? Then you have farmers that use oil to make cheap produce both fruits and vegetables and meats. That means prices will rice because it will cost more to make. During this transitions it will be difficult and when the transition ends our lifestyle in the develop world will change to something other then what we have. It will be harder on those who do not see it coming and prepare themselves. Preparing yourself does not mean to move to the woods and live of the land but if you want to do that then go ahead. It means getting fit cause you may need to walk, knowing that prices will rise so having lots of debt may not be good and learn basic skills that most of us do not have to be able to fall back on it if it is as bad as some are predicting. As well this does not even begin to talk about the effects coal is having and will have on the environment the more we burn of it. Anyways here is hoping to oil never runs out. Yeah oil.

  15. why is it now media will investigate 911? kinda like u.s.a. elections in 2000, the media just let it go. so is there just one paul revere out there amongst the media moguls to let the truth be known. geez americas in a deep depresion now might as well. how many foreclosures? unemployment? how many poor?

  16. 10 years later where is tha change? iraq and afghanastan wars will go beyond the viet nam war but america is so docile that i am afraid the u.s.a. will never get back to its freedom. think about the ability of the u.s. air force and listen to the excuses on why 9 11 happen, yeah the fix was in on that day how sad.

  17. @Ryan J~
    Please re-read my comment. You've misquoted me several times in your comment. I have no axe to grind.
    I have no special theories and no argument aside from Ocaam's Razor. But I've been plugged into reality here on planet earth long enough to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that no government conspiracy was responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers. So I will wait for a conclusive resolution on the history of it.
    In the meantime 9/11 Conspiracy Theories are becoming a big cottage industry.

    1. Wow Lary9 keep those blinders on buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I stand by Ocaam's Razor until further evidence (real evidence not wishfully conceived, baroquely twisted conspiracies) shows otherwise. And if it does, I'll readily admit to being overly simplistic and wrong in my original understanding of the events of 9/11.

    3. only who sided to zionist jews believe in you.Your comment make jews so very very happy. Jews do 9 11.Osama never reach that ability.Now jews cntrolled america,both on economy and politic.So all american politician must bless them whatever they have done.

  18. @antony~
    A pleasure to be of use.

  19. @Lary Nine
    you are a gem, thank you...brilliant

  20. @ryan jones~
    Your well organized arguments for conspiracy would be much worthier of serioous consideration if there were no other more facile, logical explanations for the problems and issues that you cite--- but there are and, with a nod towards Occam's Razor (the theorem not the user name herein), yours are wildly fantastical.
    Below is a definition of the term "Occam's Razor" for those unaware of it:

    Occam's razor, often expressed in Latin as the lex parsimoniae, (translating to law of parsimony, law of economy or law of succinctness), is a principle which generally recommends selecting the competing hypothesis that makes the fewest new assumptions, when the hypotheses are equal in other respects.

  21. @ Ryan Jones

    "To get oil out of Iraq we need a pipeline through Afghanistan"
    I think you should look at a map. To get oil from Iraq to the U.S., it would be plain dumb to route it through Afghanistan. Iraq is on the ocean. Why would you pipe it through Afghanistan, which is in the interior, to get it to the ocean to load on an oil tanker when you are already on the ocean.
    Is George Bush an opium dealer? Or is it Dick Cheney; or Obama?
    Your cause and effect reasoning needs a little fine tuning.

    1. I think he is referring to the natural gas pipeline they wanted to install in Afghanistan, or something. I think that was mentioned in Michael Moore's 911 Fahrenheit.

    2. It is China that wants the pipeline through Afghanistan from the Caspian Sea to gain access to the natural gas there. Even though the United States is in Afghanistan, they can't just take the gas from the pipeline. The gas would belong to China and they would not like it one bit. Michael Moore makes it sound like a plausible scenario but it isn't as simple as it seems.

    3. Enron owned 65% of the Dhabol electrical plant in India. The plant was to provide 20% of the power for India's new electrical requirements in the new millenium. The plant was to be powered by liquid natural gas. A deal was struck to get India to drop it's energy import tariff from 105 to 15% so that LNG could be imported from Qatar, to fire the plant. The bankers however, determined that importing LNG would never be cost-effectve, but the plant was already being built. The project dragged on, past it's intended start-up of 1997. The cost of electricity from the plant with imported LNG was 700% more expensive than other Indian sources of electrical power. A proposal was put forth to bring gas from Turkmenistan to Multan, Pakistan. This would likely have made cheap gas accessible for Dabhol. The pipeline would have to go through Afghanistan. The relationship of Enron to the Republican administration of 2000 is well documented. The Taliban did not play ball with the Clinton administration. Enron went bust. But the Turkemenistan gas is still likely to end up flowing to the coast of Pakistan. Who controls that gas remains to be seen.

    4. And there you go. It isn't as simple as it seems. The complexities are the gist for the rumour mill. Keep the ideas simple and let them build from that. It is too easy to accuse some type of Satanic one world cult of trying to control everything. I wish we could just point at someone or something and declare "there it is. that is our problem". It isn't the way it is. It's a lot of people with divergent ideas hoping that in the end that that is the way life should be. The thing is, for lack of a better word, life just is. It shouldn't be anything. It couldn't be anything. Until you show me, explicitly, the duplicity, its all just a great story. I don't mean to demean your ideas because it does have a logical flow, but the orchestration that you believe is happening has no direct or physical proof. Its a way of looking at way things are happening and deciding that now I know. You don't know and in the end neither do I. What I do know is painstakingly obvious. The rest is just ideas. I do not take an idea as fact.

    5. No Satanic cult controlling eveything being proposed. The United States intelligence services have a history of using fundamentalist moslems as assets dating back to the overthrow of Sukarno in Indonesia, almost fifty years ago. The network of arms traffic and Jihadist fighters, via bin Laden, was still being used by Western Intelligence right through the fighting in former Yugoslavia, including the actions in Kosovo. The Mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the war against the Soviets were armed and trained via Pakistani intelligence, and Pakistani intelligence appears to have provided the 2001 hijackes with logistical support via Mahmoud Ahmed. These are not ideas, these are facts.

  22. mr jones you are an a**h***

  23. It's clear to most people that at the very least the USA had advanced knowledge of the events of 9/11. When you break down all the details of all of the documentaries and literature, (just like this film mentions at one point) it paints a pretty clear picture.

    1. The US needs more oil.
    2. Iraq has oil.
    3. To get the oil out of Iraq we need a pipeline through Afghanistan.
    4. The people don't want to start war of aggression.
    5. Solution - make them appear to be the aggressors.

    This of course doesn't even mention the opium side of it which goes something like this:

    1. In 1999, Afghanistan is the number 1 supplier of Opium to the world. The USA is the number 1 consumer of this product.
    2. The Taliban overthrow the Afghanistan government and, in line with their religion, declare Opium as evil, and start burning the poppy fields. By 2000, production has dropped 85%.
    3. The USA invades Afghanistan in October 2001, quickly overthrowing the Talbian government.
    4. By 2005, Opium production in Afghanistan is back to the number 1 worldwide, producing over 90% of the worlds supply (and once again the USA is the worlds number 1 consumer.)

    In conclusion:
    The citizens of the USA need to wake up and realise what is going on in the world, and acknowledge that their rampant consumerism, fuelling corporate growth which leads to more famines, poverty, and wars, in turn leading to more consumerism, is simply NOT sustainable.
    A country that has 5% of the worlds population and consumes 40% of the worldwide natural resources every year needs to wake up and realise that they just can't keep doing it forever.
    And this is also the reason that the USA is the most hated country in the world. It has nothing to do with the usual media arguments "they hate our freedoms and democracy" and everything to do with the overwhelming ignorance and greed displayed by the American populace.
    However, I don't believe that this is the populaces fault - from a very young age they are taught the values of the system, which is perpetuated by the government and propagandised by the media, such as patriotism, consumerism, celebrity culture, among others.
    Such an unsustainable way of living to be forced on young children is bound to create adults with maladjusted views on society, consumption, and patriotism.

    But of course, this is the point - the Federal Government of the USA has an education department, and although the education scores have been dropping for decades (compared to other nations), the Feds do nothing. The conclusion - They are getting what they want!

    All of the above also applies to the UK - which is why they have this "special relationship."
    I have decided the meaning of the phrase "special relationship" is as follows: The right to all the worlds resources, regardless of the environmental, political, social, and human life costs, while at the same time promoting the idea worldwide that we are the saviours of the world, and teaching our citizens this message.

    1. Iraq sided to Arab,Saddam give many money to suicide in Israel.So Israel tell america to inhilated Iraq,since Iraq was a strong coutry out there in Middle east.Israel dislike strong enemy there.There are oil in Iraq.People in Iraq not well united.There are syiah,kurdis and there are some terrorist in muslim countries.So burnt downt wct and accuse muslim do it and engage in war on them and gain oil,politic and ect.The west politicians always be a wolf.They had invade half of this word since at the time of Rome empire until to this day. Some day god will teach them a lesson.Wait for world war three,this kind of wolf will be inhilated and will be killed.

  24. that shame ...is that ..
    the puppet masters that run the planet

    already have technology that has been withheld from the population for many decades.

    This is just a case of fear mongering.

    Come on, lets face it, there is so many forms of energy in the universe other than fossil fuels.

  25. @Lary Nine

    Thank for saying that for my sons sake.I also want to thank you for your service in the USAF.

    Bless you,brother

  26. @antony gerald

    "As an architect I can assure you that the severance of the structural system in these two buildings along with the weakening of the steel trusses by fire led to the implosion. Original design was suspect at best."

    Did you forget about building 7? which wasn't even hit by a plane not to mention... and it was pretty far away from the other two towers with OTHER buildings dividing it.

  27. @ProudinUS~
    PS: As far as all these conspiracy theories---relax. It's a cottage industry. I'm familiar with the fictional theories of the events that you've listed---they've all been accurately settled IMHO...(maybe Kennedy/Oswald deserves to be reviewed)

    1) 9-11---no
    2) JFK assationation---strong maybes
    3) Pearl Harbor---no
    4) moon landing---absolutely no
    5) H^ll even Elvis’s death---need I say more?

  28. @ProudinUS~
    Goodluck with your son's service. I'm a Vietnam-era veteran... USAF. I mark the beginning of my loss of innocence with the JFK assassination...I was in Englsh class...5th. period... we heard the announcement over the PA system. Then the loss of unexamined patriotism followed a few years later in the military. It's not that I don't love my country---I do. That's the beating heart of it. It's the very reason for my scepticism about the tarnished motives of our government toward illusions of empire. Don't ever think that the country you love is equivalent to its current, temporary government. It's not. The country is a big, enduring idea, whereas the government is just the board of directors of the moment. Learn the difference, bro. You'll see more clearly. Bless you and your family.

  29. Ya know, this is a pretty good documentary. I believe that most people will be able to understand this information since it has authority, and the weak willed needed their big daddy to explain complex issues. I would go a few steps further and suggest that we are stuck in this losing battle in order to make sure that wealthy oil interests are still able to make record profits while the people of the USA starve. That would their definition of winning. Your children mean nothing in this larger calculus of profit. Oil isn't even "needed", what is needed is an alternative of which we have plenty that would easily replace oil BUT those WHO HOLD ECONOMIC POWER WOULD OBJECT AND ACT TO START AN INSURRECTION WITH THE MOST SEVERE VIOLENCE, i.e. war, with a frantic dismantling of the American Dream/Status Quo. Or is that happening now? I REPORT, and YOU DECIDE.

  30. Thanks Vlatko, another Great Documentary. I only wish people would get their heads out of the sand and realize the Truth...The very Government placed in front of our eyes is the very Government stabbing us in the back!

  31. @420 Vision

    The colors in the US sky are always RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

    The owner of this site said I'm not aloud to leave any more comments(and I know some were a little much) that I usually do when it comes to sticking up for my country.So I'll do it as politelly as I can from now on instead of commenting "ProudinUS" style.

  32. @ 420 Vision

    Japan invaded China in 1937. It received aid from Germany. Germany invaded Poland in 1939. The United States didn't join the war until Dec. 1941. WW2 was already in progress. The States entering the hostilities did not alter that fact. WW2 was not started by the United States. No conspiracy theory can spin it any different.

  33. @jack1952 'The United States did not start the war',.. What color is the sky in your world Jack ?

  34. @ 420 Vision

    Sanctions would not have caused the Japanese to surrender for years. Before they would have surrendered millions of Japanese citizens would have died horribly of starvation and disease. It took 6 days for the Emperor to force the Japanese military to acquiesce to Allied demands. If the Emperor had not insisted the warlords would have continued to fight even under the threat of more nuclear strikes. The United States did not start the war. Japan had for more than a decade been engaged in a ground war in China. After 50 million casualties in Europe and the Pacific the world wanted an end to the hostilities. As horrible as the nuclear strikes were, in a strange way it probably saved many lives. It cannot be over stated how relieved most of the world was to see the Japanese unconditional surrender and how war weary the world was at that time.

    Why hang the Nazi scientists? They were engaged in research. Their efforts on behalf of the Germans did not directly cause the deaths of anyone.

    If the United States was so terrible why would they initiate the Marshall plan allowing both Japan and Germany to become economic powers. Ask the average East German if they would have chosen to live under the influence of the Soviets if given the choice.

    If any one is to ashamed, it is the Japanese military who initiated the hostilities in the Pacific and who were incredibly oppressive over the people they conquered.

  35. the thing is that US actions of their terriot action going to war killing innocebt people makes me sick.Of course they engineered 9\11 on purpose to invade countries for thier own power corrupted purposes.There greed astounds and now the whole world is suffering because of Bush,Cheny,Rumfuld,Blair and the rest of them masons\neocons and thier plan enabled them to set up Homeland security,NSA,so that they can control and rob the good people of America.Wheres the justice.Keep spreading the truth.denincanada.

  36. @ProudinUS

    "I really don’t know why people can’t beleive things simply because, it is what it is."

    you really need to do some research using independent news sources for the sake of your son and not just beleive things simply because, it is what it is because fox news said it is.

  37. @Jack1952

    Sorry Jack but you are completely wrong, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were choosen simply because these two major Japanese cities had NOT been previously damaged during the course of WWII, and these targets served optimal for assesing the damage by your two different nuclear weapon designs. Also don't forget that these weapons came from the minds of X-Nazi scientists( you know the ones that your country kept on from Hilter's ranks simply because you had a use for their creative minds, instead of sending them to the Nurenberg gallows ).

    So you went ahead and dropped those big sticks simply to show the world who has the bigger dicks.

    Japan was ruined before these nukes were used,.. sanctions alone would have produced a surrender - but no,.. Shock and Awe was the route chosen, and still things remain the same today.

    For shame !

  38. @jack1952

    Your right.I am fairly new to this sight and am not used to US bashing. Maybe my patriotism for US goes to the extreme,but it's hard to hear such lies(especially from some fellow countrymen)and hatered thrown at us.

    I will always have national pride.Even more so now that my oldest son will be entering the millitary in 1 1/2 months.No one wants to see their kid go off into harms way,but I'll be dammed if I don't back him up 100%.Americans don't like to hear that their kids efforts for military duty are all done in vein.

    I really don't know why people can't beleive things simply because, it is what it is.

    PS.I do wonder about Elvis's death though!

    1. "Patriotism or love of your country does not justify anything that counter's someone else's"

      America is a great country with a great deal wrong in its thinking.

      But Elvis was the King baby :)

  39. @ProudinUS

    it`s not nice to face up to what your "great nation" is evolving into so i understand why you don`t like to hear it, you can keep shushing all you like but it does not change anything.

  40. @1perspective


  41. @ 420 Vision

    The Americans did not drop the bombs to exact revenge or as an experiment to see what the damage would be. Hitler would not surrender even when the Russian army was a few blocks down the street. The Japanese military were promising to do the same. The kamikaze attacks on American battleships demonstrated just how committed the Japanese were. Allied strategists were estimating 1 million American casualties in a war on Japanese soil. Japanese losses would have been much more. Even after dropping the first bomb, Japan would not surrender. After Nagasaki, Emperor Hirohito had to intervene. His warlords still wanted to keep fighting. As horrifying as the nuclear attacks were it was probably the path of least resistance and probably save the lives of millions of Japanese and Allied lives.

    The United States is far from perfect but to say the use of nukes in this instance proves American immorality shows little understanding of those times and the mindset of the people who had to endure the worst period in human history.

    @ ProudinUS

    Your list of conspiracies, as you know, is just the start of the goofy accusations. If the "truthers" are correct there has to be thousands of bureaucrats who sole responsibility is to keep the world in the dark about American conspiracies. Its funny how not one person of conscience has stepped up and provided the irrefutable facts to expose this supposed litany of lies. Not one deep throat. It seems rather unlikely.

  42. @ProudinUS

    fyi you don`t live in a great nation...Yep. That’s about all I have to say.

    Wouldn’t want to p!ss off an ignorant flag waving m@#$% who is proud of a genocidal government that kills innocent children.

  43. @1perspective

    Why? Because I'm proud of my country and don't bash it.

    Why does it irk you so bad?I live in the US and proud to live in a great nation...Yep. That's about all I have to say.

    Wouldn't want to p!ss a couple of "web" thugs off, such as your selves.Don't want any viruses shot my way.

  44. @ProudinUS

    you wrote in a previous post "Maybe I’m blind" and that is the only intelligent statement you have made.

  45. @420 Vision

    "Silly little country",Huh?.hahaha..ha All righty then.
    Well now that you got that off your chest you can go back to smokin' that sh!t you're on.

  46. @ProudinUS

    I wonder if you would continue to beltch out your mightier than thou attitude if your silly little country didn't have so many nukes in the ground.

    Hey,.. and don't forget that your country is the only country on this planet that has actually used nuclear weapons on innocent civilians, and you did this just to test their effectiveness on previously undamaged cities, frying over 300,000 human soles in the process. Your cuntry did this apparently to retaliate for Pearl Harbour, and again now with 9/11 you went off and killed Afganistan and Iraq,..leaving the rest of the world to deal with the fallout from your locust arrogance. So what does IRAQI oil taste like, does it go well with your deep fried cookie doe and Pudweiser ?

    Same old,.. same old,.. U.S.B.S

    If you are so proud in the US than stay in the US, build a 1000 ft concrete wall around your precious little debt ripped country and stop irritating the real nations working to establish peace on this planet and a real future for mankind.

  47. @Matt Macam

    I respect your comment and your point of view.But do you really think the American people need to know every brutal method it takes to run a country such as ours? Our nation wasn't exactly built on freinships with a simple handshake.It was built with brutal acts/wars of vicious bloodshed to secure and maintain a free society our forefathers wanted for themselves and more importantly their children.

    Our country wouldn't be able to keep such a cowardly act like 9-11.(If it were true)Maybe I'm blind.But I don't believe we would kill our own.There are always people who want to discredit events in our history.

    1) 9-11
    2) JFK assationation
    3) Pearl Harbor
    4) moon landing
    5) H^ll even Elvis's death....ect.

    The only one they won't discredit is our Civil War(and that's only because we killed each other).Which made brother kill brother.This war had to be so all Americans got freedom and rights.

    No.I know US gov. aren't saints and have done some things that have brutal methods attached to them.But killing our own isn't one of them.I am proud of my country and my forefathers who have made this a great nation.

    Sadly, our country is going to get what it needs by any means neccesary.Whether our people agree with the tactis it involves or not.

    1. You explain yourself well. I think sometimes people forget how much blood was shed just so that they could be sitting where they are. It's a sad reality of life. I think though some of these people know that however. Are well aware of it. Heck if my grandfather didn't kill a couple dozen Japs trying to oust him while he stuck on an island in the Aleutians, I wouldn't be here typing this note. He's got a purple heart and 13 confirmed kills to prove it stuck on the wall with his medical discharge papers.
      He passed on, but before he did he told me he knew something was going wrong with the country, from the inside.
      Sadly, I am a physicist with a degree in structural engineering and 911 was controlled demolition. I can't deny that. I know it was an inside job. It saddened me terribly when I proved it to myself without a doubt. It's 100% certain. And I can't imagine why it was necessary to pull it off. Maybe I am naive. Maybe they knew something we didn't and they knew we needed to be woken up for our own good? However, I don't think the motivation was all noble.
      Oh yeah, the moon landing was real and if you hear someone saying it wasn't, he's a crackpot. Man, that investigation was a waste of time. So, yes, I would say half of these conspiracy theories must be total hot air, however not all of them.
      That's my take.

    2. Yes, 9/11 was an inside job. The motivation wasn't noble at all. How could it be?

      Why was it necessary? Several reasons (feel free to google these to verify my info)...

      $2.3 trillion missing from Pentagon budget. Announced the day before 9/11.

      Billions of dollars to be made from war and no bid military contracts.

      Excuse to go into Afghanistan and Iraq... and now Libya... Iran, Syria... they're next. Heck, why don't we just take over the whole middle east?

      WTC were full of asbestos and had to be demolished anyway. How do you demolish 110-story buildings full of asbestos in the middle of a major metropolitan area without causing health problems? You can't. So why not do it anyway and blame it on the terrorists? Silverstein profited greatly from the insurance payments. Especially since he had only used a paltry 100 million of his own cash to purchase the buildings just a year prior. HHhhmmmmm....

      EXCESSIVE amounts of put options on American Airlines stock...and other companies whose stock took a nosedive after 9/11... the week prior to the attack. Put options are bets that a stock will go down.

      I could go on and on...

      If you really start looking at history... WAR IS A RACKET. That's all it is. Politicians starting shit with one another and sending their poor to do their fighting for them. Usually both sides of the war are financed by these same politician's banker buddies. The same rich, international banking families that have been funding wars for over 300 years.

      Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into Vietnam was a hoax. Just like 9/11. The truth didn't come out until 40 years later. Maybe in 40 years we'll finally learn the truth about 9/11. But by then, no one will care. Just like they didn't care when it came out that the Vietnam War was just a racket.

      You can look at other false flag operations... Google: Operation Northwoods, U.S.S. Liberty, even the Pearl Harbor attack was a false flag operation of sorts. Our own gov new the attack was coming and set it up to be a success.


  48. I thought we were blaming Nixon for everything

  49. Yes,.. most people are asleep, and this is what the powers that control us want. The only way to wake people up is clear the grocery store shelves of food and fresh water,.. food riots always work. When the sheeple start to die from mass starvation they will wake up and begin to cry, hust like a baby that has soiled itself, but by this time they will be too week to fight.

    Rockabye baby in the tree top,.... when the bow breaks the cradle will fall

  50. I am a skeptic.

    But if you can knowingly lie about going to war you can lie about anything.

    9/11 would be a mild crime compared to the deaths of 800,000+ ppl.

  51. @ProudinUS

    I think you missed the whole point of the documentary. The whole point of being an American citizen is that we have the rights (as stated in our constitution) to speak about what we believe in and to question what we choose to. I think if there is reasonable doubt in a situation like this (which I think we can agree upon, given the unrest about this conversation topic) then we must seek a solution to resolve the conflict. Also, if you are right that 911 was actually a terrorist attack then why are you so against an investigation?

    In response to your questions, I don't think anyone who would call themselves a free citizen wants unrest or a divided country. As I have said before, we are Americans and we must question what we are told in order to maintain all the freedoms we have the right to, regardless of what a government may dictate. Should people in Nazi Germany have remained quiet on the issue of the concentration camps to ensure civil unrest never occurs? I reserve my right to speak out and I agree with what Martin Luther King Jr. said that by breaking and standing up to the unjust patriot act I am showing "the upmost respect for the law" by resisting an unjust one.

    I realize that this is a sensitive issue in America but before you allow anger to consume your thoughts and tongue, dig a little deeper.

  52. To all you conspiracy theorists.What exactly is your purpose for all the bs you want to get out?

    1) Do you want civil unrest in our country?
    2) a divided country with several dif. Gov. and split military? There goes fredom of everything and US way of life.
    Is that what your kind wants?

  53. im excited to see if wiki leaks can leak some important info..

  54. Engaging in attempts to educate conspiracy theorists is always a mistake, a total waste of time for rather well-known psychological reasons. The best one can do is to point a finger at them to raise a little awareness for casual viewers who are not believers (yet). If you have a desire to inform yourself about how and why conspiracy theories arise and stay around, and how to identify them, then there is plenty of information available, both general and specifically on every topic around which a conspiracy theory has been built.

  55. Regarding the WTC collapse. As an architect I can assure you that the severance of the structural system in these two buildings along with the weakening of the steel trusses by fire led to the implosion. Original design was suspect at best. Consider that the second hit building fell first because the airplane took out a corner and therefore created and eccentric load on the balance of lower floors. The first structure hit remained intact longer because the weakening of the trusses took longer before the unsupported weight of the floors above the impact. Nuf said?

  56. To me a telling part of this video and whole 9/11 situation is that after having 3 major buildings destroyed in the business capital of the world, only $600,000 was spent to investigate and report it; while $50,000,000 was spent determining the extent of Clinton’s infidelity.

  57. @ Jonah
    Did you see the part where commercial jet airliners flew into the towers. You can't ignore one and pretend the other is the only significant factor.

    If there are no incident of airliners flying at full throttle into skyscrapers setting fires and those buildings not falling then you have precedence.

    @ Avii
    That someone could use a scenario to take absolute control of the government is possible. To caution citizens of this danger is laudable. Bush does not have the charisma to pull this off, however. Also, the mood of the American people is not nearly ready for a dictatorial government.

    I agree that a proper investigation would cost millions. A journalist can, however, make better use of his resources than to just repeat the same questions over and over again. If he/she is going to interview someone, interview witnesses and those who were directly involved with those incidents. And please, be objective while investigating. Conclusions should be drawn after all information has been gathered.

    If the allegations are true, I want to know. But I want to know for sure.

    I haven't watch that doc but I will.

  58. I think a more important problem is that videos such as these kill many people because of their boringness aswell with their length.

  59. @jack1952

    You say "These investigations have to go much deeper than what they have been doing" Well that is exctly what they want but do you seriously believe that Independent journalists can simply get the millions of dollars needed for this investigation just like that..what they want and more then 50% of the American population want is a new 9/11 commission that is transparent, but even if one was created most of the physical evidence is gone...but the visual intellectual knowledge is basically already done with explaining that the towers could now have come down like they did, so there you have it...

    And on second note "In one sentence the whole video lost credibility" WTF are you talking about...he just stated that that could have happened, and that it might happen if something similar happens again... Basically a major event like this can put a dictator in power without anybody able to do anything about it

    Great doc Vlatko....

    Those still not convinced about 9/11 should watch the doc "Architects & Engineers on 9/11" That one explains it all

  60. uh...and you can smoke the stuff too...

    1. LOL, we have fields of the stuff around here and every year a new crop of freshmen discover that, yes, you CAN smoke it; but you'll never make that mistake again :D

  61. the first 15 mins are about peak oil .. so far no mention of 911 whatsoever ...

    bio fuels ,,, not with food crops .. that's stupid.
    industrial HEMP !! grows easy ... almost anywhere ,, grows very quickly .. fuel .. textiles ... fibers ... food ... etc etc

  62. OBAMA / BUSH ... doesn't matter ... don't you get it ?

    2 party system that both answer to the same masters ...

    BUSH coulda stayed in power by declaring marshall law .. suspending the election.

    Operation .. restore the illusion of freedom and democracy
    was a better plan ... for now.

    Obama ... Yes We Can ... hahaha .. the masses were so easily taken in by this silver tongued liar.
    make no mistake the BUSH's arm of the monarchy still front the agenda for their overlords ...

  63. Slikop is an... erm... sheep.

  64. @jack1952 -

    "concrete and steel buildings do not fall down from fires"

    dude, did you see the part where NO high rise steel buildings have ever collapsed due to fire?

  65. This doc had me interested right until the end. At this time one of the commentators claimed that, because of the wars, Bush could stay in power indefinitely, wreaking havoc upon the world to control oil. Well, Obama is now the president. In one sentence the whole video lost credibility.

    Other than this difficulty, this was the most articulate documentary of this genre I've seen. Compelling statements were made and intelligent arguments regarding economics and wars were discussed. However, there is still not one piece of hard evidence presented. It is still a lot of "this shouldn't happen" and "we have wake up" and then some anecdotal evidence discussed. It still doesn't add up to one misdemeanor charge being laid against any of the conspirators. These investigations have to go much deeper than what they have been doing.

  66. @ Elwood

    The steel didn't have to melt. It only had to twist and bend then buckle. Sustained heat will do this.

  67. I am glad to see that there are other people out there who haven’t bought into the Bush Administration’s propaganda on 9/11. The heyday of the U.S. is gone, never to be seen again, along with our rights and freedoms.
    We are being herded like cattle, one step at a time into a world where we are nothing more than consumers at the mercy of big corporations, just like the pre-union miners of Appalachia, working in company owned mines, buying provisions from company owned stores and living in company owned housing.

    Just look at some of the facts: 1) Our government has been trying to take away our First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of the press for decades. They abolished freedom of the press by censoring news of the War on Terror by only allowing handpicked ‘embedded’ reporters to follow the troops. By the end of the Wiki-Leaks investigation our freedom of speech rights will be trampled on and buried too. Both of these basic rights will have been greatly impinged upon in the name of national security.
    We cant even bring a bottle of water on an airplane anymore, we have to pay exorbitant prices for it at the airport, again under the guise of national security.

    2) Both political parties have allowed the greatest industrialized country the world has ever known, to be un-industrialized into a country of salesman and caregivers for the infirmed. I used to think Clinton was the best President since FDR for bringing the country from crushing debt to budget surplus. The truth is he was the forerunner for Bush, his signing of NAFTA did just as Ross Perot said it would; send good paying jobs out of the country so fast you could hear the sucking sound and cause an influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico like the U.S. has never seen before…how prophetic his statements were.

    3) In the 1960’s when the USD was the global monetary standard for commerce, an ounce of gold could be bought for 32 USD; now it costs 1300 USD per ounce. That is a devaluation of over 4000% in less than 50 years. How is that possible unless it is a purposeful and intended act directed against the citizens of the United States by those given charge to prevent such a thing. We are governed by elected officials that have graduated from the best Universities in the world like Yale and Harvard, yet they write laws so full of vague legalese that even they cannot agree on how to interpret them.

    4) Laws were revoked or sidestepped that were put in place after the Wall Street crash of 1929 only to see it happen all over again. How can Harvard and Yale educated businessmen and lawyers let this happen with their grand educations and learned lessons from history, unless it is a purposeful and directed act. How can people like Bernie Madoff get away with his ponzi scheme and a company like WorldCom get away with their banking and accounting fraud for as long as they did when we have countless departments and agencies and watchdog groups in place to oversee such things?

    5) How can you have a resource as important to national security as oil being manipulated by private interests on the commodities exchange?

    Why is it that average citizens can see what has been happening to this country and the people we elect to govern and protect our interests, the ones with their finger on the pulse of the Nation, cannot…unless their actions are willful and directed by other interests. The freedoms and lifestyle of the people of the United States first, then the rest of the world are in great terminal jeopardy, unless we wakeup fast and furious, mad as h*ll, and ready to take back our country from those saboteurs that ‘WE’ have embedded in our government. Our Government is broken…dysfunctional; full of personal dynasties and limited interest lobbyists that have no interest in serving the people of this once great Nation, we need to take it back before it is too late!

  68. This as well as the “American Dream” comic strip (erm… “documentary”) should both be filed under “Conspiracy”.

    Silkop, What makes you think this doc should be filed under "Conspiracy"? There is nothing unproven in the entire doc?? Clearly you don't still believe 911 wasn't planned? I really can't believe there are still some people that believe the government's lies, all their crap has been proven wrong on so many levels, where do u live, under a rock? .............. Is there oil under that rock? I may be able to make you a good deal...

  69. Another truther film disguised as a peak oil documentary.

  70. As long as we can drive to Walmart & Target verry few will care that we are killing like Nazies

  71. gas or jetfuel burn at 600-800 degrees f, hydrogen 1100, alu melts at1100, but steel takes a 3900 degree cutting tourch.

  72. With the risk of sounding like I missed the point totally; What is the name of the intro song? :D

  73. @ Anthoy

    And its a mathematical conspiracy. The physicists are conspiring against us, too! They can't actually find any "stuff" the universe is made of. The harder they look, all they can see is math. Oh no, is all really like Tegmark's MUH??!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

    Isn't living in an illusion wonderful? I think I'll hang up my causal agency and just watch the show. Must go now. Off to Socrates Café. ?:)

  74. This is the best documentary I have seen on the highly controversial topics of post 9/11 politics, for its hosts don't sounds like screaming idiots.

  75. 9/11 was an inside job , its got to be the wake up call , we are doomed if people don't WAKE UP.

  76. oh so sorry.... the leaders of your nation have sworn a duty to protect the interests of the united states... their is a good reason on why this event took place... if you don't think so than please start paying $2000 a barrel for oil and see how long your country can lost till a civil war.

  77. Brilliant. Well presented and thought provoking.

  78. @ silkop

    life is a conspiracy.

  79. This as well as the "American Dream" comic strip (erm... "documentary") should both be filed under "Conspiracy".

  80. this documentary and the american dream should be shown on national tv across the world.

  81. a great approach into 9/11 and peak oil, and its good to see high level officials and mp's coming forward with their thoughts on the subjects. the bush family must be **** their self's :) great doc Vlatko