Oklahoma City: What Really Happened?

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Oklahoma City: What Really Happened?The laws of physics coupled with a lifetime of experience with explosives and munitions convinced General Partin that the magnitude and pattern of the damage done to the Murray building were totally inconsistent with a single truck bomb, especially one detonated outside of the building. Just as people tend to remember major historic events, Oklahomans will always remember where they were the morning of April 19th 1995. I was in my office that morning, which is about five miles from downtown Oklahoma City, and just like most the residents of Oklahoma City; I felt and heard the explosions at the Murrah Federal Building. In the days and weeks following that tragic morning, I began to have serious questions about the government’s official explanation.

For example, the reported size of the bomb was upgraded several times, also the many reports of explosive devices found in the building was continually discounted. Another question was about John Doe number two and how the importance and status of John Doe number two was continuously changed throughout the course of the investigation. Another reason for my questioning was the analysis done by General Benton Partin and also many other experts in areas such as chemistry, explosives, seismology, and demolition.

At that point I began to consider how I could get the facts of this case to the American people. My first course of action was to call on the speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives to form a special committee. The purpose of that committee would be to act as an oversight committee in a function much like the mini checks and balances we have at many levels of our government. Unfortunately that request was denied by the speaker and he and the governor both were very critical of that request saying that people need to have more faith and trust in their federal government and its’ agencies.

Frankly, that goes against what I believe in elected official’s responsibility is to its’ constituents and the American people. I began looking into alternative methods of communication. In this production and documentary, what we do is offer you eyewitnesses and experts and let you draw your own conclusion about what really took place in Oklahoma City on April 19th.

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  1. henry

    this doc moves me more so than others being born and rasied in okla this kind of act pains my heart that such a thing could happen in little okla let alone any where in the world i know now how many others around the world must feel pain dispair very vunrable again this pains my heart for no matter where i go to liveimy lifea big part of me will ways be in okla not only did it help me become the person i am today bit i have also buried most of my emediate family there soagain my heart aches for wat happened on april 19 1995

  2. larry

    the Mercury seen by the pipe smoker in OK is a very interesting aspect to the case. The most interesting aspect to me is the fact that the license plate was seen by the witness as "dangling" from the rear of the car. Of course, the plate was later found in a storage locker elsewhere, as the car was stopped without the plate. The original intent of the handlers was likely for the dangling plate was to fall off in OK but it did not. The loosened plate held on and thus could not be used for a "quicker" resolution to the operation--by tying the plate to the car, etc, at an earlier time in the "investigation." For facts concerning various aspects of such operational details see The Church Committee report from 1976.

  3. Mark

    Seeing the pain of the people here makes me think about the people in Iraq who have to go through two or more of these type of even every single day.

  4. Zac

    I have one question. Why does McVeigh have to ask directions to 5th and Harvey the morning of the bombing? It looks like he would have looked into that beforehand. I've known for years it was an inside job, but this doc is full of holes. The only thing that ticks me off worse than "them" lying to us, is people making up stuff that didn't happen to start with. Stuff like this is why legitimate issues get labeled as conspiracy theory.

  5. robert k

    was the Murrah Building a "test run" for feds during 9-11? First time I thought it is a possibility after seeing this documentary. Lots of great first hand footage never seen before.

  6. jim T

    Robert K, I would say yes, this was Bill Clintons 9/11. Bill Clinton another puppet incapable of governing the state of Arkansas, let alone the United States, was selected because of his loyalties. Janet Reno being the most effective during the attack on the Branch Dividian in Waco Tx. The downing of Ron Browns plane by covert forces, and the cover up of Vince Fosters murder.
    The FBI, NTSB, ATF, FDA, DEA, CIA, and they wonder why we dont trust them, any of these agencies any longer.

  7. Joe Marquis

    New Doc out that will go into detail and prove that this was a false flag operation......A Nobel Lie check it out.....

  8. batvette

    I don't think the conspiracy is as vast and deeply reaching as some are making it to be. Pretty sure it was that John Doe was an informant or agent who played a role in putting McVeigh up to it, and the alleged bomb squad that was nearby was to diffuse the bomb before it went off and give the agency a PR coup as heroes, and when they arrested McViegh, allow John Doe to gain the trust of the militia they were investigating and go deeper. It all goes bad when McVeigh plants a backup detonator.
    So we have a government agency looking for self promotion, playing dangerously with others' safety, and entrapping individuals and causing the very violent acts they are supposed to be preventing. What's the big secret there? Wasn't that what COINTELPRO was doing as policy?
    What this does however is cast disbelief on any theory which posits a government agency willfully intended to blow up a building and kill hundreds that day. I don't believe that was what happened and it's rather offensive to the mostly honest professionals employed within to say they did without solid evidence.
    Criminal incompetence, perhaps- not heinous murderers.

  9. Leslie

    Until my early 20's my mom had complete faith in this country till the day I mentioned this guy I had gone out to dinner with had told me Aids was man made, and was spread intentionally by our Gov. My mom was speechless, 1 week later, she told me she had discovered what I said to be true and that she actually learned somebody she knew was involved and he was in hiding because everyone involved was disappearing. That was the end of her sleep, at times I wished I had never mentioned the Aids thing, she kept coming up with more disturbing info all the time, none of it seemed to lead you to a conclusion of why, or a feeling anything could be done about it.

    In my mid 20's , she was driving me nuts, I was living back home and tried my best to ignore her, to avoid becoming suicidal myself. My mom had been in Florida (she moved from Ca with Rockwell) now she just retired and moved to NM where I moved back in with her (I had been in CA).

    So here we were, surrounded by strangers and we go to the bank to ask for a loan to start a business. The loan officer was I'm guessing early 30's, nice guy. I'd never imagined we would spend 3 hours at the bank, never having discussed the loan, these 2 were completely on the same page only this guy was loaded with even more info. I remember one of the main topics was the OK City bombing and this guy claimed he was very familiar with explosives and stated, NO WAY a van full of fertilizer caused that damage.
    We all wondered what it was they promised his family or threatened him with to force his confession.

    My mom has since passed away from cancer, I don't remember the exact strain but it was rare, they even asked permission to get samples before the cremation. (I wonder now if sv-40 was the cause)

    Since then I read a blog from a reporter who kept in contact with McVeigh, he was in complete disbelief that the man he came to know as McVeigh was the man they claimed took all those lives. He posted the letters I remember after reading them, I knew though never stated, this was an innocent man.
    Even so, he seemed to accept his fate and never asked for a thing. He just seemed to enjoy the contact from a stranger in the free world.

    What the reporter stated he had learned about McVeigh's past painted an entirely different picture than what we were told. The info he found lead him to believe McVeigh was actually a true patriot and the last guy that would ever even think up something so terrible.

    I'd love for the people who are responsible to be held accountable, it's about time. It's so hard to believe, people can live with themselves knowing the final casualty of this devastating event is a man being put to death for a crime, they know themselves are the one (s) to blame.

    I often wish my mom was here, I wonder what she would say now that the ?'s have an answer=depopulation, we never saw that one coming. I'm glad she didn't have to realize this was what it boils down to, I have a 15 yr old son that stole my heart and I am very aware how hard this reality is to face.
    I never thought anything could make me wish I could take it back, I wish for his future to be anything but what I fear it will be, I hope for the best, I hope enough people will wake up in time, I'm ready if they do.

  10. PaulBraveheart

    Spoken like a true troll...

  11. batvette

    attacking my person and not my talking points...now THAT's a TROLL.

  12. BernieT

    This is the same problem with two planes taking down 3 blgs. in New York..

  13. Glen Hale

    Strange how they found Atta's the pilot? @ 911 drivers licence,passport and Will on the foot path outside WTC .When you know you are going to die why take this with you and when all else is destroyed why did these survive.
    Now we find the VIn and part of a number plate survived this bombing.
    All critical info.

  14. tim1888

    shady ATF agents killing innocent kids and adults well out of order

  15. cynthia white

    interesting how 9/11 and okc were both around 9am. what comes to mind is that a controlling agent can easily delay people on their way to work with roadwork, unexpected detours etc to keep down the number of victims and still have the same impact on the mass consciousness.

  16. rufusclyde

    old' batvette the cognitive infiltration machine has "talking points" for making comments on so very many documentaries. Busy, busy batvette.

  17. MR. E N Igma

    so your gonna ignore the extra un detonated bombs removed from the building, the truck bomb that didn't have the power to do the odd shaped damage to the building, the murdered/tortured officer that was investigating the ATF foreknowledge, and so on and so on and so on.

  18. MyPetGloat

    You and your mother are LOONS. You mention a guy told you X, so it must be true. Oh my God, GROW A BRAIN.

  19. MyPetGloat

    What would you loons do without your imagined conspiracy theories.

  20. Dustin Parr

    riot in the streets and kill people. if "conspiracy" genre did not exist, then everything crazy that everyone believes will be viewed as fact to them. Not lumped in the same category as ufos or sasquatch. condescend before consideration much?

  21. Dustin Parr

    yea leslie, we are calling you stupid and patronizing your story because we all know everything about your life. Trusting your mother?! i am sure mypetgloat would agree with me that trusting your mother in some matters is such a bloody ridiculous idea. There is not any way that mypetgloat and i would have instead objectively viewed your story moved on even if it sounded a little incredible (it means far fetched, not awesome before all these stupid people are confused. haha right mypetgloat?) High five, bro. (my turn for sarcasm)

  22. Gonzo

    Maybe that sentiment explains the "Middle-Eastern Connection" mentioned in the video.

  23. InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Spoken like a true believer. Its an internet thing. Previous to the tubes, conspiracy nuts spent all their time in Moms basement reading CT literature. Now CT is mainstream.

  24. InvisibleHandInMyPants

    My, you are swimming upstream here. These types are fun to point at and ridicule, but refrain from engaging them.

  25. Airvaulting for Girls

    And even that much worse since the Snowden revelations. I see it even more now, "You see!? You see!? We were right!" As if one thing everyone had to know was going on to some degree is proof enough of everything else... Being the shill I obviously must be, I guess maybe I'll just check out Weird Al's 'Foil' video one more time and rip off my own mask at the end of it.

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