The Oligarchs

The Oligarchs

2018, Crime  -   12 Comments
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Al Jazeera Investigations travels to Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, for an explosive report on former President Viktor Yanukovych and his complex web of financial corruption.

Their intelligence comes from a computer drive filled with hundreds of documents spanning from 2011 to 2015, a period of time in which Yanukovych came into power and exacerbated civil unrest with his decision to parlay the European Union by forming closer ties to Russia. A long and bitter citizen uprising began, and led to the deaths of over 100 Ukranians.

But the Ukranian president seemed apathetic to these concerns. After fleeing his homeland for Russia, it became apparent that he was not all that he proclaimed to be. Hidden from view, he resided in a log cabin palace that stands today as a public monument to his corruption. During his tenure, he used his influence to preside over a vast money laundering scheme that stretched across many regions of the world. It was soon discovered that the Ukranian treasury was essentially robbed of billions to the benefit of Yanukovych and other oligarchs who conspired alongside of him. This dirty money was funneled through a series of shell companies, and failed to raise suspicions.

He attempted to cover his tracks by destroying incriminating documentation, but he failed. The film's investigatory team shuffles through these papers and does an admirable job of deciphering the winding path of corruption they portray. This assembly of oligarchs was savvy in their ability to commit crimes right under the noses of law enforcement, and they have long been successful in their attempts to hide in the shadows. The filmmakers sift through the debris of their misdoings with great care and tenacity. They are determined to unmask each of the faceless players - lawyers, accountants, and world leaders alike.

Noted security and foreign relations experts populate the film, and provide insights into the complexities of this criminal operation. Surveillance footage and attractive graphics make this complicated tale more easily digestible for a general audience.

Featuring stellar production values, painstaking research and a fast-paced narrative, The Oligarchs is a dense and infuriating ride.

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12 Comments / User Reviews

  1. eyeswideopn

    The oligarchs are western controlled. To interview bill Browder is one of the most offensive: wanted for the criminal activity he is alluding of Yanukovych of. Infact he is so determined to not face a US court over his allegations because he is going to be confronted with his part in stealing 100s of millions....Look up Bill browder subpoena in New York.

  2. scott

    Trump got out of there and never looked back.

    1. godber

      lol, this hasnt dated well.

  3. KK

    These are the puppets. The oligarchs just want you to blame these people.

    We will lynch you one day.

  4. XonEarth

    It is U.S. oligarchs like the Koch Brothers, not Russian ones who are truly destroying our democracy and the planet. U.S. oligarchs installed and control Trump. Russia-gate is CIA war-mongering lies.

    1. Katnea

      @XonEarth, while I agree with you regarding the Koch Brothers destroying our democracy and the planet, I do however, disagree with you insofar as Trump and Russia-gate. Btw, it would be helpful if you would provide the source that backs your "Russia-gate is CIA war mongering" as well. = /

    2. eyeswideopn

      Indeed this is correct. CIA is trying to cover its tracks when they looted in the 1990s with George Snr at the helm. I know this given my cousin was working for Bunswick who did the loot exchange.

  5. vcragain

    Every single reported connection screamed 'Trump' !!!!!

    1. Katnea

      I totally agree with you, Vcragain!

    2. scott

      Trump ran out of there and never looked back.

    3. ASal

      It will come out soon. It's crazy, dark, and it's DEFINITELY not Trump. If I can legally share the documents I will post the linksm it's all being exposed right now, the truth Trump really speaks. Hillary, aobama, and many many others are involved and caused this.

  6. Merrill or John J Miller

    We're supposed to be surprised or shocked? This is the norm everywhere and it has been for thousands of years and your big deal reports on this aren't going to do one thing to stop this overall. So I personally find this all tedious and just a little boring and silly.