One Day in the Life of a Men's Monastery

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One Day in the Life of a Men's MonasteryDocumentary non-feature film about daily life of a Men's Monastery in Abkhazia length.

With the blessing of: the Chairman of the Council of the Holy Metropolitanate of Abkhazia Dorofei (Dbar) and the Father Superior of the Monastery of St. Simon the Zealot Hieromonk Andrei (Ampar).

The most important job of a monk or nun is to pray, both privately and communally (as a group or together) by reading the holy Hours, participating in frequent (sometimes daily) Liturgy, and observing all the other services and feasts in the cycle of the Church.

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19 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Guest

    Made me want to read Gormenghast again.

  2. Earthwinger

    It made me want to sneak in there and plant a few whoopee cushions.

  3. Guest

    Love it, squeaky shoes would be good too :)

  4. Earthwinger

    LOL :))

    TBH, I found it difficult to watch, as the silence seemed absolutely deafening to me. If I were in a place like that, I'd end up giggling inappropriately, I always do. :D

  5. Guest

    I got caught by the building, faded paint, worn floors and the lovely big old mixer. I can imagine you in those silent halls being pulled along by your dog, skateboard underfoot and a trail of laughter behind you. I might sketch that out now and applique you at the weekend :)
    Liked the tiny carving too.

  6. Earthwinger

    Agreed, the building was lovely. I find old, slightly shabby places like that somehow reassuring. I just can't seem to help myself when I'm anywhere that demands hushed tones and deference though. I think it harks back to my childhood, when my mother used to drag me off to church every Sunday.

    One time in particular, an old guy in the row in front of us, let out one of those long farts that was like a squeaky door hinge, and I just ended up in fits, shoulders shaking, tears streaming down my face, hand over my mouth, desperately trying to contain my giggles, and of course, failing. My mother boxed my ears later, but it was worth it. That eight year old is still there, just below the surface, and it doesn't take much to set me off. :)

    Do you post up pictures of your applique work anywhere on-line? I'd love to see some of your stuff. :)

  7. Guest

    I love that kind of laughter, the sort that makes you almost sick :) My old lady neighbour does a lot of that and carries on as if nothing has happened. Have to keep running to the kitchen to laugh in secret. I have a very old website growing/wilting untended somewhere, is it naughty to tell you ?

  8. Far Spam

    a life of just prayer is no life...

  9. blahblahbob

    i admire the dedication but, man, i just couldnt turn away from my life of instant gratification...

  10. CatsR4Me


  11. Qoheleth

    Beautiful. Regardless if you are religious or not, one should be able to at least appreciate the compositions and time-lapse scenes! And it is called "A Day in the Life of a Men's Monastery". Of course it is "boring". Do you expect it to be thrilling? Exciting? Amusing? People don't know how to slow down and be still anymore.

  12. KsDevil

    A documentary with no narraton. It pretty much explains itself, except for that rubbery stuff in the trays.
    Liked the beards.

  13. spring11

    They might start dancing when they hear it blast!

  14. Tony Bosher

    not any way to live a life ,they all seem like damaged people ,quite sad realy

  15. ????? ???????

    Loved it! So tranquil.

  16. EDITH

    and behind doors?

  17. Brian Stoll

    i'd love to live there but i wouldn't want to pray or anything.. just read, draw and swim :D

  18. Cori Louis

    ^ ^ wow, it seems so calming and pretty and perfect, i LOVE the scenery, id love to hang out there some time with the guys :P

  19. Cori Louis

    @spring11 they seem to be living very peaceful lives

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