Openhand: 5 Gateways

2011, Religion  -   62 Comments

Openhand: 5 GatewaysThe world is undergoing a very turbulent evolutionary process. As the very fabric of our society crumbles, a new paradigm is unfolding all around us founded on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. The question is, how do we join it?

There are many paths up the spiritual mountain, for each of us the journey will be unique. Yet we are all influenced in very similar ways as we pass key altitudes on route to the summit. Understanding these transitions can remove much unnecessary suffering in our lives and catalyze our next evolutionary step.

Inspired by the book of the same name, 5 Gateways is a colorful documentary, detailing from direct first hand experience, the spiritual transitions we all must make if we are to peel away the blockages that limit us and unfold into the new paradigm. The time is now. There is no other time!

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  1. Carol Kara

    I had already begun this journey without realising it. Wow! It certainly resonates with me. I am so pleased that I watched this documentary as it has shown me that I am on the right path.

  2. kash satnam

    A very well done documentary inviting the viewer to look within. For many maybe for the first time and for others the possibility of re kindling a fire which maybe never fully lit. The important thing noticed here was the pointer toward the unconscious psychological debris conditioned into us through experience and education which has narrowed us down to thinking our world perception has been written on something more concrete then thin air.

  3. Michael Chodosh

    This is the first part of a great documentary about the beginning of ascension to a higher level of being. I'm going to look for the rest of it now!

  4. Rocky Racoon

    Were heading back into the dark ages and serfdom....what is this non chemical lobotomy?
    General Strike: The only tool people without power economic or political have ever been able to change anything and it is the only thing the 1% listen to. Why? it stops the money machine from going round.

  5. Karl van Oldenborgh

    The most recent buddha taught meditation for free to anyone who wanted liberation from the suffering of craving and aversion.
    He did not want a religion to be created out of this, but unfortunately some buddhists are religious.

    My 3 main issues with this new movement are:
    1)The courses of this new 'Openhand: 5 Gateways' religious movement are not free or by donation.
    2)The spiritual leader claims himself to be enlightened (if you became enlightened, then you would have no need to tell anyone).
    3)The focus is on happy-happy joy-joy, rather than the reality that our physical bodily sensations are all about suffering. Craving and Aversion. But a concept of "life is suffering, so accept it and eventually all will be ok" is a harder concept to sell. Happy-happy joy-joy sells so much more easily.

    One way to find real peace within is to learn these meditation techniques:
    1) Anapana 2) Vipassana 3) Metta Bhavana
    Find a meditation centre that accepts only donations for their courses.
    The spelling of the techniques names can vary as they are old words.

    i'm sure that there are other spiritual paths to enlightenment, but this one worked for buddha (he would have been happier with a humble lower case spiritual title i'm sure) who was just a regular guy. So it'll work for me.

    1. Lankavatara

      I appreciate your intent. A few points of divergence:

      The Buddha seemed to know that religiously bent people would also utilize his teachings. The first 10,000 pali suttas speak of him giving devotional type practices to those of this bent. Neuroscience anecdotes are indicating certain brain types do benefit much more then others from devotional practice.
      I don't think it is unfortunate really, generally this type of contemplative will have greater equanimity, as well achieving the absence of doubt much earlier then most (for better or worse per individual progression).

      The Buddha claimed to be enlightened. In fact claiming a special breed of enlightenment.
      -We cannot presume this man's intent is dishonest simple because he claimed to be enlightened.-
      Arhathood isn't exactly hard to achieve compared to the advanced practices, the Buddha said a bright individual could do it in a week (first 10,000 suttas).

      There are many takes on how to teach the dharma. Within the first 10,000 suttas, the Buddha says our actual nature cannot suffer at ALL.
      There is a point in one's practice where trying to investigate a quality of suffering amongst phenomena ceases to be beneficial.
      The buddha likens it to attempting to continue to use the vessel of a boat after already getting to land on the other side.
      Moreover, the Buddha indicates that suffering emerges out of delusion, not that life OR bodily fabrications are intrinsically of suffering. In fact it is made clear that the very nature of all things is suchness or 'type of nirvana'.
      This is why many paths attempt 'correct perception' either in the beginning or 3/4 of the way into said paths. Instead of investigating the quality of suffering, one investigates the nature of suchness, which is always there.
      The integration of suchness with the illusory world is directly about making everything 'happy-happy-joy-joy'.

      Speaking from experience, once one finishes the functional path of tummo and has realized emptiness through conception and direct experience, one sees that the reality of things isn't related to suffering at all.
      The perception of suffering or even lack of suffering has nothing to do with actual reality. Which is why it is associated with the most basic schools, usually with a feebler series of goals in mind (The Buddha said ONE WEEK, doesn't have to be a life goal). Suchness isn't an exalted state of bliss but one of exalted security. Interestingly it can be perturbed through advanced means to also become an exalted state of bliss. Further, this bliss can follow you when entering full 'suchness empty of other with no residue' but no form of suffering can. Indicating that though the actual nature of all things is beyond jubilation or the inverse. The latter being a course emergence, while the former is a much more primal emergence, MUCH closer to the to absolute state of primal reality.

      Lastly be careful of doing insight meditation where one is essentially generating the fabrication of discovering suffering. Investigative/insight/vipassana are actually practices dealing with the generation and manipulation of fabrications. The act of trying to discover a quality within mental or bodily fabrications is actually the act of generating the quality. Therefor trying to 'discover' nirvana in all things is a very worthy goal. Trying to 'discover' suffering impacts motivational tendencies and some perceptual tendencies but usually leaves people feeling their 'bird isn't fully cooked'.

      Lastly the Buddha makes clear in the first 10,000 suttas that he practiced the path of the Bodhisattva, not a path with the emphasis an arhathood. He taught arhathood because it is the easiest to grasp and much less work.

    2. Michael Chodosh

      Thank you for your eloquent and thoughtful reply.

      I am saddened by all of these closed minded, comments which have such obviously self serving intentions. It leads me to ask: Why would any of these people, with their current views on life, have actually watched this documentary, except (if they really did watch it) so they could discredit it with their judgements? Do they actually have so little belief in the strength and validity of their own religions that they need to enforce their position by discrediting and bullying the others?

      To anyone who is upset with this movie, may I suggest, try watching it again.

  6. linda

    i do not understand what is being said about this movies. I have lost 9 grandchildren and 3 adult children. watching this movie gave me a few moments of relief from the grief and sorrow.

  7. Lisa LaMendola

    A most fabulous documentary that speaks to us as individuals in the 21st century so that we can better understand the path...bravo

  8. Lord_Kral

    the problem with this documentary is that is requires you to accept some superstitious nonsense like karma and past lives. they don't even go into why or how they came to justify that those things are "true", as part of the "universal" path to enlightenment. i believe that the ppl in this doc are very close to the true path, but they should release themselves from the grip of the supernatural, which at its core is one of the ultimate lies perpetuated in human existence.

    1. anuragawasthi

      Man is a mixture of three ingredients: first, an animal with all the physical propensities and sense urges that one shares in common with animals; second, the rational, logical human level; and third,
      the dormant Divinity, the sleeping God within. The whole of the spiritual life is a gradual elimination, eradication, of the animal within, and the refinement or purification and education of the entire human nature.

      Like how We believe in the cycles of creation and destruction,cycles of weather,day and night,happiness and sarrow,and we also believe
      that the matter is never destroyed in universe,it the energy which transform the same way the cycles of life and death also exist

    2. omaim hreem

      Hello Sir, non of you argument is valid particularly " hidden Divinity" the only think I see is cultural believe on what is good and bad(devil), if you take away the cultural part of human what is left is body, emotion and perfecting what we presume is good.
      The ultimately the perfection comes only when u have develop selflessness to all animate and inanimate beings. The modern people called respect others the way you like to be respected.
      and also the most important respect yourself.

  9. big

    I am happy for them 2, they are a good match as a couple. However, this video though enlightening it may be, I sense that its all being made to make them feel better about themselves in their closed world. What enlightenment will a hungry and poor person e.g. in Africa have to feel about this enlightenment you people r on about. JUST BE HAPPY that bugga said in this happy with your surrounding when all that surrounds u is slavery and hunger and nothingness in some countries....

    Only people trying to sell us something will have the ordersity to say this rubbish in this video - the whaaaaat "5 Gateways" u mean five gates I have to take to be like u. buggaz.

  10. Neil Phillip Melly

    if we think as one and love as one we will be as ONE

  11. Sion88

    Hey, this really got on my nerves. Wohoo!

  12. elevenwolf

    I watched the documentary, enjoyed the content and was vey happy that these individuals have validated what seems to be a common foundation of a transcendental experience. Who or what these people are, what they have attained I'm not in the position to judge or question, my job is what I am and what I do and finding the particular tools in my life to get beyond "myself" and find my being in all existence. The value I found in this documentary was the simply the affirmation of that state greater than the narrative we have created for ourselves and call reality, and just presenting that possiblity in the hope that someone will see it and started asking the great questions of existence is something I both appreciate and thank them for.

  13. Tracy Phillips

    ...Catalyze my passage through the gateway of a new paradigm? ...Is that even legal? ...Sounds like a New Age colonoscopy. Do we really have to plaster on a beatific stupor-like expression & wave our arms about? ...Why do I smell little green men, applesauce & a mother-ship coming 'round the bend?

  14. Diana Butler

    Try to not stereotype people for it is a form of bitterness and judgment. These people have began to awaken, are excited about it, and they want to share. Don't look at them and expect them to be fully awakened so suddenly. This takes a while.

  15. Shannon Coleman

    I think that this movie is really well done, beautiful scenery, people, stories, but I also think that it is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that these "stories" or experiences are just pointers, nothing else. The real work, if there is work to be done, is always inside, do not PAY anyone to help you do the work, just PAY attention to yourself. There are no "past lives" only the ONE life, the one consciousness. BTW a true enlightened being would never say "I'm enlightened". As beautiful as the stories are I think that films such as these tend to keep one stuck in the belief that there is a path with markers and "gates" to pass through, and this is what keeps one from so called ascension. There is only this, right now, our experience now, no obstacles, no "way", no workshop to attend. Stop throwing your money and time away on other peoples experiences and go inside. Generate the conviction "I am the all-pervasive consciousness in which all bodies and minds in the world are appearing and disappearing. I am that consciousness which remains unchanged and unaffected by these appearances and disappearances" Stabilize yourself in that conviction. That is all you need to do. Or don't, either way, you're exactly where you need to be. Namaste

  16. Gerald Cote

    Thank you for sharing!! You will see it when you believe it and you will finally believe it when you see it. Divine dichotomy makes us all go crazy, hence the need to ascend above it. Perspective can be a bitch sometimes.

  17. stv_docker

    i watched 8 minutes and it did my head in. sorry.

  18. soulfetcher

    the cause for misery in this world is the white man.........
    Thanx light....... finally the white man is undergoing through the final stages of evolution. wish so very much.

  19. andrew308

    christ lord - perception is reality, so you think thats what they mean. i dont. and i dont think you can truelly believe" we are EXACTLLY who we are supposed to be" that sounds like an excuss to me because you wish you were somewhere in life that you dont think you can reach.

  20. iamchristlord

    I am are not...I know the do not...yadda yadda yadda...

    We are all working with karma, we are all where we are supposed to be right "NOW". There are not "5 Gateways" these things are not any more "Special" than anything else in existance. Life it's self is special and the journey is always sacred. We are all equel and we are exactly where we are supposed to be! This doco is about raising "them" above others. Life is blessed in all its challanges. Everything is can't escape it, even if you don't know it.

    1. Diana Butler

      I don't think they mean to express being raised above others, so much as being raised above our old way of being, knowing that we are not the same as we once were, though we might say of how we once were, that that was perfect for us at that particular time. But there is no judgment implied as to other people and to where they are. If anything, one becomes even more ready to allow others their right to be where they are, for we see a bigger picture.

  21. bulldetector

    Gus Hales: This word spiritual is a nonsense word and means nothing. We all live on this planet, at this moment it is the only place we can live and the only place we have ever lived. We are planet "Earth" and we are part of this vast re-cycling machine, we do not have to become "Spiritual". We have to care for and maintain our life support machine, its our choice if we want to carry on living on planet Earth, but nature will take it's course.

    Becoming spiritual just means giving some-one the opportunity to sell you a piece of crystal or a wacky healing technique, in other words you are buying into more re-packaged capitalism. All we need to do is stop becoming something and wake up. The saddest thing is that monotheistic religions want to see the destruction of this paradise with a deluded idea of the parousia, but meanwhile we are running out of time.

  22. kam johal

    when you click the "like" button it appears as "islam" for some reason.. i'd agree that this films has buddhist points .. appreciated the re-affirmations, though a bit dreamy .. in presentation style.

  23. bogdanvladimir

    This is buddhism!...not a new religion Dalai Lama says the same things

  24. Mateus Brajão

    It seems that my previous comment was censored...didn't see that one coming. Anyway, this doc is just self help...

  25. vulturewoman

    I have read many books on spiritual awareness since I was a teen. I have some things to thank, it did help me for some things. I met a lot of these type of folks through the years. My new impression of them, is they are like the bourgeois that are not really what they are cracked out to be. Most don't grow their own food or make their own clothing. So when I see people saying they are "free", they still rely on a market of people working hard to provide them with their so called "natural" clothing and food, and they drive nice cars. Most of them are not even parents. So they just sound like soft spoken teenagers in my opinion. There are some things that are just unrealistic, and coincidently "profitable"$ in this concept. example: books and very expensive seminars.
    I'm just finding it strange that my close friends who follow this movement tend to be much more depressed and dependent on words of wisdom, and too centered around themselves, no matter what they say about unity,then the other friends who don't follow the trend, but yet, have the same principles in theory, have this admirable content towards life....
    I'm not trying to be mean on this thread, I'm just admitting that I find that there is something wrong with this picture. It's been bugging me for a while...

    1. Guest

      Being *spiritual* is the new orientation, it comes from the fact that many people are turning away from religion or at least turning away from the rules and rulers of their religions. They are seeing that what they called "GOD the powerful" does not works if they don't activate it them self. To disconnect from blaming GOD for everything bad and thanking GOD for everything good requires a lot of trail and errors and in the end one realizes that perhaps GOD does not exist at all outside of them.
      When i say the new orientation i don't mean that it just came to be yesterday. The same way that nothing is invented without the help of previous invention, nothing comes to be the *way* without previous ways. The 60's, the drug culture, the easiness of travelling and seeing other ways, the ideas coming forth from quantum sciences, all these and other mouvements have brought the world to see itself self powered and self defeated. What we see for the world we end up seeing for our self.
      It is very difficult to change instantly, because we are all surrounded by the pressure from the people we are connected to, and the monetary system we live in.
      I believe the way to "climb" is like the game "A Barrel Of Monkeys", hands in hands.

      have you a heart of stone in henge
      an ornament you cherish and share
      a diamond of a soul
      that sparkles through your skin
      a river rock mind
      made more beautiful through tears of joy or sorrow
      a giving hand
      to help a friend on the ladder of life
      a receiving hand
      to allow a friend to pick you up
      a beautiful face
      that blossoms with every smiles
      are you rich or poor
      rich and famous for what you give
      poor and remarkable in little you take
      practice self love
      so it can be passed as a flu
      to friends and family members
      to the last partner to be
      to the whole world
      as a pyramid of love
      from your bottom to your top
      and all the top dots
      on all i...s

      a poet in her free time

    2. vulturewoman

      I really hate poetry. This does not make me a bad person or any less point is. This spiritual movement comes with a mold, a fashion to follow, a sub-culture it is. If you don't fit it, you can be as out-casted as being in church. You being from Montreal does not surprise me. I left there saying to myself, no one works for real here. and when I mean work, I mean feed themselves with their own crops and clothe themselves by sewing, etc. Just people in no real danger cause there are imports from hard working countries on hand, so they can procrastinate and look at their navel. I have a lot of friends up there that probably know you, and they are just in the same world as you. They would giggle knowing you pulled poetry guns on

    3. Guest

      I am not from Montreal, i am from Contrecoeur a town of 6000 people surrounded by fields of corn, wheat, bean, strawberries and others. It is on the shore of the St Laurent river where i was able to watch sunsets most of my youth. My parents always had a big garden and so did i in my adult life. I left Quebec in the 80 and since then have live in California, Texas, Belgium, BC and have travelled 40plus countries helping where ever i can specially in third world countries.
      Your opinion on Montreal is what it is...that's not my problem, i see it differently.
      I did not pull any guns of poetry on you, i am just a poet and i enjoy expressing my self that way, people are free to scrool down past it and comment on it any way they want, that's not my problem. My poem is not address to you to put you down, it is addressed to me through you. If you hate poetry, that's not my problem.
      Where you see guns, i see words. You don't want to be mean, then don't be! Now this is the end of your message, the rest is an other poem.

      the first version of my game
      was to scribe a say between each lines
      a word between each word
      a letter between each letter
      in other words
      read and write looking in the empty spaces
      that is an easy game for a poet
      i felt like a gardener growing words in rows
      and then i wrote rules
      the way a gardener plants flowers
      to rule me and the coming players
      my favorite rule is
      every 1 rule their Self
      other 1s are
      sow your out sides
      plow your in sides
      leave your fears be hind
      play a gain with others alone
      let others play alone with you
      just keep playing
      life is a game

      a poet in her free time

    4. Karmakat59

      I, too have met many 'spiritual elitist' types in my lifetime....however, I don't get that from this film at all. As with everything, spiritual paths can have 'traps' and pitfalls such as being unbalanced in their outlook - for instance, being in denial of the 'dark' or 'shadow' aspects of our human nature and merely suppressing and repressing them. I found the presenter very mindful and aware of this common dilemma, and reminding all that the road to self mastery starts with taking responsibility for one's projections and belief systems/conditioning. It's vital to be aware that any emotional triggers (or feelings of agitation, discomfort) you experience from another 'outside' of yourself are simply mirrors for your own ego issues that need to be addressed (we ALL have them) and be willing to look at them honestly.....Sure, the film did drag a little in some areas and I had to pause it on occasion. But I found it refreshingly honest in presenting a complete truth as opposed to the usual 'half-truths' found in many watered-down 'New Age' philosophies.....
      "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious"....Carl Gustav Jung

    5. vulturewoman

      That quote from Carl is quite awesome! thanks for sharing that one:)
      maybe I'll try the doc again. I gave it half and hour, it seemed a lot like spiritual elitist garbage to me that kept repeating. Or maybe I've read too many books of this subject that I am jaded, which makes it odd, cause these books aren't supposed to do that as an end result. hehe

  26. Hannah Sergeant


  27. OccultAlien

    I see a blue pentagram on the back of my neck pointing downwards, and an energy like a clarity of light flowing down my spine and through my arms and legs, I feel an intense joy and awareness of not knowing in the moment and am filled with something vital. any pain is nothing because this is the focus of my reality.

  28. David Dureault

    It's all wonderful, however I view the soul as the container of bondage for one's free spirit, that has been sold to you for your convenience and sanitary protection.

    1. Tony

      Wow! I haven't watched the doc yet but this comment reached out and grabbed my attention. Pretty deep for a short paragraph. Now I have to watch it.

  29. Mateus Brajão

    This is self help BS. Cheap philosophy. If you pay attention to the language you will see some keywords - like: 5 gateways (or maybe 5 steps) something so easy, so confortable...Or tools. Or facilitators to help you catalyze the passage through the first gateway. You know...things are not that easy. Feeling joy by observing the beautiful complexity of life is absolutely amazing, granted; but it is not the solution to all of our problems. And what about the images and soundtrack? Just wonderful sights and a very calm, relaxing kind of music...To assure you that (really) everything is going to be all right. Such a cheap shot using emotional appeals.And guess what? They want help you so bad, that they decided to show you what kind of "superior beings" they have become with their so called "method" by selling you DVDs, books and facilitators courses... Everybody wants to be the f***ing Messiah, the savior of humanity...I'm just tired of this kind of bulls***. Maybe we should learn something once and for all: we're nothing but human, all too human. Nobody has the elixir, the truth, the path, the way, the light...the five magic s*** that will save it all.Get real...

  30. Daniel Robinson

    Awesome, really enjoyed relating to this movie and love seeing parts of Truro where i live, fantastic.

  31. Karmakat59

    Those who don't 'get' the full message of this film are just not ready to let go of their perceptions and judgments, and that's okay....
    "When your mind is empty of prejudices you can see the Tao. When your heart is free of desires you can see the Tao"....

  32. polarwhite

    What a wonderful documentary.It made so much sense to me.Sounds like a beautiful journey to take.Hopefully soon i will take this journey and peal away my persona to unleash infinte conciousness.

  33. Daniel Chapman

    I like this doc. they did a good job showing we all can awaken to oneness, now is the time

  34. Muzar

    ok i give up

  35. Monika

    I am inclined to have open mind about things. But having watched 15 minutes I checked their website and realised it is just a compilation of information you can find elsewhere as well. Meh.... And selling even facilitators' courses for £245.... hmmmmmm

    1. Karmakat59

      One does not need a 'facilitators course' (unless they wish to make a 'career' as a teacher) to get the free message in this film....I find this film gives a full, in depth look at the stages of spiritual growth without diluting it down in half-truth messages of 'airy-fairy- woo-woo' like a lot of the incomplete 'New Age' teachings often presented....they seem offer good, grounded advice and tools for anyone on a serious path of awakening (and beyond). Try watching the entirety of this film - there's no 'charge' for that.

    2. Muzar

      spiritual growth? the people in the doc dont look so spiritually large to me. They look detached human beings that are having trouble coping with the world around them, running away to a fantasy world of their own.
      I watched 30 minutes of this film. i tried, i really tried.

  36. Muzar

    This is worth watching just to understand the psychobabblers

    1. Karmakat59

      Oooops - my apologies; I accidentally hit the 'like' button and am unable to delete it...;>

    2. amogera

      psychobabblers are every where. politicians (our representatives), religious leaders, and all those who offer u the time of THIS LIFE TIME and the fullfillment of all our dreams. Did you blink u might miss your stock drop.
      I guess we all just have to learn to appreciate each other because however much u might like to we cant help but be on the same boat called Earth. Peace

  37. tomregit


  38. far

    Boring... At least Scientology is entertaining with its psychotic members and alien philosophy...

  39. Prism11

    *sigh* This one sent my bull-$H!tometer readings off the chart! Another festering heap of New Age cult-like babbling. A badly stitched patchwork quilt made up of Hinduism, Buddhism, so-called 'Paganism' & New Ageism centered around-guess what?- a charismatic leader! We've seen this sort of thing so many times before. This is one bowl of applesauce I'm not going to touch.

  40. The Buachaill

    Got through about 40 mins before deciding any interesting point that might be made in this doc was ultimately lost in the vague ramblings of a few space cadets who love the sound of the word synchronicity! I am happy that they're happy.

    1. Darrell Booth

      Sounds like your not resonating with the frequencies of self advancement. No worries dude, you have to get it one day because we are all connected to this planet and to each other. And this planet is going through it's own ascension, that means everything on it must raise it's conciseness and vibration, that includes you, and everyone else who thinks that this is "psychobabble".......and it's at this moment, I realize that I let myself care about you getting this point, when I should realize that you and everyone else who thinks that their opinion on a documentary comments section is gospel. Good luck on your journey, your gonna need it! :)

    2. Muzar

      "if you dont believe in god you will go to hell"

    3. The Buachaill

      ...and it's at this moment, I realize that I let myself care about you getting this point

      And you're worried others think their comments are gospel. Seriously?

  41. Taras Moskvichov

    i wonder, all this people are talking about awakening, seeing through the material mask and giving up struggeling inside the material world. And in the background there is a huge collection of DVDs.

    1. Jesse Holmes

      Hehe same thing went through my mind. It made my brain hurt.

    2. amogera

      funny we all watch it though. Its like a Jerry Springer syndrome has afflicted all of us. Cant stop being curious.

    3. Chris Mcfadden

      I wonder, do you mean the shelf behind Trinity Bourne? If so 1) The huge collection of DVDs is behind one person; they are not the background of this whole presentation as your statement infers. 2) "The huge Collection" amounts to 19 DVDs which take up half a shelf. The rest are books and a few CDs.
      Like this or don't, agree or disagree but at least tell the truth.