Operation Infektion

Operation Infektion

2018, Conspiracy  -   56 Comments
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Fake news is a true phenomenon. While deception and disinformation is nothing new, it seems to have infected our media and public discourse like never before. It now has the power to erode democracies, inform government policy, and control large regions of the population. Russia has perfected the art of this new kind of war like no other country. Produced by The New York Times, Operation InfeKtion explores Russia's involvement in this "virus" of false news, why we're increasingly susceptible to its influence, and what it all means for the future of fact.

The film opens by summarizing one of history's earliest and most effective campaigns of deception. In 1983, a small New Dehli newspaper published an article promoting a rumor that AIDS was a U.S. invention designed to kill African Americans and homosexuals. Within years, that offensive distortion of truth was being reported as fact on the U.S. nightly news programs. That story, like so many others propagated in today's mainstream media, was the work of Soviet spy masters. According to one ex-KGB operative, up to 85% of their agency's efforts are devoted to the spread of these false stories.

Flimsily sourced, accented by attention-grabbing doomsday language, and hosted by the global reach of the internet, these alternative fact campaigns have managed to change the public perception of reality faster and more successfully than ever before. They destroy trust, evoke suspicion, and instill a sense of apathy amongst the masses for fact-based narratives.

Russian President Vladimir Putin - himself a highly trained KGB spy - has wholeheartedly embraced the practice with the hopes of reshaping the western world in his favor. The film delves deep inside their insidious tactics, including their recruitment of "useful idiots" to lend legitimacy to false claims. We see their efforts more and more frequently in the public sphere from the spread of anti-Muslim sentiment to the ludicrous Pizzagate controversy to the swaying of a U.S. political election.

The tone of Operation InFektion is surprising buoyant and energetic in spite of its dire content. The film features informative interviews with experts from the fields of politics, espionage and internet communications.

Directed by: Adam B. Ellick, Adam Westbrook

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David Dieni
1 year ago

Over the last 20 years I have witnessed the complete and utter collapse of political consciousness in the west, particularly in the US, as all political commentary and debate in the media is a farcical pantomime carried out in order to place the decline of the economic dominance of the US on external scapegoats such as migrants, creeping socialism, cultural Marxism (Jewish Bolshevism) Russia gate etc, to which the majority public have bought into uncritically, as no evidence exists to support any of these claims. Insane allegations that Obama was a Marxist and Bernie Sanders a social democrat can only gain traction due to a bewildering level of ignorance. The measures advocated by Sanders, were unachievable in the midst of a crisis for starters, and did not come any where near meeting the most basic criteria to be considered social democratic, they didn't even meet the criteria of liberal reforms.

People buy into the disinformation campaigns and scapegoating, because it is far more palatable than the TRUTH, ie that the system itself is not only failing, but collapse was a fait accompli from its inception, (as apart from structural issues for which there is no answer) it is fueled by a finite resource.

We now use 6 barrels of oil for every one we find, and use 1 billion barrels every 11 days. Of course the government have been aware of this for years, and 9/11 was used as the pretext for a war that had been in the planning since the late 1990's. Our demand for energy now outstrips supply, while demands on supply double every 23 years based on an average of 3% growth

Fake news and celebrity kulture are the 21 century opiates of the masses, that will be the ultimate cause of the extinction of our species

A quick journey through oil formation, peak oil, energy, economic growth, and resource depletion. The most important sequence is 17:18, which deals with GROWTH.

2 years ago

"Produced by The New York Times".. One need not know anymore than that. The epitome of FAKE NEWS, The NY Slimes. Has as much Truth as as B. Clinton's denials.

2 years ago

One more "Larry Celona" video of House of Windsor family, psy-op disinformation video, done by US public relations firm. 88 billion dollar family wealth, stretches well.

2 years ago

This is likely misinformation as well. It is very difficult to find reliable information and when the news itself is biased you almost do not know what to believe until it goes to court or you have seen the events yourself. Our biggest threat is China and Obama was the most corrupt president ever and Biden is a national security thresat.

2 years ago

am i the only one that sees the irony in the ny times putting a doc out like this in an attemot to show that disinformation in and of itself has its roots in russia, and that the US is above this type of immoral behavior? any examples of "fake news" directed at the detriment of america shown in this doc such as the aids virus being released from ft detrick and spread to kill africans and gays seems to anyone awake as not truly fake news but real as ever and used to promote the idea that such activites are so unbelieveable that it only AIDS (see what i did there?) in proving how honest and full of integrity america is.. in other words, this entire doc is bullshit. theyre showing you how its done not in other countries but but our own government....**** NYT

2 years ago

How do I know that this documentary is fake news?

3 years ago

This is a ridiculous documentary. You have to have journalists you pay to work for you to read false news. Who are these KGB journalists? This documentary is paid for by the CIA.

3 years ago

Trump again. The bias quakamentry does not account for the witch hunts that costs the tax payers millions.

3 years ago

Sorry sounds like leftist documentary i dont trust such source.

3 years ago

I was going to say something similar. The NY Times should be named the Goebbles Times.

3 years ago

I truly believe that the CIA paid for this bullshit......

3 years ago

Interesting to see new york times making this documentary, as of writing this, 6 days ago Trump sued the new york times for spreading false information about him.

Overall good documentary.

3 years ago

If you can find it, check out this documentary for a look at a world where facts don't matter.

"The World According to Vladimir Putin"

Slick James
3 years ago

Excellent doc, extremely well made and based on FACTS.

3 years ago

All of these so called, "Russian tactics" are the exact same tactics used by US and Britain or any other country that seeks to use disinformation or propoganda. This is just how the covert cold war 2.0 type tug of war is played. We are just seeing the Leftist, New York Times/BBC point of view.

4 years ago

Most of the comments about this documentary are from Russian Stooges and paranoid right-wing 'Useful Idiots', who hate facts, science and empirical reality.

This is a well made documentary. There are astounding amounts of FACTUAL EVIDENCE from a variety of academic, military and non-governmental groups who study Russia's long-storied interference with elections and disinformation. The sources in the documentary are professionals who worked in both US and Russian governments. And anyone who has studied the Pre-Reagan - Cold War era, knows that it is a fact that Russia engages in disinformation around the world.

The author of this documentary is correct: America will find itself upon a crisis that could dismantle our fragile psuedo-democracy. The Right-Wing wants American Democracy to disintegrate because they see the USA as a "White Nationalist Republic." The Right-Wing would rather have a group of white men elect other white men to a White Supremacist Thugligarchy.
Hence, the Right-Wing nutjobs hate ANYHING that calls out their insane beliefs in conspiracies and lies, including their belief that Trump is the "Chosen One," the "Second Coming of God," the "King of Israel" and the "King of the Jews." Welcome to the batsh*t cray-cray Right-Wing. Welcome to a failing American Democracy where the poorly educated refute simple reality like that facts that the sky is blue, the world is round and People of Color are not replacing or 'genociding' them. SMH. But Trump supporting conspiracists will refute anything to own a "Lib." These fearful, sophomoric alt-white psychos are why Russia is so successful at sowing dischord and damaging the cohesion of our nation.

Don't Waste Your Time
4 years ago

Look in the upper left of the thumb nail. You already it's just gonna be one big show of hypocrisy and real fascist calling everyone else that.

4 years ago

If a Russian news outlet exposes some truth which turns out to be true, while the marxist usa major media tries to hide it, about their favored people; then I say thank you Russian news outlet. If it came from Pakistan, I would say thank you Pakistan. If it came from WikiLeaks, I would say thank you WikiLeaks.

The rule is to verify. When did truth seeking become Anti American? Apparently to the usa major media and the dolts who refuse to think or verify.

Clearly the NY Times has learned from the best Russian "active measures" exKGB officers on how to make believable propaganda. Just like the Devil, tell a little truth and then hope the suckers believe the rest of what is told to them.

4 years ago

@Anthon40: Anti American? That would be the propaganda arm of the CIA led globalist(communist) usa major media propaganda machine and those that support them. Did you do ANY homework such as listening to what a years ago CIA director stated in Congressional hearings to the Church commission?

More recently, exCIA director Brennan, Obama's pick was/is a Communist you fOOl. Obama giving billions to the muslim brotherhood IS anti American... among many other things he did.

No one I know is upset at anyone exposing Russian propaganda, they just know that the much more serious problem is from the Socialists-Progressives-Communists from within the usa. Some of those who are getting exposed now (spring of 2019) The NY Times, Hillary, Obama, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Mueller, Strzok, and numerous other Socialist-Progressive-Communist minions who think we all need to be spied upon and kept under their thumb. They are doing Putin's work for him. Not to mention all the Soros funded propaganda including the Obama presidency, which was nothing but lie after lie straight from the Alinsky playbook, "Rules For Radicals" which both Hillary and Obama followed closely.

This docu was a prime example of PROPAGANDA: Expose a little truth about Russian Propaganda and then offer no evidence while calling many true occurrences, false. Nice trick but not falling for it.

4 years ago

Wow.... what a one sided disinformation program. ... english voice over, nice touch. Not a peep about cia or mi6 etc. Bunch of b s.

Dane Miller
4 years ago

Bunch no life trolls in the comment section. How many of you are sitting in St.Petersburg?

Izzy Kidding
4 years ago

Lol this coming from the New York Times ??

R. Tagore
4 years ago

Accusing the other guy of your tactics seems to be the new fashion in he US nowadays, all they say about the Russians are jewish age old tactics, Russia for this film serves as the useful idiot, think about how they seems to know so much about a plan that supposedly is so confidential. Also people have other reasons for believing things, for example nobody would believe that Mexico invented the virus because it doesn't have a record of grand deceiving or making money out of other countries, but the US does, so its not far fetched to believe it. This films exposes the Mono-truth so inherent in Jewish thought, the world seen by only a single perspective through the mis-use of the word, writing it in the forehead of you golems, it reinforces a monopolized media as well since alternative or "trusted" sources can't be trusted anymore. This film is actually a very useful manual for detecting all the modern sorcery of the western world, a very nice and truthful reflection of the looking glass but flipped upside down.

4 years ago

Jewish propaganda at its fullest, now they want to revive a grudge with Russia blaming them as being the culprit of US downfall, also sets the stage ready for a totalitarian US government as democracy is now useless because there are some many fake news we don't know what to think, oh, please, save us gentiles from ourselves!

4 years ago

This doco is great and anyone who didn't like it probably only did so because they were choking on so much fake news.

4 years ago

Laughing my hiney off at the intellectual dishonesty of TDF. Who ever writes these "Storylines" is either an unwitting victim of the CIA directed major media. Or a willing participant of the One World (Globalist) Communist Government Agenda.

Do this websearch on a non-google search engine: Church Committee Hearings CIA.
You can listen to youtubes of some of them. CIA is directing the major media propaganda machine. If you still watch the major media you are volunteering to be lied to. Why would you do that?

Clearly this following quote applies anyone who believes what the major media says about anything; Russian News is more truthful than the USA major media:

"The masses have never thirsted after the truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim." --Gustav Le Bon

4 years ago

Garbage. NYT the epitome of fake and bias.

4 years ago

Looks like Putin's here.

4 years ago

An excellent and truthful documentary. What is most frightening is that we have an idiot as president who is Outings puppet and doe not even know it.

Daniel E Connelly
4 years ago

Please someone explain to how this is propaganda and point me to your research that counters what they are saying .

4 years ago

Putin's not an original; Hitler was the master of disinformation - he wrote the play book. It was good to hear from the actual old Soviets who were involved and also from the people in the US trying to combat it.

It's very disturbing watching The Senate Hearing Committees when it comes to technology - they're Luddites; 8th graders would ask more pertinent questions.

Judging from the comments section on this video, it would seem that the process is alive and kicking - divide and conquer from within, without a shot fired.

4 years ago

Why don't you use the term "Propaganda" instead of "profanity"!

Lucas Wheeler
4 years ago

F***king piece of crap. We all know who the master of lies are. Jesus, Martin Luther, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Adolf Hitler all named called you Jews out by name. You truly are the enemies of mankind. Synagogue of Satan you shall be destroyed.

lando Romero
4 years ago

This " documentary" is pure propaganda : a ugly hangover from Project Mocking bird till now. View with caution.

4 years ago

It is a well known fact that the New York Times is an extension of the Democrat party. Their characterization of Trump as a gullible shill is unfortunate. If the Times had not politicized the doc. Its value as an information tool would have significantly increased.

4 years ago

No manner if internet 'persuasion' or adverts will ever make me vote or think a certain way...that is all hogwash that people can change our democracy of the 'social media'..if you are stupid enough to believe most of what you see on 'tha net' then there is no hope for you anyway...

4 years ago

Agreed or A greed Gunnar! Maybe this comment section is for the purpose of weding out those who know more and are far less funded by the AI brain dead MK masses! The Lies are taking pver the planet, while truth is still putting on her shoes....Oneday there will be a day of reconing.

4 years ago

....who wrote the storyline above...? – ...who wrote the storyline above...? – THAT...in and of itself, is one of the most "insidious"...tendentious...and devious misrepresentations in its naked and brazen "assertiveness" I have ever had the misfortune to read...a form of "linguistic violence" – THIS...is propaganda at its most nauseating...
And it illustrates how difficult a battle "truth" has to wage – when explicit falsehood is turned upside down and presented as incontestable fact...
Who is so thoroughly rotten, criminally twisted in his soul that he can write such a thing...? – ...yeah, I'm thinking it's a "he", but it just as well could be a "she"...
To write such a thing when "truth" is readily available, standing smiling right in front of you, offering all the evidence you could ask for ...is the mark of a stunning and extraordinarily mendacious, malicious and outright criminal mind...

There are plenty of honorable, honest and "intellectually well-armed" individuals in both the US and Britain (that weak and politically decomposed "land") that can attest to the validity of what I just expressed...
The person that wrote the above is committing a true crime, but there will never be any consequences for it...
So who benefits from spreading such filth...? – ...that's easy to answer...three, fake "countries" – Israel, the US and Britain...
He who has much to hide and much to lose, will resort to the extreme without any worries about "honor", for that was lost a long time ago....

4 years ago

New York Times propaganda film! Shameful from the mainstream media who never retracts or apologizes for false stories/news that they post and promote with regularity. It's called managing perception. The pot calling the kettle black.

Stephen Johnson
4 years ago

It is not Russia, it is the U.S. CIA which has perfected it and is flooding global media with propaganda and lies. They are behind the Russia-gate B.S. campaign.