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Osho TalksOsho or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was born in 1931 in Central India. He was a charismatic and gifted speaker who became the leader of a worldwide new spiritual movement. It is said that at the age of 21 he attained enlightenment or Samadhi. At the time he was studying philosophy at the University of Saugar. On receiving a masters degree he taught philosophy at the University of Jabalpur for nine years. As well as teaching philosophy he also began to attract disciples to follow his own eclectic mix of philosophy and religion. In 1966 he decided to leave his teaching post and give full attention to his role as spiritual Master.

In 1970 he settled for a while in Mumbai. He began initiating disciples (known as neo-sannyasins) and took on the role of a spiritual teacher. In his discourses, he reinterpreted writings of religious traditions, mystics and philosophers from around the world. In 1974 he moved with his disciples to Pune, India. Here he established a new ashram in a comfortable setting of 6 acres. In 1980 he was attacked by a Hindu fundamentalist who disagreed with Osho’s unconventional stance on religion and spirituality. It is said that due to police incompetence the assailant was never convicted.

In 1981, Osho relocated to the United States and his followers established an intentional community, later known as Rajneeshpuram, in the state of Oregon. Within a year the leadership of the commune became embroiled in a conflict with local residents, primarily over land use, which was marked by hostility on both sides. Osho's large collection of Rolls-Royce automobiles was also notorious. The Oregon commune collapsed in 1985 when the news spread that some members of the commune had committed a number of serious crimes, including a bioterror attack (food contamination) on the citizens of The Dalles.

Osho was arrested shortly afterwards and charged with immigration violations. He was deported from the United States in accordance with a plea bargain. Twenty-one countries denied him entry, causing Osho to travel the world before returning to Pune, where he died in 1990. His ashram is today known as the Osho International Meditation Resort. His syncretic teachings emphasize the importance of meditation, awareness, love, celebration, creativity and humour – qualities that he viewed as being suppressed by adherence to static belief systems, religious tradition and socialisation. His teachings have had a notable impact on Western New Age thought, and their popularity has increased markedly since his death.

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    Damon Rolnick
  1. Damon Rolnick

    Osho is not enlightened, if you want to learn about a true spiritual master look up Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj-ji.

    Also Bhagavan Dass
    And Ram Dass

  2. Nikita2012
  3. Nikita2012

    Wow! We need a lot of patience to watch this 5 hours talk of Osho! He pauses soooo long to speak one sentence! I just watched for 5 minutes and these are my instant thoughts…..

    I think religion is essentially needed by a man, that’s why men created religion. And religion was created for specific purpose in a specific time. Therefore, Religion is historical – in order to understand how religion was established we have to go back to the history. some of the truth of religion have already been discovered – they are men made, institutionalized, male dominated, hierarchy, patriarchy, nationalist, exclusive, discriminatory, biased, and so on…..

    The point is we must differentiate between religion, faith and spirituality

    I have a question - Is there an existing truth? And who defines the truth? or truth can be experienced by people based on their personal, spiritual journey? If there is an existing absolute truth then who has discovered that truth? What is that truth???
    Hopefully I will get my answer after watching this 5hrs talk!!

  4. athanasiuscm
  5. athanasiuscm

    Yeah, there's a book on him and other enlightenment fakers that use it for their own financial and sexual advantage. I get my info from a book: "Striping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse, and Enlightenment", by Geoffery D. Falk (Million Monkeys Press, 2009)

  6. neomentis
  7. neomentis

    Yeah, there's a book on him and other enlightenment fakers that use it for their own financial and sexual advantage. I get my info from a book: "Striping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse, and Enlightenment", by Geoffery D. Falk (Million Monkeys Press, 2009)

  8. Ivan Simo Simic
  9. Ivan Simo Simic

    It is better to read Osho lectures then to listen him. He made some good points in his book that i read long time ago... aaaa, I`m lazy to search in may chaos of the room :) Search on internet :D He speaks with common sense, and hi is good psychologist and pedagog.
    Sorry for my En. ;)

  10. glotao
  11. glotao

    I discovered Rajneesh in the 1970s and have most of his books and a large collection of his tapes in which he knowledgeably expounded on the world's major religions from a new and eye opening point of view. Don't forget that he was a professor and a very intelligent man.

    He was also an iconoclast and asked us to question and rethink what we have been taught as gospel through challenging us with absurdity via his Rolls Royce collection and by using humor to get us to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

    He was also one of the first people to warn about the dangers of AIDS, but at that time the media made fun of him.

    What he says is easy for Westerners to understand and I continue to re-read what he says when I need inspiration. Thank goodness his writings and discoursed are still available.


  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    I just spend the last few hours listening to the first 1:45hr of this series. There is not one thing i heard so far that i would argue about.
    Some may think he talks too slow, i think we most often talk too fast, that's how all the rubbish gets out, spitted out from a mind that doesn't take the time to let the words COME in.
    It made me imagine what would happen if i sat in a chair with a recorder and talked for 1:45hr about love. Where would my mind take me if i allowed it to guide me...slowly slowly.
    I will watch the next and the next, although i have often times heard Osho talk sometimes these talks come at the right time and all of a sudden they feel anew.

  14. Damon Rolnick
  15. Damon Rolnick

    God isnt something you can believe, in fact it is "un-believable"

    if you say you believe in God, you havent experienced it
    and when you do you KNOW it

    keep seeking, for it is opened to all who truly seek it

    we search the world over for the meaning of God and then we find it within ourselves...

    The God i KNOW is interactive and reciprocating- if you arent in an active love affair with the universe your not doing it right

    There is only one of us here- and you are it- You are the infinite being-

  16. Vish Sehgal
  17. Vish Sehgal

    I think many of the guys here are missing the point...

  18. Guest
  19. Guest

    and that point is?

  20. Guest
  21. Guest

    i must have been in a mood for what he said on the first part because i couldn't get attentive in the second or third part...still enjoyed my day painting a kitchen listening to Osho talking about relationships.

  22. NAND Gate
  23. NAND Gate

    I judge religions by their followers - not its so called "truths". I lived in Byron Bay, where thousands of Osho nuts went to and even Osho himself.

    Summary - if you need a Guru, there is something wrong with you. In Osho's case, they need a shower and to read Sheldon Kopp.

  24. Winston Smith
  25. Winston Smith

    'The God i KNOW is interactive and reciprocating'

    That's called imagination. It is not that god may not exist but that there is no need to postulate him. Especially bc it only begs the question, whence came god?

    It is good to remember that our brains are a subsequent part of this creation process so how can they hope to grasp the All? They cannot. The best that you can do therefore is is not interfere and explore your self. (to paraphrase maharai ij)

  26. Rodrigo Pereira
  27. Rodrigo Pereira

    Isn´t this guy iluminated ? There are a lot of religions because there is a lot of people looking for the truth.And this guy doesn't know s***. There's great difference between saint and bad book seller... The first one being that saints do walk over the street babling how enlighted they are.

  28. Cool E Beans
  29. Cool E Beans

    There is a truth. I have found most of it but if I tell you and you don't believe it, then you would exclude what I have said from your seeking of that truth. Osho stated at 2 min 23 sec in the first video that there is only one truth which is why there should only be one religion...that of the truth, but with too many opinions that truth is clouded. He points out that water boils at 100 degrees C now, in the past and will in the future and this is a truth (altitude not withstanding). Science attempts to find truth but even they have opinions which skew their understanding.

  30. Nikita2012
  31. Nikita2012

    I got a nice response from Cool_E_Beans in my mail box, thanks for that but dont see that comment here. I am open to learn from every one and I am learning a lot from the TDF and from the people with their critical reflections, analysis, comments here, so it would be great to hear from you the truth you have found! and I think truth needs to be shared with others....but I still believe that truth needs to be experienced in our life, rather learning, or convincing ourself to accept the learned truth...

  32. Epicurean_Logic
  33. Epicurean_Logic

    Hi Nikita2012,

    Personally I prefer western philosophy, but that is besides the point. CoolEBeans responded to your previous post. It is currently on page 2 of this thread if you sort by newest first.

    In response to your question on the nature of absolute truth. It is an interesting one. Can you think of any premise that is always true? Say, Killing is wrong - war is always unnecessary - the sky is blue, etc... it is possible for a determined skeptic to choose some context where the truth of any premise can be affirmed or denied. That is; one can always engineer a situation that affirms or denies truth.

    Truth is not contradictary in nature just context dependant. Universal truth? I would be interested to hear any examples!

  34. Guest
  35. Guest

    When you look for truth you will also find falsity, then what stands in the middle of that? That is the goal, to find what floats in the empty space.

    The Game of Life
    is a game of integrality
    for all magicians fools aiming for immortality

    we are pawns moving onto a field of gains and failures
    wading through the beginning of a new century
    our planet is a biological being
    we are the cells of that body
    are we healthy or wealthy
    what do we have to win
    or to lose
    each second concerns us
    each moment influences the next
    our present has become an hour game
    how much time do we have left
    our life may count on who we are
    above what we have
    who are we and what do we want
    Ah! the year 2012....so many questions!
    we are responsible beings
    let us play harass your self obsessively
    you need yourself to knead your Self to help our Self
    examine your eyes in a test of reflection
    how many do you see

  36. Guest
  37. Guest

    Well yeah, there is one great truth, which is, all is an illusion.

    Past religion is not historic... "Quantum physics tells us that no matter how thorough our observation of the present, the (unobserved) past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities."

    "The universe, according to quantum physics, has no single past, or history."

    "The fact that the past takes no definite form means that observations you make on a system in the present affect its past"

    "The universe doesn't have just a single history, but every possible history, each with its own probability; and our observations of its current state effect its past and determine the different histories of the universe."

    (Stephen Hawking)

    So, to put it in a nutshell what you think of the historic (unobserved) past should be, it is not at all like that. the same for your current (unobserved) past.

  38. Agostinho Paulo Manhiça
  39. Agostinho Paulo Manhiça

    i have nothing against this man! but for me he was nothing but a phd teacher who had the patience to go through all other philosophers teachings reading them. There is nothing original in whatever he says, he quotes endlessly, hes haughty like nobody's business! He has no self inquiry, rather, he was hypnotized by his knowledge.

  40. Sundeep
  41. Sundeep

    What a cheat this fellow was! A real disgrace to India!

  42. PlaygroundPolitician
  43. PlaygroundPolitician

    a "disgrace" a "faker", i rather enjoyed listening to this man speak.

  44. J.R. Junior
  45. J.R. Junior

    He has so many hours of recorded lectures because he talks slow as hell...

  46. Guest
  47. Guest

    So someone is not considered enlightened until a crowd says so? but enlightenment is when someone realizes true liberation and that can only be proven to the one living it. (the opposite of religion) Enlightenment has many faces because the enlightened "i" is bound to be different from any other "i" before, therefore to measure enlightenment on past people is not valid.
    Osho sat in front of many people and taked very very slowly, most people in his presence felt their own energy. Does it matter if he is enlightened or not to them...i guess not.
    Listen to the part 1 and tell me what you think is wrong with what he says, bounce it on your life and tell me what makes no sense...i'll listen!

  48. 0zyxcba1
  49. 0zyxcba1

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet the charlatan!
    Well, it's one way to earn a living.
    Sure beats digging ditches. (lol)

  50. Alexandru C. Vladu
  51. Alexandru C. Vladu

    yes, meet economics, sociology, psichology, all sciences based on geo, national factors, behavioural sciences ...so this is where i stop 06:00

  52. Damon Rolnick
  53. Damon Rolnick

    all of reality is imagination- a thought in the mind of The All-

    when you truly encounter the divine it is self-authenticating
    impossible to convince someone who hasnt experienced it- it is in fact un-believable

    Personal mystical encounters with the divine are the only way to KNOW it yourself. if you havent experienced this you can only BELIEVE and why would you do that?

    unless you experience consciousness beyond our normal sense perception there is no reason to think anything else exists-

  54. Damon Rolnick
  55. Damon Rolnick

    and yes, there are methods in which you can have communion and unity with The All-

    when the ego dies, there is nothing but God-

    mind exists outside the brain, our brains are merely receivers of cosmic consciousness of which there is only one...

  56. David T
  57. David T

    I feel you are the real disgrace!

  58. kolo
  59. kolo

    Could it be that truth is what we decide it to be? The concept or idea of truth is not a natural one. Before conscious thought the necessity to impose this label on a certain state was never fathomed by any natural process, or required for that matter. Ultimate truth is a paradox. If we create truth by our conscious thought, it cannot be objectified, by definition. Much in the same way a piece of art can never be objectively viewed, the truth is skewed by its mere proposal.

  60. Cool E Beans
  61. Cool E Beans

    The response is a reply to your first post and is located at the bottom of the other responses to that post.

    As for truth, the difficulty is in your perspective. While the truth is static, you are not. Imagine there was a hole in the Earth that you could look into and see through to the other side (day on your side and you would see some star, night and you could see daylight)(for this example the core would not get in the way). On the other side, where the outlet hole is, it is sunk into a place you couldn't get to providing only one possible viewpoint. Considering the size of the Earth and only this one hole to look through, you would have to be in that exact spot to see through it. This is the truth. Only one absolutely correct 'point of view' where all scientific testing would yield varifiable results and ancient religious writings would be found to make sense.

    It is a giant puzzle and where there is a contradiction, it is because you are not looking at the solution from the exact proper angle.

    I was brought up Catholic and discarded it. Regained it and tossed it again. Looked closer at it until I realized why it didn't make sense and fine tuned that perspective over and over again and still looking at possible tweaks for the correct interpretation which is scientifically viable. One problem is that even science is using a perspective in that they 'prove' a hypothesys with tools and information at the time and later, with better tools and still more information, a different 'proof' is found.

  62. Brian J. Farley
  63. Brian J. Farley

    Why does he talk so slowly and ambiguously?

  64. Osho Dhyan Satsang
  65. Osho Dhyan Satsang

    Not for Mediocre minds. Osho can be understood when your awareness rises.

  66. Sa
  67. Sa

    i think it has something to do with him giving us time to take it in and reflect on the info we just heard. There a few other speakers that do this too don't ask which i just remember something like this.

  68. OccultAlien
  69. OccultAlien

    I'm glad he knows about truth but it's a shame he can only count to one.

  70. Guest
  71. Guest

    YOu say:
    "There is a truth. I have found most of it but if I tell you and you don't believe it, then you would exclude what I have said from your seeking of that truth".

    One day you will also let go of some of what you thought was your truth and grab onto something that takes you closer to what boils inside of you.

    "Science attempts to find truth but even they have opinions which skew their understanding".

    well said!

  72. Squeezle42
  73. Squeezle42

    you beat me, 4:54 is where I stopped :p I think the source (India) is right, but not this Man's word.

  74. Vinesh Panditpotra
  75. Vinesh Panditpotra

    i do not see on what ground do you call someone a fake, a charlatan, I mean do you find untrue in him saying experience existence as it is, perhaps not spiritual but isnt it more sorted out a way or psychologically healthier way to be rather then to delude yourself in dreams of the future.

  76. Lea
  77. Lea

    Thank you for posting Osho...I find him very mind opening and great teacher. Looking forward to see more!..:)

  78. Ramakrishnan Radhakrishnan
  79. Ramakrishnan Radhakrishnan

    post more...thanks

  80. henrymart81
  81. henrymart81

    omg it's the guy from the bin laden video

  82. unauma
  83. unauma

    The truth lies in our own self... "truth lies" (the paradox). There is no truth and there are no lies... There is only one truth, and that truth comes out from within a lie (and by "lie" I mean "something that is different, which is not easily recognized as truth").

  84. terry rose
  85. terry rose

    i wonder how much that watch costs

  86. Osho_Forever
  87. Osho_Forever

    He pauses to give a chance for your mind to shut up.... :)

  88. iyamwutiam
  89. iyamwutiam

    Unfortunately it is a shame that most people have not really just 'listened' with out bias- why even watch the video if you are just going to denigrate and not receive -and THEN make up your mind.

  90. kartik walia
  91. kartik walia

    at 6.05 osho was wrong coz water boils at different temp at altitudes. in the city of denver water boils at 95 c because of atmospheric pressure...

  92. Neil Patel
  93. Neil Patel

    On #1. Osho speaks slowly. It is only in mid 80s that osho changed his speaking style, his earlier discourses are fluent and flawless. Also, english is not his native language. If only you can understand Hindi, never before any Indian has spoken with such mastery as He did. Even best pundits of Hindi considered Him as great Orator.
    On #2. Why He speak? Although He was a great Orator He never claim so, He explained "speaking" is just a medium to pass "nothingness", which He admitted, "rarely happen", nevertheless the efforts were legitimate. Those who were stayed after mid 80s proved "worthy" of their discipleship that they were not with Osho because of His Oratory but because something that is "nothing."
    On #3. He was a Corn man. Boy O boy! He said it so. How otherwise He would be able to change corn-men like us?? Believe me you would have His temple all across India, if only He had spoken favourablly of Hinduism, rather criticizing the "garbage" in it.
    On #4. He was just a scholar. Osho said it repeatedly against the "workings" of Mother Teresa, before Hitchens wrote against her. He explains some critical aspects of "democratic system" before Chomsky could expose it in his legendary ideas of "manufacturing consent". This is not to say Osho was acute. He was wrong on many "facts" like AIDS to do with Homosexuality, capilalism is inevitable virtue.. Osho did not gave any damn importance to this matter, what matter to Him was "here & now", enlightenment.
    On #5. Was He enlighten? Great Master!


    He is speaking to a very young audience, in understanding if not in age. The michael jackson of the gurus. i might even go as far to say the mind set of his audience is nothing more than materialistic infidels, (not infidels as in the absence of religion but as in the absence of spiritual self awareness) He understands the empty shallowness of the capitalistic money punk in depth and feeds on it.

  96. richardec86
  97. richardec86

    He's a mass murderer.


    hows that?


    you are wrong! Osho had more ph.d's is his flock than any other group ever assembled

  102. Ramakrishnan Radhakrishnan
  103. Ramakrishnan Radhakrishnan

    Thanks for the post.Please post more..

  104. Rich LaFlower
  105. Rich LaFlower

    The fact is what comes out of his mouth is truth. I dont care about his ego. You cant fully evict your ego. He is not my god so I dont expect perfection. Its all about the message. Dont kill the messenger

  106. patbb
  107. patbb

    I'm certain you will agree with me when i say that the goal of the spiritual path is not to be told the truth, but to be guided in order for us to find and realize the truth.

    Someone who found the truth and "realized" it is an enlighten being, free from the result of the ignorance of the truth (the ego).

    How can someone who clearly hasn't found the truth and realized it, since he still suffer from the result of it's ignorance, be able to point to it?

    There are plenty of enlighten beings who tell the truth from all possible angle to suit everyone who start their journey from every possible different places.

    I just see no point in spending any time listening to people who don't have the whole picture.
    It's like taking a physic course at university with a physic teacher describing and explaining a theory which we already know is misguided and incomplete; when there are plenty of other teachers who teach the complete theory.

  108. Michael Hernsin
  109. Michael Hernsin

    It's a bit hard to concentrate when his blinged out watch keeps blinding my eye...
    REALLY?... lol..

  110. Michael Hernsin
  111. Michael Hernsin

    It's hard to take this man as spiritually enlightened when his watch costs more than your house.
    That being said...I can't take a man who speaks about ridding your life of materialism, when he has a diamond studded watch.

  112. Nikita2012
  113. Nikita2012

    why I cant watch this video anymore :( upload the video please. thanks

  114. Astala Vista Baby
  115. Astala Vista Baby

    Could it be possible one of his followers gifted him.

  116. chanman215
  117. chanman215

    Do you have video of only one sky?

  118. adamuejara
  119. adamuejara

    osho is unique in these world. most of the time people criticize osho. but why? i think b/c he talk about true.any religion organization criticize him.why? but they want to see his job or want to follow his lecture.

  120. zero cool
  121. zero cool

    that was one of his greatest teachings.think about a little more and you will eventualy figure out.

  122. harsha vardan
  123. harsha vardan

    one of the reporter ask the same ques. to osho that why you live like a king? osho said i love the value of life and i love the quality of life...that is how he want to live and he lived.He never asked any one to give their Money...to promote other master pld don't make useless statement on osho.we love him

  124. Arihant Jain
  125. Arihant Jain

    plz allow ths video in india also:(

  126. Benny S
  127. Benny S


  128. Benny S
  129. Benny S

    You are crazy, and have no idea what you are saying

  130. Summon Rai
  131. Summon Rai

    in past there was no one like me...but i am not sure in future...!!!----- OSHO (other ..preacher go to HELL)

  132. Kenny Wilson
  133. Kenny Wilson

    How do you know he's crazy if you can't understand him?

  134. Ninoslav Latas
  135. Ninoslav Latas

    Hahaha.So you cant be enligtened and rich? What a stupid statement...

  136. patbb
  137. patbb

    Mother Theresa, Ghandi, all of the master Buddhists, Dalai Lama, Ajahn Chah, all of the master Taoists etc...

    You think any of them lived like kings like Osho did?

    Most of these people had and have huge, extremely dedicated following, ready to give whatever their spiritual guide wants.
    Begging them to accept their money.
    To get the donations and live like kings would be as easy as saying "sure! why not"

    You think there might be a correlation between all of these peoples?

    Take a second and reflect before dismissing and trying to ridicule the opinions of those likely to be a bit more experienced in life than you are.

  138. Kedar Raj Kunwar
  139. Kedar Raj Kunwar

    let people choose what they want.... now you sound like a preacher saying Buddhism is not real... come on join Christianity...

  140. Kedar Raj Kunwar
  141. Kedar Raj Kunwar

    how do you know he doesnot have a whole picture... I guess all of us here do not have the whole picture... and about physics... E=MC2 wont be the ultimate theory....

  142. Megha Kalra
  143. Megha Kalra

    why does this video not work in my country, India? really wanted to see it

  144. DK Bose
  145. DK Bose

    osho is a new age blood sucking cult...guys read "striping the gurus" and other cult related books and youll understand "exactly" what im saying

  146. Guest
  147. Guest

    only osho can live life like krishna..his words are real gem for the humanity..

  148. Kamal Nirdosh Mars Thomas
  149. Kamal Nirdosh Mars Thomas

    you can't.

  150. Kamal Nirdosh Mars Thomas
  151. Kamal Nirdosh Mars Thomas

    the absolute truth exists in the empty heart.

  152. Amala
  153. Amala

    “I am making you aware of silences without any effort on your part. My speaking is for the first time being used as a strategy to create silence in you.” Osho

  154. Amala
  155. Amala

    I can post so many more for the people that don't understand what is going on here...
    “I don't speak to teach something; I speak to create something. These are not lectures; these are simply a device for you to become silent, because if you are told to become silent without taking any effort you will find great difficulty.”
    “I don't have any doctrine; my talking is really a process of dehypnosis. Just listening to me, slowly, slowly you will be free of all the programs that the society has forced you to believe in.”

  156. Sid
  157. Sid

    This commenting system is totally outdated! But anyway, I found Neil Patel's comment to be a great one! He was right on! Osho had 3 distinct speaking phases the way I see it: The 60s was Osho at his fiery best traveling across the India and talking exclusively in hindi to huge masses and private audiences alike, fearlessly challenging the decadence in Hindu society! The 70s slowed him down a bit, but any less captivating. He was relaxed in front of his followers/lovers. He was very fecund then, speaking at length on many remarkable people and philosophies. But mind you, there too he was mainly expressing his thoughts (he was not really concerned with who is talking about!) And then came the 80s, his health had deteriorated quite a bit and he went into a public silence for 3 years or so while in the US. When he started speaking again, he had considerably slowed down. I personally don't relish listening to his talks from those last 6-7 years of his life [1984-90]. But his job was done. He was talking light hearted/non-serious stuff exclusively in English to a western audience. Anyway, cheers!

  158. Quintus
  159. Quintus

    Osho was very controversial in many ways and you may like the guy or not but in the end it all comes down to this..does it work for you? Like Buddha said; truth is what works. Forget about the guy, if he was or was hot enlightened. Who cares? Listen en read what he talked about. It is about the message. He inspired alot of people to go in and meditate and that is what counts right? If he inspires you..enjoy it!

  160. CELIA Epperson
  161. CELIA Epperson

    Without looking i found him.im a devote christian.Osho teaching surely a straight to the heart &mind enlightenment. I select whats topic/matters i can apply to better myself.im always rushing not enough
    Time of d day..worn out at d end..i think
    Of Osho slow speaking ..i learn to slow
    Down ..more relax inside &out.i like myself now than before.i do not worship him..im not a follower..but hes
    Got some genuine words to share to all.
    I dont look for bad in him..i look for good. &apply it to my wellbeing.he makes lots sense.i eliminate &not listen
    To his other messages about multiple
    Relationships does not apply to me.its ok.i dont judge anyone.the luxury of life
    Ok too.why not..were here now then no more..everything is just a glimpse..so lets make PEACE To All.
    I use some OSHO message for health
    MAINTENANCE. I dont see doctors.
    Mind so powerful w positive thinking
    Happy heart..happy mind.
    Im praying to God the Father to take Osho to Heaven..we are all sinners..we dont judge anyone..i cried lots when i listen to his voice. His messages matches his voice..it does give me lively
    Vibration inside&out.

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