D'autres Mondes (Other Worlds)

D'autres Mondes (Other Worlds)

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D'autres Mondes (Other Worlds)This documentary film will be the testimony of a personal and subjective adventure.

It will also show the dangers and risks involved in Shamanism: losing yourself in the light or the darkness of your recently awakened emotions or misinterpreting the feelings or visions.

This could lead to schizophrenia in the event these journeys not be guided by competent Shamans or compliant with an unyielding discipline and strict diet.

The film will primarily show the therapeutic power of the Shamans and their plants. This power is a type of ancestral psychoanalysis or human psychotherapy backed by 4,000 years of experience and practice.

The film will allow the Shamans to speak for themselves. It will show how their cultures and their belief systems culminate from their knowledge of the Invisible.

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  1. Kayleigh Anne Thier

    Watch Kymatica on here. Much more evidence you may be looking for can be found there.

  2. otirudam

    In this film Other Worlds, when modern scholars and scientists speak, i get frustrated, like getting inside a lifeless stale box. But when the shamans speak i feel this vibratory life happy force, like an open road, air coming in. Modern Science, even with all its amazing advantages of "comfort", seems like a dead end. The poor villagers are more alive in their "savage precivilized world", than we living in these mind compeled modern cities, bearing all the bleak chains society has put in our backs. Its a miracle that you can hear shamans
    speak, bcos they have been discredited and rejected by the majority of the learning centers of the world. At the most, a shaman is looked curiously as a folcloric reliq or usually rejected as an outlandish creature. I think shamans should be in the center of any society or school, but many impostors are occupying their places nowdays, like popes, ayatollahs ,spurious political leaders, academic pundits: detached persons of the universal forces around us.

    1. Mark Clavelle

      I agree. The worst, however are these new age misleaders, and those who are frauds, taking your money with words and ideas that they have neither depth of experience nor respect for the power they wish to pervert. As in the olden days, a fraud should be excommunicated. And cultural excommunication was usually a death sentence.

  3. Francois Buisson

    beautiful and informative documentary...

  4. Paul Lozba

    I have experienced Ayahuasca in Peru with great Shamans. 2 weeks after this and I still get goose bumps when i remember the experience. My first ceremony was blasted with wonderfull visions and the most intense love feeling i have ever ever lived. I felt connected with the universe and the nature and all the human beeings. It is all true what they say about this sacred plant, it really opens you up for life! It is also an amazing spiritual booster. 2 weeks in the jungle was not enough though so I will be returning there this summer. Peace!

  5. chas

    Tim has obviously never experienced La Medicina

  6. Jo McKay

    Can not believe I watched the whole thing. ... glad it's over. Had to pay attention to the dates; could have been a 60's flash back. Fascinating. nuff said.

  7. want_to_know

    The sacrifice of the pig in the beginning of this brilliant doc. filled me with sadness .Why sacrifice of an animal , which is innocent and most probably is unaware of all that is happening around and the reason of his murder.

    Why the so called teacher spirits will only come when some innocent life is sacrificed, is it even true, necessary?

  8. MIchael22541

    Not happy for the pig! However, this was exceptional! keep them coming!

  9. PS

    I'd be interested in taking the 'trip' with an amazonian shaman. Anyone who spends their whole life contemplating nature could definitely teach us all a thing or two!

  10. Sof

    This is a beautiful documenatry.
    I dislike the french as much as anyone, wink wink, but in this one he managed to be humble and very poetic. It was a great hour watching this...It made me wanna explore my inner world.

    1. eric_fontaine2011

      You dislike the french as i dislike english ... american dum ***

  11. Kurrrt

    Am I back??

    sheww... Holy cow... What "A Trip" that was.

    That one Westerner dude didn't enjoy his buzz, sitten there all skidish, he was certainly freaked out. Matter of fact looks like something not fully enjoyed by any of em'... That creepy chant stuff would have certainly blown it for me.

    That tree bark stuff really brings you closer to nature and spirit? Looks as if it does the opposite, way. A bunch of toxins makes ya vomit. Like Yopo,(DMT) if you dont get it in your stomach, your ok. If you do you'll have a gut ache from hell.

    They put Westerners way of life down without even a visit, huh, they should visit skid row in any big city and take some good rips off some crack and PCP, and see God.

    1. Katerina Foltova

      Im sorry to tell u man, but u know nothing...sad for people like u being so ignorant..hopefully u open up,sending all my blessing wishing u to be awakend one day..aho!

  12. Samusakis

    I think this documentary , at the wery least, deserves some comments from people that are more into science than fiction. For goodness sake some guy won a nobel prize in genetics for suff that he admits figured out while on LSD!

    All the beautiful stuff about how we should love nature and vanquish the ego from our lifes is all good and dandy, HOWEVER we can only do that when there is some science to back up the claims made by shaman.

    Alas knowing how stupidity and corruption has overtaken so many scientists it would come as no surprise if it were to be never properly reserched let alone applied to general population.

    Yes the docu is mostly in French, but it's still very well worth it to see (unlike some other wacky nonsense that hides under the tag of mystery)

    1. Katerina Foltova

      Im sorry to tell u man, but u know nothing...sad for people like u being so ignorant..hopefully one u open up,sending all my blessing wishing u to be awakend one day..aho!

    2. Kayleigh Anne Thier

      I don't know if you were paying attention, but there are plenty of scientific facts and evidence in this documentary. There were mostly scientists and doctors that were coming forth and saying there's proof. And "LSD guy" is an actual doctor that discovered something that all our foundations of life are based in, and was not a part of the corrupted game scientists are now playing.

      Until we all open our minds to see the "evidence", to see the root of life and energy, we will never get past the ego of pride and denial of the true science, energy.

  13. Malal

    What clever clever people...we all have much to learn...or remember. Arohanui tatoutou katoa

  14. Epicurean_Logic

    Many religous god believers are not dumb, especially here on TDF. Maybe a little bit fuzzy on logic from time to time...

    ...and then there are soggy-cabbage-brained, CAPSLOCK loving non sensical, non lucid, out of context, magical thinking, daydreaming, red man with little horns fearing, never got to experience life 'cause mom told me that girls are sinful, afraid of their own shadows, scaremongering types too.


  15. tim

    I'm sorry to be the one to tell you his walker, but there is nothing out there. no devil, no god, no spirit of jesus.

    1. Pemba Sherpa

      and where exactly is "out there"?

  16. ed

    i have experienced the power of ayuaska in Brazil, i can say that one time was enogh...it took me a while to figure things out and back to normal life again it was beautiful and very, very scary... i think we all are going to face that in the end, and ego works like a demon in this final path...