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Our Brand Is Crisis


Our Brand Is CrisisFor decades, U.S. strategists-for-hire have been quietly molding the opinions of voters and the messages of candidates in elections around the world. They have worked for presidential candidates on every continent (in Britain, Israel, India, Korea, South Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, to name a few...).

Without the noise of tanks or troops, these Americans have been spreading our brand of democracy from the Middle East to the middle of the South American jungle. OUR BRAND IS CRISIS is an astounding look at one of their campaigns and its earth-shattering aftermath.

With flabbergasting access to think sessions, media training and the making of smear campaigns, we watch how the consultants’ marketing strategies shape the relationship between a leader and his people. And we see a shocking example of how the all-American art of branding can affect the "spreading of democracy" overseas.

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  1. RickP

    George Clooney and Grant Heslov are producing the film with Smoke House Pictures, while Warner Bros. will be releasing the film, and is co-financing the film with Participant Media. Every voter should see this movie to learn the truth and motives of most politicians.


    Did anyone see who produced it? It went by really fast. It said, "Koch Lorber Films." As in Koch Brothers?

    If it was the Koch Brothers - be sure to consume this one critically. If I had to guess, I'd say it was produced by the Koch Brothers because it is not here in full - you have to go to Amazon and purchase it.

    Remember, the Koch Brother's want their fair share - and that's all of it.

  3. LesterWise

    Are there any links to the full video?

  4. Mini Cooper

    How can this documentary have no comments? Are americans really that gullible into thinking that the USA is really the "land of freedom"?? Newsflash folks, america is as free as Nazi german. Watch this doc and learn how democracy can be bent as close to fascism as it can be!

    1. Michael J Caudill

      Well said!!! I agree with you 100%!