Our Daily Bread
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Our Daily Bread

2005, Society  -   31 Comments
Ratings: 7.74/10 from 31 users.

Strong filmmaking, masterfully shot, universal, shocking, eerie, profound, no narration, just stark reality. It strips away of the layers of just how we as a race have distorted just about everything in the natural world and commodified it at our own peril, while´╗┐ losing our soul and any natural connection it used to have.

To the rhythm of conveyor belts and immense machines, the film looks without commenting into the places where food is produced in Europe: monumental spaces, surreal landscapes and bizarre sounds - a cool, industrial environment which leaves little space for individualism. People, animals, crops and machines play a supporting role in the logistics of this system which provides our society's standard of living.

The documentary depicts how modern food production companies employ technology to maximize efficiency, consumer safety and profit. It consists mainly of actual working situations without voice-over narration or interviews as the director tries to let viewers form their own opinion on the subject. The names of the companies where the footage was filmed are purposely not shown. The director's goal is to provide a realistic view on the internal workings of multiple food production companies in our modern society.

Directed by: Nikolaus Geyrhalter

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31 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Montreal93

    I loved the omission of any narration! I thought it was brilliant the way he allowed the image to speak for itself; it reminds me of the way many Anthropologists today are trying to write in images in order to capture that "third meaning" Roland Barthes describes. The third meaning resists explanation and escapes language, it is that which inexplicably holds us. Depicting things in this imagistic way doesn't reduce complicated issues like human/nonhuman interactions; it lets them stand in all their complexity and contradiction, and to speak to each viewer, opening up a dialogue. Point is, I loved this movie haha, it shows such beautiful and haunting images that capture something ineffably sinister about the way we interact with the beings with whom we share the world.

  2. Katnea3

    There is a wonderful new movie called "The East" where a covert group of people go after major corporations just to bring the truth out for the world to see. This documentary reminded me of the brave people who also came forward with the truth. BTW- "Spy on us, we'll spy on you" is a main line in that movie as well. ; )

  3. englishjakes

    Its funny because we dont need meat in our diets we can have all the proteins we need from plants quite easily and from a scientific stand point its actually quite detrimental to our health to eat meat. (if you dont believe me lots of sources can be found in Dr. Colin Campbell's book called the China Study as far as i can tell these results cannot be contested). Yet it tastes so goood. for me its a philosophical question: enjoy life to its fullest no matter what the cost or i could make a whole bunch of sacrifices to life longer but probably a less enjoyable life? This question applies to alot of aspects in our lives, global warming and food are the main ones i think about. to ease the guilt a little i have slaughtered my own animals, cleaned my own fish. I think if you cant slaughter your own meat you shouldn't eat meat. good documentary though wish it had some narration i found alot of the impact is lost because of the lack of narration.

  4. Sion88

    There is no possible way of justifying the massive amount of suffering caused. I have seen it happen, live and and in living color. It simply is pure terror and agony.

    Even maintaining your own existence doesn't justify it.

    Just close your eyes and plug your ears, there's nothing else you can do.

  5. 2345mishap .

    I can't imagine the horror the baby chicks feel at being "handled" like they show. I'm NOT a PETA supporter. But from personal experience on a farm, animals do have some intelligence. Killing a animal for food has always been a religious experience for me & I thank the animals spirit b4 putting it down. Myself... If I'm going to die, I'd rather be killed by someone I know then a stranger in a factory or hospital.

  6. Luyang Han

    The idea of humane in animal husbandry is simply hypocrisy: people slaughter them for meet, sexually abuse them to get eggs and milk, neuter them to tame their aggression, profile them for selective breeding, the list goes without end. You see, the concept of humane is simply inapplicable here. If you think feeding a cow on grassland for 3 years and slaughtering instead of few month in industrialized farm and slaughtering is better, the only reason to argue is possible nutritional benefits, any other argument as natural, harmonious or humane is just a human psychological issue. BTW, if not for millenniums of "animal torturing" the modern domesticated species will never occur, and we are still the very natural hunt-gatherers.
    The biological (Europe misconception) or organic (US misconception) food of course has its value. But it is simply impossible to feed the whole population with such method while maintaining the same nutritional level. Asking for abandon of industrialized agriculture is just no-brainer.

    1. southab403

      My idea of humane is that the animals are not unduly stressed and that steps have been taken to make it so. The shot of the pig transport showed me that the pigs were ok, not scared, on clean bedding, etc.
      That plant was very well run by only putting one pig at a time through, then whisking away the body before the next one came up.
      The animals didn't have TIME to become frightened. To me, this is humane.

  7. southab403

    I was impressed by the quality and quantity of food produced on relatively small areas of land. Not pleasant but necessary to feed this mostly urban monolith the world is becoming.
    The pesticide/herbicide use is disturbing, but due to customer demand for perfect vegies and producer demand for high yield.
    For the most part, the animal husbandry practices were humane, the exception being the beef slaughter where the carcass of one was in the view of the next one.
    Disturbing, yes. Informative, very.

    1. Katnea3

      I pretty much agree with you. I watched a documentary called "Food Inc" back in 2008, and I recall how I cried through most of it. This documentary has been toned way down as compared to that film!

      As far as 'not' removing the dead carcass from the view of the next cow goes... I don't believe removing the carcass would do much to lessen the next cows terror. The cows are lined up right behind each other and can hear and smell death all around them! However, what really got to me, was that even after this cow had taken a supposed killing shock to its brain...it still looked alive to me while hanging upside down! (sigh)

      I tell ya, whenever I do eat meat, (which isn't much) I always recall everything I had learned from "Our Daily Bread" as well as the "Food Inc" documentary! I always offer my sincere Thanks to this animal that had suffered so much just to nourish my body. In fact we should be mindful of the death of every food source we eat! I say this because it was proven by "Cleve Backster" back in the 1960ies that plants feel pain! Cleve Backster was a former CIA interrogation specialist that connected polygraph sensors to plants and discovered that they reacted to harm! (i.e. cutting their leaves)

      Lastly, some folks think that Fish don't feel any pain either! Just because you can't hear the fish scream... doesn't mean they cant feel pain! People that catch fish only to then let them die a slow suffocating death is just cruel as far as I'm concerned. When I used to go fishing, I made it a point of removing one fish at a time from their mesh holding basket and killing it as quickly as possible. I used the "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" approach before gutting them. BTW - The folks who believe cutting off the head of an animal and/or person equals instant death..... is sadly mistaken as well.

    2. southab403

      Every organism can feel pain. I am also one that hates to see anything suffer, so put it out of it's suffering soonest.
      I don't know for sure about the cows in the video, but there are a lot of nerve responses that happen after brain death in other parts of the body. The spinal cord has a lot of nerve plexus areas that function spasmodically after the severing from the brain. For sure, the animal couldn't know what was happening.
      Nature has also provided us with a great mechanism of flooding us with endorphins so that death is not painful.
      I hope this makes you feel a bit better about eating meat.

    3. Sion88

      Do you realize how absurd it is to say that something without any means of transmitting and interpreting electrical signals is able to feel pain?

      You need nerves and brains for that.

    4. Katnea3

      Hey Sion88 -

      First of all, I didn't say plants could feel pain. I said plants could feel pain 'according' to Mr. Cleve Backster's 1960 test results.

      Its a shame that you wont be able to inform this past CIA agent, as to how 'absurb' his compelling test results ended up being as well. Alas this wonderful man passed away last Spring.

      As for me, the only thing I know to be 100% certain - is the fact that humankind holds only a teeny tiny percent of knowledge as compared to what's really going on.
      I also wonder how many so-called facts being taught in our school today, will no longer hold true in the future? (shrug)

    5. Don

      Check out the Documentary ( The River of Waste) then decide if industrial farms are good or bad .I believe it is avail. here but not certain

    6. southab403

      Hi Don,
      I was thinking the waste could be much better utilized. Check out Waste = Food (also on this site).

  8. southab403

    I was impressed

  9. Janeen Clark

    makes perfect sense in a monetary system, how else can you maximize profits above and beyond any other ethic or moral this is what it's all about comon you like money don't you? this is what comes out of money if you don't like it stop using money completely and the corruption will stop.

    1. dufas_duck

      Once again, your RBE thinking is wrong. Consumers/users/takers receiving meat products for free will not change anything. It will still require the same amount of meat products to fulfill need and your free robotic run society would most likely be less concerned about animal's feelings than any humans may feel. More than likely, your computer ran society would strive for more efficiency thus creating more hidden horrors..out of sight, out of mind...

      As I attempted to get through to you before, a free place to live, free education, and free food will not change as many things as you think it will.....

  10. Melene Nahodil

    This documentary seems to have been wasted on a handful of viewers whose thrill was watching animals being slaughtered. Anyone with any sensitivity would know that animals do panic before being killed. For those of you with silly comments, your world consists of a $2.00 Mac. But I feel for the employees who work these jobs, how monotonous is that ?

    1. Luyang Han

      Anybody who think such view is monotonous are invited to visit a non-industrialized Chinese pig farm. It is much more filthier, unethical and disturbing. Don't be silly, human species lives on the death of other animals and plants, so as lots of other animal species.

  11. benny

    Enjoy don't hate

  12. dorishensley116@yahoo.com

    what are we doing ,,!! so to see on the comments is it no wonder ,

  13. megatron_mcdaniels

    This movie does fail to highlight the good that comes of all this murder. I love chicken strips man and tacos. spaghetti o's and chilli dogs. Some french fries and some BBQ iguana dude.

  14. mjusiqtube

    I've seen this several times - its beautifull, thought provoking - and kind of a horror movier showing where in Our modern society - where Our Food is made, how its made - and the People working there. Such horrors....

  15. 1concept1

    three comments and already negative BS? I'll watch it later, maybe?

  16. Luyang Han

    So what! I hate such "no narration" films as it shows clearly the mentality of the director: I don't what to discuss with you, I just want to feed you THIS. I know exactly that you would feel awful and sorry if I take THIS perspective, so I do it. Did I show you the complete picture of the story? who cares, I just want to impress you.

    1. Darryl Forests

      Luyang Han, I agree and my Love Partner Aropuet sitting VERY close to me agrees too! What crapola!

      Darryl Forests

    2. southab403

      It could go either way. "look how efficient at food production we are!" or "look how badly we treat the planet"

  17. Vaggelis Danikas


    1. mjusiqtube

      No need for subs actually. Enjoy!

    2. Yavanna

      subtitles are needed where a language has to be transcribed. Since this film i s entirely graphic what description do you require? A spoon-fed rhetoric or something? F*ck me - open your bloody synapses or something!