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Our Labor of Love

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Our Labor of LoveOur Labor of Love is a Full Length Documentary about Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona (near Sedona).

Out of Africa Wildlife Park strives to educate and entertain; to provide an exciting and engaging opportunity to love and respect the nature.

It is a place where family and friends gather to experience oneness with animals and each other during safaris, tours, walks, observations, and shows of wild-by-nature animals in their own natural splendor.

In this way, they hope to achieve a kind of oneness with them, which will cause us to consider them to be so valuable that we cannot allow them to be lost forever.

They continually provide natural living spaces for animals in need, so they can become ambassadors of their own kind. They have heeded the call of those without a voice, who now border on extinction.

As they attend to each animal’s daily food and husbandry requirements and to their holistic health and medical needs, they experience their gratitude and friendship – their appreciation of us.

They consider their social orders, their natural beauty and essence, their sense of feeling safe and secure, their eternal spirituality, and our communion with them as a common community of life.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. esmuziq

    this seems to good to be true

  2. normal
  3. normal

    What a shame Animals in cages, I think we should put the owners of this place in Jail and see how they like it.
    If you want to see Animals they are best seenin there natural environment not exploited for money in cages.
    These Animals are not acting naturaly.

  4. HaTe_MaChInE
  5. HaTe_MaChInE

    Hey, PocoLoco productions is from my alma mater.

    I give it a C+ at best.

    Seems like a nice bunch of people getting to play with animals.

  6. chayah
  7. chayah

    i want to live in a world where these animals have room to live as wild creatures. i dont have to inflict my self on them. but i see this good facilaty for these animals

  8. Farren
  9. Farren

    one thing that really sticks out about Out of Africa is the love/friendship connection between the people and the animals.

    they treat animals like fellow humans, and the animals do have personalities that warm up to them over time, so they grow very close. the animals here do not seem depressed at all like they do in circuses and small cages in zoos. unhappy animals seem despondent, angry, or like how humans feel in mental institutions.

    these animals are playful, vibrant, confident and enjoying the outdoors. the people who run this place rescue and save depressed/abused animals from other zoos and inept ex-owners.

  10. jane haydon
  11. jane haydon

    I would give anything to work there, wow, people running a place that totally understand they are part of us.

  12. heWinked
  13. heWinked

    love for all animals and the education of that love is invaluable! An animal in its natural habitat doesn't have much interest in us besides a mild curiousity. Fulfilling our need to be close to these/all animals can serve us both as shown from the documentary. But, I still long for the animals to be free and within their own make THEIR chose, without food, to be friends...there is only one place left where horses are wild and free. And if these/all animals recognize this on a level beyond what we can understand, then who is playing with whom? Kudos to you all for the love of animals.

    I have a new appreciation for my zoo...Toronto Zoo...for the most part, they want the animals to feel as close to their native environment as possible...glimpsing them is a treat and luckily, bowing down to the action-packed, do something for my time and money...hopefully will continue to prevail. And I enjoy the time spent all the more!!

  14. Maria
  15. Maria

    Beautiful documentary! I can truly recommend this!

  16. Inga
  17. Inga

    Do you call this love for animals??!!! o common!... I see just egoistic people who think about themselves and their money. They don't think about animals at all! Don't you agree with me?Maybe they show those "happy" moments" but we don't see the whole reality there! We don't see horrible suffering of the animals because they spend their miserable lives in the jail being clowns!...

  18. Inga
  19. Inga

    I would like to ask those people who works there WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEND YOUR LIFE LIVING LIKE THIS ??? (what is the honest answer)

  20. Arann
  21. Arann

    ...for those out there that think that this is "prison" for animals, I ask that you do a bit of research before you start criticizing wildlife reserves such as Out of Africa. You will quickly come to find out that many animals that have been rescued from places where they've been neglected, sustained injury or have been exploited for every imaginable reason under the sun, are often animals that are unable to care for themselves in their natural environment if every released back into the wild. I work for a zoo in Canada that has been built upon rescuing animals from East to West coast, and although I can appreciate that animals are much more happy in their natural surroundings, it is not possible to let an animal free into its natural environment when it has never learned how to hunt for itself, search for shelter or find a mate without sustaining injury in its natural world. Great Job crew at Out of Africa, keep up the fantastic work...

    ...and for those out there that think these places are massive money grabs, please take into consideration the costs associated with caring for any animal, be it your house cat or Siberian Tiger. As a zookeeper myself...yes we may seem egotistical to some, but it is these people that haven't realized the immense amount of joy that can come from enjoying a career where you feel you've made a difference not only in saving the life of an animal, but also educating those with curious minds...and do we drive expensive cars and live in massive homes with all that money that people pay to come see these critters...absolutely not.

  22. xraygord
  23. xraygord

    It's just terrible to force animals to perform for our enjoyment. They should be left alone to do as they please. It doesn't matter if they seem happy, we shouldn't have the right to cage animals like this. I would rather spend the next year or two free, and be able to roam and go where I please, than spend the next 20 years being caged and hand fed. And I'm a human, so I can just imagine how a wild animal feels.

  24. O.o
  25. O.o

    Are u prison guys all stupid, or are you just one giant douchebag posting under several names?

    And if you wanna compare a zoo to a prison, imagine yourself having the choice between being in a prison and out in the wild where u might get eaten, beaten to death, starve to death or freeze to death.

    Biggest threat these animals fight is boredom.

  26. 1Jeti
  27. 1Jeti

    I get both sides on this one. When one acquirers most of the facts, they will see that the positive far out ways the negative. If ur upset that they have 2 charge money in order 2 keep these animals safe, alive & happy, be mad at the right people.
    If ur upset cuz these beautiful animals have 2 be locked up instead of being free, again be mad at the right people. look at this 4 what it truly is, a scientific marvel, learn more biology 2 find out why I say this! =) Happy fact finding all! =)

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