Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

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Out Of The BlueUntil the current period or until the last 30 years, it was conventional wisdom, both in science and theology, we're alone in the universe; a single repository of life anywhere in the known universe. Well, no one believes that anymore. Out of the Blue presents unexplained cases from around the world, investigates 50 years of official contradictions and denials, and puts forth possible reasons for secrecy. The film also examines scientific theories regarding interstellar travel and discusses the current movement for official disclosure on the subject of UFOs - a subject that has been considered by most government officials to be unworthy of serious investigation.

UFOs and the Military - In 1964, former U.S. Air Force Lt. Bob Jacobs was in the 13-69th photo squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. His mission was to film an Atlas Rocket going through all three stages of powered flight. Upon developing the film it was discovered that the camera captured something unexpected. According to Jacobs, when the rocket was traveling between 11,000 and 14,000 miles per hour, a saucer-shaped craft entered the frame.

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  1. snake pliskin

    I love the intro music, with Edgar Mitchell. incredible!

  2. Adam

    We use "light bulbs" for navigation in air craft based on what worked decades previously, on sailing ships. Its simple it works. But its decades old. So what. Why wouldn't another race employ similar ideas. Light travels fast and far. They could be copying thinking it camouflages them. Lots of possibles. The biggest waste of cash, and I think black money funding, is SETI. We've looked for years and found nothing. Meanwhile thousands and thousands of people have them flying over them daily. SETI ... coughs uncomfortably.

  3. JdC

    The stupidest comment I’ve read is that these things are military craft , so if we have this why spend billions on air craft carriers stealth jets that are not really 100% safe from missiles we could call All the shots

  4. Lilly

    I don't think these things are from another planet for one simple reason, they are using light bulbs on their ships. If I am coming light years away to earth, I don't think their technology would be stuck in our 1900s. What do you think?

    1. Vinay

      First thing you need to do some research and then comment..else you will be thinking like tube light and mention light bulbs like comments 😂

    2. peruda hudson

      i hardly think they use light bulbs pmsl

    3. Gonzo

      so you know for shure they use lightbulbs and no other technology?

    4. kjc

      they may not be bulbs. they could be some kind of exotic lighting tech.

  5. Chet

    It's interesting. I guess most UFOs would be undetectable since they may wish to prevent their detection to avoid fighter jets etc.
    My brother saw an alien once in the woods behind his home. It was 10 ft, looked like ET, and was floating. His dog chased it off and returned a minute later - it was never the same after, never wagged his tail much and stopped running after things. My brother sadly thought his dog had been infected by the alien and had him put down. He gave the ashes to a local conspiracy junkie who ate them.

  6. JustinSamaroo

    I Believe These Objects Are Real..
    For People Who Doesnt Have An Open Mind And Are Blinded By Fear... Stay In The Dark And Hide Behind The Government.. We Will Soon Find The Truth.. And You All Will Have Nothing To Say... ? So Best Be Quiet If You Havent Actually Seen One Yourself ??

  7. Torch

    UFOs, I believe are military aircraft, not yet in mass use and sometimes they like to test out their new technologies over the heads of innocent citizens, never minding about how dangerous it could be to do so. That's why it's secretive.

  8. john

    UFO my ass

  9. will

    I want to be very clear that assuming that our own human race isn't capable of building a devices able to absolutely do anything your mind can fathom is a blatant disregard for any faith in what we are capable of. We are just now coming up with notions and theory's for Stonehenge that can be agreed upon by multiple individuals looking into it and also still be up for debate........ we do things as humans at times other humans dont understand and sometimes it takes years, decades,and NEVER at times to unravel everything that goes with it! To assume that "beings" from "other places" do all of the truly unexplainable things that occur to humans ,past, present, and future is LAZY! All of this ufo crab seems like simple magnetism or elctro-magnestism......some sort of replicated version of a solar system or molecule inside of your body and how all of them are designed alike. how dose a planet stay suspended in space? can you not replicate this inside of the atmosphere of the earth? MAGNETISM people MAGNETISM

    1. Rob


  10. L P

    These aliens are p***ing me off! Show yourself already! Quit teasing us with your little flybys. Give us your tech so we can quit polluting and destroying the planet. Or maybe that's what you want you little green bastards! You want to force us to mine all the gold for you and in the meantime watch us destroy the Earth and ourselves at the same time right? What's wrong you little green pricks? Oh is that it? Penis envy? Insecure a--holes!

    1. awegahn

      I feel for your frustration, but I think its a matter of our own protection. If you've ever seen Star Trek there is a term there "The Prime Directive". I suppose it is a bit like that, maybe it is really called something else like "The law of non-interference to free will", but nonetheless, the idea is the same. They don't want to interfere until they definitely have to (that is before we technically are about to kill ourselves) because we have a right to evolve according to our own choices. It would be like ruining a grand experiment. Though from many sources it seems like as if we are moving closer to contact. In small doses at first in the coming years but not in a grand scale until another 15 years. Lol... interesting times we are in. Most of this information is coming from Channeling, particularly from humancolony (.org) but another renowned channel called Bashar also talks a great deal about this. It all comes down to what you believe in. There is a great documentary about channelers btw, look into "Tuning In - Spirit Channelers In America (Full Length)" at YouTube. Also "Waking Universe with Darryl Anka & Bashar". There really is such a vast amount of interesting new subjects arising in this field that I am surprised not to see a documentary category here "Spiritualism". That would be interesting to see as well.

    2. peruda hudson

      would you show yourself to a species hell bent on war and greed?

    3. JBump

      Our skin is different than yours. Some of hue warmer and some cooler, but we look far more different from you than the differences between your own races. And your own races aren't even safe. We consume your culture. We test. We watch. We don't need to interact with you again to get what we need.

  11. Gordon Giroux

    they talk about creating a wormhole to achieve time travel. i find this improbable, but they have apparently found one near earth so i guess the concept is still up for debate weather you can move through one(doubtful in my opinion) but from all the footage and interviews out there its pretty obvious these ufo's are using tech to control gravity, witch effectively voids any mass in the craft therefore eliminating the infinte mass at light speed problem, and also the g effect problem on the bodies inside. some of the craft are small and silent so its probably electrical super conductor based,

  12. Jeremy Hughes

    I saw something rather strange once. If you've seen the dome of the rock ufo video, it was a lot like that. This greenish circular blob that kinda pulsated was directly over (1k ft altitude was my guess) an assembly of god church, I saw it for probably 5 seconds, so did my passenger, and as we stared at it, suddenly it pulsated and shot straight up so fast it like, burned a streak into my vision, basically faster than my brain could concieve of an object moving without literally disentigrating.

    I have 2 ideas on what it was.

    1. Government went and built some truly astonishing new age s*** in the last two decades and still has it successfully under wraps. I know a guy that worked for JPL for about 10 years, and when I try to get info from him he just laughs and says "whatever you're thinking, we have it" but I've never been able to tell if he's being completely serious or having a laugh at me. But he won't tell me about ANYTHING even being life long friends.

    2. It was a genuine. The odds of this happening to anyone I would think to be astronomically low, but somehow we happened to be there at the right time and place.

    We still discuss the incident to this day from time to time, he has bought into the ancient aliens theory even though I've tried to show him the debunking, I can accept other life forms more advanced than us, but that AA crap is nonsense.

    I also had an idea that most likely there was no ET in the craft at all. It could be possible that these things are AI controlled research vessels, something to that effect, because I certainly don't see evidence of them tampering with us. Also the whole traversing the galaxy taking such a long time, a pilot seems silly, however a droid that can gather tons of info and return someday in the future, would be optimal.

    Just my 2 cents, I want them to be here now, but I'm a realist, I can absorb news that it was just military hardware but I doubt anyone could have seen what we saw and written it off as weather phenomenon, it was a solid round shaped pulsating mass, and then it moved, very fast.

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      Also, I realize that the Dome of the ROck video was a fake, this is not news to me, but it is the ONLY video I've ever found that looked and did something similar to what I saw.

      Differences between my sighting and dome fake video, mine was in daylight, the thing I saw was Green and pulsating / undulating, it shot off at a slight angle, but pretty much straight upwards.

      Still trips me out to this day, oh, and this happened back in like, 2009.

    2. Cody Frye

      I'm sorry but how is the AA theory nonsense? I don't think the AATs always get it right but I believe a lot of their explanations make WAY more sense than some of the ridiculous tales we've been told. You acknowledge the possibility of other life forms but the AA theory is crap, ummmm ok? Assuming there are other advanced civilizations out there, why is it so hard to believe we've been visited & influenced by them? It's not much of a stretch you know. Is it really easier to believe that there were ACTUAL GODS riding down from "the heavens" on their magical dragons & chariots? I mean, if we're having a logical discussion here, what place does any of that NONSENSE have in it? Sorry, but you can't just sit there & say "sure I believe there could be aliens but there's no way they've ever visited us, helped us, or communicated with us in the past". That's about as ignorant & narrow-minded as it gets. You simply can't acknowledge the one & discount the other, it doesn't work that way.

  13. baddog11

    would free energy eliminate poverty or increase overpopulation?

  14. baddog11

    im very perceptive. the ufos shutting down nuclear sites are not ufos from space. it is foo fighter tech improved since ww2. i know more but will not indanger my life for free.

  15. Paul M Webb

    UFOS are demons. Thats it and nothing more.

  16. Jose Manuel Ataide

    How old is this doc? Does anybody know?

  17. Arnie

    Ottawa, Canada UFO – Summer 1986

    During the summer of 1986 when I was 24 years old, I was very fortunate to witness a high speed UFO travelling just above the Ottawa River at what I estimate to be 3,000 to 5,000 feet. This observation is based on aircraft normally flying at 20,000 to 30,000 feet.

    The craft was a cigar shape. Tapered at both ends and thickening in the middle.

    The width and thickness of the object observed from my distance was that of a Canadian dime. True length of object viewed from 1.7 miles is 30 meters to 40 meters.

    Please note that the human eye has a natural zoom capability for distant objects of about 1,800x. This observation is based on my use of a modern 2011 Sony video camera with a 50x optical zoom and 1,800x digital zoom. Model DCR - SR20

    Distance to object has been estimated at 1.7 to 2 miles using Google Earth, measuring from the top of the hill at the intersection at Duford Street and Jamison Avenue.

    My viewing location for this event was at the top of the Queenswood Height's hill in Orleans located approximately 10 miles from Ottawa. Intersection at Duford Street and Jamison Avenue.

    In 1986 there were no houses built on this hill giving a clear view of the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Valley 1.7 miles away.

    Month of sighting is June 1986. Estimate

    Viewing time was between 15:00hrs to 17:00hrs, broad daylight.

    I had the UFO in sight for only 2 seconds.

    Later on I would determine with Google Earth that the distance covered by the UFO during my observation time was 4 miles. This was possible because of my elevated position on Queenswood Heights Hill giving me a clear view of the Ottawa River and Gatineau Valley in the distance.

    The UFO travelled rapidly over the Ottawa River moving in an East to West direction towards the city of Ottawa.

    The UFO would be spotted by several students at Carleton University, reported to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, and written up the next day in a small story.

    The event happened on a Friday. Exact date unknown.

    Technical details of the event.

    Time in view 2 seconds.

    Distance covered 4 miles.

    Speed 4 miles per 2 seconds.

    4 miles = 6437.376 metres

    6437.376 m in 2 seconds

    Speed of the UFO = 3,218.688 m /s

    Speed of sound at sea level 340.29 m/s

    Speed of the UFO = 9.45866 times the speed of sound

    The UFO moved through the air in absolute complete silence.

    There was no sonic boom associated with this high speed travelling object and I was completely surprised. I was listening for it intently.

    This UFO therefore had the capability to move through a medium like air without displacing it.

    Travelling at 9.45x the speed of sound the only way NOT to create a sonic boom is NOT to displace the medium of air in the first place.

    Therefore UFO craft have an ability to move through a medium like air and water without displacing it. This means that there is NO friction with the medium allowing such fast velocities and changes in direction when required.

    How this is accomplished is not known at this time.

    Could a magnetic field enable an object to move through a medium without displacing it?

    A engineering challenge for future aircraft designers.

    The technology to move an object through a medium without displacing it exists.

    I have seen it in 1986 and that was 25 years ago.

  18. Guest

    omg when will intelligent make itself obvious to the rest of us dullards?

  19. Guest

    its simply that anyone visiting here from anywhere else in the universe didnt use any oil derivative for propulsion. Where does the power of a magnet come from?

  20. delano_goodin

    Peter Coyote seems to get all the voice over work for any thing Marijuana,Drug, or fringe related.

  21. ForeverDove

    They exist because we believe in them, and no government can take that away from us.

  22. Timmy Suckmeister

    I just knowed it.

  23. Timmy Suckmeister

    I knowed we was not alone for some time.

  24. Matt Kukowski

    I was of the camp that UFOs are just hoax or stupidity or just confusion. Also, of a scientific mind, the vast distances just made it seem not possible or nearly impossible, or highly improbable.

    However, the more you learn, the more you realize just how bizarre the possibilities of the universe, the VAST time scales and how our senses are so NARROW compared to the spectrum... I conclude we have and are being watched.

    Now, there are those that lie to get attention... and those that are insane. You just have to accept the fact you will get crazies.

    Just look at how stupid enmass they are. Can not balance budgets, prevent simple wars, get off Oil and go beyond the Moon in maned craft. We are so primitive compared to what is possible, that to say 'Visitors' fromm outter space is NOT possible and that human brains are so much better to explain away Aliens, just reenforces the assertion of just how close minded and DUMB human being brains are.. ( en mass mind you... I know there are small groups of smart people)

    I have never seen a UFO... I know there are too many hoaxes to count. But, to say UFOs are IMPOSSIBLE is a 100% ignorant comment because NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Therefore, I leave the debate open.

    1. Søren Dahse

      "I was of the camp that UFOs are just hoax or stupidity or just confusion. Also, of a scientific mind, the vast distances just made it seem not possible or nearly impossible, or highly improbable."

      this is completely true based on all the knowledge and science we have today, but the funny thing is, that other life in the universe could be millions of years ahead of us. now im telling you that it would be impossible for an intelligent life form to live millions of years and not venture far far far outside their planet.

      also you said distances, and then i say so what? have you actually watched the science section of this site, cause oh boy yea you will find a lot of theories on how to travel great distances without actually moving conventionally. like bending space, creating holes, then you might say "nah thats impossible" and then i will say, that the universe has already been proven to be a very weird and complex place, so why are you looking for a simple answer, when you should be looking for weird ones?

      god damnit, i wrote this whole comment after just reading your first few sentences, now i realize how much of a waste it is.

      anyway i agree 100% with after all (if i could could just learn to continue to read). also i have never seen a UFO or anything weird in my life, but i cant wait till i some day will, and i am convinced i will, SOME day.

  25. Nakor420

    The Government will never admit the reality of aliens. How would they be able to handle the response? Whole governments would crumble, probably including ours, all religions would fail, TRILLIONS would be lost by the power elite of the world. The fallout for "them" would be endless and ruining. So short of E.T. landing on the white house lawn, we will NEVER have discloser.

    1. Jose Manuel Ataide

      Agreed (unfortunately). That reminds me of Eisenhower's 1954 meeting with extraterrestrials... at a certain point (probably by the end of it) they'd have claimed that the humans are not yet ready/prepared for them. If this is true, your comment explains why.

  26. jezebel finkelstein

    if people cared more about tv they would all understand that the q of are we alone is more important than tv and texting someone and all we have to do to answer this q is to all group up say 100 mil of us and walk into area 51 with every news team following us brodcasting live on the net the government cant kill 100 mil people and get away with it cause everyone left knows them 100 mil people,life is easy humans make iit hard

  27. Robyn

    I agree that it's about the status quo. I also believe the reason for the secrecy is that the reverse engineering that may be going on because of this phenomenon, by the US government, puts their military arsenal decades ahead of every one else’s. I think it is possible that ‘some’ of the unexplained sightings of the last decade may in fact be prototypes from these reverse engineering projects. Back in the early eighties I worked with a fellow supervisor whose son was an engineer that worked for a company that did contracting for the military during the Reagan’s Star Wars Project. He told his father that the Star Wars Project was a big ruse and the money was being used on other secret projects being worked on that he couldn’t talk about.

  28. Pyrrhus

    Please tell us the names of the "few other gems." I for one am inquisitive.

    Assuming, for the sake of discussion, that our species has been visited and/or is being visited by intelligent beings not of this world, one can only speculate as to reasons for all the secrecy. I believe I may have an answer.

    As former President Ronald Reagan has famously stated, the nations of this world would drop their differences and come together, if...

    Halliburton would go broke. War is big business. International bankers and corporate interests would take a hit, a big hit. The currency of this, their world, is not the dollar or even gold. The currency of this, their world, is blood. It is in their interests to maintain the status quo of this, their world. End of story.

    Should another contributor to this discussion have a more plausible story, I am open to listening.

  29. Farren

    definite favorite. archived for future reference.

    many of the "skeptics" and "debunkers" out there really just have a very difficult time accepting that anything like this may be true--whether it is or isn't. it goes to a root belief or emotional outlook on the world...

    so for those who deny anything and everything, well they will just have to live in their limited view of reality. but when someone is generally interested in finding out facts, point them here, among a few other gems.

  30. Scott Campbell

    I am extremely happy to see a documentary was such undeniable evidence. While I've always believed in UFOs, it's nice to know that they're people in the scientific and military communities that share my beliefs. I cannot believe anyone who watches this would have any doubts about the validity of UFOs. The people in this video have credentials that are far above any of the nonbelievers who will just ignore or belittle this documentary. For me, this video is the best I've ever seen, and definitely deserves to thumbs up. Thank you for making it.

  31. Tim Osman

    Nice to know somebody is keeping the nukes in check.

  32. lindsay

    Ugh, the way that old man fighter pilot talks is so irritating. Open your goddamn mouth.

  33. Mary

    Very informative documentary. I really enjoyed it! I'm open minded to the idea that UFO's do exist. Though I've never seen one, the subject does interest me. Why not tell the truth to the public about UFO's? What is the big idea of these cover-ups? I think it's stupid. We are here, so why not other life forms on othere planets? There's so many galaxies, why not other life forms, as well. It would be a beautiful thing to know we are not alone.

  34. Bunny Prole

    This is by far the best documentary on the subject I have seen and I think I have seen almost every doc on this subject. Yet this documentary still falls short in my view.

    If you put the time into this subject, you would be shocked at what you end up thinking. A complete overhaul of the approach of these documentaries must be made to make this matter more accessible. I believe a simple cut and paste of existing documentaries could suffice, if done with good judgment.

    Any amateur film-makers out there?

  35. Cliff

    Yes! Does the major news outlets have some sort of agenda to hide anything that has to do with stuff like this?

    And I think the space station needs a 24 hour channel (like C-Span) for people to watch. Tell me how cool that would be to just watch random stuff floating around and meteors out in space. I'd watch that all day...not to mention when I was enjoying some of god's plants.

  36. Bunny Prole

    This is probably the best documentary about UFOs. There's really way too much evidence for there to be so few convincing films.

    Hurray for whoever made this one.

  37. Spiritguide

    At last a video that has the balls to say out loaud the Government have been lying to the world for god knows how many years now. Its time to tell the pll of earth the truth about our brothers from space and time.......

  38. CyberFlyer

    If you think this is good, you must watch "I know What I Saw" when it comes up on the history Channel in October.

    All this and then some.

    If you support the information presented you should go to the website and get the DVD. It is outstanding to watch in one setting.

  39. WTC7

    This documentary really should be seen by everyone, even those who don't have interest in the UFO subject. In my eyes, it's simply too important of an issue to be ignored.

  40. Juamnji

    There is a great video on google video.
    AIDS CURE: US Patent #5676977
    its not really a documentary but would go great on the site.
    It has nothing to do this UFO doc, which is really good, but you should give it a look.
    This site is amazing, keep up the good work

    1. greyspoppa

      Yes sir looked it up myself.

  41. hotmetalmel

    Fantastic UFO doc!! Thank you

  42. Vlatko

    Thanks Cryozyme.

  43. Cryozyme

    That was probably the most convincing documentary about u.f.o's
    I have ever seen. I don't usually watch documentaries in this field, and I have to say there is more evidence than I assumed.
    Any other I watched just had loud vices and flashy pictures with dramatic music, but no facts or high level military personnel speaking out. Well made. 4 out of 5 in my books.
    P.s. your site is the bees knees!