Owned and Operated

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Owned and OperatedOwned and Operated is a mosaic of the world through the lens of the internet. Showing our lives as consumers, under the thumbs of privileged individuals and their methods of control.

But the world is awakening, and the experience is something outside the normal rules of social interaction, causing excitement in those who are not served by the current system... and fear in those who are pampered by it.

This documentary attempts to present these events using the video, audio and written content uploaded to the internet by the collective human consciousness comprised of every individual participant.

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  1. carol christooferson

    It will only change went WE burn wall street, blow up the government, cut the head off the elite and take over our own future.
    Or just be a happy slave

  2. Guest

    The more money one has, the more one owns, the least one wants the meltdown of government, wonder why?

  3. wald0

    This is a very powerful film. It sickens and angers me when I realize the lies I have been sold all my life, when I realize that I don't know this country like I thought I did at all. I learned long ago not to believe in categorical evil simply for evils sake, everyone has a justfication or a reason why they do what they do. But what do you call what has happened here if you don't call it evil, how do you stop it when the enemy is so skilled and willing to use any empathy or symapthy you may exhibit? You have no idea what or whom to trust, this film says a lot of things I wanted hear and uses lots of heavy hitting music and imagery- is it propaganda as well? Every time I get excited and involved I spend my passion and efforts behind some movement or idea- then it turns out to be just more b.s. I'm lost, I have no idea who to believe anymore. Maybe I should join occupy, or maybe the Zeitgeist movement, no I know- the venus project- but wait we just need to adjust the tax code? No, says Dawkins we need to get rid of religion!! But forget all that the climate is changing and I am to blame, so I'll buy carbon credit huh, what? Turns out none of it really mattered because we are just computer generated apparitions anyway, doomed to be swallowed by an annual alignment that for some reason turns predatory come dec 2012!! Ahhhh!!! STOP< STOP< STOP!!!!! I need silence, I need to think, unplug from this virtual meltdown for just a few seconds. So many solutions, so many ways to be wrong- one chance to get it right.

  4. john Palermo

    I cant wait to watch, sad the image of truth the soldier emits. Should in itself be enough to raise the question of WHY, for What?

  5. tariqxl

    The zeitgeist movements benefactors are people/entities like David Rockefeller, Google and Microsoft. Being taken in by this is to condone mass sterilisation of third world communities, elitism, nepotism, mass surveillance and detention without regard for civil liberties, the destruction of the monetary system (which like it or not buys freedom without it people would be forced to be equal as slaves to the state), war profiteering, eugenics, false flag and black operations... Need I go on? Yes! These people stand in the way of past and current technologies that would provide free energy for the world. They infiltrate, eliminate and install favorable interim governments for oil trade without thought for the indigenous. They decimate acres of rainforest landscape because hemp, the more viable alternative, is not cost effective. They support terrorism for the effect of false flag ops, they trade arms to dictators installed after a black ops I.E.I. Evil can be another word for ignorance as all its takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

  6. PavolvsBitch

    There is no 'movement' which is free from the coercion subhuman agenda.
    Mankind will not earn freedom until they stop following 'leaders' and lead themselves. They have not 'earned the right' which comes from responsibility and responsible actions. That said, the deceptions are way beyond what we are naturally equipped to deal with and none live long enough really to get the big picture (if they have the wit or strength to seek, ask) and if they do, have little means of passing knowledge from generation to generation due to genocidal actions of the same old shysters. Hence, we a but orphaned children, lost to our past and the wisdom of our ancestors, vulnerable to the first big fat slob with a bag of sweets ...

  7. GodmanEnki

    God bless y cousin My......D.E.Goodman

  8. AllanA

    Excellent video! I thank you for the message to watch it. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I never would have. I appreciate the work top docs does!

  9. davide bryant

    This may look to be propaganda,but do not follow anyone, and think for yourself ,but if there is one thing people are wakening up and at the same time its freighting, because how complicated it is and really no ones know the real truth, but nothing will change if we put walls around each other with ideologies or political agenda's, until both parts of the spectrum realize that there all on the same team maybe something will happen , but with how Ignorant Americans are I think Europe will be the first to explode, and the fuse has been lit a tiny a bit ,but who know what will happen?

  10. wald0

    Oh come on man, at least tell one that is somewhat believable. David Rockefeller is in bed with microsoft and google and the driving power behind the zeitgeist movement? How could it possibly be in the interests of such people to promote the end of the monetary system? I think someone sold you a bunch of b.s. friend or, you are very confused about what the zeitgiest movement really is, what it promotes.

  11. KsDevil

    In our old age, the protestors of the 60's desperaty hope the protestors of the 10's find enough to grip on to and tear away the old to find a new replacement that is built on workable reason.
    Timing is everything and the economic collapse has offered an opportunity for people to rethink what is really important to them. An opportunity that should not be wasted.
    Protesting in the street and collecting video of security personel acting violently is good, but making reasoned discussions in the media will get the message to the people. It is the people, the ones who can't take to the streets, that are the ones that frighten authority.

  12. Matt Kukowski

    This film is well done and truthful. I like how it states that America is full of brain washed, WIMPS that have NO CLUE they are being ripped off by old men in power sitting behind their oak desk and cigars.

    You can FEEL the frustration in this film and this frustration is going to boil over. Then again, Americans are so WEAK and SHEEPISH that they blame themselves for losing it all and do not even bother to look up the facts.

    I was listening to radio program about how people are angry about EVERYTHING. The slogan was, "In NOTHING We Trust". But, these people FAIL to know even the most BASIC facts about WHY the economy sucks.

    Watch 'Inside Job' narrated by Matt Damon... or 100's of other documentaries about what is going on in the world.

    Americans are stupid and think they are fallen spirits and must turn their torn cheek and keep taking it up the ass.

  13. tariqxl

    Wow! Thank you for your insight, a very informative argument there. Tell me, the next time I disagree with someone should I merely suggest they're full of crap without at least hinting at the flaws in their argument all the while trying to appear as their intellectual superior?
    I'm right your wrong, does that even work for you?
    I mean... if I'm so clearly wrong you could have started by telling who the REAL zeitgeist benefactors are or what it REALLY promotes.

  14. drinker69

    We need the "Hundredth Monkey Effect" pronto. Start washing those sweet potatoes peeps.(look it up)

  15. wald0

    I have no idea who the benfactors of the zeitgeist movement would be, or if it even has benefactors in the common sense of the word. Logic tells me it wont be someone though that is rich and has everything to gain by the status qou, why would they promote a resourced based technocracy. Look I am not a zeitgiest supporter, you will find plenty on this site though. You will also find other conspiracy buffs claiming everyone from the catholic church to scientologist are really running the zietgeist movement. maybe you guys can all together and decide which enemy makes for the coolest fantasy. I could really careless, have at it.

  16. leonardobdas

    to me: just a bunch of depressed, cynical and spoiled people that just don't realize how awesome their lives are and want to have the cake and eat it too. Complaining kids still got oligarchs in power in russia, europe is still doing what it takes to keep the economy going, and the indignados are still just drunk on 1 dollar wine and eating bbq. I am sorry but this is bullshizzles folks. zeitgeist? really, yoga hippies that shop at whole foods? really? 99%? stop being jealous of people with awesome cars and pretty girls. cest la vie, dont worry be happy, life is good, toughen up kids, life is a box of chocolates, follow anything but rethoric that is the equivalent of comparing a steam engine to a hydrogen fuel cell car.

  17. zeitgeistvernon

    no body runs the zeitgeist movement. we are all benefactors of the train of thought of a resource based economy.

    its about giving everyone everything they need, though an access of abundance. we have the ability to make our physical tools more efficent and this

  18. Malchik

    Jeez, you sound just as cynical and asinine as the people you berate in long, disjointed rambling.

    That takes some effort.

  19. Robertc12


  20. Robertc12

    Maybe one day you will realize the concept of selfishness, and maybe one day you can bypass your ego. Not everyone is as self interested as you. All I can get out of your comment is that you really really love yourself don't you? Maybe when you get old and realize how much you've raped the world you'll wake up to your dilusional fantasies. And btw, I could never see myself happy with so much greed and wealth and sit idly by with the world as messed up as it really is. 34,000 preventable child deaths everyday, and you just sit and laugh. Congrats on raping the world

  21. Imightberiding

    I can't watch any more. I am far too disgusted & angry. It would seem the average American is far to ignorant as to what their government is doing to their country & the rest of the world to even notice or care. Stand up & rise against these political criminals you lazy ill-informed Americans. The rest of the world will be squashed by your military if we stand against you. You are the last resort. Civil war! Are you all so numb & inured to what your government is doing? Rise up & save not only your lives & country but the rest of the world as well.

  22. Markos Demetriou

    Some people have worked their entire lives, never stepped a toe outside the law. They considered themselves reasonably well off. Oh but wait, what is that? The system has run their pensions dry? Its not just about the kids who are fighting for a more equal future (equal being not having some starve to death on the one side,while others are bathing in riches). Its about how this system is CORRUPT and immoral in every human way. But its okay. As you said, life is good, its nothing but a journey full of experiences which you have to make the best of, I agree. Its just that, with people like you around, this species aint gonna make it. Thanks?

  23. tariqxl

    Lol fair enough, maybe I should go bug John Travolta ;)

  24. Manu Hashidate

    How you lack empathy, I can't imagine!

  25. Vinicius Santos Rodrigues

    oh boy.... dont get me started...

  26. Sharon Hutchinson

    People are angry but most of them sure don't want to do anything about it. Let's face it, all that matters is the Big Game. Even with losing homes, jobs etc., the public still puts up with the crap. What else is it going to take to realize the system is broken beyond repair?

    I advise everyone to read "It Takes A Pillage-An Epic Tale of Power, Deceit, and Untold Trillions" by Nomi Prins (a former player at Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns) to learn the truth about the "economic crisis" and the bailouts. Even if one doesn't want to muddle through the stats, just read the chapter on bonuses-who got what out of the trillions of taxpayer dollars. That alone should be enough to make people angry--yet still the status quo will continue.

    Want to see people rise up in anger? Just take football games off the TV. That's about the only thing that will get a rise out of them. Sorry for the tone but the ability of US citizens to just take everything lying down makes my blood boil.

  27. Sharon Hutchinson

    Every single member of Congress and the top government heads should be removed from office. Kick the bums out. Let them lose their cushy benefits and pensions that continue even after they leave office while so many cannot even afford decent healthcare. Put an end to the Federal Reserve, who cleverly used the term "Federal" to make people think it's part of the government. It is unfortunate, but the idealistic intentions of the Founding Fathers has long since disappeared under a haze of greed and corruption. We need a new start.

    Those who think that the people actually chose their representatives are sadly deluding themselves. And only the rich run for office--what does THAT tell you?

  28. Placeboaddict

    Low production value.. Pretty good job with no money, but calling it a documentary is stretching it.

  29. wald0

    The problem doesn't have to be looked at from the point of view of what is fair or not. There are empirical studies showing a definite correlation between income inequality and things like the amount of drug addiction and crime, teen and unwanted pregnancies, domestic violence and murder, number of citizens in jail, etc. These studies show without a shadow of a doubt that these things grow out of control when the gap between the richest and the poorest gets far too large. Liberals understand that in a meritocracy there will always be a certain level of inequality, and we actually prize that. This in-balance is responsible for inspiring and incentivizing success, the harder you work the more you have. All we ask is that those runners that finnish the race long before the rest of us then turn around and help their fellow citizens finish as well. Further more let us setup a system that also inherently helps those less fortunate so we can raise everyone up. Now what seems so whiny and selfish about that?

    If you want to see just one of those studies broken down by a data analyst go to Ted Talks and search for the presentation called, "How income inequality effects society".

  30. fonbindelhofas

    and still i see more and more people who begin to wonder wtf? more and more slogans and grafiti on the walls...

  31. Crab_Nebula

    wined and dined

  32. dewflirt

    Makes me want to don a cape and save the world, can't seem to shake off the comfortable slippers though. Maybe I should start small, wear my pants over my tights and work from there. (stops them falling down too)
    @ wald0, know what you mean. The world seems so noisy with ideas and advice its hard to know what to do. Difficult to hear yourself think. Sometimes think it would be nice if everyone would stage a world strike. Switch everything off, phones, computers, lights, cars, everything, then walk out of work and say hello to people. Would love to see what would happen :)

  33. noconman

    To bad most people are to brainwashed to even realize what has been going on for a long time. Ever since our money system went off the gold standard, bankers and corporate powers have driven politics, and with the help of mainstream media, played us into believing whatever they want us to.
    Orwell, was correct in his evaluation of what the future was looking like.
    If you try to point real issues out, like how our government is out of control,
    you will surely be labled by most as crazy conspiracy theorists. This is due to the fact that, they really aren't out of control. They have us doing exactly what they want. Fighting amongst ourselves and dividing us into groups to small to make them accountable. They are certainly masters of deception, but then after studying human behavior for as long as they have, it's really childs play.
    They have such power that the most incompetent of actions by them are accepted and supported by the majority of voters. Sadly 70% do not even vote due to the fact that they do not really feel it makes a difference. Of the 30% who do vote, they are mostly decieved by the notion that Reps and Dems actually have seperate agendas, and purely vote for red or blue,
    They both have the same goal however. To get their party and corporate buddies into power over the spoils of controlling the economy. Like kids fighting over toys, while the corporate lobbiests fund both sides and will win no matter which party is elected.
    To me, I admit that for most of my life I was part of the problem, to busy trying to live the american dream, trusting an untrustworthy government,
    and only seeing that voting for the lesser of two evils, is still voting for evil, and I didn't vote.
    I have 55 years of watching this circus show now, beginning with my earliest memories of JFK being assasinated for believing he could change the way government was being highjacked. He fired the top three leaders of the CIA, wanted to end the Federal reserve banks power, had his brother going after the Mob, and even signed an act to get us out of Vietnam by 1965.
    We all know how that ended.
    Most do not even understand why he was killed, blaming it on a lone gunman and even allowing one of the CIA members he fired to be on the Warren Commission investigation team, our government white washed the truth in front of our eyes.
    Our government is not the same one that our founders built, based on a constitution that had precise checks and balances, explicit warnings about what has been allowed to happen, banks and corporate takeover,and the slow loss of our rights.
    The only politician who has ever expressed any real concern, spoke the most wisely, and has the right ideas on how to get our government back to governing instead of being an out of control entity that will surely be the end of our country as we know it, as well as inspiring me to finally vote, is Ron Paul.
    Sadly, even if people woke up from their mass hypnosis and voted for him,
    It surely would end as badly for him as Kennedy.
    But I will not vote for lesser of two evils, I will proudly vote for Ron Paul, even if he is not on the ballot, before I vote for more of the same politicians that ruined this country, Red Or Blue!

  34. DMT2012

    Imagine a WORLDWIDE EVENT taking place (perhaps 12.12.12) asking ALL CITIZENS OF PLANET EARTH to stop working and going out on the streets.
    Once we stop playing the game, the entire system as we know it today will cease to exist.
    I know, sounds insanely unrealistic...though think about what is truly stopping each and everyone of us from not working tomorrow and not playing this game anymore...we all contribute towards creating the dream that we call reality...WE NEED THE COURAGE TO OVERCOME FEAR...

  35. Jeremy

    First people must become self sufficient, sadly, this cannot happen overnight, maybe over a century.

  36. phillip wong

    What a joke. The problem is not about leaders, but the people. Global capitalism is just a movement of capital where it is most productive. Ultimately, the wealth of a nation its the people. You are not entitled to anything. You have to earn it. This is why how you attract capital to you.

  37. misterwong

    I liked this a lot.If I were one of the world's fortunate few,gorging myself on the pathetic dreams of the stupefied insects called "We The People",I would never ever EVER change a thing.This would be the best of all worlds.An undereducated(by design)spending addicted(by design)easily placated by merchandising/sports/media/vomitous television programming and artificial nationalistic hubris and myopic sense of false pride(ALL by design)..well you've got a pen of fat,helpless hogs fattened for the slaughterhouse.We've been poisoned through garbage food,slop culture,force fed a mind-rotting childlike mentality and made to crave this societal enslavement.It is sickeningly Pavlovian.BUT,there is hope yet.A slender chance to act as one people who desire a real shot at Humanity.Jacques is a visionary nutjob..Like every other nutjob that wanted to create a better world.Many have failed.It's our chance to try,If we want it..Anybody got a better idea while we are getting sodomized by the Money Masters in the meantime?

  38. Elie Kayrouz

    I think it is very courageous and valiant of you to propose this; but things are not that simple and if we continue to shout out stupid solutions without tackling the core problems we will continue to be laughed at and nothing will change: let me explain: it is not fear that stops people to do this, it is the culture that was created among humans that says that the system we live in should be: competitive and we as humans should work for the things we want (unfortunately) including food to survive. Why? because this is the incentive of humanity; this is what keeps humanity going forward (literally)- consider other wise, really, consider your proposition again now? can we do it instantly without a total halt or stand still of humanity- there is nothing else to do, really- we can't stop the system unless we have established something in its place- let's reestablish culture slowly with a different state of mind-

  39. Lucy Saw

    The Dalai Lama can talk. All I know is I wouldn't be as frustrated or as anxious if I had a million dollars. In fact I think I would bloody well relax...and eat lot's of cheetos. LOL I'm not saying it would it would bring inner piece, I'm just saying I would be a hell of a lot more comfortable! I mean hell, how many poor, hungry, starving, homeless, jobless, financially insecure people do you know that have inner piece? I'm just saying.

  40. Lucy Saw

    At 9:10 where he talks about selling youth and stupidity as opposed to experience and wisdom is the reason why I won't follow a youth based movement that wishes to base all of society on the experimental models. Why? "For they know not what they do".

  41. SmoTh

    And the "people" running the world today clearly do..

    How do you think the first democratic society came into existence?
    By choosing a well known and trusted government form? I think not.

    I say, let them try, let them fail, and we shall all learn... or perhaps we end up living in an utopia.. in ether case we will grow..

  42. SmoTh

    It is not about having or not having money, it is about desiring them, but not having them.

    You "know" that you wouldn't be as frustrated or as anxious if you had a million dollars? What do you base this on? The endless hours of television you watch each day? Or perhaps by simply watching all the oh so happy rich people in the world?

    I am poor, jobless and financially insecure, but I am NOT frustrated nor am I anxious. I am simply.. Happy.

  43. Nwttp

    Wait until you are homeless. Or did you post this comment from the library? Please... of course money doesn't bring happiness, but having none and worrying about eating and not freezing to death tomorrow brings utter utter sadness. For me that is, maybe some people can be happy with those worries constantly on their mind, but I hate hearing that "I'm poor and I'm happy" on the internet, from someone sitting comfortably in front of their home pc. Wait until the only water you have available to you is poison, and the only food you can afford can hardly be called food and gives you cancer by age 50, then come tell me that you can be happy in this failure of a society without any money.

  44. DMT2012

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate your view on this. The problem I personally see is that things are getting bad to a point where I don't think we can afford to reestablish culture slowly. The slowly part is the key in my opinion. With technology continuing to advance at increasing rates and the internet allowing people to share information quicker than ever before, I'm hopeful that this reestablishing of culture you're talking about happens sooner than later. The people who made this documentary, everyone who watched it and those who comment in this forum already have more access to information than most people had 30 years ago. I believe that once the information as to what's going on in the world is out there, which is clearly happening at the moment, the resulting awareness among people will increase, evolve and eventually lead us that turning point in history.
    I realize that my idea is more wishful thinking than anything else. I only put it out there to express my wish for things to change tomorrow and not in 50 years. Please don't call people's ideas stupid. In these times we live in any positive suggestion as to how to bring about the change we all want should be respected. After all, you wouldn't call John Lennon saying 'Imagine there's no countries...' (which he did 41 years ago) stupid either. My question to you is this:
    How DO we reestablish the current culture when the people that are in power are clearly not interested in that happening? FYI, check out what the Occupy movement is planning for 1May...

  45. SFXkilla

    There is a saying where i come from "Money wont make you happy but at least you wont have to eat out of a garbage can" : )

  46. dmxi

    realizing the true core of humanity,will bring despair to the outer-shell !

  47. binzee

    well the first time i realized id fallen into the trap is when i was seventeen and bought a bike on credit, it was the first and last time i ever got in debt..
    and btw I'm over fifty now... never wanted to buy a house or a new car,, i've had more than enough money to do that.... so having a million will not make u happy... you will spend all your time worrying about who's going to take it from u :) ... that was my 1p worth.

    i want to keep it short as most ppl's attention span is little more than a few minuets at best these days, but i think the only way this will work any faster than Darwinian evolution

    but the problem will be once ppl stop watching tv.. and that's what they are stating to do.. they know this,,, who are they going to let run( censure) the net o.O Oh there's a surprise the very ppl who indoctrinate
    YOU NOW form the tv.............

    and 1 last thing if they try to change things overnight millions will die...

  48. globalunitea

    Azilda, "student of life". When the one with "more" achieved it by stealing from the ones with less, the "least ones" don't want to play that game anymore!

  49. globalunitea

    I love this film. I want so badly for more/most Americans to wake up and take a stand against the corruption and greed and inhumanity. It's absolutely maddening to even try to discuss the economy or politics with almost anyone in the US.

  50. CapnCanard

    ...this is a revolution of the mind...and those who say it can't be done should stay out of the way of those who are trying to do the impossible. All the jaw dropping amazing things in life never come from cynics or skeptics because they don't believe.

  51. Pysmythe

    Not ALL of them are rich going in, but they are ALL rich coming out...and, yes, that tells you a lot, since the "salary" they "earn" doesn't quite work as an explanation for this.
    Publicly-funded campaigns, the repeal of Citizens United, term-limits, outlawing corporate-lobbying, and (if it were possible...) a huge curtailing of every area and aspect of U.S. "defense" spending, among other things, would all go a long way towards getting this country back, I think.

    But, of course, it's fast becoming a fascist country now, instead of a democracy, and I don't really believe anything short of a genuine revolution will change it at this point.

  52. SmoTh

    I have been homeless, though not any longer. I live in a western country with great (and free) healthcare, so it is easy to make due.

    There are a very few homeless people in my country, about 5000 (less than 0.1% of our population), so it is not that hard to scavenge for food and resources in the cities. One time I lived off of cakes from a bakery, thrown out each day. I had more food/cake than me and my 2 friends could possible eat..

    But you are right, I don't think that it is possible to be poor and happy if you live in a place where it have been made impossible to make due without being somewhat wealthy ether. The solution would be simply though, pack your back and start walking..

    If you want to live without money, it would be inadvisable to place yourself in a location that would require money to live a decent life..

    Of course things are not always this simple, personal issues often come into play and so forth, and if you're addicted to illegal drugs, things would be much more difficult.

  53. bobthebboy

    didnt allow my first post lets disqus if think i say something wrong. didnt any 1 see that this is mind control at its best ,they tell mind one thing while programing subcoincious subliminaly with the total opposite message, first ten mins advertivesing,and to get u to identify as the consumer(4:m00s to 4:56 -bottom screen says watch on just cbs then it says so can stick hook in you.watch and listen closley what they saying)after using dali lama and brad pit vioce to make u open. they then make u feel disillusioned with world. at 5:m50s they teling your subcouncious to internalise the propaganda and tells you cant invision anything different. 6m.30s captain capitalism, were not suppose to know if he good or bad. 7:30 they telling u consumerism makes u feel normal and be normal, at same time they put on screen a barcode in shape of smiley face under say consumers are happy. next his telling your subconcious its normal for kids to what television all day be fat and that its normal not to question that and then they break to scene little girl in pink more blatant advertising, disney princess fantasys(disney always kills of mother so princess program 4 your daughters is woman without mother.which means she has no role model and who only cares about being pretty and marrying prince charming)9.40 now telling your subconcious if wants to be part of group you need to embrace youth over wisdom quote "the desires to be young and fasionable and it grew and it grew"and hears the big whammy coz they claim to side with occupy movment he says now targeting our youths subconciuos "stupid, thats all you want to be and the movement, the movment was never ment to be. 10m30s more NLP his telling you if you feel need to critisize your country(america and its people who are intended target for this programming) a little is voice gonna pop into your head a say how dare u critsize this great country, how dare you"then he begins programing the groups subconcious into accepting and beleiveing they dont live land of free and brave and that all americans are cowards who dont care and who will give up all there civil libertys and stay uninformed. im gonna leave it there so thats break down of doc no need 2 go on made my point hope go through to someone ,after 1h46m of watching this your mind might have hope but im shore your subconcious will be thinking its all hopless, that everyone or almost everyone is bunch of aggresive idiots who need to be destroyed and re educated by someone brave enough to make a new world,in the words of george bush sr and many others a brave new world with new world order and a global government sorry im not feeling it and the children of earth say no

  54. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    I thought it was coconuts?

  55. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    That part on anonymous was awesome. And the music ruled. Great doc.

  56. bobthebboy

    not spam just a similar message 2 a differnt person ,i broke down and explained in detail first 12 mins and mind control teqneik used in doc and posted here twice once 2 days ago once this morning which top doc hasnt posted for me why?, i explained NLP methods they used. while talking to mind about one thing, theyre programming subconciouss with total opposite message they want you to think every one terrible and to feel divided from from everyone else and that its not worth saving as to put in u desire for a new world order

  57. bobthebboy

    the reason for that is this doc using powerful mind control NLP teqnuiqes which they using to influence your subconcious so you never question authority or critersize your country,they effecting you on a subconcious level so u think everybody is just these aggressive ignorant people who dont care,one reason why they doing this as to put in your mind the desire you a new world order and global government. i explained and broke down first 12 min doc in detail explaining it properly which i have posted here twice,once 2 days ago this and again this morning but top doc hasnt posted. is becoz top doc has affiliation with zietgiest?top doc home page has big banner for zietgiest at top page and it is the zietgiest luicfians with there project venus aka project lucifer who made this doc

  58. bobthebboy

    and u support thes guys who make a doc design to effect the subconcious using NLP tequniques so as a person feel there is no hope for people,that generates real disgust at our self and the human race maken us think that were all ignorance aggresive savages who cant think for them selve and need to be saved by a new world order. i broke down and explain in detail the first 12 mins of doc and tequnique being used and what effect that has on the person outlook on world and how they interact with it.i posted here twice once 2 days ago once this morn and both post said need review and they havent posted

  59. bobthebboy

    the way that was done in this doc, it was not education informing people on how usa is, but it is really NLP programing tequniqe designed to program peoples suconcious into beliving thats who they are brainwashed wimps who find happiness and normality in being a consumer ,who cant think clearly who wont question and will always submit to goverments authority

  60. dewflirt

    Sorry, didn't catch that the first 25 times, could you say it again?

  61. dewflirt

    United as one, divided by zero ;)

  62. tariqxl

    Fact is I dont know any NLP methods, I didn't recognise any brainwashing, interesting though might have to look that up. I just noticed that the cities that they show in their vision of the future are the same that the N.W.O want built and are currently building, they never depict many citizens in them. The N.W.O want to do away with the monetary system then zeitgeist show people withdrawing their money and leaving it in bundles outside the bank I suppose that was 1 brainwash... making it look like a good thing. All these similarities between the known N.W.O agenda and the zeitgeist agenda made me look into it and found out who is founding them. And people! conspiracy nut or not you must know the Rockefellers are NOT to be trusted. These concentric cities do they not ring a bell? The lost city of Atlantis we're being told was like it even though no one has found it, even Atlantis in stargate. How many times have You people heard this planet can only support 2 billion people? Even in the Event the seemingly perfect advanced species had a population of... 2 billion. These things are subtly put into mainstream tv to get us used to the idea. Watch David Attenborough's horizon called how many people can live on the planet or something close to. He will explain how if done right the planet can in fact support 15 billion.

  63. CapnCanard

    Sharon Hutchinson, I agree:

    "Want to see people rise up in anger? Just take football games off the TV. "

    Yeah, football is American masturbation so you may be right but I get the feeling that people don't act because there may be a lag in action/reaction. OWS kinda has kicked some people in the rear re motivation, but whether it has staying power will be tested this summer. Time will tell. How far will the Wall Street Money Masters push the Proletariat? and will the proles rise up like Russians in 1917 or like French Proles of the French Revolution? The possiblity for ugliness is there but it is still very early, personally I think that only the 1% will use massive and indiscriminate violence.

  64. CapnCanard


    "Turns out none of it really mattered because we are just computer generated apparitions anyway, doomed to be swallowed by an annual alignment that for some reason turns predatory come dec 2012!! Ahhhh!!! STOP< STOP< STOP!!!!! I need silence, I need to think, unplug from this virtual meltdown for just a few seconds. So many solutions, so many ways to be wrong- one chance to get it right."

    It's a matrix eh? welcome aboard, it's about time...

  65. bobthebboy

    havent u got anything more constructive to add.maybe a challenge or an argument on what ive just said about doc. i would like same from top documenties 2 and have them explain what was so inappropriate about my 2 post they decided not 2 post & what part if any didnt fit within disqus guide lines for appropirate commenting finaly i decided to sharethis with anyone on page who said they liked doc, firstly to try infom them what real purpose of doc is and how its really trying to influence its viewers way they see the world and themselves.also i wanted 2 make the point 2 everyone that my post they stopped bcoz infomation decided to share was about how this doc in guise of educating us into freethinking revolutionarys is really dictating to us the condition of our slavery and trying to convince us where helpless to change that. add i ask now so what dose that say 2 u about producers of doc? myl reaon for sharing all is coz i care and want best 4 every one

  66. dewflirt

    Bob, try not to get so het up about the loss of your two comments, happens to me all the time. Maybe you were just talking rubbish, that's usually where I go wrong ;)
    Subliminal messages? Don't think so, maybe too much Max Headroom as a kid? Watch out for the blipverts in Disney films, they are the real power behind the NWO - give me the boy until he is seven and I will give you the man :)

  67. CapnCanard

    bob, from what I understand NLP isn't that influential. Many in the scientific community regard it as pseudoscience and studies suggest it has no long term effects. Whether this doc uses NLP isn't clear. We need facts we can agree upon. The "doc" is just standard propaganda, I see it as a mash up and I think it is good. Propaganda may sound scary, but all advertisment IS PROPAGANDA. By definition, that is what propaganda is. One and the same. We get 24-7 propaganda from the capitalist economic system that tells us we are free as long as we get a job and work 40-hours/week for 35 to 40 years with hopefully a one week vacation (two weeks if we're lucky) for our entire lives. But it starts in grade school when we pledge allegiance to the flag... So much for liberty. Question everything.

  68. bobthebboy

    then u have no idea goggle search youtube derren brown for some entertaing example research hypnotism cold reading-heres recap doc 1st they get u open with dali lama & brad pit 4min to 5 they advertise cbs then corpat images get u identify as consumer 5:40 say t subconcious this world knows better than i do and 4 whats best for me. then tell u the america people who show made 4 to internalise the propaganda and then u wont be able to c anything else. then changes to add mode or trance mode, music some1 sing all names of corporations. its important to pay attention music and how is being used ,coz its communcating to our emotions on subconcious level at 7 mins programing that consumerism normal and what makes us feel normal also on screen barcode with smiley face under says consumers are happy. then they start tellin subconciuos to be part group need to value mimaturity and youth over wisdom and age, quike ad for disneys princess programing 4 your daughters and now telling its normal 4 kid be fat watch tv all day then and tell telling subconcious it normal not to question this . then they start programming you to think very time u want to critisize america a little a little voice gonna pop in head and say dont how dare you.now telling u you not free & not brave and all cowards who give u will give up civil liberties coz yo all so stupid and empty that you just line up to be told how to feel goes on and can be broken down with much more detail than i done here and this only first ten mins

  69. RockyValentine

    Manipulative soundtrack; check. Quotation of individuals that do not endorse the Zeitgeist movement, most of whom have explicitly stated agendas that bare no resemblance to that of the Zeitgeist movement (including Tyler Durden, a fictional character who would wish to destroy the techno-fixes purposed in these films); check. The unstated assumption that humans have the right, the wisdom and the ability to shape the planet as they wish it to be (much like the industrial nightmare we already have); check. The endorsement of that one ass hat from the Venus Project and all his bunk "sustainable" technology; check. CGI pictures of ugly post-modern architecture with CGI pandas and sea turtles to show how environmentally friendly it would be to build even more junk; check. It's a Zeitgeist movie, alright.

    Someone aught to make a Zeitgeist movie generator program that comes stock with alternately inspiring and disquieting music, stock CGI dome village photos and a link to the TED talks website to steal all your footage from.

    The future must be more drastically different than they propose. Here's a hint: you don't get to have a car, electric or otherwise. Have fun trying to invent new and environmentally friendly ways to kill the planet.

  70. bobthebboy

    good advice - subliminal messages are so many things for example your subconciuos can tell which word has been used most in news paper u read that day and that word will resonate in your subcionciuos all day.another is telling you not to think of something nature of people is they instantly will and use of repitition u free magical being,i say that again U are a free magical bieing ,a FREE magical being .a MAGICAL being who will always SEE though lies and propaganda ALWAYS

  71. dewflirt

    That's brains for you, tricky little things. Almost like they have a life of their own :) not everything is a lie, don't forget to trust people too :)

  72. Bobcatbob Ingram

    Agreed. It is the desireing which brings sadness

  73. Bobcatbob Ingram

    OK then but my son the truck driver won't deliver your food so better get to planting something to eat .

  74. Jeremy

    Ya cuz the current method is sure workin great huh bud? Get with the program, progressive means moving forward, not allowing the leaders to call the shots for us. Along the way we will undoubtedly face opposition, fraud, and disparity. Not long ago the VERY idea of using money was foreign to people, now it's normal. These ideas may sound "scary" but it's just progression man, a newer, (hopefully) better way of doing things, and if it fails, we shrug it off and keep thinking of better ways. I mean, come on, someday no life will exist here PERIOD, and it won't be because of man (the sun). So we may as well try because it's the only way we could EVER get off this rock. I think of life as like, a game of dice, we got the lucky roll, we are here, let's do this thing like it's going out of style.

  75. joe everman

    This is a bait and switch. Everything they talk about in the first half of the doc is correct... but what's the solution? Oh, there's only ONE. That's pretty convenient. People need to realize the "powers" can use dissent just as effectively as consent. Not to say that a "resource based economy" couldn't work... because in theory it sound just as good as the alternatives (capitalism, socialism, communism, etc.). Economic systems are just the way we organize the resources we trade. They are numbers on a page, no will of their own. Political systems are the means by which those economies are used against us. Ruled by people with individual wills. What really matters is who is calling the shots, and whether the "people" care enough to keep them honest. If the "people" really cared and were "informed" (consumers), then we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. If you only take one thing from this post it should be this:

    Money is the weapon our oppressors arm us with.

    They might take 20% or 30% or 50% away from us and give it to their cronies, but 50 bullets out of 100 is at least even odds. This is the secret they don't want you to know. The rich and powerful have conned us into thinking we're powerless, that the only solution is to give up our money and trust that "they" know best and will take care of us. How well did that work is Russia or China? But this "new" system will be different right? The truth is hidden in plain sight, "Money is Power." They do everything they can to distract you from that fact. You want to take down Goldman Sachs? If everyone stopped giving their money to them, they wouldn't be around for long. Oh, but it's impossible to get everyone on the same page and agree on ONE thing right? This is the same "everyone" that will be living in those shiny new cities, all sharing the same page, all agreeing on one thing... or maybe those cities will be full of different people. Newer, shinier, computer modeled people....

  76. CapnCanard

    bobtheboy, that is the standard operating procedure. It is a given, it is the nature of how we learn, e.g. music, sexy women(for men), robust men(for women), are ways there to invoke positive emotive responses, these are just tools to facilitate learning, it also could said to be a form of manipulation. Our subconscious is where the vast majority of our decisions and opinions are made and formed, sometimes we get it wrong because we are, by and large, emotional beings. Research suggests that we make up our minds well before we have all the information consciously available to us! That is shocking. This little doc is just par for the course, and by the way, the opposing view point gets far more air time and hence far more(Nay, much more!) of our attention, especially if we take the media's version of the events of the day at the word of the media. That is walking the edge of the razor as the media has it's own goals, desires, and obligations which need not match your own goals, desires and obligations. It is a mine field... we all need to watch our step!

    There is a basic difference between the makers of this doc and the conventional wisdom. The makers of the doc have very little potential profit here... in short, they have a very bad business plan. Giving your work away for next to nothing will not make you a millionaire. Conventional wisdom is to accept the STATUS QUO without question and it is my opinion that is far more dangerous path. Question everything.

  77. World Under Control

    The problem with any resource based system it fails to notice is that it will take machines and some workers which mean their is already a hierarchy and therefore a power structure which it's supposed to deal with.

    The reason for this is because those whose run the machines have more power than those who don't and those who work will also have power.

    The problem with society isn't going to be solved just because machines are doing more work but when people start thinking for themselves and learn to work better together.

    Most people can't even see the corruption we live amongst let alone suddenly agreeing on this new system of sharing everything they have.

  78. World Under Control

    The problem with any resource based system is it still has a hierarchy as we have now.

    The machines which do most of the work will need someone to create them and fix them so those people would have more power.

    Some jobs such as crime would need people and again they would have power.

    Without any politics however there would be no law or order and despite the Ethiopian ideology in the films the world wouldn't suddenly become a nice and friendly place overnight.

    All in all it's a great idea but fails to deal with some of the point which it contradicts and has large gaps with reality.

  79. RockyValentine

    What he said.

  80. Tarquin Mahoney

    @world under control- You are using outdated paradigms and false logic to argue against the inevitable-we already have (and always have had) a resource based economy, most people just dont realise it due to the abundant nature of those resources.
    They will soon however when their kids get sick from fracking chemicals or there isnt enough water and food or for instance when the 700 hundred oil filled ships from ww2 finish rusting through and all the oceans end up like the mexican gulf.

    P. Joseph and J fresco are bang on the money when they say science will be our saviour if we are to have any saviour at all.

    There are too many of us -our economy is growth based which grows not only economies, but populations also, doesnt manage resources at all well and is creating a toxic environment.
    If you are already awakened to this then the current task at hand is the enlightenment of others to reach a critical mass and design solutions for humanities predicament for when the consensus/zeitgeist reachesthis tipping point.
    otherwise itll be a short sharp alarm call for most when the cupboard is found to be bare as the world doesnt only need easing up on- it requires extensive repair.

    The inevitable shift to resource based economy may well involve genocide,starvation, cannabalism, global ecological disaster,
    no-one knows...although you are projecting this onto your view of our situation and if your right and everyone thinks like you- ie "It'll never change etc" then that prophecy will surely fulfil itself and a handful of monkeys and chimps and maybe a human or two will be leftpicking up the pieces in an oil soaked, biologically inert wasteland.

    but if we plan, enlighten, inform then it might be a bit more like the jetsons and less like mad max.

    There is no choice -It is simply a matter of time....
    the power structure be damned -doesnt matter if its a hierarchy -which it wont and cant be, in eventuality at least- its implementation will probably require luminaries but the goal of a new way of living is just that- anew way- a paradigm shift - because the designers and implementers of the functioning proposed society cant allow this as the design brief presents it-
    which is what makes it such a difficult project.
    dont you think?

    To put it bluntly, you couldnt be more ******* wrong if you tried.

  81. Tarquin Mahoney

    reading most of the comments here, most fail to grasp the meaning of the term zeitgeist...
    zeitgeist:the movie is simply a clarification of the goals of an enlightened humanity.
    zeitgeist is what it is-the spirit of the age and it doesnt appear to be going away.

    if we have to chop up and use those who disagree as wormfood so be it.

    It sure beats chopping up those who disagree with raping the planet which is the status quo-
    go on just you try it- become a real personal political threat to bp or halliburton or any other entrenched faceless corporate entity and see how long it is you before your quietly extinguished and the drilling starts again in the morning.

    the open source engineers and the transition group are **** all to do with the zeitgeist movie but they are the zeitgeist and thank **** they are.

    personally im 34, never driven a car, try to eat locally sourced food, live off grid,recycle everything i can, reuse everything i can and i share what i have.

    Its a personal thing and a global thing all at once.

    cosy isnt ityour 4 bedroomed house? your convenient car?
    ,your supermarket?
    I get my food out of dustbins ad the ground and live in the woods- its a bitch in the winter mind but i dont burn stuff unless i absolutely have to and its your future.,the hippies have been practising for years- its time you lot learnt from us and go full time free range human instead of being half arsed about it- its always easier the more hands there are at the pump -literally, clean fresh water is a long way down.
    thoughtful sustainable tech is the future.

  82. Tarquin Mahoney

    Its a very good comment... drawing attention to the fact zeitgeist: the movie is a little religious in its bent- which turns a lot of folk off the concepts discussed.
    It also fudges technology and the scientific method together as a solution, technology is not the answer to this global conundrum-though it forms a great part of it, the true scientific method and critical thinking are the real keys to creating a civilisation that is actually civil, the idea that consensus and true debate; unachievable in the current economic system; and coming to terms with the fact our entrenched , outdated, hierarchical power structure is in direct opposition to the goals of humanity.
    If you want a world for your grandkids to live in they have got to go! and the transition to a sustainable future can begin apace- if that system requires a hierarchy to achieve this transition then so be it but it certainly isnt going to work if we dont take a big broom and sweep the current incompetents and the blatantly corrupt from office as soon as we can.
    A good start would be to prevent anyone- and i mean anyone in public office taking money, jobs or favours outside of their salaries.
    being a politician should be a job or vocation for life and if we were to look after the politicians until they die- give them everything they need- caught breaking this rule or accepting favours bribes from anyone in any way- then its off to the guillotine with you.
    this would take profiteering and corruption right out of the equation.
    being a politician would mean you would have to truly be a leader and running the show would come with a price...that of not being able to conduct your business like it were your own- precisely because it isnt.
    I, for one, would forego the option of a lavish existence to save my species and be a true public servant- Id be quite happy to live like a monk and resign myself to an existence of total scrutiny so that I could lead by example.
    Im sure Mr Josephs, Mr. Corbett, Mr Fresco et al would all do the same, fact is we have individuals who should be leading us -Its just that we vote in corrupt, despotic, short sighted arseholes into office as they are the only ones who will survive in the pit of snakes we call parliament, or senate, or congress.
    The process starts with a broom, preferably a noose shaped one in my opinion for those who have sold the entire human race down the river for personal gain or popularity....
    Its the least we can do! even if its only a gesture towards our dear earth and our continued survival on it.

  83. Tarquin Mahoney

    “What do I think of Western civilisation? I think it would be a very good idea.” -Mahatma Gandhi

  84. RockyValentine

    If you say that technology is not the answer, then that puts you at odds with the Zeitgeist Movement. That's the problem that most radicals have with it. We're not trying to impede progress in the name of keeping things the way they are. We're just creeped out by the idea of a global resource management system run by people or (gods forbid) computers we would have no access to. The hallmark of the Zeitgeist Movement is it's unanimous endorsement of silly things like the Venus Project and Star Trek replicators, which really aught not have a place in a "serious discussion about what the heck we're going to do with this mess." That's the turn off. Sustainable technology, much of which is still entirely theoretical, that still requires large scale mining and manufacturing? No thanks, sounds like what's already been promised by the powers that still be.

    I've never had a problem with the Zeitgeist Movement's analysis of the problems with the world, just their solutions. Yes, everyone knows that we live in a dystopian science fiction world with despots and immanent environmental collapse and predator drones and corporate militias securing the last of the Earth's fossil fuels and rare minerals (many of which are still essential to make the microprocessors that would be needed to control the star trek replicators that ya'll seem so set on) and soul killing TV, soul killing drugs, a soul killing education system in the "developed" world and misery, poverty and oppression in the "developing" world. We know that. How is a global government and a few solar panels able to fix those things?

    If the Zeitgeist Movement had the same analysis of the problem, but then proposed an aggressive (key word: AGGRESSIVE) re-localization of power and a shift towards low-tech, sustainable resource (soil, water, food) management, then it wouldn't seem so maddeningly irrelevant to the aforementioned "serious discussion about what the heck we're going to do with this mess."

  85. Anabele Pardi

    Good ideas, but the as long as we have frustrated people with power nothing will go better. And just one question: how will the Venus project work when we are this many people living on the planet today? It seems to me a idealistic project and for much fewer people...

  86. Tarquin Mahoney

    I have to agree with you Mr Valentine that the zeitgeist movement is pure fantasy and much of what the venus project is putting its faith in is pure science fiction, but they are at least pushing the debate... just a bit ******* "out there" for my liking.
    But with all points of view even they have some merits: i seem to remember mag lev trains as being promoted by them- and the idea of economics controlling our technological development is becoming unthinkable when built in obsolescence and continued profits ruin everything.

    This movie doesnt strike me as another zeitgeist prop piece though- it actually is one of the better works of this new "what the **** are we going to do about the world" genre.
    In this discussion we are ahead of the curve but more and more people "wake up" day by day as they lose their jobs, or cant afford their houses or just realise that the modern worldis frankly rubbish in more ways than one.
    and nothing changes- with the current system it never will either but this will and has to change- the earth dictates it
    we are almost 100% reliant on oil for our food, our transport and no carbon tax is going to change the fact that the wells will run dry at some point.
    This week in the uk we had an election- 39% turnout- that means we already voted them out and showed our disapproval with apathy, the party that did best had only 12% of the eligible voters backing them- thats 88% disapproval- when the economic propping up they are doing fails absolutely like it has in greece- we will have trouble here too. the house of cards is falling what comes next?
    The population has to shrink some way like anabele notes- its called the exponential growth function - once oil production begins to drop off all the growth it has caused will be left hanging in the air and so will rather a lot of hungry people, so we are looking at three options to save humanity- genocide, famine or the global realisation that only some of us can breed.
    We have an opportunity to preempt this and develop a situation where we use less, breed less and manage our world better, but...we currently have a situation where our leaders are stamping on the pedal with very little left in the tank...economic growth at all costs.
    If everyone on earth knew this then we might have a shot at a peaceful transition to an oil free world where we could use the little of our resources left to smooth the transition, but they dont- because we have a solution to resource management that is ugly but effective... clue: it involves uniforms, guns and xenophobia and managed to solve overpopulation issues before the rise of the abundant oil economy.
    I take faith in the fact according to genetics we humans stem from a population no bigger than about 1000 people at some point in our history- probably happened more than once through volcanoes/ice ages meteorite impacts etc. We are genetically predisposed to breed like mad in a kind of inherent cultural programming in order that when disaster strikes(as it always does) we increase our odds of surviving-next time there might be 100000 of us who make it through the ecological disaster.
    But if we dont get hit by a meteorite within the next few years our disaster will be one of our own making.
    I went fishing this week- i caught f--k all- just twenty years ago i could catch more than the boat could carry in an hour.
    one way or another we are ******, so if your noble and care have an abortion or kill yourself, go on a shooting spree, start a war, poison people or summat
    OR educate people and make em realise that there isnt quite enough roomfor all their cute little babies they have been programmed to have so mcdonalds can still keep selling happy meals.
    Either way its gonna get real interesting real soon.

  87. Tarquin Mahoney

    "Yes, everyone knows that we live in a dystopian science fiction world with despots and immanent environmental collapse and predator drones and corporate militias..."
    unfortunately, they dont... they care what brangelina is wearing this week and watching the avengers.

  88. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    Most well said rant i have ever heard. Thanks man.

  89. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    Well, I guess most well typed rant i have ever seen.* lol....

  90. Times World News


  91. World Under Control

    (There are too many of us -our economy is growth based which grows not only economies, but populations also, doesnt manage resources at all well and is creating a toxic environment.)

    Possibly but that doesn't deal with the real problem of corruption and greed.

    (no-one knows...although you are projecting this onto your view of our situation and if your right and everyone thinks like you- ie "It'll never change etc")

    I never said it couldn't be changed but not by creating a socialistic system where everyone is forced to be part of one big happy family sharing everything an owning nothing.

    (There is no choice -It is simply a matter of time....
    the power structure be damned -doesnt matter if its a hierarchy -which it wont and cant be,)

    Why won't there be a hierarchy since i have already pointed out the ways in which one would be created overnight in your system.

    (To put it bluntly, you couldnt be more ******* wrong if you tried.)

    But you haven't actually dealt with the points i raise you have simply said, they'll be no hierarchy because it isn't designed that way, which i have shown is incorrect because some having more power.

    You have simpy spewed some fear you have over the current system and the future without seeing the flaws in your own system.

    If i own land in this resource based system and i grow my own food then you will say i must give it offer to the masses.

    If you do not force me to hand it offer then i can sell it and be better off than others who don't have it, i can use the food to get more power and there in lies the hierarchy.

    In one simple step i have just shown that you'll either have a socialist nightmare of a state or the same as we have now with computers doing more work.

  92. leonardobdas

    It is hard not to agree, Waldo. To be honest, I look forward to all your responses in everything on this site, almost as much as the documentaries themselves. You always sound fair and common sensical.

    Anyways, my occasional rants of lately reflect my personal experience including that of my own life: apolitical, lacking historical awareness and are are far into the blackhole of manufactured consent to come out with a positive outcome even from mass student movements. They also reflect my attittude lately: focusing on what I can grasp and trying to have a laugh at it instead of being angry because it is all not as fair as I want it to be.

    I am not suggesting others to do what I say, and I will defend with my life the right of others to stage a protest.... but that is the problem... it is all staged to me to begin with... so I chose to observe and worship the sun, working on a laptop and drinking OJ and try to help people make money with pretty logos.

    I am sorry about the cynical ways, it is not my intent to harm feelings.

  93. Carol Anne LaPointe

    What I want to know ... is what can we do. What can those of us do who are working at jobs that barely cover our expenses each month. I see these things but other than growing veggies, wearing clothing for years without buying new, etc. etc. What can we do?

  94. MegaManX2

    what is the song at 7:10 cant find it ANYWHERE! o.O

  95. Shane Grayson


    If you feel passionate about making a change like this then start working towards it. I can see people who need to work 12-14 hour days to help pay the bills and feed their kids, and it being very difficult for them to find the time, or resources, to make those large changes. Just work on small changes. In the most trying of times the best someone could do is read up, get educated, and discuss (THIS IS KEY!!) with other people changes that need to be made. Reject the capitalist injection of social ignorance.

    A few years back, a terrible person tried to convince me that once I was out of college, started working, and living on my own that I would not care about such things as social change. I just graduated college and I am about to start working and living on my own; do I feel less passionate about these topics now that I am out of college? No. In fact, I plan on dedicating my life to help push us through this spiritually draining moment in history. And why is that? Because I choose not to live the life of a glorious rock star. Unlike Jude I will not fight against my calling in life and fall into obscurity. And, as Tyler believes, I will just let go.

    As I see it, everyone who has access to the internet has no reason to be ignorant or uneducated. You may not have money to go to college, but that doesn't mean you cannot be educated. The only excuse you can allow is that some people do not see the internet as a source of knowledge, but instead see it just as a form of talking to friends and playing video games.

    Sorry for the rant. I can go on all day about this :) Long story short: if you can read, then read and educate yourself.

  96. Pace Freeman

    Start to understand cause and effect, start to understand your needs not your desires. start to unlearn what you have learned, start to become free.

  97. Sax

    Anyone can be "critical" but what are you doing with your life? I define myself by my actions and accomplishments. What are you willing to build? F communism. Just stop buying crap you don't need. Invest in your family. Being smart is the new cool. Substance > Style.

  98. Mr.Joshua

    I'm addicted to great docs like this one I try to push them onto my family but they say I'm crazy... I try to speak out online but I feel like I'm readflagged and I should just put on my tin foil hat. We seem to be doomed people. If not us then our kids if not them then their kids. Mad Max, coming soon to a theatre near you.

  99. DigiWongaDude

    Brilliant Doc. I've seen a LOT of these 'type' documentaries. This is up there at the top. A devasting delivery of our social economic political servitude, backed up with inspiring and empowering examples of pioneers for a better world. I feel like there is a switch that needs to be flicked from being a consumer to a being of creation. Naturally.

    I am aware that Peter Josephs and the Venus Project parted company some time ago, but what has since evolved out of their maverick partnership, certainly shows that millions of people around the world have not only had enough, but are indeed blazing a trail for the rest of us to engage in.

    I realise now that it was never my desire to consume products in some frivalous endless greed, but that the system needs me to consume for it to survive. My vote counts for nothing politcally, but my consumption of goods is a vote for the system itself.

    By harmlessly engaging with television, I am giving it my stamp of approval, completely regardless of whether I agree with what I am watching or not.

    By granting politicians with the power to look after me, I am actively endorsing them to follow their own interests (even if that is at my expense).

    Consume, watch, vote.

    These perpetuate the system with my approval from the ground up. The irony and simplicity of it is remarkable. It is not 'them' doing it me, it is me who empowers my own exploitation, simply through my own endorsement.

  100. Anonymous Anonymous

    FIrst I would like to thank all of you that have watched this film. No, I took no part in creating it, but I feel honored that there are such a number of people who gave this a chance. Whether one agrees wholly or not at all is trivial, the fact of the matter lies in an open mind, and anyone willing to watch this great film has at the very least, just that, an open mind. Without which, this world can never change nor progress beyond the limitations given us by whosoever we obey.

    As a second note, I've noticed much discussion in way of what to do and what is the real problem biological life is facing on this planet. For me it seems the most encompassing solution lies in becoming more self-sustaining. What is there to take away if we don't rely on the power company for electricity, the factory farms for food, the oil companies for fuel, the media for news? The list is unending. Take a moment to realize what a self-suficient lifestyle truly gives and doesn't take. The environment will feel the impact of one less person hell bent on destroying it, who wins the elections will be of no concern to you, intrusion of privacy will be impossible without coming face to face with you for no cell phone nor computer to hack gives little benefit to those hoping to snoop for information, no propaganda to be forced to consume, but most of all enjoyment for the sake of living life. If ever you have taken the time to enjoy simply being, it becomes clear that the illusions we mistake for happiness aren't needed for happiness. Merely something to consider.

    Best wishes to all who read this, and to those who watch this documentary.

  101. Michael D Martin

    Awesome comment dewflirt. I think your first sentence speaks volumes:)

  102. MalOdour

    Every 89 yrs there is a world wide depression the last one was 1930 we should be in one now but B S Bernanke is slowing it down so we will have the Mother of all depression.
    There are only so many buyers for stuff.
    Now they are pushing Robots to make cars 24/.7 so stand by to see robots lining up to buy stuff.

  103. Rocky Racoon

    Well you can't be to bright if you say f communism so let's make that clear right from the start.

  104. Alexandru Matei

    Communism has its pros and cons. I lived under communism, everyone afforded a decent living, a house, a car and a decent food on their table.

    How is that compared to today? Whereas in many European countries people barely afford the food.

    Buying a house?

    It's a joke.

  105. Jim Greenfield

    Abramhof recently spoke at Stanford Univ.for a hefty fee outlining his plan to get right back in the thick of it.3 yrs. in prison enabled him the oppurtunity to study laws and loopholes.Welcome back Jack.

  106. oQ

    The really rich are not afraid to lose it all, they don't believe it can happen, the really poor are not afraid to lose it all, they have hardly anything to lose. It's those in the middle, those who are now making over 70,000, those who own a house, a car, a boat, a regular vacation, lobster meals as they wish, those who think they almost have it made, those who make it every months just over the line while sitting on their debts.... they are the ones who are really scared of losing what they have, they are the ones who do not want a change.

  107. Sam Contos

    Whoever is speaking in this film is a jackass........

  108. kisai

    Dr Richard Wolff, author of "Democracy at Work: A cure for capitalism" and other books, gives an analogy with Slavery. In the time of slavery before the US Civil War, Two solutions appear, the first, was like yours, take better decisions, lets all give more food and better clothing to the slaves, they deserve it. The second, you might guess, is more critical, the problem isn't really the food, is that they are slaves!!! Is they don't have their freedom. Any time their master could take everything back.

    Capitalism had critics from the beginning, the critics, changed the working day from 16 hours to 8 hours, from barely survival wages to consumerist wages. From child work to child education. From no pregnancy licenses to licenses. Etc. From no freedom to change work, to the freedom to change work. etc.

    Then people stopped complaining and fighting for equality, before really achieving it, got bribed and bought by consumerism, and all the gained is being taken over slowly. Keeping the condition of mental slavery, the same a almost beaten woman to dead, has for is abusive husband.

    Social organization beyond your family and social groups is key to improve the quality of life and key to improve the society, and awake to mental slavery and act accordingly. As a society not as individuals. We must decide the conditions and rules that are better for all, and make sure they are on practice and not for only a few.

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