Owning the Weather

2009, Science  -   23 Comments
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Owning the WeatherNothing is more terrifying than the weather gone wild. Since the very beginning we’ve search for ways to manipulate mother nature. Now thanks to technological leaps in the last three decades, the holy grail of climate science may actually be in our reach as we strive to own the weather. Chaos theory hurricane control, advanced cloud seeding, massive ionospheric heaters, storm absorbing super gels, nano scale weather machines, some barely visible to the human eye. All of these technologies exist in some form today – many of them are being tested at this very moment. In many parts of the world, large-scale modification is already common place, and with good reason.

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23 Comments / User Reviews

  1. SunshineSunshineSunshine

    Don't oil the engine and it will cease to run.

  2. Roberto Csiki

    I'm a huge fan of powerful eye opening documentaries. Continue the great work you do and share the awareness.


      Check out What Are They Spraying? and Why Are They Spraying?

      Those two documentaries are essential for understanding what is really going on with Geoengineering Aerosol Sprayin - without our knowledge or consent... and at our grave expense.

    2. Vindicator

      Yes, I've watched them.

  3. Joshua Marks

    This documentary is an introduction to the very important topic of geoengineering, chemtrails, and haarp. These are critical issues for our time to educate and engage. The results of weather modification and weaponization has already been catastrophic, and promises to become one of the most pressing issues of our time if it has not already reached that tipping point. See GeoEngineering Watch for resources, documentaries, data, and issues.

  4. guest

    "Get rid of that Al Gore political bullshit and realize a large scale volcano emits more CO2 than we ever have in all of human existence." Justine James London.
    a wrong opinion based on zero evidence and a poor grasp of natural sciences is no substitute for facts. No matter how popular that wrong opinion is. When the Volcano erupted in Iceland that stopped much of air travel over europe then guess what happened? It was the first carbon negative volcanic eruption in history. Just from a reduction in air travel, in a short space of time. go figure.

  5. Justin James London

    I was all excited about this documentary until the end when it mentioned global warming. Seriously? The earth has natural phases it goes through. Get rid of that Al Gore political bullshit and realize a large scale volcano emits more CO2 than we ever have in all of human existence.

  6. kelly rae daugherty

    Yes, but filling our upper atmosphere with loads of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium as they are doing now through illegal Geo-Engineering is wrong. It is being found in our food, soil and water.. we are breathing it in our lungs...

  7. ciro esposito

    I have read almost all of your comments and I pretty much agree with a lot of them but, my question is; WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?
    This is enormous situation it concern to the whole humanity, I can't believe we're can't do anything about this, we are billions of human being, and we can't stand up for our human rights or for our own planet?

  8. Chaz Ed

    Try as they might, they can not control the weather. They can keep trying and screw up things though! I love it when the local TV weather predicts the coming days weather and it does the opposite! Well, as long as they sell commercials they will keep trying to be all knowing! I think not!

  9. shejustis

    Silver is expensive, aluminum is cheap. They are now using aluminum and poisoning our environment. We are sicker, with more degenerative diseases (like Alzheimer's, cancer, auto immune problems) and more deaths from horrible ravaging of the human body. The pharmaceutical companies (who also own the seed companies and chemical companies) are profiting from all of this. these people are playing GOD. All the while they are making our soils toxic (killing native plants) and creating a future run by Monsanto (and other companies allowed to patent natural things like seeks). They have been working on modified plants that will grow in soils contaminated by aluminum. We will continue to get sicker...and they continue to make money. Go to You Tube and watch the movie "What in the World are they spraying" - all the science is there. This is NOT good science. It's propoganda for profit.

  10. jeffosirius

    i have not watched this yet, but it sounds like geo-engineering which has been going on for decades...i'd rather watch 'what in the world are they spraying'

  11. Sayward Courtois

    I'd like to say that I personally think that putting Silver Iodide in the air is a HORRIBLE idea... it's on the EPA list of Primary Toxic Pollutants. That falls to earth. Animals and plants take it in. We consume animals and plants. See where I'm going? And what for? To save lives? No... it's to keep insurance costs down and profits up. Death is a part of life. This world is over populated already. We live too long and we breed too much. I personally would rather have mother nature take me out in a furious storm than to live my life to 123 feeling like crap and giving my children a legacy of overcrowding, perpetual wars and inevitable sickness. Not trying to push "facts" just stating my opinion.

  12. Karmiccontrail

    Lord Sri Krishna is the controller not man.It is better to live the life he recommends than to try and take his place.Stop trying to be a little God.
    Natural disasters are Karmic ,if you want to reduce them ,reduce your karma.Live a Krishna consciousness life and chant the holy names.If you have a particular name for God that you prefer then chant that or chant ......


    Krishna explains he can help these people that are suffering but they don't want him to.
    So I suppose they will have to keep throwing all sorts of stuff into the air and we can have a good laugh at their feeble attempts whilst we slowly die from the toxic sky.No wonder colonising Mars is a necessity but don't forget you haven't been to the moon yet.

  13. Davey

    well that's another fine mess you got me in, scientists. Tesla came up with that ionosphere thing nearly a century ago. Global warming, don't make me laugh, it's just a cover for the modifications going on, all the dry ice = CO2 so they got to tell you to produce less so the man can spray it where he wants. They're using the weather to manipulate the world food production and it's prices, it's a secret war to end all wars and create total global democracy. I just hope when they achieve it, they don't start messing with actual freedoms, if they can fool the masses now, who knows what they'll be able to do tomorrow, maybe use the ionosphere resonance to control our minds. Will it be the end of secrets and lies? not as long as there's profit to be had.

    1. DeAndre Miiler

      Can you not see that even though this is being horrible manipulated for self/collective gain, that it is also pertinent for the future/intellectual evolution of our people. Yeah these kids screwed up, but the grunt work will be done. We need to understand Weather better... I wanna see someone turn dessert into Forrest. I understand where you are coming from and agree with a lot of what you have to say, but the world is waking up. It's waking up faster than neuroscience progression. I do not believe Ionospheric mind control will even be plausible until 2050, but hay if it happens tinfoil hats and occuparty?

  14. John Williams

    Ryan. I absolutely agree with you. Yes we did sign the Laws of War, I think in '79, and we're not allowed to screw with the weather or the plates, but that is unfortunately in reference to only during a war and against an opponent. It DOES NOT say they're not allowed to f--k with their own citizens.

  15. ryan

    i do find this interesting i really do and i've been following it for some time now.....but this is really crazy stuff!!!! something that everyone who watches this should ask themselfs is what kind of weather are we experiencing and just why is it that we are experiencing it. the military has, as proven in this doc always had a very healthy interest in the ablity to control the weather. one thing they didn't talk about in this is a treaty signed by numerous nations that says you can play with weather patterns all you want, just within the boundaries of your own nation. so you can create and manipulate any weather system really and whatever happens because of it will just be chalked up to global warming or some other "natural" effect. H.A.A.R.P. came on line in the late 90's, so think about all the weather that has changed in and around america over these last 10 to 12 years, this is a military instilation it's test are top secret....and it effects our ionisphere! PEOPLE COMMON!!! we don't know the extent of damage that can do, playing with the fabric of electromagnetic energy that protects us from dealdy radiation from space....and not to many people have a problem with this....mostly cuz they don't know!!!! think of it like this, all these people up in arms over global warming when some of the biggest storms in the last 10 or so years could have been directly realated to this antenna, but no one will ever say anything like that when it comes global warming authorities, as it flys in the face of what they put there lifes work into. this is the creation of a man named nikola tesla, it is his work and knowledge not that smug duche in this movie. tesla was working on creating a system that works with the ionisphere to wirelessly deliver energy around the world, free for every one. but he sacked it after he realized what the implications where and how it could be used against the world and in the military industrial complex. everything else in this is old and pretty basic technology except for the nano bugs which is more of a in development stage...but even then!!! tiny machines that you would at some point get into your body!!! really!! oh ya you know if you breath one in you'll be fine, it's not a problem no no no we won't use it to monitor humans of track people without them knowing....oh seeding the skys with tiny robots and allowing them to go inside people without them knowing or giving consent, nooooo thats constitutional, who dosen't want to be part man part machine. i mean we all thought that the terminators looked AWESOME!!! right, who's with me? so lets just breath em in!! fart them out!!! woooooooo! personal freedom! alright. high five.

    1. ACgreen

      lol. You sound a little upset about this. Not that I blame you though. When you see stuff like this it makes you wonder if the whole green movement is in vain, considering that they're watching us go green as they screw things up on purpose...

      Yeah, pretty upsetting, yo

    2. DeAndre Miiler

      You should have known the green movement was a hoax when you saw the price tag and were it was being sold. Just saying.

  16. Druidia

    A nice mix of old and new technologies. As an expert in this area, I believe that these deserve further research, especially the more ambitious they are (such as hurricane mitigation).