Paradise or Oblivion

Paradise or Oblivion

2012, Society  -   547 Comments
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Paradise or Oblivion is a documentary created by The Venus Project. This documentary details the root causes of the systemic value disorders and detrimental symptoms caused by our current established system.

This video presentation advocates a new socio-economic system, which is updated to present-day knowledge, featuring the life-long work of Social Engineer, Futurist, Inventor and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco, which he calls a Resource-Based Economy.

The film details the need to outgrow the dated and inefficient methods of politics, law, business, or any other "establishment" notions of human affairs, and use the methods of science, combined with high technology, to provide for the needs of all the world's people.

It is not based on the opinions of the political and financial elite or on illusionary so-called democracies, but on maintaining a dynamic equilibrium with the planet that could ultimately provide abundance for all people.

Paradise or Oblivion, by The Venus Project, introduces the viewer to a more appropriate value system that would be required to enable this caring and holistic approach to benefit human civilization.

This alternative surpasses the need for a monetary-based, controlled, and scarcity-oriented environment, which we find ourselves in today.

This is NOT the "major motion picture" that The Venus Project is working towards but rather is a documentary to introduce the aims and proposals to new people. Related: Future By Design.

Directed by: Roxanne Meadows

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Sheryl Deane Heginbotham
2 years ago

A truly wonderful idea which is idealistic but still possible. I have seen many similarities in Wuhan, China. The way cities are laid out in China is so similar.

Don Mac
2 years ago

There are so many truths here in this documentary. Some ideas are impressive and some a little far fetched, but at least there are people who are cognizant that what we have right now is a form of slavery.
The current path of mankind in itself is a "VIRUS", far greater than the pandemic we are dealing with now. ALL governments are corrupt and will do whatever necessary to inflict their agenda on the peons. The recent political circus in the US is a classic example.
ALL banking institutions and major corporations operate on GREED, PROFIT and will always GROWL whenever something may upset their apple cart. Its disgusting.
Until we as a species reject this crap and start teaching our kids different, and offer them something better than "possessions and image are everything", we will always live like this.
You will notice however, that topics like this are nowadays more prevalent, especially now with the internet and I believe that a growing number of people are starting to realize that they are being duped. The next step is to band together and make changes to make a better life.

Bryan C.
3 years ago

Eating pie in the sky in your ivory tower. The bottleneck is coming and no earth-based science is going to stop it. In ~30 years, if you survive you and yours will be "living" in the worst Walking Dead episode you can think of, sans Walkers... probably. Try VHEMT if your scared.

3 years ago

The big fault: there is evil in people, you can change their circumstances but can you remove pride? Coveting?...see the problem is spiritual, is internal. Jesus called it sin, if you do not address man's inherent tendency toward evil, nothing will work.
Sin has its source, is Satan, once he is removed, we can leave peacefully.
It's in your Bible. Read it.

3 years ago

This could ONLY work IF every child in every family was raised with these goals in mind. Even then, you would have non-conformists, people who will not accept this norm. Where is their place in this society? People who live on the street are not there for lack of money alone. The underlying issues need to be addressed. This would take at least 3 generations.

3 years ago

There is a flawed issue here. Carrying Capacities are not fixed. With planning, ingenuity, and much labor, they can be adjusted or even made abundant, you never need to worry about it in a lifetime. The Universe itself is expanding and what really needs to be done is to plug into the Master who we call God the Almighty. The wise men have been in awe with Creation and many discovered the Creator to safety. These wise people discover who they are and where they are going. What good will this Venus project accomplish if it can only address what has been made temporary by design? These people will be surprised to learn that once upon a time these technologies and perhaps even better than what people can accomplish in several lifetimes as the project proposes have existed long before mankind started as an improved primate species.

I pity the project planners who articulate this effort. I just hope that he acknowledges the Truth that he will soon leave as he came. There is nothing permanent here and that to live means to change. Like he has aged, so will all living things. The Earth, the Sun and much of the Universe all move and change and will one day leave as it arrived. Perhaps civilization will be reset too. And archaeological evidence point them out, scattered in the regions of the Earth. That would be an easy fate of this project too if it fails to learn the Truth.

3 years ago

Communism was also good in theory. Capitalism is flawed at least 90%, but this is how we humans roll. Only few humans can think of bigger picture, most people think just of themselves. This is how this capitalism thing is here to stay... till we ruin most of the nature and world with it.

elsdon ward
3 years ago

The key and essential element is the capacity to create a socio-economic system which is sustainable in as much as it spans the generations. The message must be carried forward beyond our average life span. It would be very satisfying to reside in this Utopia, but there would be some human elements which would wish to defy it, for humanity is frail and inconsistent. So the work that has to be done consists of the robustity of our own psyches and the stability and resolution required to make the change to unity. Can this be possible. That is the question. Past examples, the Egyptian and the Roman empires - far more organised than is generally realised and yet they are gone into dust. And in an abundant and sustainable society the question of population will present itself and will have to be resolved in a humanitarian manner. A lovely concept which will be very difficult to sustain.

3 years ago

With humans in charge of this "new socio-economic system", it is bound to fail. Humans are bound to get cut up in greed and power. "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely", whoever is in charge will mess it up. Just take a look at any autocratic government or country that tried socialism...

steeviedeez vegan hero
4 years ago

start with personal responsibility and minimize our individual carbon footprint. step 1.... GO VEGAN!

Jim Tee
4 years ago

Start with population reduction or at least restriction for now.

5 years ago

Excellent. Just a wonderful, rational, way to look at a problem and solve it for everyone. We never had to live the way we have been forced to live. We do not have to accept the current disastrous, environment destroying economic model. We CAN LEAVE.

5 years ago

In order to solve a problem, the true aspects or characteristics of that problem must be identified ...or you will be solving a problem that doesn't exist or doesn't really need solving.

Mr. Fresco has made a new larger problem, much like those he criticizes. He has made assumptions on your behalf: That most of you will want to live next to each other in apartments. That of course is required to make his system efficient.

The long ago reason people moved from the countryside agriculture economy to cities was for economic reasons. If crops failed (due to weather, insects, ...) but taxes still due or there wasn't enough land to support the grown children, divorce, or similar.

Who would want to live next to someone else if they could have more elbow room, their own garden, their own play and exercise area and equipment that someone else hasn't sweated on?

In Mr. Fresco's vision, while the fortunate ones have everything provided to them and they get to pursue whatever interests them, who are going to be the less fortunate ones who keep the system functioning? Things break. Any mechanism will need maintenance and/or repair.

Even if it is theoretically possible to automate most things, that would not happen immediately or even quickly since food doesn't magically arrive on the shelves without a fair amount of human input. Who is going to spend all those hours farming and fixing sewer pipes and fixing robots and fixing people in the hospitals he mentioned, when there is no incentive to do so?

In reality we have a resource based economy. It is just that it is controlled by nefarious bankster families for their own power and greed. How do you unwind that? How do you clear out their minions in government?

In order to accomplish Mr. Fresco's vision, "the people" would have to get off their lazy backsides to see to it themselves that incorruptible wise decent capable competent people were representing them. Which would require that same lazy minded public to see to it many of those good candidates were running for all offices from all political groups, so no matter who the lazy minded or bankster govt school major media indoctrinated propagandized voters voted for, someone good would get in. We have enough people these days to enable single term limits for all offices.

Simply by getting better representation, most of the problems caused by the banksters via their minions (all those mentioned in this documentary such as scarcity, war, etc.) would be eliminated in short order.

However, the incentive for some to find work in repairing what breaks and to grow food and to work in hospitals would remain. Nikola Tesla type energy technologies would be allowed to replace the polluting energy forced upon us by those bankster families which own those resources.

Covering the planet in solar cells and wind turbines that wear out is not that brilliant or sustainable either.

Many of the problems would be solved without creating new ones with Mr. Fresco's misinterpretations of what the cause of the problems are.

He has simply created a Globalist Socialist system in which the identification of the causes of problems and solutions to them are highly questionable and therefore ripe for failure or abuse by the nefarious types.

The problem is us. Too lazy minded, too self centered and selfish, to spend a very small amount of time we waste anyway, to see to it we have better representation. If we gathered together to review the majority of the population for good wise people to represent us in government and not give them the chance to turn bad; like being too long in government tends to cause... Then the banksters would not be able to prevent us from creating a much better world.

It is the banksters who cause war for power and profit. They encourage the sheikhs to keep propagandizing and emotionalizing their jihadis and same for the USA and Israel. They encourage friction and distrust where ever they can. Between USA and Russia for instance.

It is said that no one wins with war. Not true, the banksters win big. They are the cause of most of the problems we face, second only to our own lazy minds.

What @Jesper says is true, in that if you let your ego rule you, you will be distracted with your self centered selfish desires rather than what is really good and satisfying. It is difficult to wake up to any truth when you are controlled by your ego. It is your job to learn to control it rather than it you. When will you begin that necessary task?

5 years ago

After reading all JAY's and NAY's in the comments; Work on dissolving your ego, THATS IT! All views of futures -like the one presented in this documentary- made up at whatever time in history are like fata morgana's, it will never be precisely what we predict or hope. Paradoxically we need it to get this kind of discussion going, but it doesn't really matter given the NOW, and NOW is all we have. What WE, and more precise, YOU (but i see you is me and me is you. We are ONE.) need is personal growth and dissolving the ever wanting EGO. Work on dissolving your ego first. So speak the truth, clear your blockages and set yourself free from fears and undermining detrimental values. You will become a conscious being, free of fear and the biggest potiential possible, i advice you to go for it! Nothing Else Matters, just you waking up. Once you're awake, you will wake up to your purpose and the universe will work with you and will do the rest, through you. Then, The rest will be history... You could start with reading Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth, and start with what's in your environment. Thinking BIG means thinking for YOURSELF - in a non-egoic way that paradoxically is hard to understand if you're not 'awake' to it yet.. Trust me, yourself and all of us.. OK, and a little hurry please, Work on it and we will be rewarded! :)

Cheryl Anne
5 years ago

Nearly all the problems of the world could have been averted by simply placing the value of well-being above profit. Humanity always knew that and chose the Low road.

one person
5 years ago

How does vanity conform and integrate with this new way? Or the 6 other human pathologies?

5 years ago

Scarcity oriented enviornment ... really the stores are brimming with goods.Maybe in Venezuela or North Korea are there shortages but anywhere in the west is filled with goods. He lost me on the introduction!

Roger Andout
5 years ago

Sell this to a tribesman or woman living in the Amazon. Spoken from a '1st plus' world. Probably wellmeaning but utterly unworkable.

Abdul Muizz Badrudin
5 years ago

This is totalitarianism. Basically forcing people to adapt a technological lifestyle.

5 years ago

New World Order propaganda.

It's a beautiful Utopia! You gotta be dumb as hell to fall for this stuff.

Go watch THX1138 if you want to see what these loony's utopia really looks like. Even if the movie is extremely dated, it's way more believable than this fantasy they are selling you.

Intangible Abstract
5 years ago

This has been discussed to death. Humanity is incapable of saving itself. AI will save us.

John Spencer
5 years ago


Leigh Atkins
6 years ago

Blindgiest! This vision is a lovely fantasy but forgets how we got here to begin with!
It forgets the most basic characteristic of human nature - we can't handle power.
Yet if you removed every single member of our corrupt present governments right down to the grass roots, someone will see the gaping hole & think to themselves "I can fill that hole & get power & prestige & even fortune for myself!"
And to deny that basic fact is the other basic characteristic of human nature - naivety & stupidity.

mike m
7 years ago

This doc got more arguments (posts) than a religious one, hot dog!
Now that's saying something!
But like the one up there said, you can lead a donkey to understanding, but, ya cant make him think. He will just argue all the reasons not to.

8 years ago

This is fantastic. There is only one piece missing - the people! With all of our strengths, weaknesses, virtues and vices... Unfortunately, I have an easy time to imagine utter destruction of humankind, while the scenario presented in the video is next to impossible to appear in my mind given human nature. Hope I'm just limited and wrong with all heart.

Alv V
10 years ago

Everyone should just be given everything they need, and to be able to do everything they want. No work anymore, just thinking about what can be done better. This can be done with technology. This way it will become paradise, white science-fiction buildings everywhere and lots of fruit and water. Challenges and school for everyone. Hospitals everywhere it is needed. Everyone will become nice people this way and there will be no war anymore, just happy and smiling. :) :) :) ! ! !

10 years ago

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10 years ago

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10 years ago

Hope is what drives people in society to progress and this documentary is giving hope! We all need to stop thinking in FEAR, be open to new ideas, and most importantly share these ideas and possibilities with others.

10 years ago

what an inspiring movie. I loved it.

10 years ago

Venus project is just an dream, how an earth they put their megalomaniac theory to practice ..

10 years ago

:) well drugs first, be it pot, alcohol or whatever you like. The use of/demand for/supply of would destroy the balance of a resource based economy, since the desire for them could be used for *trade*. It's not a long leap to see that sex can and will fall into the same category. Trade would be the deathnail of TVP. If they are restricted or denied, the outside world (the non TVP) will be happy to supply the market demand within the TVP, leading to bans of contact with the outside world. Hence I say the TVP model would have to be implemented all at once, so as not to be corrupted by anything from outisde it. On sex (trade aside), there are many reasons why adultery would not disappear. Crimes of passion, and jealous reprisals would therefore also not just go away. So the 'no need for law' in Jacques mind is an overly optimistic one as far as I can see, simply because of sex.

10 years ago

I've been meaning to write a fictional story about life in a TVP world for some time now. I love the idea, but it's got biiiiiig holes. I often wondered why they don't just get on with creating a realworld prototype, but thought experiments tend to lead me to the conclusion that it has to happen all at once all over the world or not at all - not grow out of city cells sprouting up. That ain't likely to happen in a world of property rights. I don't want to go on and on about the whys and wherefors, but if you are wondering how I came to my conclusions/opinion about all or nothing, two problematic concepts sprang to mind that topple TVP before it begins. Sex and drugs. I will happily debate these issues in the context of TVP, in the hope of getting past them, if anyone's interested.

11 years ago

It seem like Fresco is involved with the 2014 Olympic in Sochi by the look of their planned venues.

11 years ago

The practicalities of his system seem a bit...illogical. He just said, "we must achieve a level of production so high, that scarcity ceases to exist", and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

11 years ago

I seen this before it;s not what you think it is. It;s the NEW WORLD ORDER putting us all into built up city's. For us that are left over from the new world orders plan to wipe out 95% of the people on the planet and the survivors will be put in to the new city's no you will not be aloud out when ever you feel like it only the rich will be outside the city's living the good life we will be scanned for every think we do say go or buy. SO WE WILL STILL BE SLAVES. And once more something you should all know most of the history of the world we have been told is a lie < they have been putting blinders on us all it's time to wake up stop watching the brainwashing tools of the media and watch out for tv shows and movies that have hidden agendas.The coming collapses of the world is being done on purpose LOOK THOUGH THE LIES AND WAKE UP

11 years ago

Can't wait for nature to take over, it's coming whether you like it or not. We can not keep living how we are, thank God. Come on America I reckon you guys will lead the way and F$%# up first. Well done guys only thing you've done that is right.

11 years ago

It's funny to me how some people make fun of ideas like this and call it "utopian" and "far-fetched". You never know if you don't even try.

11 years ago

I share the utopian views of the Venus Project and have dreamt of this since I was a child. However, as I matured, my optimism was replaced by cynicism. I don't believe culture can be easily changed. How would you convince a religious fundamentalist for whom terrorism is a way of life, or a war fighter who just wants to fight, that they should abandon their ways? How do you cause the wealthy elitists or political powermongers from pursuing their selfish ways? I continue to dream, as those of the Venus Project (and many others throughout the world) do, of the day when this reality is possible, but I fail to see how to get there from where we are. I'm sure that if all the worlds' military budgets were channeled into mutually beneficial programs we could make progress towards that end, but the world's culture does not easily change (if at all). The Venus Project needs to think less about how it could be, and think more about how it could be done. Jacque Fresco's Resource-Based Economy is a wonderful idea which cannot be accepted and supported by enough of the world's population to make it possible.

11 years ago

This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.

11 years ago

The Rothschild's in Israel will never let this happen, greed is a disease that there is no cure for.

11 years ago

Hope no one takes it as offence

11 years ago

Read some of your comments and suprised how far manny of you went from the main and so important subject in childish quarells. Im shure that all of us can realize that the society as it is today was not made and is still not today for a common man, but for a few with wealth and power. Wheather we embrace this system that is proposed by venus or some else, the definite point is that we need to find one, new one. Are you religious or not, whatever your belives are, as a human being you must have total discust about the whole world situation and yet you forget that we are the ones who empowered the few to make decidions in our behalf, and so is our responibility to make this wright, for us and for our children. Instead of making silly agruments, think, and make sugestions, talk constructively about making a change.

11 years ago

I'm not religious but if you read the Bible, things aint changed much. If you can understand it all, you will find some of the answers to todays problems.

11 years ago

We need to do make a quantumn leap in our intelligence to make it work.

11 years ago

...Is there a mute button in this blog?

"... Trolls will be Trolls ..." - Old Chinese proverb

11 years ago

Grown azz man, please sit back down. Hush up now. Thank you.
Your a coward, no man would write such trash, to someone he does not know. No, I do not represent TVP or TZM, but what you still have not grasped, is that these are idea's, that transcend just organizations, millions of people agree with me. The only people I refer to when i say ignorant, are people like you, don't get angry at the word, just means you have more to learn, as we all do. So, to whom it may apply, learn more about the world around you. Stop running in circles.

Best regards, Brainst0rm.

11 years ago

YOUTUBE... Jacque Fresco Part 1 of 11 ....great!

11 years ago

This man is inspiring and his views are commendable. I hope our society and humanity can come to realize that more happiness, safety and prosperity will be gotten in peace not thru war.

11 years ago

check out on youtube- Jacque Fresco-Questions, Participation-Aug 7, 2011