Paranormal: Seeing Is Believing

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Paranormal: Seeing Is BelievingThis two-hour primetime special reports on the entire scope of the UFO experience -- from the first famous sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 to the present day.

The program draws on interviews with police officers, pilots, military personnel, scientists and ordinary citizens who give extraordinary accounts of encounters with the unexplained.

Also included are the voices of professional skeptics about UFOs, including scientists who are leading the search for life forms beyond Earth elsewhere in the universe.

The program explores the facts behind the enduring mystery of the incident at Roswell, N.M., and looks into the strange stories of alien abductions.

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  1. Rip

    Why can't I find this on Google without veiwing through topdocs, so I can dwn load it??, doulbe click-not, go to google video-not. what up with that? Anyway, Thx Professor Vladko, interesting and new for me!! Peace.

  2. Capricious

    By now it's pretty much safe to say that if you've seen one UFO documentary, you've seen them all. This is definitely a well done movie, but if you're like me and have even a remotely (healthy) interest in UFO's, you'll learn and see nothing new.

    I can't believe the phoenix lights thing still makes it into these UFO documentaries. That whole thing has been refuted so thoroughly there is no question at all as to if they were really flares. Numerous videos were gathered, as well as the location they were taken, then video was taken in the same places in the day and lined up against the mountain range, and every single one of them clearly shows they were flares that slowly fell and eventually fell behind the mountain.

  3. mark corbeil

    seems to me that there were two very distinct and separate incidents in phonenixm, and why would the governor of arizona (also formerly in the air force) put his neck on the line about flares. Perhaps there is a connection between the two events that no one has pieced together as yet?

  4. Dusty

    Seeing is not believing!
    What you can see at the Oregon Vortex, defies belief. I've been there & seen it, yet simply cannot believe it. It defies all logic. Check it out on youtube! I am talking about people getting shorter and taller before your eyes.(not the optical illusion house.)

  5. cajunbeau

    If just one or two people witness a crime, it can be enough to get someone convicted. But if the thousand people witness an aerial phenomenon, it's dismissed as mass hysteria.

  6. Form the C

    I would say that believing is seeing. Dont think its mass hysteria when it comes to visitors. More like the others(most of this planet) who cant belive is in a "blinded-hysteriosis" For all we know, everything we know, can be wrong.

  7. BBC

    I was under the impression that there were at least 20 conditions required for a planet to hold complex life; such as liquid water, tectonic plates, orbital path not too far or not too close to the home star, a strong magnetic field to protect the planet from radiation from its home star, etc.

    In this vast universe, is it possible for another planet to be ideally situated to propagate life? The odds are very very low, almost impossible.

  8. Epicurus

    @BBC what you described is what would be required for life exactly like ours....but there are many different environments and variables that allow for life...also other forms of life like Silicon based.

    in this vast universe (vast is such an insane understatement) it is very very probable that there are many many many life bearing planets.

  9. BBC

    Silicone, so basically transformers is not that far fetched?

  10. Achems Razor

    "The Phoenix Lights" is a good doc. it is here on TDF.

    I for one, am inclined to believe that there is some truth to the phoenix lights, it was witnessed by over 10,000 people.

    Could be many planets bearing sentient life, I included that info on one of these docs. forgot which one. Could be Billions of planets that could have life.

    Our galaxy alone, has over 400 billion stars,..and than, in the known universe approx. 1000 billion galaxies, and then, number of stars in the known Universe, upwards of 50,000 billion, billion stars. It is a big number, One billion times one billion times 50,000. Imagine, it was all made for us???

  11. BBC


    Couldn't one of those races be able to fold space then? Why isnt there more of them? Fold space, hahahaha. I always hated Star Trek. Can't believe i am so interested in it now.

  12. DancingSpiderman

    Unless we get some factual answers about UFOs in general, and the Phoenix Lights in particular, I'm going to entertain the RedNek Creedo:
    "When in doubt, pull the loaded gun out !"
    No worries; I do not own a gun.
    That should be a new episode of King Of The Hill. I'm surprised this episode hasn't been on TV yet.

    Just 2 months ago I saw 3 orange lights maintaining a straight line, flying from the north end of west Phoenix AZ, over towards the south end, slowly & steadily flying behind the mountains south of Goodyear. When I drove to Luke AFB to enquire about these lights, the guard didn't see them, even though he faces the direction of the flightpath as he is directing vehicles at his post.

  13. Form the C

    What about other dimensions..?

  14. BBC

    Anyone hear seen the 4th kind? Buddy of mine called me up, and is rethinking everything he used to think. He told me i need to watch it. I wish Vlat could put it on here.

  15. BBC

    Never mind, i think its all fake, and staged.

  16. Epicurus

    @BBC yes it is fake, you can research it although im sure you have. tell your buddy to also look shit up thoroughly before believing it....especially if his source is "hollywood told me so" lol

    BUT the movie itself was actually really frightening and scary movies dont usually bother me. this one had a different feel to it that actually creeped me out a little.

  17. jimi b

    4th kind? bah - the best actor in that was the owl!

  18. Vector

    @Capricious: The lights claimed to be flares are not what the witnesses are talking about when they say they seen very large triangular shapes floating over their heads. This experience is very similar to what Art Bell describes as well as quite a few others in different areas of the world over the past few years.

  19. NakoaGnosis

    I had concrete proof, I seen a ufo, it appeared on a cloudless day after just thinking about it..... it was on thursday may 28th 2008 at about 3:20-3:30 in the north west sky over toledo, ohio, my girl friend walked out of the bank i was at and i said look were my finger is pointing, i said you see that? she said omg..

  20. Isoan

    If you like the documentary, or any other video on the internet. Just download realplayer.... I do this to watch it on my T.V.

  21. leehappy

    @bbc you say the odds are theres not live on another planet,the fact is we couldnt begin to imagine how many planets are out there. we still find new life on our own planet now and the ODDS are theres a lot more we dont know about. untill we know whats on our own planet it would be a bit nieve to say what is or is not on others?

  22. Mark

    Even if we stick to definitions much narrower that BBC sets. Even if the conditions for life are extraordinarily rare, there is still likely to be billions of planets with conditions not only suitable for life, but actually almost identical to planet earth. The sheer vastness of the universe allows this. Scientists estimate 40,000 such planets in our galaxy only, and there are billions of galaxies (each made up of billions of stars) just in our corner of space.

  23. Mark

    The sheer vastness of the universe virtually guarantees that life occurs numerous times. But this sheer vastness also means 99.99999999999999999999999% of life that even becomes advanced enough to accomplish spacetravel, will rise and flicker from existence without ever being able to see or contact another intellignent race.

    @BBC, also note, that scientist now believe as many as 30% of all the stars in the universe have at least 1 planet in orbit.

  24. Skye-hook

    @Epicurus- I understand that you believe The Oregon Vortex is an optical illusion, but I have to be aware that you got that opinion from what you read online about it. Anyone who has been there realizes most of the effects happen in the open,m where there are no buildings, etc. The Oregon Vortex is very different than most people can understand without a scientist to explain it. Nuclear physicists have been there & done tests, & they say it is a magnified electromagnetic nucleus anomoly. It is caused by several physical things that just happen to coincide at that particular spot. A few people got the impression it was an illusion due simply to a small assay office there that became twisted out of shape after years of being there. There is nothing to prove or believe, it just is. Once you understand the science of it, it isn't even that strange, it's just different is all. An associate of Einsteins even proved it follows all the laws of the natural universe, it's just magnified is all.

  25. William

    @ Skye-book
    I've been to the Oregon Vortex too.
    The Indian's believe the la cursed and gave us that land. It's really crazy there. And its not just in that spot where the houses are. It's ALL OVER THAT LAND! About a 1/4th of a mile past the house I threw a rock straight forward in a clearing in the woods and had that same rock fly right over my head 5 seconds later!


  26. Josef Bloe

    Capricious, i don't know what lights you were referring to, but the ones in the videos i seen definitely were NOT flares. they looked, nor acted anything like flares. you show me a flare that stays exactly in formation with other flares and i'll kiss your clueless ass.

  27. Soeren

    lol the part with the skeptic, saying its flares. its been proven that it cant be flares, cause magnesium flares flicker a lot, like any flame, the lights dont they are as steady as a lightbulp

  28. gallowaygrumblefield

    This video is gone?

  29. Jeff

    @BBC Actually, the odds of there being other life 'out there' are very high, almost guaranteed for there to be life on many planets. They don't even know how many galaxies there are in the universe, much less how many stars in each galaxy. There may be life scattered throughout the universe, and there probably is. I don't mean to insult you personally, but I find it almost arrogant, and narrow-minded to think that we are the only life in the universe. Even the Milky Way is some 100,000 - 125,000 light years across, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, we're not alone. It may take many more years to obtain contact, but I do believe we will.

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