Patent For A Pig: The Big Business of Genetics

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Patent For A Pig: The Big Business of GeneticsThe American biotechnology firm, Monsanto, has applied for a patent for pig breeding in 160 countries. The patent is for specific parts of the genetic material of pigs which Monsanto's genetic researchers have decoded. If this patent is granted, pig breeding would be possible with the approval of the company.

Farmers and breeders are naturally alarmed because these genes have long existed in the great majority of their pigs. Using DNA tests they can prove that there is no new invention in the patent applications but that, instead, granting this patent would be to allow a part of nature to fall into the hands of a single company.

Monsanto's influence on the patent offices is huge. If the patent is approved, money will have to be paid to Monsanto for every pig in the world carrying this genetic marker. This has long been the case for certain feedstuffs, such as genetically modified maize. Many farmers in the US have already become dependent on the company.

It is not merely a question of money, however, but also a question of the risk posed to consumers. In America, as in Europe, cases of infertility in animals fed with genetically modified maize are becoming increasingly common. No-one yet knows what effects such products are having on humans.

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  1. corynski

    It's now late June 2017....... Seems I recently read that Monsanto had bought Bayer company......... Nothing can stand up to that much power I wouldn't think. Perhaps only a revolution of some sort, but they could hire an army in a heartbeat, dividing the people, etc., etc. Grim......

  2. Susmita Barua

    Google for solutions and see what you can do to raise awareness and stop it. Start with
    TEDx Talk in 2014 by Tania Simoncelli: Should you be able to patent a human gene?

  3. Ekat

    In reply to Estrella's M coment: We Are The People and we can vote with the fork. 1. Do not buy GMO food. 2. Unite and lobby the congress for GMO labeling. 3. There are more of us that Monsanto's employees. 4. Take law class, read American constitution, and know your/our rights as American people.
    Don't be afraid.
    P.S. I started my reasearch because of my health problems too :-/ I believe I know why....

  4. Dungbeetle

    This is absolutely horrifying, this must never be approved! its to dangerous for mankind, and sickening for the animals. Whe have to stop this!

  5. Moakley

    you cant paten life

  6. Dave Rhodes

    The primary mission of Monsanto(spit) is to control the food supply of the entire world. If this doesn't scare you, it should. Get active, speak out. Do not purchase products with Monsanto derivatives in them. Good luck.

  7. Sum1uallno

    Danger means just what you read. Careful is all I have to say to those living in glass houses~Rock in hand. Humor is a far cry from the truth.

    The world is a VeMPIRE.....

  8. JohnFive Eagles Szuros

    All I really want to say is this: welcome to the machine of fighting Big Interests: We Indigenous people of the Americas have been engaging in this battle for years on the political, economic and cultural front(remember that mercantilism is a culture) for years. This is what it has been like. Very frustrating, very violent at times and is disruptive to every organism on this planet. I don't really want to say it thusly but we cannot eat money or feed it to our animals or raise our children on it. As we have witnessed the destruction of our way of life we have tried to be patient and to warn you of the dangers of treating our world this way. Now I feel we must all work together to try to shift the paradigm. A number of things are going on but ultimately it is all about control. The horror takes place when the magnates of big business lose control of the process and all sorts of issues begin to arise in our environments. I hope and pray that we make it out of this period in history. May we set aside all of our interests to continue to fight for a brighter day.

  9. Rob Heasman

    Zeus has reduced mankind to accidental apes, with a Darwinian Brain Fart, that DNA proves, fails even as a possible THEORY.

    "The very hairs of your head are all numbered" as the carpenter
    from Nazareth said over 2,000 years ago. He knew that at the time of the end, the invisible would become visible. As mankind returns to the days of Noah, and the ancient astronauts prepare for the final act of this satanic comedy. The serpent seed have mixed DNA before.

    The deceiver has removed TRUTH, (no absolutes)
    now truth is against the Law, lol

    Deception IS Darkness and INSANITY. = Eternal Death

    DNA has destroyed the accidental ape THEORY.
    From nothing, something comes, is anti-science. ?

    Zeus stole the unlimited biodegradable fuel source from the accidental apes through REEFER MADNESS, not to mention health benefits to our immune system, which inhibits tumors.

    We'll be sucking from the serpents oily teat, till Armageddon.

    Lucy will be chained and dropped into the bottomless pit
    and sealed for 1000 years
    His seed (and all that are deceived), will be in Hades, waiting for the second death.

    ALL deceptions/religions lead to Zeus.
    "Narrow is the path, that leads to eternal life, and FEW are they that find it" is a very scary truth, and contradictory to the worlds wisdom.

    Truth is more precious than gold and silver, because truth determines our sanity and eternal destiny.

    I trust the One who has the patent on my DNA, and knew that the hairs on my head are all numbered.

    "They have eyes to see, but they don't see."

    1. a_no_n

      At the end of the day, Jesus promised us peace on earth, and Odin promised to kill all the ice giants...The world has never been less peaceful, but there also aren't any ice giants.

      So i think i'm going to go down the whole god road, i'll side up with Odin and Thor.

    2. Dave Rhodes

      Please leave your religious claptrap OUT of serious issues. You add nothing of value to the discussion.

    3. Paris Parsa

      What the bleep???? You sound like a Shaman from one of the ancient tribes. Are you for real?

  10. manfruss

    Our corporate world is sick, and twisted. We need to re-vamp the system so drastically so that these issues are moot. If we don't restructure the nature of a Corporation soon, we may as well give up on society, since it will simply become a Corporate run system, and "16 tons what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store."

  11. Earthgal

    Everybody watching any Monsanto film should get into their website as well, and go to the "contact us" that you can click on. Then let Monsanto know what you think of them and how they've inspired you to grow your own food...

  12. Martin

    disgusting...humans are relentless...but one day it's going to change,

    1. a_no_n

      no it isn't.

    2. LoggerheadShrike

      It will, you're a fool to think it won't. It has to because it isn't sustainable. Change is coming, probably not for the better, but it's coming.

  13. devlinwaugh

    If you want to get back at these companies simply stop buying the products or any derivative from there products.Then i suggest you get 2 friends and ask them to do the same and make them promise to tell another 2 friends and so on,this is a basic chain letter system and the effects of it are amazing.

    1. Out_Of Africa

      In theory, ' yes'... However, I'm genuinely not meaning to sound rude, but I'm not sure if you watched the whole film? I recall the points being made that (a) in the US, at least, you'd be hard pressed to find any home-grown food that isn't in some small, or often large, way affected, (b) there's no way of knowing whether or not you were eating such items, (n.b. in any country, not just the US). Therefore I don't think the 'word of mouth' approach could work :(

    2. devlinwaugh

      I understand that you would find it hard at first,I am sure that you have a local growers market or some way to eat naturally.In england people share large gardens to grow veg or raise animals and in return give the owner some of the produce,there are many ways to eat well but does sometimes require WORK!!.I think most people don't want the work that is required to move away from supermarket junk food.

    3. JohnFive Eagles Szuros

      I absolutely agree. In fact one of the things that is in my plan for the next five years is to begin to invest in cooperative growing schemes of local(indigenous) foods, grow them and teach people that IT IS possible to do. It is something that I will be considering for the next phase of my life. Thank you for your input and I agree it will take work.

    4. a_no_n

      now try doing it for an entire city!

      If we in the uk turned every square inch of land in England outside the city of London into farmland, we STILL wouldn't be able to produce enough food to feed the population of London.

      The whole hippy dream is fine and well, until you try doing it for more than a dozen people.

    5. Ryan Hahn

      Then grow your own food. Simple.

  14. Nicci Winsmore

    The fascists are in power and they are controlling our food. Go Organic vegan and grow your own food if you can. We don't need to have animals in our diet anyway. That is a myth.

  15. Nikhil Sadalkar

    the pinacle of capitalize :X

  16. Sally_Oh

    This is totally sick and creepy.

  17. Niroshan Hewage

    who like to taste blood and flesh. there is no human being.

  18. tariqxl

    This is the sort of thing that makes me hope and pray that the Mayans got it right. ''All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing''. Edmund Burke. What that says to me is when nothing is done good does not exist at all.

  19. Dimitri Russo

    I cant understand how groups would not threaten these organisations?

  20. DeeJay Pickles

    how stupid a race of creatures are we to allow such company's the room to make such applications?. simply put: how dare they patent lifeforms!? this world belongs to us all, not that that stops the richest 1% from getting rich from natural resources in other lands.

    I really don't like humans, i think it should be back to the drawing board for our kind.


    the presentation was great and some information will shock you.
    there is also a patent for AIDS if u can believe it...

    1. Corinne Zellner

      It sounds weird, but the latest cancer cure (which works amazingly well on leukemia in trials) was made from modifying the HIV virus to destroy cancer cells. What's next?!!


      i saw this video a couple years back of this doctor from canada who cured 5 people of cancer. he propsed that cancer was a sort of viral infection and treated it as such. the doctor found something called MYCOPLASM (a term not found in any medical book) his "cure" consisted of a healthy diet, barometric tank baths, and various antibiotics. needless to say, his work was outlawed by government and he was blacklisted from his old university (where he did research) as well as had his licsence to practice medicine taken away.

    3. Dimitri Russo

      What was his name?


      i'm sorry i viewed the video on youtube a couple of years ago- and i tried searching just now and cannot find his face...i remember that the video was him talking on a radio broadcast in Canada somewhere where he told his story. it was like a radio interview and they appeared to be at a radio station (thats all i remember, and the information given) i truly did try to find the exact video i mentioned in my original post but am unable to. perhaps there is still information about it anyway, in other places maybe. it seems suspicious that i cannot find the video, or maybe the video cannot be found. either way i will keep an eye open, in case i see it somewhere again, and i will remember you.

    5. LoggerheadShrike

      He was probably a quack from your description, and mycoplasm is a common term in medical textbooks, referring to a group of bacteria species which lack a cell wall. Not found in any textbook, huh? It's in practically all of them.


      i believe u are referring to MYCOPLASMA, with an "A" at the end.
      If i remember correctly, the doctor mentioned MYCOPLASM. and he said MYCOPLASM was a layer around our cells (not talked about in medical books). his argument was that cancer attacks this layer, and therefore cancer is viral, and should be treated as such, etc.
      i don't even know how i am remembering this tbh.
      i wish i could get his name for you as it would make everything easier.
      all i know about the doctor is that he is Canadian, i saw him on a podcast of an east coast radio show.
      "probably a quack"? it is possible...but it is also possible that he was on to something and big pharma shut him down. i find each of these possibilities equally possible.
      b/c lets be real, even if there was a cure, would it really get to the public? well, without the public having to pay for it that is. should people have to pay for that?


      oh and as another example, search "cannabinoids and cancer" .

  22. Yusiley S

    Laugh all you want, but I seriously believe that companies like Monsanto are working for the Bilderberg group. It's their ultimate plan to control everything and enslave the whole world. They'll start off with owning our food and everything around us, and work their way towards owning humans. Slavery isn't over, it's only in remission at the moment. They just need to lower the population through planned parenthood, making people infertile and "accidentally" killing people through food and water, and they'll easily control humanity. Again, laugh all you want but something is seriously happening around us that just doesn't seem right. Before responding, please watch the following documentaries enlisted below, so you'll see what I mean and not jump into conclusions so quickly. Thanks.

    The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America
    Money as Debt
    Empire of the City: Ring of Power
    Wake Up Call - New Word Order
    On Power, Dissent and Racism - Noam Chomsky

    1. Gloria Newton

      I agree with you 100%.

  23. candy

    many companies have patented natural things of late. too bad the patent office keeps allowing it.

  24. L.Walker

    shame on the courts who let these cases come to any conclusion! monsanto should be laughed out of business!

  25. Have no Shame

    If they try to make you pay... you know what you have to do! :)

  26. Monitor

    Please remember as humans we have been given just the surface of this world we live in. No one company can control popluation on the surface without the support of it government. In the end we the people are to blame. We alone have the power and we alone give governements ease to enpower these companies. We should look at the people that dont respect logic within our governments and have them removed so the companies have only good people to deal with and in the end they will fail. Normal human logic should stop this but to many are distracted by - i want , i have to have and in the end they will have nothing.... Just remember Brave Heart - if we lose our freedom they have won......

  27. oink

    pigs are smart

  28. George

    A nice mushroom over their headquarters would do the job, because nothing else can stop them.

  29. April Reeves

    Monsanto can "try" to patent and control pigs, but it won't stop me from breeding and keeping a pig. Let them come. This is where people lose it: take up arms and refuse to obey such stupid laws. It's coming to this. The pressure is building in the pot and soon it's going to be released....

    1. Dimitri Russo

      In India it was Illegal to actually keep the seed of a grain (Basmati Rice), but they stood up for their rights and it was withdrawn.

  30. Matt

    Probably not a good thing to watch at 12am in the morning! However, the more I learn the better! Thanks to those who have put this together! Yes, it is sickening and yes, it can be disheartening! If we all do our best to try and eat organic and non gmo foods we will at the very least be healthier! I forwarded this documentary to everyone I know! Please do the same! The world's health depends on it! Lastly, DO NOT invest in any of these companies!!!

    1. leigh

      We must insist on food labeling to identify gm foods. They say it will raise prices...who gives a ****....freedom costs...


    The worlds economy is running out of OIL, so they are trying to patent S(OIL). Our natural birth right is being taken away! We must ban together and STOP the USA Government! It is EVIL!!

  32. P.F.

    World domination...God help us because we are destroying the world we were given...They're-(Monsanto)-just plain evil!!!

  33. Charles B.

    I can't hardly watch this. It's so evil. Unbelievable! God helps us all if this company also gets patents over animals as well as the world's seeds.

    They'll starve us all out, won't they, if the food they are feeding us doesn't make us infirtile first.

  34. Estrella M

    After watching Food Inc., The world According to Monsanto, Foods that Kill and this one; I am beginning to understand my own health problems. Definetelly our food chain is terrible contaminated!
    Big corporations and agencies who suppose to protect us have managed to keep us blindfolded.
    Let's not forget the information learned when we purchase our food. Can we still remember the old saying: unided we stand divided we fall?
    My sincere thanks to all of you who kindly have taking the time to report your findings. In future reports/documentaries include how we could help fight back. Together anything is possible!

  35. Charles Mc Farlane

    Yes very scary, Tim, just as you said. It's genetic monopolization. And patents for protectionism. Gotta be crazy? What struck me about this was how can anybody patent what's always been naturally there? I trust the small farmers far better.

  36. Tim

    Scary stuff. The patenting of life can be useful when used responsibly, like when a company develops a bacteria designed to perform a specific task, but when you patent something as basic as a gene, that's going a bit too far. What's worse is when they patent seeds for crops and then tell people that the seeds from those crops can't be used to plant more crops. It's like if bottled water companies made it illegal for people to reuse their bottles, or if McDonald's made it illegal for you to use their condiments on other food products. Once you buy the product, you should be able to use it as you see fit.