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Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space

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Pax Americana and the Weaponization of SpaceStar Wars is no longer science fiction. The prospect of Earth being ruled from space is no longer science-fiction. The dream of the original Dr. Strangelove, Wernher von Braun (from Nazi rocket-scientist to NASA director) has survived every US administration since WW2 and is coming to life.

Today the technology exists to weaponize space, a massive American industry thrives, and nations are maneuvering for advantage.

Pax Americana tackles this pivotal moment. Are war machines already orbiting Earth? Can treaties keep space weapons-free? Must the World capitulate to one super-cop on the global beat?

With startling archival footage and unprecedented access to US Air Force Space Command, this elegant, forceful documentary reveals the state of play through generals, space-policy analysts, politicians, diplomats, peace activists, and hawks.

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  1. princeton

    lolz ... United States keeps the world peace... lolz rofl lmao

  2. Robert Freedomfighter

    "Protect the freedoms"... huh
    Americans and the rest of the "civilized" world think they have a right to the freedom to consume anything and everything they want.
    No thought about the fact that their "freedoms" come at the price of other peoples freedoms.

    "Pax Americana" - the ultimate contradiction... it's all a friggin' tragic joke. :(

  3. SaintNarcissus

    Wow. That's a good one. Martin Sheen is right. People don't want to hear that it's worse than they thought. Much worse. Unfortunately it is. I want to see a documentary about SPICE weapons next. Keeping the world at peace under threat of capsaicin.

  4. fonbindelhofas

    OMG this all stuff is so mest up... about so called god given right to be a police in the world... now even in space... i smell another fictional fear factor in here for poor US citizens and other "democratic" puppets. And even this stuff is geting religiuos :O Pshycho maniac police state with space weapons lolz... thanks i feel much safer now... rofl

  5. Matt Kukowski

    This is completely OUT OF HAND this military crap. How about space travel and moon mining etc instead of destroying earth. Even if that costs trillions it is better than WASTING it on military crap... sure WE NEED some military but 500+ billion 1/2 your taxes? Give me a freaking break man.

  6. wald0

    I think this doc has the potential to wake a lot of Americans up to the extremes that our country is going to in order to maintain global dominance. I new we had strategic satellites used in warfare, guidance systems, etc. in space but, I thought actual weapons were banned. Turns out is is just wmds that are banned. Its senseless to think other countries are not going to fight back over this issue, what is going to happen when one of them destroys one of our space based systems. This could really lead to something huge, if everything in this doc is correct. Of course you can't believe it just because they said so, I would have to look into it further before getting to alarmed.

    One thing I noticed is that the doc makers kept saying that we were stopping the treaties that would end this, but then other people kept saying that it was almost impossible to get a treaty that says no one can weaponize space. If we can't get a treaty and space is going to be weaponized regardless of what we do, we would be stupid not to also put weapons in space. Don't get me wrong I object to weapons in space from any country, and to any country including the U.S. dominating space but, if anyone does place weapons there everyone will have to at least have the right to do so as well.

  7. Achems_Razor

    I find it incongruous that from all the Arthur C. Clark 2001 etc, Star wars saga, Isaac Asimov and others, and all outer space fictions from instigation. Are now somewhat coming true as real time events, what the mind of man can conceive of as fiction seems to come to fruition.

    This also holds true for some of the scientific advancements that were classed as fiction not to long ago. It is almost by thinking of such and acting on the premises will make it real. Collapsing the waveform maybe?

  8. Achems_Razor

    But then of course should of added, the wars and outer space strife that all this will cause will not fall by the wayside. Probably the next big wars will be fought in space, but wait! maybe the federation or the Klingons will save us.

  9. Mindwars

    I agree with Achem..we are truly manifesting our own future.

  10. fonbindelhofas

    plus it is perfec scenario for FALSE FLAG operation. i bet the basterds have some plans already done.

  11. Andreas Luneborg

    That's so funny, I saw this yesterday and was about to recommend it. It's on the spot, the test china did was a huge star in my book. This is a keeper.

  12. Sieben Stern

    Love it when the military prays. We all know Jesus was a bombs and bullets, money to the pentagon kind of guy. /sarcasm

  13. leonardobdas

    Scary stuff. I have a feeling china and the US will eventually bicker 200km out in space

  14. Mario Silverio

    space is like water, if you want it, you have to buy it. Sad but true, and in the future the one country that monopolizes space will be his owner.

  15. Eric71Can

    This is a very disgusting doc. Kind of doc where you lose faith in humanity.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the space is already weaponized.

    By the way, someone can tell me why at each launch, the camera always point to the rear of the shuttle. Personally, i never saw an entry in space from the front, from the cockpit of the shuttle.

  16. Guest

    What we really need on this planet are some Vulcans, but so far they haven't bothered with the likes of us. Seeing how pervasive stupidity is on this rock, I can't say I blame them. It doesn't look much like we're ever going to grow up as a species, and it is pretty damn depressing to me.

  17. stephenkuemmel

    Two biggest guys on the block, I think war between China and US is inevitable

  18. Guest
  19. marcosanthonytoledo

    Excellent documentary the only complaint I have is the french speakers should have been sub titled. Yes fonbindelhofas their plan is to make sure there is no escape for their slaves the rest of us and death for those they have no use for and hate enough to think have no right to exist. Welcome to hell.

  20. Achems_Razor


    Yes, I did not forget Star Treck, and the Vulcans, but I suspect the Vulcans are far to logical to come and to try and vilify any possible peaceful solutions for the human race, knowing full well that would be a lost cause. As it always was in retro.

  21. Achems_Razor

    I totally agree, but that will never happen until we progress out of our "class zero civilization".

    When we become a "class one civilization" and stop blowing ourselves up, and eliminate all religions, we might progress to a "class two civilization", and stop raping the planet, and its people, and become self sufficient on power resources, etc: and have full protection set up from outside threats like asteroids and so on.

    Then at "class three civilization", then maybe we will shoot for the stars, a long, long, way to go!

  22. wald0

    It seems whom ever has the most money will dominate the current frontier. The Spanish once dominated the seas, then the Brits, etc. Its always whom ever is the richest. That's why America has been so freaked lately, because our economy is failing while China's is booming. America is conscious of this correlation and find this balance of power to fickle, economies fluctuate and they want to secure dominance in a way that will last no matter what our economy does. Or even better secure dominance in a way that insures your economy will always be the strongest, which space dominance will do. It all has to do with capitalistic markets and how they react to uncertainty. They realize that the more confidence that investors have that America will remain the dominate global power, the more money they will invest. It allows companies like Exxon and other big energy companies to set up operations in places that would otherwise be to unpredictable. It basically allows for long term investments that rely on the concept of America getting its way even if it is against the interests of those that live in the area in question.

    This all started with the neo-conservative christian alliance under Reagan, and was perpetuated by a certain click of politicians- Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the Bush family, are just a few that are the more obvious supporters of this strategy. But it has also taken root in our economy and on wall street, big money relies on America continuing to bully the rest of the world as much as it depends on them being able to bully the American people. This same group wants to expand the powers of the administrative branch of our government in order that they can declare war on whom ever they like when ever they like, and they declared this intention when several of them worked for the Nixon administration. They subscribe to the notion that if the President does it it is no longer illegal, that's a direct quote from Nixon himself- when confronted about water gate. They all subscribe to the Bush doctrine of preemptive attack as well and, they use their ability to spread unsubstantiated fear and use false flag operations to convince the American people to support their efforts.

    Now they want to convince us that if we don't weaponize space others will and they will inevitably use it against us. The research I have done shows clearly that the vast majority of nations want a treaty that banns weapons in space, and those that don't are so far from having the capability to utilize space we are in no danger. It is our country that insists we must weaponize space, our country that insists it has the right to deny others access to space, our country that is once again assuming the high and mighty stance that we are some how morally, technically, and cognitively superior and are needed to keep everyone else in line. No wonder so many people love to bash America and Americans!! We have to stop this!! Think of how we would feel if some other country was doing this. The American people would demand blood, there would be war.

  23. Nakor420

    So much anti-american propaganda on the web these days. I think ww3 is just around the corner. It's a shame that we can't just work together as human brothers, toward colonization of the rest of our solar system.

  24. soros

    The model for Dr. Strangelove wasnt' Werner Von Braun but Henry Kissinger who wrote two books on thermonuclear war between the US and the USSR. Let's not make up our own "facts".

  25. Nakor420

    JFK was a savior of mankind, and they f--king killed him. :( Goddamn bankers with their CIA thugs

  26. MomOnEarth

    Some of this is discussed in "Merchants of Doubt, How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming" by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway; excellent and informative history, leading up to present issues. As individuals we owe it to ourselves to be informed so that we can distinguish who is sociopathic and destructive in our leadership, business and scientitific communities and stop being lead down these very bad paths.

  27. Guest

    @Achem Yeah, that's another thing I've half-joked around with my friends about a time or two in the past, that I wish I'd been born about a 1000 years from now. ( The tail-end of Kardashev level 1, maybe? ) I'm pretty impatient! But it would still do my state of mind more good than I could say to see more positive steps being taken right NOW... And, maybe, in some small way for me personally it would make up for the inhumanity, intolerance, and division we're going to have to endure in the meantime, until greater truths begin to click in peoples heads one way or the other...

  28. msafwan86_nnss

    There exist a picture from the cockpit. In youtube you can even find video of Discovery crew approaching ISS from cockpit. -But I think: showing part of the spacecraft as you picture the earth looks more awesome!

  29. J Matthew

    OMG What a load of bullshit American propagander. I love how it opens in a church just so you know god is an american. It's americas paranoid narrow view of the world that causes these problems not, the fabled bad guys out there. The sooner the US sits down and shuts up the better.

  30. Carlos Plaza

    Remember that when you say "American" you are refereeing to almost 300 million people from all different kind of backgrounds, ethnic groups, economic status, etc... So, J. Matthew, don't don;t be so F***ing IGNORANT !!! and stop generalizing.

  31. Maggie Albertson

    Great, thanks!

  32. deanharrington

    The comment made in this film about a super power never wanting less is absolutely true. The US will continue down this militarized road and the people of this country will suffer the effects. We are already seeing the destruction of the Republic ... the elite do have all the say ... elected officials are nothing more than salespersons ... money buys influence ... ordinary people will fit into a job box or starve. This is the eventuality of the state of the nation!

  33. 0zyxcba1

    American Corporatism necessitates inventing ever grander markets within which to maximize sales and generate profits. The grandest market of them all is War.
    Jeans, cars, and apple pie just don't cut it any more. In our age, the greatest threat to American Capitalism is, horror of horrors:

    PEACE. There's no money in it :-((

    The unholy alliance between the ultra-right and the 'religion industry' has
    but one mission: to successfully market to the young 'God-and-Country', and corporate policy. Young 'patriots' gobble it up, generation, upon generation.

    'God Bless America' to the accompaniment of an orchestra of cash-registers.

    The young cadet finally comprehends what's going on, only to awaken that day
    to no longer being young. His prime spent, he is now welcome to its remains.

    Happy Fourth of July.


  34. Jeremy Shepherd

    Excellent post I couldn't agree more

  35. fonbindelhofas

    sry, i missed your false flag alert u mentioned. 100% agree wirh all!

  36. fonbindelhofas

    Henry Kissinger is the name under many bloody chapters in history.

  37. fonbindelhofas

    i wouldnt blame american people for this, its corp power and insanity of it. real people on this planet strugling for life have non to this
    (p.s. im not american myself)

  38. Don Cooke

    we can say all we want to about this.unfortunatley it's not going to stop it from happening!!

  39. Guest
  40. Guest

    You nailed it, man.

  41. 0zyxcba1

    I ask you:

    1. What are Conservatives conserving, and for whom?
    2. What are Liberals liberalizing, and for whom?
    3. For whom do the Democrats work?
    4. For whom do the Republicans work?
    5. For whom do we work?

    Policies borne today of a Liberal Saturday-night bash become abruptly respectable in their new wrappings, repackaged as down-to-earth planning for a bright tomorrow; cold; sober; rock-solid conservative doctrine; and just in the nick of time, too!

    Far-right-wing rantings miraculously, and overnight, transformed to fresh, new, politically correct banter heard throughout San Francisco's best coffee houses.

    We can't even take sides anymore.

    There are no sides.

    Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism
    because it is a merger of state and corporate power
    ~ Benito Mussolini


  42. Guest

    @Oz That quote of Mussolini's has always scared the s*** out of me, not least because you would never hear such a truth coming from anyone in power in this country, especially today, which speaks volumes in its own right... However much it knots my stomach to have to admit it and deal with it, I'm afraid it does look like there is little we can do politically that matters anymore. A few years ago, I might have been ready to say something like "What we need is to take to the streets! Start up an old-fashioned grassroots movement!" etc., but those idiot tea-baggers tried that, and were pretty much immediately co-opted by the Republicans, who, granted, they were never very far away from, anyway. In '08 I voted for Obama, of course, hoping above all that he would get us the hell out of these wars as quickly as possible, and have obviously been disappointed on that front. A close friend and I talk about this a lot, and he genuinely seems to think that if Ron Paul could make it into office some good things could be done, that his intentions are aboveboard, that he's not in the back-pocket of any big business, nor ever has been, etc., but I'm afraid my feeling is that, for that very reason ( if true ), he would be able to get very little, if anything, done. That being said, a number of his ideas do appeal to me, AND he really is as much a Libertarian as he is a Republican ( a very important point for me ), holding a number of views directly contrary to traditional forged-in-hell conservatism, so that IF by some miracle he gets the nomination, I'll sit down and think about him more seriously, and just maybe will be brave enough to give him the vote.

    I have no illusions, however... while at the same time I choose not to despair over all of this. Remember that back in the mid-eighties probably none of us would ever have thought the Soviet Union would fall and be the democracy it is today, rife with problems though it may be, like any other country. Still, we'd say it's better off now than it was, I hope. And though a lot of people might want to give nearly all the credit for the changes there ultimately to Reagan, if the people had not been ready to receive it, I doubt it could ever have happened. And there is a lesson there for the people in this country, too. You can only go against the will of the majority for so long, and more and more people here are getting fed up with business as usual from either side. Ideally, I would LOVE to see, say, a 5 party system here, but of course it'll never happen, at least not anytime soon.

  43. Ben Ambrose

    Maybe finish the movie dude. It's not pro America dominance at all. The director just spends some time showing the current culture in the air force and it's industry partners. By displaying the culture without giving it context it gives the audience a chance to decide for themselves whether or not they are uneasy with the idea of military dominance by one nation. I think it was very effective. Also this film was made with Canadian grants. Something you may have noticed in the credits, again if you had gotten that far

  44. 0zyxcba1

    For some time, throughout the Bush years, and now that I see Obama is turning out no less bad, I have been experiencing a continuous, slowly mounting sense
    of impending doom, but then nothing happens, and the feeling deepens.

    The signs seem everywhere but, still, nothing happens.

    I thought I was paranoid, but I no longer believe that. Momentous events overwhelm everywhere. Why not here? It seems impossible. But this feeling
    just won't leave.

    I am anything but young, and I have lived in many places. Only now, during
    these last fifteen years, or so, have I ever felt this way. And, still, nothing happens.

    I keep thinking, any day, now.


  45. fonbindelhofas

    tak tak tak... mr oz we are with the goverment, pleace follow us to the vehicle... any day now :D

  46. Norm

    Thank you Oz.

    I have had a rough time of it the last couple of years. I actually thought I was losing it when I began to realize that everything i've been taught about this country was false or misleading. My ancestry, heritage, and upbringing made me a perfect recipient for the right wing, hawkish, bang your chest and rattle the saber mentality and I ran with it for years. I now know that I was an ignorant, mislead, misguided and gullible fool for a lot of years. If I believed in a god I would thank it for waking me up and seeing reality. As it is, I can only assume it was a head on crash that shook those lunatic neurons loose, at which time they were gobbled up by my immune system and discarded with the rest of the waste.

    Still a few of them floating around, but, I SEE THEM!

  47. Ryan D'Mello

    While the human potential of the space adventure and the available technology is overwhelmingly amazing, the purpose for this is disappointing.

    What a tragic race we have grown to be to operate with such a deep undercurrent of insecurity.

  48. Ned Jibreen

    Whats actually interesting is America has yet to succeed in its dominance.

  49. Jack_Burton

    The rest of the world should fear the US. Military-wise rest of the world is so far behind it aint even funny. Just look at poor NATO. Can't even take on Libya.

    I for one would like to see the US become more isolationist. Close down 80% of our foreign military bases. NO foreign aid. End the conflicts were in now, and lets see how the world does without us while we rebuild this country.

    America first, rest of the world can go screw itself. You want to kill each other, or have a major natural disaster... Your on your own.

    Of course first think they will say is Help Help us USA. Sorry charlie... Deal with your own problems...

  50. over the edge

    first you realize the U.S is part of NATO? second the mission started in march , if the fact that it is not over yet is an insult to NATO what does that say about the U.S led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ? before you accuse me of being anti-American let me state that the U.S has done many good things around the world, and i have nothing but respect for the men and women of the military. the world has asked for America's help in the past and for the most part the U.S has answered but the two major wars you are in now were the sole decision of your government and the U.S asked the UN (including my country) for help in Afghanistan . lastly you and your government have every right to be isolationist, but think about the repercussions of that action first. you are the number one consumer of many natural resources and without the military presence and a failing economy who is going to provide those resources? an isolationist America mat or may not be a better America (i don't know the answer) but it will certainly be a different America

  51. Jack_Burton

    Of course the US is part of NATO, but after the first 2 weeks the C&C was turned over to NATO. From what I read. the Europeans have been running out of supplies and had to ask the US for resupply. I mean come on.
    Running out of gears in a war so close to their homelands is just sad.
    US took out Saddam's Military in the second Gulf war in less then a month. Granted there were some UK troops and Australian, but they were a small part.
    In retrospect we should of left them in the stone age. No rebuilding at all, or at a min take their oil fields.
    China is basicly isolationist. And guess what, there economy is still booming.

    We need all the resourced here at home. The rest of the world has to take care of their own problems. I just hope when we get a new president, he realizes that.
    Im pretty sure Obama is gone.

  52. mcknigco

    I have an idea...why dont we invent the enemy then...wait for it...convince the people that we are the solution then we can blow the f*** out of any country that stands against us all in the name of national security.. What an excellent idea. After all we are the world police. Happy birthday F***wits

  53. Ice M

    @Jack Burton!!! As a fellow American i just have to say that you are soooo f***ing stupid! You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about! i mean common it is an insult to this great nation of ours to have an ignorant stupid f*** posting on issues such as these. Fact is the US trade deficit is killing us and realistically speackin just like "over the edge" basically mentioned, we cannot survive by ourselves. We need the resources from asia and Europe, in order to survive. The american economy although always inovatiove, is merely a shadow of what it once used to be. As to Iraq and Afghanistan, common dude!!! we f***ed up completely. Did a solo mission, and where did it get us? we f***ed up a country, our soldiers are dying 5000 miles away from home and for what? WMD's that never existed? Afghanistan the biggest failure yet... we are going to have the same problems that the russian had. So Jack F***ing Idiot Burton, if i were you, i would turn off the computer and never go online again as it seems to overwhelm your brain capacities. DO the world a favour and never ever dare to comment on anything! and finally go to school and study something serious. I mean seriously... a disgrace to the greatest nation in the world.

  54. DeeJay Pickles

    I love you.

  55. fonbindelhofas

    no cmon... is this is realy how ideas are formed in your head Jack?
    "...we should of left them in the stone age. No rebuilding at all, or at a min take their oil fields."

    you mental?

  56. simonbaush

    Have you ever noticed that those justify the need to 'protect' themselves are always the ones to eventually make-up a threat and then destroy other nations?

  57. Dutch Major

    poor old jack seems to get most his information from fox news....he doesn't even seem to understand that the iraq military mostly disbanded itself to prepare for guerilla warfare tactics when the US invaded as the aggressor....the bush victory dance happened in the silence before the storm, which would make US military look completely incompetent thereafter.

    The US was also incompetent in afghan, libya, vietnam, ww2 etc etc...the tactical prowess of a rock.

    Though saying that most allies also were just as incompetent, the only smart players were the one's which used guerilla warfare as their primary tactic....or nazi germany with its modernized tactics, but Hitler decided to become insane midway and became incompetent also, forcing his generals to follow his insanity leading to defeat.

    If the US became isolated it would starve to death and technologically it is very dependent of foreign research....after all it has a long history of importing foreign specialists including nazi scientists which should have been put on death row, who instead became US citizens treated like kings, but doesn't change the fact US is dependent on the world for its survival...the world is not dependent on the the US acts like a parasite which has gotten a bit to fat sucking resources out of the rest of the world....of only the oil stopped, the US would collapse in a few months....its a drug addict nation....though not the only 1, but the worst as it also tries to pretend to be the justice and police for the world, while it rapes and pillages.

  58. Justin Allen

    Of course God is an American!Duh!You f--kin crack me up dude.

  59. Justin Allen

    I agree.What I do blame the American people for though is burying their head in the sand when it is obvious what is happening.

  60. CanadaGuy25

    I loved the comment "In retrospect we should of left them in the stone age. No rebuilding at all, or at a min take their oil fields."

    As an American, you are ok with invading a country and stealing its natural resources? Are you insane? Its one thing to manipulate a country to only sell you that oil to you through political influence, another to occupy a foreign country and take its only means of income for yourself. I hope all Americans don't have this sense of entitlement that the world must bend the knee to them. Its time you learned a little humility and contributed to the global well being.

  61. sean mathews

    illegal wars, big brother, corrupt banks, NWO, religions that lie........
    who cares just give me 52stations of american gladiator its all i ever wanted.

  62. Kurt OConnor

    I wonder if any permission was granted to the human race to claim this planet? This planet may also be a long awaited gene pool, it's use perhaps may be to seed other upcoming planets. I'm no expert, but I'm certain outside forces will protect this planet from the not so logical humans needing to ruthlessly use a serious weapon against it's self(?). I'd like off this planet before this race alows senslavement to become even deeper.

  63. Rocky Racoon

    Greatest Nation in the world? That is the problem right there, you don't really stack up well against any modern nation except militarily-socially as to the social welfare of the people America has held humanity back-I mean it has only been 50 years since blacks were considered equal in your country and allowed to vote...slavery didn't end with the civil war my friendnor did the attitudes that allowed slavery to exist in the first place.

  64. Rocky Racoon

    I know the feeling and you are right I only hope that democracy that is a government run by for and of the people wins out in the end. Since the end of the Second World War America and therefore the West has been run by the one percent and they have increased their power and influence immeasurably since. We have a real struggle on our hands and quite frankly your pessimissm is well founded. Democracy is getting the **** kicked out of it-the government never does what the majority of people when they know all the facts wants them to do...and the people always seem to be on the right side of things as well, once informed.

  65. D. Stern

    As an aviation-aerospace researcher, writer and published author in five countries and specifically focusing upon the 1950s-1960s initial "jump funny" paranoid reactions to the initial 3-4 Soviet satellite launches, believe it or not, there were studies that focused upon a number of "boost-glider" (the Space Shuttle is one), lifting body space craft studies, not to mention the Boeing Dyna Soar (boost-glider of which #1 proto was 80% complete), were the initial baseline for numerous orbital weapons systems, bombardment platforms (C. Eastwood's "Space Cowboys" portrays a Soviet version), and orbital boost-glider bombers were being studied, proposed to the USAF ARDC, and would have formed a military space force operated by SAC, but were proposed by major Aerospace firm's leaders as a possible separate command! So far, what has been is amazing for that time period and constituted a "Star Wars" more an "Orbital Space Wars" title since it below the Van Allen Belt. Consider, lifting body shuttles, space maintenance via Bell Aircraft's Ramora, and other similar self propelled 1-2 man units, Dyna Soars with rockets to shoot or disable Soviet satellites, orbital Command Posts (Dyna Soar multi-manned gliders to control the space assets, etc. The current USAF/Boeing X-37A is merely a highly updated boost-glider ala Dyna Soar research. Dyna Soar, MOL, and other space projects were systematically cancelled by McNamara, and a 1960s Space Treaty, that is now being ignored. Imagine a vehicle orbiting earth rapidly with spinal doors in which a weapon(s) is stashed and can be launched if somebody decides to use hangs over our heads. Those in the DoD have declared, we are in space, we like it and we intend to stay," meaning the East Coasters already have it planned out to control low-earth orbit and will challenge anybody who challenges us. "American Exceptionalism" yet, another term such as the insane, inane term, "Political Correct." The latter was something thought up by a politician making a brown bank deposit on the ceramic alter, as another term to apply in controlling what people try to say under their 1st Amendment Rights! I'd love to see us leave Earth and initiate the greatest adventure mankind ever tackled, but must be confined to Earth till we learn how not to pollute (crap in our own nest), and cease acting like psychopathically insane barbarians with bloodlust and the intense desire to control everybody on the planet! I do believe there is, in place, something that does limit us to manned space travel until we...gasp...MATURE!

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