People in Motion

2012, Performing Arts  -   30 Comments

We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, the ocean and the sky. Today we go about our business, unencumbered by the frontier.

Society guides us, it gives us permission to drive on roads, to stop at red lights, and go on green.

But something is not right. It often feels as if something is missing. As if the life society has allowed isn't quite enough.

We spend so much time planning for the future it seems we're forgetting how to live in the moment. How to feel deep and profound satisfaction with life.

It was this feeling that let us to watch people in cities, trying to understand what drives them. They typically did the same three things: walk, sit and shop.

People in Motion is a film showcasing the potential people have to move through time and space. The film is shot in true slow motion edited using a composite technique which illustrates stretches of time in an instant.

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. leighatkins22

    A perfect example of when humans are being creative, they feel in control which is very important in life.
    When we are being reactive, we don't feel in control & that's because someone else is in control & we are merely reacting to their creativity.
    The word "creative" is an anagram of the word "reactive" & you can't be creative while you're being reactive & you can't be reactive while ever you're being creative.
    Sure, we need both to be healthy on many facets, but most of us spend almost all our time just reacting - reacting to our jobs & bosses, our families, our hardships & our circumstances with the feeling of little to no control over anything left.
    But these guys have found a way to take that control back for the few small moments left to them in this existence & some of them looked like those moments lasted for a small eternity - and a small eternity of creative control is worth more than a large fortune ;-)
    Excellent job guys - another example of really grasping life with all the joy you can muster coz you chased after the creative control of something you loved to do...


    It is great and truly inspiring. Naturally set to 'Introspect oneself". There is tremendous potential in everyone which is not realized. My congratulations to youngmen !

  3. Max

    Really cool doc! Pictures and music are great! Its hard to think that humans can do such things...

  4. Kateye70

    Hm, not sure if this doc is about parkour or freerunning. I'm no expert, lol, just watching those guys makes my old knees hurt! But I love watching the agile in motion.

    I had to look it up on urbandictionary; there are several entries, but they seem to agree on these points:

    "Parkour is a discipline not unlike martial arts,
    but rather than practicing fighting or self defense, it is about moving

    "Parkour is a way of moving from one place to another as quickly and
    as efficiently as possible by means of jumping, vaulting, climbing and
    other such things.

    "Parkour is not to be confused with freerunning,
    which is more focused on aesthetics (i.e. flips, aerials etc.) rather
    than efficiency. Freerunning is considered an extreme sport, whereas
    Parkour is a practice for personal benefit rather than showing off."

    (From urbandictionary entry for freerunning):
    "Freerunning, is best described as a form of "urban acrobatics" in which participants (free runners) use the city and rural landscape to perform acrobatic movements in order to get from point A to point B.

    "It borrows efficient movements from parkour, adds other acrobatics such as tricking and street stunts, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing/ (showoff) way of moving. It is commonly practiced at gymnasiums and in urban areas that are cluttered with buildings and obstacles."

  5. Paul Gloor

    Simply astounding what the human body and mind are capable of. I look at what they're doing and tell myself I would do a face plant right there, and there, break my neck there, open my skull on that one, eliminate my chances of having children on that one and so forth.... I think ill stick to photography, to each his own source of enlightenment :D

  6. oQ

    one of the few sports that cost nothing.,,,one could do it naked and hands free.

    1. Achems_Razor

      Naked?? how are you going to protect your junk? I suppose men mostly. lol

    2. oQ

      Protecting one's junk would be on one's mind for sure.
      Part of the game!

    3. Pysmythe

      Naked and hands free... seems a little incongruent. Maybe even vaguely suggestive of torture, lol. I think I'd opt for water-boarding.
      (Forgive me, I flipped over something and my mind fell in the gutter.)

    4. oQ

      Water boarding requires a board. Not free.
      As for the torture, i don't think your mind would be on self pleasure in such situation, you could end (horse) backriding a railing...not a good thought.
      One point for you made me laugh.

    5. Pysmythe

      Excellent! You seem a tad overworked these days, so I figured you could use one.

    6. oQ

      A book i have read 1 zillion times is giving me a hard time, and yes have been a busy bee.

    7. Pysmythe

      What book?

    8. docoman

      Kama Sutra? ;)

    9. Pysmythe

      The "book" she's talking about having read a zillion times... might be a ref to all my lame jokes, lol.
      (I'm a little worried!)

    10. oQ

      The book.
      It reminds me of a two pages book with a cover that covers each pages alternatively....starts with i am and ends with am i and keeps going with millions of thoughts hidden in the space, ready to sprout.
      ? a puzzle game book.

    11. Pysmythe

      It did occur to me that must be the one you were referring to, to be honest. But I wasn't sure whether I should bring it up... Didn't want to spook you, if it wasn't.
      Makes me think of Dante with his terza rimas (a much shorter thing, Be-ah-TREE-cha! lol) and just how constricting such things can evidently be. I'm a great respecter of forms (even self-imposed, original ones), because I've personally been so poor at them.
      edit- Maybe it's set up to be too vast?

  7. Pysmythe

    Where's @Earthwinger at? Even if it isn't skateboards, I have a feeling she'd probably like this one a lot.

  8. oQ

    Cool doc, good training for becoming a stunt man.
    The big plus is you get to see Burning Man festival grounds.

  9. Mercenarry ForHire

    Simply awesome!

  10. Trevis Robotie

    I ache all over for these kids......and I envy them soooooo much

  11. Jack1952

    When I read how something isn't right or missing in the introduction, I thought this was going to be another one of those "life sucks, people suck, society sucks" types of video. Pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the entire feel of the doc and the "live in the moment" vibe these people give off. I'm afraid I'm a little too old to find my peace in this manner however.

    1. Pysmythe

      No kidding... I think I pulled muscles just watching them.

    2. Giacomo della Svezia

      Almost all of them! : )

  12. Cap

    what used to be impossible is now the possible

  13. JordanL

    What is "po-po" man?

    1. Jack1952

      LOL. If you don't know the training won't be necessary.

    2. Psych3d

      maybe one day, maybe one day, u never know ;)

    3. Giacomo della Svezia

      It's in the Urban Dictionary.

  14. wald0

    excellent training for avoiding the po-po man in urban settings.