People and Power: The Toxic Truth

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People and Power - The Toxic TruthHashi Omar Hassan was sentenced to 26 years in prison for killing Ilaria Alpi, an Italian journalist, in Mogadishu in 1994. His lawyer claims Hassan was convicted to stop further investigations into the motives behind Alpi's killing. Ilaria Alpi was reporting on arms trafficking and the illegal disposal of toxic waste off the coast of Somalia; trafficking featuring Somali and Italian businessmen, offshore companies and secret service agents - trades that continue to this very day, and which are of serious concern.

Hassan was arrested after having been invited to Italy by the Italian parliament to testify on the abuses inflicted on him by Italian peacekeepers in Somalia. Not even in Mogadishu at the time of the assassination, Douglas Duale, Hassan's lawyer, claims he is a scapegoat - part of a scheme to cover up unmentionable truths that Alpi's investigative work in Somalia had unveiled. He also holds papers proving that Hassan was tricked into travelling to Italy to testify against the Italian military, all the time paving the way for his own arrest.

There is hope for the re-opening of Alpi's case after a witness heard by the latest Italian parliamentary commission of inquiry into the case claimed Hassan was innocent. Giorgio and Luciana Alpi have been fighting for years to uncover the truth about their daughter's death. They want to know who the people behind the murder are, and they want the investigations into the case to continue.

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    Hello.Really Thank you. please continue to collecting documentaries. again Thank you very much.

  2. yourboycal

    looool illegal toxic waste dumping in somolia ? Is it that hard to see for the guy who approves these illegal little missions that his generation will have to share the earth that we destroy today . Perhaps the price of savings of illegal dumping vs proper methods. I think it'd be safer for the earth anyways. seeing as were selfish greedy consuming sob's, that we could just dump our toxic waste far deep into space on a trajectory to some other galaxy . We could fill the rocket with little balls that shoot our liek shrapnel with earths messege , quradinates. etc. That way the little balls would shoot out in random directions in deep space in some random galaxy ! Now we a) have got ridden of our toxic waste in some far away place where therse probably no life anyway + b) shot our messege our during the explosion sending out our little balls of information in every possible direction in space and at fantastic speeds! looks like win win to me! What do you say team?

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    The ads with the audio could ruin this site for me.

  4. Brian Bush

    Not trying to be a jerk, but I had to silence the one on this page three times while I was reading the write-up for the doc. Not fun.

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