Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure

Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure

2002, Drugs  -   19 Comments
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Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure20 years of US war-on-drugs in Colombia paid for by U.S. tax-payers. Still, more and more drugs and narco-dollars are entering the US every year.

Is it a failure or a smokescreen by Washington to secure Colombia's oil & natural resources instead? Now that the U.S. State Department officially shifted its priority in Colombia from counter-narcotics to counter-insurgency conveniently dubbed anti-terrorism, what is left today of the alleged anti-drug purpose of the U.S. "Plan Colombia"?

While cocaine trafficking and money-laundering are skyrocketing to unseen proportions, is the current U.S. oil administration even concerned with fighting drugs in Colombia, another top oil supplier to the U.S., when its U.S.-friendly regime is being threatened by powerful leftist guerrilla groups?

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8 years ago

Docos are not the absolute truth guys, its just a medium to make us see other perspectives. without other perspectives we would be more slaves to the norm, as a colombian that live an early life in Colombia, studied in England, Washington, Sydney, Amsterdam and China, i have to say, IN MY OPINION AND DUE TO MY OVERSEAS EXPERIENCE, this is the true case.... don't be offended if you are from the US because you have been indoctrinated to think in a way that works for the life that you are living, same in Colombia, same elsewhere, To really know whats going on you have to forget everything you have ever been told about history, and go and see the results for your self, talk to the people, and maybe, maybe one day, you might acknowledge that thos facts that have been accepted without any evidence can be disproof without any evidence. and in world that is full of lies, evidence come from experience. Travel the world and go and live in places where the US occupation masked with goals of democracy, infrastructure development for undeveloped countries, war on drugs, anti-comunism, you name it,; have left rich countries entirelly depleted, not just of finite valuable resources but of human potential. for all of those that think that the US have the right to do whatever because they can, wake up! we are not a freaking virus or bacterium, Darwin's Theory of evolution by natural selection does not apply to evolved people, people that can choose between doing good or doing bad and hurting others, we have the choice, wake up people because it might be to late whenever you realize about the world we live in. but its ok, go back to your cable tv, your expensive houses with your big cars, ignore the waste of our potential and be happily ever after in your little bubble, if the strongest is the one that have the right to survive, you are in deep shi^& cause all your persona has been built on, its a bunch of programed lies, to keep you slaves to your constant need of wanting more to satisfy an infinite urge of the will to power. end rant. peace

9 years ago

This documentary is false. Have a clear orientation to created a good imagen from the guerrillas. Today the paramilitaries was irradiated for the Uribe's government and the terrorism continuos today and the only terrorist groups today are the leftist guerrillas. They continuos killing, kidnaping, extortion, recounting minors, using forbidden weapons etc. More that the 90% of the people are against guerrillas. They are today the drog dealers after the paramilitaries desapear. The communist party control the justice courts, the general attorney is communist and they are forcing the justice to give impunity at the guerrillas leaders. They are the worst word criminals. Today the history show must of this documentary is totally false.

Sam Contos
9 years ago

if all of you would stop using terms like "people like you" we would actually be gaining ground, yet you all cull yourselves....
10 years ago

I love America and the way we use and take the worlds resources for our own good. We can kill babies, women, cultures and even whole governments for our own selfish ways there is nothing wring with taking from the poor and using it for a better society and culture. Dont hate the top predator in a world we just make better choices and better society than these poor waste of life cultures and societies like Colombia and Afganistan . Long live AMERICA greatest country to every b birthed.

12 years ago

Sooooooooooo I actually LIVE in Medellin Colombia and KNOW that this documentary is accurate.fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly because of all the pesticides and chemicals from USA. This is an atrocity and Naom had it right. AMERICA HAS NO RIGHT TO BE IN COLOMBIA

same old song
12 years ago

hahaha at the people who think they are experts because of watching this type of documentary. i see these people everywhere in modern times. they are rebels against themselves just for the sake of rebellion but would poop their pants if they had to live in these immoral places with desperate violent groups

12 years ago

hey people you are so down on america, then leave. if you travel outside of the u.s. you will understand why tackling these problems is not black and white. people in a lot of other countries think totally differently than people here. travel. read. look unbiasedly. dont criticize your own country because you think you are an expert because you watched a documentary with an agenda. you are the perfect sheep.

13 years ago

@aron n jim spot on brothers people need to be shown the facts and common sense will prevail.admitidley this will be a struggle in the so called civilised western society that i live in,As brainwashing happens on a daily occurence through your tv.FACT no god exists anyone who can prove other wise im game for a,education,education.Read,read,read.Make up your own mind,be your own god

13 years ago

There is no difference between USA secret assignments and the Nazi government i have always thought it was a country with human rights and moral values, but it is so good hidden that nobody would doubt it is its power certainly giving the right to label others and accuse them of whatever it is convenient to its own country's development financially and strength of military to rule and slave countries for cheap labor and many other political purposes corruption that profits millions of dollars to its allies in power with the supporting of illegal agreements that are so well covered that nobody cares while Americans have comfortable lives others starve and suffer the unfortunate of living in undeveloped worlds that often blame their own ones without knowing it is more of above powers who decide in what directions their lives and future will take place. No secret that for a country to become this powerful would take extreme actions of take whoever is on the way out and force them to give up everything they have and live off their scraps for not having enough power to fight for what they owned their rights their dignity ,and freedom that only seems clearly in favor of developed countries to deserve to have. USA the greatest imperialist in modern history and the police ruler of mainly undeveloped third world countries

13 years ago

Installing millitary bases on Colombian soil with the help of the ruling elite, who are protecting their interests with the help of America, is not an act of war but still an immoral and unjust thing to do.
FARC may use immoral means to aquire funds aswell, but they are the result of the ruling elites opression and crimes against the poor majority in Colombia. The death squads controled by the ruling elite was trained by CIA and has been comitting crimes and murders agianst the Colombian people for many years now and are still active.
Without FARC, there wouldn├Ąt be a political opposition. The ruling elite has been forced to allow an opposition too weaken support for FARC.
The drug running is interlaced with the government and it's judicial system. The level of corruption in Colombia is appaling. The U.S support for this Government only goes to show that their real interests in Colombia is not drugs at all, but it's geopolitical importance, and the build up of force against the neighbouring country of Venezuela who refuse to be under the U.S sphere of controle.

13 years ago


pate rivers
13 years ago

u people amaze me....dont believe everything u see or u watch one documentary and now u believe it all..go take a course in colombian history, colombian/american history. colombia has had paramilitary groups for a long long time.Farc (the largest) for example was formed in 1964 by a bunch of communists to fight Colombian military. farc is kidnapping for ransom and killing their own people and since the fall of the medellin,cali ,norte valle cartels they also control and tax most of the coke that comes out of columbia. they have formed tight bonds with violent mexican cartels. they were never organized to protect their countrymen from america. only later was that claim made-its bs. they are making lots of money. they r terrorists destroying their own country trying to take power.The 19th of April Movement(at one time the second largest but later demobilized) was founded in 1970 when military dictator Gustavo Rojas Pinilla lost the presidency he claimed fraud and the group was started. The 19th of April Movement was funded by the Medellin cartel(pablo escobar, carlos lehder among others). wonder why?? this doc. left out very important points. colombia wants something from us just as much as we want something from them. they are major import/export partners. The bush administration was the first to sign a free trade agreement with colombia but opposed by liberal labor and human rights groups because of Bogota's history of intolerance of labor activism. just in case u dont know free trade means trade without gov. interference. we have never "invaded" them for their resources. This is what's wrong with our country today too many people are riding the opinions of others instead of educating themselves with information from both sides left and right and then making their own opinion. ask obama he will tell u. thats how he got elected

adam smith
13 years ago

its the same story everywhere the american armys are. there is only ever one reason why the us invades countries and thats for its resources. the american gov. says they are fighting the war on terror, well i have news for you the american gov are the terrorists. what gives them the right to enter any country??? no wonder there are so many malitias and gorrila groups around the globe. they are simply trying to protect from foreign invaders(united states) one day when people wake up they will realise who the real criminals are in the world. people are going to revolt and the us is going to take the brunt of it because they are the ones who are responsible for most the chaos around the world. greed and minipulation will only last so long and after you have taken everything away from the people then we are going to see catastrophic consequences. i wish people could see through the lies that the amaericans are creating. the us has one goal and it is to unite the world under one dictatorship.....theirs. anti american is the new revolution and we the people will not stand for the corruption of the american government!!!!

13 years ago

Our "western" culture is simply DISGUSTING. U.S. could have simply made columbia a state, but NO, they want slaves not people with rights, they want even more poor people to leech so that we can grow fat, pay thousands of dollars for diets, plastic junk and watch more TV that shows only propaganda.
We in turn are the "second layer" of this disgusting setup that work so the government and the selected rich few can pay for weapons to keep us and the slave countries at bay.
If the world was one country earth could provide for all. Science would get us to levels were labor would be almost not needed instead of focusing on making stupid weapons. We are backward, we are even worse than Nazis that wanted at least to make a united country of earth and not some kind of king of countries with it's country-slaves.

14 years ago

this is just eye opening, jaw dropping and just goes to show that GOVERNMENT was never made for the people.. its was made for BIG Busieness and to control!! the people. i was seriuosly shocked after watching this documentary, and before this i would always ask myself why are their gorrilla armies in colombia why cant they just be a peacefull people, and always thought it was their fault for the drugs coming to the US, but now i am completely shocked at what ive just seen. and what pisses me off is that i know of one or two people who are addicted to some illegal narcotics and i know would they would benefit from a help center but their aren't any close to wear i live. why the fudgee is THE US gov. keeping this so secret!!!?????