Planet of the Humans
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Planet of the Humans

2020, Conspiracy  -   15 Comments
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Driven by great ingenuity and ambition, the green energy revolution is a powerful rallying cry to support a cleaner planet. But you wouldn't know it from watching Planet of the Humans, a controversial new documentary that embraces a somber counter-narrative.

Written and directed by Jeff Gibbs, a self-described green energy activist who became disenchanted with the movement upon closer inspection, the film has been criticized by an array of high-profile climate change activists who slam its inaccuracies and blatant efforts to mislead. If viewed without proper factual perspective, the film's critics fear it could inspire a decay of enthusiasm for a movement that has set out to change the world.

The film essentially charges that the green energy revolution is led by a misguided optimism and widespread corporate corruption. The technologies are insufficient, the outcomes are too trivial to effectively combat climate change, and the huge amounts of money used to support the movement are being distributed in vain.

The basis of some of the film's arguments are not without merit. Can the same industries who helped to create the climate change dilemma really be trusted to provide the solutions? Is it possible that the profit motive can pervert good intentions?

But when setting its sights on wind, solar and biomass energy sources, the film plays in the sandbox of bad science, cherry-picked facts and antiquated data to support its themes of distrust and skepticism.

As with most Herculean efforts attempted throughout history, the green energy movement continues to be driven by improved technologies, inventive thinking, and more creative solutions. In contrast to these buoyant ambitions, this documentary largely wallows in hopelessness.

Most regrettably, the film does little to offer its own innovative solutions, beyond bemoaning the issues of overpopulation and overconsumption. This is especially surprising coming from a figure like Michael Moore. Whatever your take on his politics, his films are elegantly produced and approach their themes from a humanistic stance; that's the road he travels in order to inspire support for his arguments. Planet of the Humans argues that humankind itself is the problem and no renewable energy source can combat the wastefulness of our existence.

Directed by: Jeff Gibbs

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James Proctor
2 years ago

So dont have kids? Game set and match to the elite....

Jeffrey L Clark
3 years ago

I can't rate the production because you "failed to verify the reviewer?" What the hell does that mean? Am I expected to join something?

3 years ago

Do infants worry where their next meal will come from? Well, environmentalists do. See whoever designed this planet knew of those problems, and he gave us a path to life, that included a peace not found in nature. When you get to know God as you know your parents, you are confident about your future. This is the point that the film avoids. Environmentalism is about worshiping the earth, and the planet is very cruel, is calling for the elimination of humans at a large scale, David Foreman, founder of Earth First said he would like to return to the Paleolithic, and that is what these worriers have in mind. They are the movers and shakers behind the climate movement.
Why not challenge the God who created heaven and earth? I dare you to try and find him with all honesty, he hears a humble soul and reveals his purposes to men who regard him as "provider".
Then you would not have to worry about our planet deteriorating...or capitalists taking advantage of your existential crisis.

3 years ago

So, after some research on the sources of the film, I fund the scene at the beginning of the movie with the solar fest that shows organiser plugin power to the grid because of the rain was filmed in 1995 or 1996 (according to the solar fest website and how peoples dressed)
So the film using footage from 24 years old? The movie came out this year. There's any resent material they can use instead?
That was only after 5 min of research. I'm just saying that before to get an opinion you should double-check the information.

Christopher Dusch
3 years ago

Don Quixote is also a masterpiece.

James OShea
3 years ago

Although Michael and Jeff's narrative about what makes someone "left" or "right" was completely off, I do have to applaud the amount of time and research put forth to bring this enlightening piece of digital film into our home and more importantly...into our minds.

In the least, this documentary opens the door on the previously untouchable lefties, bogus charities and horseshit organizations who are all driven by the mighty dollar and could give a rat's ass about the planet so long as it last's while they're still on it. That goes for their kids too, these narcissistic bunch want the reign of man to end with their insignifi-cunt' passing.

I'll leave you with this: I taught HS science in Queens, NY for a bit over a decade. I was forced to show Al Whore's Doc. I refused on the grounds that most of it was unfounded at the time. Not fully cognizant of his financial motive(s) as I NOW am. In doing so, I was reprimanded and a by my VP and she urged me to play ball or our Principal would write me up on my permananet file.
Yup....good ole' queens teacher's union.

Personal bias aside, this doc. checks all the boxes and quite Frankly is one for the ages...pun intended.

3 years ago

Humans are the problem, yes. Humans are also the solution. Humans have created zero energy, and humans have stolen and hidden it. Humans have created permaculture, and humans have ignored it. And on and on and on... Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs, thank you for your honesty. I share your grief.

3 years ago

At the heart of so many serious world problems is overpopulation. The growing billions of us have not been able to / been-willing-to limit our numbers. So instead, the horror of wars, genocides, famines, pandemics, or natural disasters temporarily and marginally do what humans are unwilling to do. This is not sustainable and isn't even being talked about or debated, so I hope that it's just about time forMother Earth to hit the reset button and try something different than the deeply-flawed, evolutionary experiment of our so-violent species.

3 years ago

The adverse effects on wildlife by these green projects is pushed under the carpet.
If these animals were killed by an oil spill it would be front page news promoting the evils of hydrocarbons. Killing wildlife by wind turbines, not so much.