Plutocracy III: Class War

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The early struggles of the working class are placed under a microscope in Plutocracy III: Class War, the latest chapter in an exceptionally well produced series which explores the origins of America's growing economic divide.

Without a doubt, the clashes between worker rights and corporate interests are prominent in today's political and economic landscape, but they're not a modern phenomenon by any means. These imbalances, and the wealth inequalities that have resulted in their wake, have existed for generations. The filmmakers provide a searing portrait of the brave workers who fought for true democracy in the early decades of the 20th century.

The film begins with the titan of the labor movement during that period - Mary Harris "Mother" Jones. A galvanizing presence who spent her life inspiring a working class revolution, Jones rallied a coalition of miners from Ludlow, Colorado in 1914. These miners worked under heinous conditions and for little pay in a coal operation owned by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Their determination knew no bounds; when the company cast the striking miners and their families out of their homes, they defiantly set up a colony of tents and continued their fight for fairness.

Their stand-off ended in tragedy. The National Guard was deployed and unleashed gun fire into the colony, senselessly massacring men, women and children. This appalling event sparked outrage and public protest across the United States.

The bulk of the film examines the impact of World War I on the labor movement, a conflict that saw the slaughter and disfigurement of a generation. The war provided further evidence of the class divide, and would propel labor advocacy efforts among all genders and races.

All of this culminated in the rise of the Socialist Party and the radical International Workers of the World organization, as well as the events of 1919, a year that saw 22.5% of the work force in strike mode.

Plutocracy III: Class War offers invaluable historical insights from a panel of historians and labor advocates. Their deeply human narrative is assisted by a briskly edited barrage of stock footage, archive materials, and other provocative imagery.

Directed by: Scott Noble

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  1. bart

    How do poor people fight a class war?

  2. butters
  3. butters

    @bart Definitely not by a Food Fight. ;)

  4. SP
  5. SP

    With numbers

  6. Peter
  7. Peter

    Capitalism (Pure/Vulgar) and Socialism (Socialist) are two extreme ends of the social organisation of the means of our survival. It is traced to the material (body - mass) and the social (soul - rule).

    The head is separated from the body and you see the separation of the system is incompatible with Democracy or Equality. The only way for relative peace is to unite in diversity. And this requires a formal science that renders a moral sanction. It’s a movement upward from the body/material to the heart and soul - emotional intelligence. But this movement is now hijacked by technological development – AI and Data; a war between humans and robots.

    Capitalism and Socialism each alone dwells in the subjective abyss. But united gives rise not to Capitalism or Socialism but to Social Capitalism – unity between the two is uniting the body and head.

    And Social Capitalism is maintained by objective links between individuals, their communities and like Freetrade Agreements between nations.

    It is also subject to power play of unilateral dictate, but may not succeed in a group of binding parties. Example; Trump and Brexit.

  8. Loraine james
  9. Loraine james

    very sound comment here Peter, the two halves must unit and become whole. The head capitalism and the body/heart socialism .

  10. joe nobull
  11. joe nobull

    there is an alien on earth,its name is 'corporation',this alien has no conscious,no heart,no arms or legs,its invisible and cannot be physically touched.

  12. joe nobull
  13. joe nobull

    the fed whispers into the ears of its war dogs 'corporations' whom it never punishes,only rewards

  14. Last viewer
  15. Last viewer

    Too bad the format is Vimeo. I'm only at high speed DSL here.
    So, it freeze every once in a while even if I set Vimeo at its lowest quality.
    In hope that it'll be re-encode soon.
    I quit.

  16. filippos
  17. filippos

    Excellent! Revealing the true history of USA

  18. mark
  19. mark

    Excellent film. History is certainly repeating itself today.

  20. Camille
  21. Camille

    Great job!!
    I LOVE how the text is neutral and voice tranquil, as opposed to the sequence of sensational stupid comments of History Channel 'popular' documentaries.

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