Poison In The Mouth

Poison In The MouthStartling documentary shows evidence of brain damage from Mercury in silver amalgam fillings. Most dentists who deny mercury is harmful, will remove them without precautions and can cause a relapse or an equivalent of over 10 years mercury exposure in one go if they drill them out, so if you think you need to remove and replace them, be sure to search out a qualified dentist who uses correct procedures to remove & replace them with safe alternatives like ceramic fillings, or else leave them in until they need replacing if you have had them for ages, and get ceramic ones or a safe alternative to mercury amalgam.

The IAOMT gives guidelines for the removal of mercury amalgam fillings in a safe way, as you will need to go on a mercury detox program before and after taking them out to rid your body of the amount of mercury you will absorb during extraction, as no matter how many precautions taken, you will still be exposed to very high levels, so will need detox, but be careful, research this well if you decide to take action, as you can do more harm than good if you don't know what you are doing, you have been warned. (Excerpt from video.google.com)

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  1. DigiWongaDude

    ooo scary stuff...But hey, I've had mine in for over 30 years and never had a problem.

    I've had mine in for over 30 years and never had a problem.

  2. Jane Doe

    Very disturbing.

  3. she

    Glad I've never had a cavity.

  4. Karmiccontrail


    If it happened to him it must of happened and still be happening to millions of others world wide .
    He complained of a strangeness after having amalgam fillings as a young teenager.As more were added he insisted that his complaints were heard .He was taken to hospital who then sent him to a mental hospital .Five of the male Nursing staff wrestled him to the ground and bent his arms behind his back and held him to the ground ,pulled his trousers down and illegally injected him against his will .This was an attack he would never recover from .Many attempts were made to complain to many committees even a Member of Parliament and they turned a blind eye to this and other commonly occurring attacks on others just like the nursing staff did about Mercury madness .More than their jobs worth to speak out about the NHS both dental and mental.

    We have all seen how mercury does not want to mix with anything at all and attracts itself back together again to form a metallic liquid ball.Sure enough when you mix other toxic metals like there are in amalgam fillings,which separate it ,its nature to attract itself occurs and so all fillings leek .
    The more different metals you mix with it the more dangerous it becomes and the stronger the electromagnetic fields are, which then interfere with the brains delicate electric charge and so causes madness and just about anything else.
    Eg Mercury is used in gold mining because it attracts gold and gold is used in dentistry alongside mercury .The gold draws the mercury out of the fillings making them leek and the gold too becomes contaminated . The other metals ,lead silver copper tin ,depending,separating the mercury and so the mercury draws towards the other mercury and also it doesn't want to mix ,so movement occurs in the form of a leek .

    He has now had all metals removed even white fillings which were put on top of amalgam .He is now taking his first breaths of fresh air without mercury vapour in over 30 years and hoping to recover his sanity that was taken away from him and then told the cause was ,lack of sleep worry and anxiety .Instead of looking at his records and telling him about the mercury madness that has been going on for 100 years , he was given many medications which caused many more mental and physical problems which needed many more medications which all had their side effects which more medication was needed for.

    This material world is made up of the cheaters and the cheated and people suffering, so start an attraction for the spiritual world instead .Learn about Krishna and chant his holy names .


  5. peter

    Huh..i have afew of those thing in me for about 10 years. But i am not too worry about it.. Anything can kill you this days.. cheers from Singapore

  6. ash breaks stuff

    It looks like this doc was made around 1996. I wonder what the current medical research suggests....

  7. Ivan Sherwood

    I have issues with denture creams ingredients. The only one that works for me is the Fixodent Complete, and I usually have to refill the lower plate before dinner. I do not know the ingredients in this paste, but ingest a lot of it every day. I wonder how much harm is this doing to my body? Who can afford a new set of dentures at $3,000 a set? Why has our health insurance never covered dental, when it is such an important part of our overall health?

  8. saad

    damn it, i always wondered why i suck so much in maths, can't remember my wife phone number, just don't feel using brain for remembering numbers but now i like to remember data so i can explain wonder of God's creation, any ways i got like 6 fillings.

  9. Moldavite

    Uh oh! Really very interesting (and quite scary).

  10. edgar

    that's was a nice topic. after watching the program i was very worried about my health because 6 of molars all with amalgam filling for more that 10years ago. i can fell that there is side effect with regards to my memory and others things. but anyway thank you for that message.