Police State

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Police StateAlex Jones exposes the growing relationship between the military and police. Witness US marines training with foreign troops and learning how to control and contain civilian populations as practiced during Operation: Urban Warrior. You will see special forces helicopter attacks on south Texas towns, concentration camps, broad Unconstitutional police actions, search and seizure and more.

Problem-Reaction-Solution paradigm being used to terrorize the american people into accepting a highly controlled and oppressive society. See how the left-wing anarchist groups are actually controlled by the state and used to demonize peaceful protesters. The United States government, at all levels has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World Order clan. The events of Sept 11th mark the initiation of the final sick push of the illuminati to consolidate their one world order and transform earth into a prison planet.

In over two and a half hours, Alex Jones chronicles in stunning detail the true character of the globalists. Learn the master plan of the blood-thirsty elite to financially, physically and spiritually imprison not only America but the world.

Total Enslavement is the third installment in the critically-acclaimed Police State series and is a must-see for all who leve freedom. This film documents the nightmare rise of the Homeland Security dictatorship, Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the Total Information Awareness Network, government-run white slavery rings, the new prison surveillance economy and much more. The very future of humanity depends on exposing government-sponsored terrorism and how the globalists pose as our saviors whem in fact, they are the terrorists.

Episodes included: 1. Police State, 2. The Takeover, 3. Total Enslavement, and 4. The Rise of FEMA.

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  1. Ed

    Alex jones is full of cr*p

  2. Bill Wilborn

    alex jones, areyou serious ?

  3. mike mathwig

    a republican, no doubt

  4. x

    Just a simple man that created his own media empire.
    Too much documentation for these idiots to understand.
    POLICE STATE Series = Top 10 Greatest Documentaries Of The Century.

  5. JonasAlexander

    AJ is a joke.

  6. Lenomdeplume

    "When we spoke, Jones ranted for two hours about FEMA concentration camps, Halliburton child kidnappers, government eugenics programs—and more. When I stopped him to ask for evidence the government is practicing eugenics, he pointed to a national security memorandum. But I found the document to be a bland policy report.

    Jones "cherry picks not just facts but phrases, which, once interpreted his way, become facts in his mind," says Louis Black, editor of the Austin Chronicle, who knows Jones, a fellow Austin resident. When I confronted Jones with my reading of the report, he became pugnacious, launching into a diatribe against psychologists as agents of social control."

    "Jones insists he had a "Leave It to Beaver childhood." I couldn't confirm such an idyllic past. When I asked if I could interview his family or childhood friends, he insisted his family was very "private" and he had not kept in touch with a single friend. When I asked if I might look them up, he became irritated. He doubted he could "still spell their names," and besides, I'd already taken up enough of his time. "I turned down 50 or 60 requests for interviews this week," he wanted me to know.

    The number sounded wildly inflated. Conspiracy theorists have a grandiose view of themselves as heroes "manning the barricades of civilization" at an urgent "turning point" in history, Hofstadter held. Jones has a "messiah complex," Black contends. Grandiosity is often a defense against underlying feelings of powerlessness."

  7. bluetortilla

    The pitbull of Austin, Texas is at it again! (Actually it's amazing and foreboding that this was filmed mostly in 1998, well before the massive terrorist panic following 9/11- gives erie pause...). Despite Jone's over the top antics, angry sarcasm and hyperbole, the fact is that most of what he is warning against does have a great deal of truth to it and is plainly visible for all to see. I may not agree with (actually most of) Jone's theories as to what's behind the militarization of the U.S., but i do admire his tenacity, fearlessness, and what seems to me a genuine caring for the humble folks of the world like you and I. Besides, it's just interpretation- he is after all filming easily verifiable incidents, and very much at his own risk. Overall, Jones comes off as that lovable Southern Baptist preacher of conspiracy. You might not share all the creed but at the same time the message is moving and from the heart. More than a bit paranoid? I think so, but I might be wrong.
    Is the U.S. indeed heading toward a Federal police state (or a totalitarian state complete with massive labor camps as he claims in another documentary)? Sometimes borderline manic alarmists have a frightening but untrue way of connecting the dots. Time will tell but I can agree with Jones that we have been witnessing the tightest clampdown in U.S. history. History it seems is only predictable until after it happens. And then everyone disagrees on the why's and wherefores.
    Tight budgets, cheap sets, B-production, and only one cameraman it would seem don't deter our fearless hero from getting in the faces of the scariest of people and calling them out. I sure couldn't do that. And you can't help but to admire his gentle touch when he feels he might have upset or offended someone. Good for Jones- we need a lot more people like him.

    1. Lenomdeplume

      "Most of what Jones says is true..." Are you serious??? Try reading the following which are DIRECT quotes from the Aemy manual MIS-QUOTED by Alex "Blockhead" Jones. (His nickname from earlier in his career).

      "Did you know that radio host Alex Jones has revealed that the U.S. military has “plans to subdue and kill Americans in civil disobedience protests?” Did you miss this important revelation? The claim is said to be based on a 132-page Army document titled, “U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances.”

      “Often in the media,” the Army document says, “protesters can gain sympathy for their cause by prompting authorities to take physical action against them. Violence can be the result of demonstrators beginning to conduct unlawful or criminal acts and authorities (who are responsible for the safety and welfare of all) enforcing the laws of the municipality, state, or nation.”

      The Army document goes on: “Commanders must be aware of the possibility that some individuals or groups within an organized demonstration may intend to cause disruption, incite violence, destroy property, and provoke authorities. The situation and actions of the crowd may dictate control and enforcement options. Agitators and criminal infiltrators within the crowd can lead to the eruption of violence. Inciting a crowd to violence or a greater intensity of violence by using severe enforcement tactics must be avoided.”

      Does this sound like a plan to murder innocent civilians? Perhaps only in the mind of someone like Alex Jones, who is always prepared to blame the police or law enforcement for any confrontations or violence that may occur.

    2. bluetortilla

      "Most of what Jones says is true..."

      Hey, if you're going to quote someone then have the decency to do it right. What you're doing is inflammatory. What I said was, "the fact is that most of what he is warning against does have a great deal of truth to it" which is entirely different from "Most of what Jones says is true..."

      Gee, you know, I spent most of the post characterizing the guy as an outrageous, over the top paranoid and you act like I'm a follower. I like his confrontational style and in-your-face antics, but I never said I agreed with all he was saying. I did say I agree that the general trends he speaks of are indeed happening and are plain to see. So it seems to me that you didn't care to read what I had to say carefully at all.

      In any case, if the U.S. has no plans on killing its own citizens it sure has had no lack of gumption to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in other countries.

  8. anna miller

    Alex Jones is a gatekeeper, planted by the illuminati to head off the freedom of information explosion. While he presents info that has been hidden from us, he works aggressively to prevent the root of the cabal from being exposed. The truth hurts. But the truth burns more bright when freed of fire walls. Do your own research.

    1. DogTanian382

      I always thought Alex Jones was chicken little

    2. bluetortilla

      But maybe the sky IS falling! :D


      You do have to check out what he says. The "national police force" (Rand Report) turned out to be seconding specially trained individual members of either the Secret Service, the US Army, the FBI, or the US Marshall's Service - to the purpose of training civilian police forces in countries that the US decides to invade.

      The number of foreign police trainers needed per invasion wouldn't be enough to control Rhode Island.

      What I do like about Alex Jones is Molon Labe and his willingness to talk about the elite agenda. But I don't really see how even an armed population will ever be able to engage in direct armed conflict with our current police state and have a hope of prevailing.

    4. LoggerheadShrike

      What a lot of people who are into this stuff don't realize is that it's generally only coups that succeed through sheer force of arms. Revolutions are mass uprisings and as such are able to exert many other forms of pressure. General strikes, for instance, can cripple the industrial base and logistics infrastructure and make it difficult (in some cases impossible) for a conventional military to function. That's probably more true today than it was 50 years ago, with the military outsourcing and privatizing so many functions.

  9. Shc Srjkjskrtjtaajt

    Never mind i found it! its Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi - O Fortuna .

  10. Shc Srjkjskrtjtaajt

    i meant slavic, i want to know the name of the slavic music at the beginning of the 3 firsts videos

  11. Shc Srjkjskrtjtaajt

    i can't get enought of this guy

  12. Shc Srjkjskrtjtaajt

    can any1 tell me the name of the song at the beginning of the 3 firsts videos??? that has got to be the most epic, aweinspiring music but i cannot find the title so i could download it. you know, the one thats in some slovak thong...??? any1?


    Thought provoking.

  14. thisismyspamemail

    The way some of those law enforcement are so over zealous it makes me wonder if they are souped up on some kind of upper or steroids before going off to assault and batter people and destroy their homes and personal property.

    1. bluetortilla

      Power is intoxicating apparently. Kissinger called it an aphrodisiac.

  15. sandyr123

    markLwebster....how will you defend yourself against a drone attack? Besides they are working on taking our guns away anyhow

  16. boner_wizard

    the military's privates will never be powerful enough to subordinate the people of united states of americana.

    1. bluetortilla

      I don't think it would hard to brainwash the masses overnight. Fear reigns. People will still have guns, and people will still get killed. And if you're busted you're sent off to a labor camp.

  17. markLwebster1993

    Ok there are around 300 million Americans the Us military is what 1-2 maybe 3 million strong not counting cops the military is vastly out numbered compared to the people and with cops there still outnumbered then you count those cops and military members who won't go along with this **** and it's amazing how many civilians there are compared to cops and military personal if those people fought the military would fall

    1. Leslie

      They will bring in foreign troops.

  18. markLwebster1993

    I don't think it's like Nazi Germany it's more like China in 2010-2011

    1. bluetortilla

      I live in China. It's NOTHING like here.

  19. timothy terry

    i havent seen this police state happen in ohio yet but its good to know what to keep your eyes out open for

    1. amaryillus

      You haven't seen a police state in Ohio? Think back to 1970 and the Kent State massacres. $ dead in Ohio...not to mention many wounded and crippled.

  20. kirastianity

    "they are not to blame (the police and military), they are naught but puppets on a string. Its a true shame that their eyes could not be opened sooner, I don't believe it fair that we all should endure this suffering all because of a sin 6000 odd years ago by Adam and Eve. (No Offense God, I know your amazing and all, I just disagree here with you.) "

    That's funny.

  21. Dion Neville

    Nice.. still watching the video's. Alex man you got balls mate. I used to be like you to a degree. But after a few false accusations and being convicted of them, I wouldnt wish on anyone (including myself) to end up in prison. Theres even less freedom there. I guess the difference between you and me is that you are not a nobody like myself. People like me are easier to deal with. We dont have the world watching us and nor do we have the cash to stand up and fight in court. I've been watching the one world order coming in for a long time now. Slowly they bring in new rules. They take our freedom away so discreetly that we hardly feel the changes. If they had done it all at once, they'd of never been able to contain the uproar. I personally feel its too late now. They are already prepared and set up to deal with any revolts. People have homes, family, debts, lives to live. They all have seen on tv news etc what the police and military do to protestors and where they end up. Its too much for most people to risk all that for what freedom they do have left and their lives. Other people would probably disagree, saying no price would be too high to gain a free and just world. One without the corruptness of todays world. If you believe in God, I guess you would know all this will happen inevitably. But also you would know that it will represent the coming of Jesus and a new world, full of peace and true justice. Like you said Alex, they are not to blame (the police and military), they are naught but puppets on a string. Its a true shame that their eyes could not be opened sooner, I don't believe it fair that we all should endure this suffering all because of a sin 6000 odd years ago by Adam and Eve. (No Offense God, I know your amazing and all, I just disagree here with you.)

  22. anonymous

    If Jones is wrong go out there a prove him wrong he asks you to do it...he wants you to do it, no one has yet so he still stands firm. I'm all for the government and military to be on top of there **** to fight terrorism but doing it so close to peoples homes is very dangerous. especially when the people rebuilding the buildings say there was bullet holes in the wall. Any amount of those bullets could have went astray and damaged personal property and/or people. if they have $3 billion to buy motorhomes and not use them i think they can put up a dummy town to do fake firefights in. thats just my opinion though haha

  23. Billy Bingbong

    @ rtm I couldn't agree more that Alex Jones is irritating to listen to, the whole coarse voice with impending doom is over the top.

    Yes the system is messed up, I feel for those of you who live in the US and face such problems. Me personally I will never understand why doing something as innocent as smoking pot makes me a criminal.

    1. David Foster

      Alex Jones: America's #1 Apocalyptic Sportscaster

  24. Nakor4200

    Agreed Darren

  25. Darren

    This guy is a total jerk. I am just now pushing through the first video and all I see is a rude individual. Sure it is strange to see our money disappear in such an overtly obvious way but Alex Jones is not backing himself up with facts. He is just harassing the officers and actually causing more of a distraction than doing anything positive.

    1. David Foster

      It's an activist thing.

    2. Vance Lemley

      What are you talking about Darren, yes Alex can be abrasive, but he needs to be, the authority doesn't respond to timidness and all he does is provide facts, over and over, if you notice when he calls people out, it isn't long before they admit their wrong doing and he is justified. You sound like a typical happily ignorant person. I think I know who would turn on their neighbors and family when the storm troopers come.

    3. LoggerheadShrike

      He is a professional outrage queen; it gets rating and that's what Alex is doing, running a business which has the same purpose as any other business - making money. He does this very well. He gets his ratings by mimicking his audience - essentially it's an echo chamber, which is why it works. The audience is desperate to see their views taken seriously and so he gets big ratings from the kookoo demographic. And that's why the business model is a success.

  26. Henry

    You obviously don't live in a place like New York City. I am only 24 years old and have been through at least 100 checkpoints in my short lifespan. I have also been harassed by police countless times. At 12 years old I was handcuffed and thrown around the concrete sidewalk for disrespecting a police officer. I was not charged with anything.

  27. Threasa

    TO Chrisdunn421

    I couldnt agreemore with what you said.a few days back . I was just saying this to my son. That we need a higher goverment that does not take a salary, perhaps he or she could receive free housing and pursue a regular job and then volunteer his/her service in our state. This would be a group of people with the best intentions for the well being of the people as a whole.
    the problem is the politicians receive large sums of money to do their jobs the power is way to great, there opinions win out over the common person we have no true democracy if you have money/power you will win if you are poor you will loose.
    I also dont like the whole political competition between those
    competing for political office how they sit there when cam paining, down grading their opponent. If they spent more time and money doing good deeds for the people in our country and less on insulting other politicians. I feel that they would have a better chance at swaying the public opinion on there own merit.

  28. gianna maria

    People in America need to wake up! America is slowly becoming the new nazi Germany. Why do you think an adult can get so much hell for not carrying state id or a drivers license?
    I read somewhere that there is a new law in the works that every person in the usa must carry state issued id at all times! If not its grounds for a citation!
    THe new drivers licence state id has facial recognition! This is where are tax dollars are going? Its pretty creepy that i must identify myself at all times upon request even if i am doing nothing wrong! Just look at the one driver one record law that keeps evryone tracked by computer in every state.
    They tell us its for are own good because of identy theft etc.when really its to be sure we can be found and tracked all our activities good or bad are money are homes we dont truly own ourselves or our property wages etc.
    I am frightened living here in america while the computers have created many benefits in society it has also aided are goverment in complete control of the citzens.
    Police know there badge gives them complete control they hold the power they can say or do whatever they want to you and there is nothing you can do to defend yourself.That is not what i consider freedom... take a look at your constitution the original that is look at it now its completely changed and in the way that we are given less and less control over our own lives.
    Upon being pulled over why is it okay for a cop to go beyond the law? Why is it ok to say degrading things to me as if i am not a person? why is it a peace officer has become someone who does not aim to protect you but cause you more harm and friction in your life? "Protect and serve" should become "bully and harass" they need to change there motto.
    I could go on but you know what? most people dont believe these things until they experience this first hand.
    I actually groveled like a desperate weirdo freak when being pulled over please please please i begged only to be laughed at for it the cop called me a freak and laughed with the other cop about me pleading please please please!
    Not knowing that i was a complete mess because i had just lost my mother to cancer 3 days before and no i didnt realize my tail light was out.

    1. David Foster

      Gee, another wake up call. Thanks! And from someone who can't even handle getting a traffic ticket.. How Special!

    2. Vance Lemley

      Gee, another nonsensical and unrelated retort, and from someone that can't even handle the truth...how special

  29. MDB

    There were many people that thought their military wouldn't turn on them, all the way back to ancient Rome. I'm sure there were many in Nazi Germany that didn't believe the same about their government.

    To get you to believe that it can't happen here is exactly what they want you to believe.

    Listen to those they're trying to silence. Follow your own mind.

  30. Germanus

    im from belfast northern ireland and this all too familiar. The only difference is we fought back and made the differenece and declared the peace unfortunately thru the bullet and bomb and thankfully thru dialogue. With this its totally different. Your enemy is really covert and sly (aka the usa govt puppets and the men....err sorry the cowards behind them-illuminati, bilderberg group and so on. For any american citizen who thinks that this is not real then you have to get real. wake up and see the writing on the wall. I lived in america for 2 years and loved the freedom and loved the people. what a great country u used to be.

  31. habler

    Im voting for Chris dunn here, the USA could be paradise if it didnt keep meddling in foriegn nations afairs.

  32. chrisdunn421

    Take a moment and imagine fighting for something you truly believe it. You are highly motivated, mentally sharp and poised for action. Now imsgine your enemy the same way. Your enemy is in the same state as you and feels the same way about whatever they are supporting. Everybody has chosen a side and are ready for battle. Now imagine this scenario in America. Against Americans. The minute that my scenario starts sounding possible, is the minute of defeat. We've had a politically influenced civil war once that was supposedly about slavery, the slaves were not freed, and endured considerable hardship after they were "freed". The civil war was an example of a runaway democracy. We need a true republic. With a body of basic rights that is identical to the Bill of Rights, with one addition that includes women and people of color in all of the first Ten Amendments. We should, by popular vote by EVERYONE, elect governors for their respective territories who should hold no real power or salary but simply be a voice for the majority. This all falls apart without a media enema, think about debate class, if you took it, I would win debates on points I didnt even believe in because that was what I was told to do. Much like the media except that they are paid huge sums of the coin of their realm, whether that be actual money or political consideration. Next many government agencies have outlived their usefulness, they are next in my reform. EVERY government agency must be completely transparent and heavily regulated. Most will be abolished as our government has become sluggish. Many are on the edge of corrupt. The government should have no debt. The newly reformed treasury department will print money as a trade facillitator, and spend it into existence by awarding the money to the states ti be spent solely on service to the public, roads, bridges, schools, and other educational and social facilities. This would focus America on whats important. The future of our children. Not conquering the world and imposing our customs on other countries. We have no reason to be involved in foreign wars or any other future changing events. The "Prime Directive" shall be observed. Even though it appeared in Star Trek many years ago there is much wisdom in it. We influence wars by selling one side superior weaponry. After that we have altered the natural progress of the countries involved. This is criminal in the purest form. Look what America went through a few hudred years ago. Look at the people that left England and came here. They struggled against every difficulty imaginable. But the old saying holds true Paraphrase: Adversity makes men, wealth makes monsters". So a possible solution is limit the power of the highest executives of any corporation by making them elected by employees and investors every 2 years. This will not apply to a private businesses as the government has NO influence over that area. The customers of each private company will dictate most policy decisions as any citizen dispute with any business shall be held with do haste in a court of law. With both sides recieving court appointed representation. No private lawyers can be involved. The law should be simple enough for the average 18 year old to understand being that the 18 is now under the consequence of law. Laws will be written in simple to understand text. No centralized bank shall ever recieve a charter unless all governing board members are publicly elected. If such a case arises no profits are to realized in any way by any member, associate, relative of the bank shall profit directly. All should benefit from such an institution. Anything else is criminal. Ill just stop there Chrisdunn421.

  33. Carl Hendershot

    Good entertainment. Humor me some more please.
    Lets talk about how things are so sour and not give you a way out of it. Hmmmmm sounds real patriotic to me. Something just isn't mixing with this sugar coated cough drop.

    1. Vance Lemley

      No way to get out of it, uhh...did you not listen to anything that was being said...it is up to you, to me, to we the people, to stand up to tyranny, to call these people out, to never back down and to arm ourselves with knowledge, rise up and take this country back...how's that cough drop going down now

  34. NoCTu

    All you people talking trash about Alex Jones are completely full of c***. You obviously haven't done nearly enough research to understand what Alex is talking about.

    You're all just spreading disinfo and slandering one of the only true patriots in the media who understands the Constitution and American values.

    Alex may talk loudly and be very passionate and animated, but that's only because he truly believes what he's saying and is emotionally affected by what is happening.

    Alex Jones is a true patriot and a good man.

    1. Alaskies

      What a joke. 13:23 - "We're in 1936 Germany right now". What a m*ron. Do you not understand that this is labeled as a "Conspiracy Documentary" and why that is so? Everybody is passionate about something political these days, especially with what's going on with terrorism, weapons bans, Obama being re-elected. Everybody has a strong opinion and most people are similarly passionate about their opinions, they just don't feel like making an extraordinarily s*upid documentary about they way they feel, as if anybody gives a damn. Wake up. This guy is a conspiracy theorist and ALWAYS will be. People like you, this guy, Michael Moore, Bill O' Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, all of you m*rons get lumped into the same category: Pompous dip s*its who think that they're right about everything and know that the people want and need to hear what they have to say. I feel sorry for you man. You're rather delusional.

    2. Elissa Sangi

      This is happening on the smallest possible scale. The mayor of NYC wants to MAKE LAW Big Drinks, Super sized drinks can no longer be had in New York State. Not just NYC but the state. This is the abuse of power and it is not a conspiracy THEORY. It is true and it happened. Who stopped it? The citizens. Good thing they don't harbor your thoughts.

    3. Alaskies

      No, I understand that. It's happening on a scale too small to even measure. I know exactly what Michael Bloomberg TRIED to do, and because this country is comprised mostly of rational human beings, that s*it got shot down, and will never get passed. To compare what is in this video to Nazi Germany, to compare ANYTHING political going on in the United States now or ever, to the Holocaust, to trivialize the Holocaust in such a way, is not only offensive, it's disgustingly ignorant, and makes one look like an i*iot. But thanks for playing.

  35. Valerie

    Okay i think this is extreme i dont believe our military is practicing to take over american citiens or plotting global control. Maybe some of it could be training in case of riot which can and has happend over certain issue.s
    remember the blakouts in california where just about everyone was looting stores and reeking havoc.
    The music in the beginning is weird it sounds like the same music from the horror movie Damien omen
    I think this guy alex jones is just an attention seeker and is taking things to the extrene or he a little wacked in the head, perhaps he should get some prozec or valium.

  36. ginad

    I am only part way into the first hour, i have in my 40 years of life only seen one check point. Usually where i live they are listed in the local paper i guess as a warning?

    I don't agree with random check points unless there is good reason such as near America's borders because of possible drug smuggling or illegals trying to get in. Perhaps its also a good idea during holidays when there are extra people on the roads and a higher chance of intoxicated drivers.

    Until this doc i never even considered the check points as an intrusion on civil liberties of the American people. So many of us grow up thinking this sort of thing is the norm.

  37. hawkpork

    all u alex bashers suck.
    i don't particularly like his style either. or agree with his ideaology of libertarianism.
    but i try to maintain objectivity and not shoot the messenger like u lot.
    even if he is a shill trying to push the US towards libertarianism and even worse tyrrany than it presently experiences, he's still raising awareness on vital issues.

  38. M

    Alex Jones is a fraud and a lair. He's just an entertainer.

  39. Osha

    I'm probably going to watch this (I hate the cops as much as every other sane person out there), but I do have to say one thing.

    left-wing anarchist groups

    Wha?! A-n-a-r-c-h-i-s-t, meaning those who believe that government - and thus it's politics - should be burned to the ground and allow people to make their own choices. Now how this will be done, the end product, and the post-government structure varies from group to group. The syndicalist believe something like Marxism will be best for the end, anarcho-primitivist believe that civilization will crumble with the end of capitalism, government and the police state, you have the anarcho-pacifist who believe you can get people to see your point and shut down capitalism and government by being peaceful, and there's a whole slew of other anarchist ideologies out there as well. However there is no such thing as "Leftist" anarchist ideologies, well unless you want to believe that anarcho-capitalism isn't a trendy way of saying one is a libertarian, but than that's your problem.

    What's next? Marxist getting confused for socialist?

  40. rtm

    Alex Jones is slightly irritating to listen too. The army should be able to practice w.e they want wherever they want, because they are responsible for the safety of the citizens so it would make little sense for them to do any harm, through their exercises. whether there is terrorism or not, the military is the nations defense and should be respected.

  41. lm3000

    I agree with California Salton Sea about Alex Jones - I find him loud, obnoxious and kinda on his soap box. However, it does not take away from what is really happening.
    The videos from 2000 is reminscent of South African Police and army during the 70's and 80's, the UK army in Ireland during the 70's, 80's and 90's, Russian troups during the war in Sarejvo/Chechnya and every other neighbour etc. etc. etc. And obviously Nazi Germany.
    What makes people think that the American Armed Forces and Police will not turn on the American public like almost every other government and army has turned on their own for the most of the last century continuing into this.
    It's time for the world to wake up and realise that there is an interconnected power base working behind the scenes that the average joe soap is not privy to. Their aim is to obtain and retain absolute power and control. And as we all know, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely...

  42. California Salton Sea

    Please view Alex Jones videos with extreme caution. It is said the best liars tell mostly truth and so it is with Alex Jones. Jones is NOT the left. He is a gatekeeper who represents the left. Analyze carefully and you will find him misleading. Research his reputation before gobbling his goop. Yeach! There are much better sources for information than this guy.

  43. liv

    This great man mr jones has been warring you d*** a** ya*** about what is in the pipe.
    And you rekly think obama save you

  44. Toronto man

    I hate when cops harass and randomly search me for walking down the street. I also hate when they see you out at night, drive up a curb, and complete there task of shining their annoying blinding spotlight in your face. Something needs to happen because i don't agree with feeling like your committing a crime for simply walking down the street and being a teen to late 20s.