The Power behind the Throne

The Power behind the Throne

2015, Politics  -   18 Comments
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Is Britain truly a democracy, or are the unelected members of the monarchy the true political power players? The Power behind the Throne attempts to unravel this potential conspiracy in which public policy may be swayed by the wealthiest elite.

The mainstream media may choose to romanticize it, but the existence of a monarchy is nevertheless a troubling and antiquated structure. In the 17th century, Britain undertook a grisly civil war in an attempt to win their democracy separate from the monarchy. Ever since that time - officially, at least - a king or queen's scope of influence and power has been severely limited at best, especially in comparison to the country's democratically elected members of Parliament. The citizenry are assured that the British monarchy has no real political pull in the everyday functions of their representative government.

Yet power is often synonymous with wealth, and the members of the Royal family are among the richest in the country. The Queen's fortune alone is estimated at somewhere in the neighborhood of $350 million pounds. Their ascensions, which are earned only by family relation, are further flattered by a slew of privileges not afforded to others, including their ability to reap tax-free profits from a sizable seven billion dollar land portfolio and to avoid paying corporation taxes on various business interests.

As detailed in the film, the monarchy's role in manipulating public policy making became clear with the release of the "black spider memos", a series of long-winded written communications between Prince Charles and assorted government ministers and politicians. These letters contained detailed viewpoints on a variety of political issues, and persuasive recommendations from the Prince of Wales on how these issues may best be handled. The sycophancy with which these letters were received and responded to by representatives in the government makes their influence self-evident.

According to the information presented in the film, the monarchy's sphere of influence doesn't stop there. They have their hands in a great number of additional avenues from international diplomacy efforts to arms sales. The Power behind the Throne is fearless in its attempts to uncover the shocking truths behind a long-held veil of secrecy.

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Jeremi St Denis
4 years ago

Very interesting I wonder how much Canada pays the Royal Family

Simon Othen
4 years ago

Moan, Moan, Moan ..... rather be a subject of the prince of wales than teresa mays Tory party 1

7 years ago

"I am a citizen, not a subject" or so I would like to be. Reality is quite different. Good programme.

Anthony Cooke
7 years ago

This just made me sad that this kind of cover up has been going on for many years. I think of the many thousands to troops that have die in battles on land and sea, so that the top one per cent can live so well.
Shame on you all for allowing this to continue, and continue to be fooled by the pomp and circumstance.
God Bless the people of Britain my you be one day free to be yourselves.

7 years ago

They murdered Diana. Phil the Greek gave the order.

7 years ago

Royalty are an anachronism. Off with their heads. Oliver Cromwell was correct. England once was a democracy ... well ... the Cromwellians ruled for at least a few years. Many of Cromwell's Puritan adherents ended up in America, where democracy blossomed in 1776.

Roma Fraser-Engler
7 years ago

GOD save HM Queen Elizabeth 11 and her Heirs . May she long reign over us. All Our Hope is in GOD.

7 years ago

Oh, and it makes you wonder when William and Harry fully grasped the fact that the old bag or good ole' dad could have easily ordered the murder of Diana or are they too brainwashed by now and go along with it all.

7 years ago

They are no different than the corrupt politicians in the US---capable of getting away with anything including murder and/or treason. British as well as American chemical and biological weaponry (sold by Cheney to Iraq days before the war started) were destroyed (dispersed rather) by US troops and Iraqi's with knowledge that could have provided evidence against them such as the dreaded 'Chemical Ali' was targeted until he was killed. Meanwhile, the coalition is dropping bombs (w/ depleted uranium/white phosphorous, etc.) and using vehicles that have components made from uranium. All of the war zones are contaminated far beyond Chernobyl levels---yet we continue to create chaos in countries so that the politicians/corporations profit. It is the same reason they deny/delay taking care of troops exposed to vaccines, TBI, and chemical/biological agents, preferring to diagnose them all as having PTSD (profit for drug investors) and shielding their responsibility until the soldiers die, are left homeless, or end up using drugs/committing violent acts and ending up in jail---until they die from diseases/cancers from their exposure. They also hide the fact that girlfriends/spouses, and children born to those men can also be impacted. (See Beyond Treason on Youtube or the videos of Fallujah hospitals right during/after the invasion and the deformed babies). The US Army, the Canadian Army, and I'm sure the UK Armed forces as well utilize soldiers as guinea pigs for Big Pharma through vaccines without releasing how many soldiers die or are permanently disabled after receiving them. The vaccines, the brain injuries, and exposure to radiation and chemicals could all account for behavioral changes that severely alter their lives and even lead to their suicide rates. After Vietnam and the US's horrendous treatment of vets and their families affected by Agent Orange, not to mention failing to attempt to repair the damage done in Laos as well as Vietnam, no one should doubt politicians only care about personal profit. Look at the crimes for which Hussein was hanged in Iraq---Obama committed far worse atrocities including murdering doctors with impunity because the US refuses to comply with the Hague. It gave the Bush clan, the Oblama admin., and the Clintons immunity to continue their corruption. Just look at the candidates for US election---the fact Hitlary could even be considered is an abomination. They should all be serving time at Gitmo or worse.

7 years ago

The monarchy are leeches off their citizens...Nothing more than glorified welfare recipients,

7 years ago

Rarely do I say it, but this makes me proud to be American. Already enough dumbasses fawning over talent-less celebrities here, but at least they actually did something to become famous and aren't overwhelmingly stealing hard tax-payers money.

The monarchy is simply british propaganda.

7 years ago

why did you guys give it such a high score...? – ...I gave it four stars...
I would have rather read an article on the same subject was borderline unwatchable...
"is Britain a 'democracy'?" – course not...most people who engage in discussion about "democracy" don't bother themselves with what criteria would be necessary in order to define something as a genuine "democracy" – it's just a matter of "faith" today..."democracy" is attractive to Power just because Power understands the weakness of the democratic proposition...the many are too stupid to realize this, so they "vote"...and Power wins...
....but YOU – YOU...have to "believe" in "democracy"...

...anyway...considering watching this documentary...? – ...don''s not worth it...

M. Misas
7 years ago

Defective as it is, none of these well documented but highly biased presenters, could or would proposed an better alternative total our type of government.

Do we really want to replace our defective parliamentary monarchy for a Donald Trump, a Silvio Berlusconi type of presidency?

Rather than Prince Charles trying to influence governments, would we be better off having a Dickinson Chayne? a Donald Rumsfeld? kind of power behind the " face" of democracy

Please notice that I am talking about democratically elected ( potentially electable) governments.

As to the symbolic value of the royal family; how many people in the WORLD could remember ( and associate with his/ her country) the presidents/ prime ministers of Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, India, Costa Rica, Mexico...( I am running out of freely elected regimes !!!) in power now? Let alone from the 1950's?

...and value for money? How many tourists travel to a country attracted by the people in power?

Do not delude ourselves.
England, alone, is a minor league player in today's world. The Commonwealth, on the other hand, counts.

And the HISTORICAL/SYMBOLIC role of the British Monarchy is THE GLUE that holds it together.

Is the British Monarchy perfect? No.
Is it ideal? No.

I would like a documentary, as well put together, proposing a better alternative.

7 years ago

Of course knowledge of the disproportionate influence of the royals is nothing new but it's as part of the ruling class for whom this society is run. You have to look at it from the other end. Democracy is a mere illusion and propaganda in the UK. The voting system is a joke. You don't need to rig the counting, the whole system is flawed. And people marking a cross once every 5 years is people exercising power? 30 or so swing constituencies decide the outcome - then you have a set of people who can run the country like a dictatorship for 5 years. Not to mention there's little difference between the two main contenders in the first place. At least places like China are open dictatorships.

7 years ago

Plutocrate dancing and laughing in front of us all

7 years ago

It has always been the case that the monarchy is undemocratic but as the documentary reveals, the hidden powers, and the machinations of the wealthy associated with the royals will continue until the government repeal laws that allow the imbalances of rich and poor within a system that harks back to feudalism.