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Powers of Ten

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Powers of TenPowers of Ten explores the relative size of things from the microscopic to the cosmic.

The 1977 film travels from an aerial view of a man in a Chicago park to the outer limits of the universe directly above him and back down into the microscopic world contained in the man's hand.

Powers of Ten illustrates the universe as an arena of both continuity and change, of everyday picnics and cosmic mystery.

The film also demonstrates the Eameses' ability to make science both fascinating and accessible.

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  1. ohnolookout

    9 minutes well spent!

  2. Guest

    Well spent 9 minutes!

  3. Max B.F.

    Now that! what a nice trip. after viewing this, you may actualy be able to "size" it all... but just for a moment, after... it escapes our understrandings. (/french people should not write english coments =))


  4. Curtis McGee

    Something that a lot of people are aware of, but do not really understand. Such large numbers are simply beyond human comprehension. There is no way we can relate to a one followed by forty zeros.

  5. Shama196038

    Nature is more sublime than any god we can postulate. Fascinating MR Spock would say.

  6. ali khan


  7. ali khan

    Nice short documentary, after watching it you will realize the grande design of this Universe. Those numbers are beyond human understanding.

  8. NX2

    That's one piece of great film history, even if only for aesthetic considerations. I wonder how it would have looked like if they hadn't used the metric system.

  9. Guest

    a well spent 9 minutes, interesting that a light year is 10 to the 16 meters I didn't know that!

  10. carlospicyweiner

    Ow! my brain hurts

  11. Pete

    I believe acquiring knowledge is valuable only if it leads us to have more love for one another. After I saw this documentary I felt more humble, which is a good thing.

  12. ryan

    540 seconds well spent!

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