Prisoner X

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In a painstaking investigation, this report amassed compelling evidence to finally uncover the identity of Prisoner X, sending shock-waves around the world when it broke the story. A unique insight to the case.

In early 2010 a man was escorted to arguably the most secure prison cell in Israel. The guards taking him there had no idea who he was or what he'd done.

"It is simply a person without a name and without an identity who is placed in complete and absolute isolation from the outside world. There is confidentiality surrounding the detainee in every respect" a prison official stated.

When word leaked about the mysterious inmate, Israeli media began to report and speculate but no sooner had a handful of stories been published, than the coverage was shut down by one of the most comprehensive suppression orders conceivable.

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Marching on to Zion!

  2. Trevis Robotie

    zion train derailed in departure.....all devoured by zion lions

  3. Melissa

    Well, the "source" that says he hopes to reveal something.....that the prisoner was Australian and had been there(In Isreal) for ten years.

    Only one reason comes to mind for that much national/personal hatred....Recall the documentary posted recently "What killed Arafat". That happened 8 years ago(according to doc). Lols, who knows maybe this guy infiltrated, either under orders, or personal reasons with the intent to secretly carry out some assassination, and perhaps they finally through inside investigation found out it was this guy, who was becomming more and more trusted....then when they found out.....Ohhh boy.

    Honestly there isn't enough public knowledge of either of these mysteries to draw any confident conclusions. What I mean this point, it's JUST as likely this guy(Prisoner X) was innocent, and/or still alive:)

  4. gar champ

    Israel .. the true "Axis of evil"

  5. Highlander

    very worrying that any country can do this to anyone . Is this yet more evidence of how all our freedoms and expectations for a fair trial etc have been undermined since 9/11 in the USA ?

  6. pwndecaf

    Why would anyone jail an Aussie?

  7. Melissa

    Perhaps a top secret CIA OP, working mercenary for Mattel.....Something about making a mockery of their company and it's products via putting "Shrimps on Barbie". Yes, it all sounds very confusing. Likely because I just randomly(crosses fingers) made that all up....or did I.....Wait...oh ya, I did........I hope.......(Insert generic last words here)

  8. Imightberiding

    Perhaps as a result of my own ignorance I am surprised by this entire story. I suspect however that I am not alone in the world when I say: Australia is one of the last nations on earth that I would make a connection with either a significant Jewish population or persons of interest in the international spy community. Especially related to Israel & the middle east. Again, this is a statement based on absolutely nothing & certainly far from an informed opinion.

    I'm just mostly upset & put off that this sort of imprisonment, mistreatment & ultimate death can still happen in this day & age with out anyone knowing the facts or reason for such an occurrence. Who was this man? What did he do? How did he really die?

    As long as the U.S. continues the suck Israel's d!@k, we will most likely never know the truth. Now, now. I am not intentionally trying to be offensive. I am neither an anti semitic nor am I an anti Zionist, anti Israel, anti U.S. or any anti group you want to put me in. It is simply a matter of record that the U.S. has historically treated & or supported Israel as though it could do no wrong.

    When will these nations & governments become accountable for their actions & transparent as to their dark, black projects that we can only speculate on? Most likely never.

    Very sad fate for this man & his family regardless of what he was accused of. Suicide in the top, secure, suicide safe cell in the nation? I think not. Even dispicable child molesters, rapists & murderers have their day in court.

  9. Stanley Wasserman

    and we get to pay 8 million a day towards this criminality

  10. Trevis Robotie

    d'accordissimo!you always find 'em wif da smokin' gun!they even duped the whole world with their bs ain't easy to love this ppl

  11. WiseGapist

    Interesting topic, nice and concise, not padded out with a lot of pointless speculation like some docs of this type.

    As a side note, the Australian woman in the doc talking about how she's 'not a very religious person' and yet has some strong connection with Israel needs to have a long think about what being a Jew actually means (I see the menorah up on the dresser^) - If you are an intelligent person, studying medicine, doubting all the falsities you see within your family's dogmatic religion, stop being pathetic and actually RENOUNCE your religion instead of half-arsedly rejecting critical thought and running around encouraging the other misguided people... Maybe she can't really stomach the scientific validity of The Creation but kinda digs the 'chosen people' angle.

  12. WiseGapist

    So you're pro Zionist, pro Israel?

  13. Imightberiding

    I said in my comment that I was not anti-semitic nor was I anti-Israel. I did not however make any statement to the effect that I was pro-Zionist or necessarily pro-Israel.

    This doc is more specifically directed at the issue of a disappeared man. I am not certain that the country in which he was incarcerated & ultimately died is the key point. It is that this can & did happen in today's western/civilized world.

    That's about as far as I will go on an internet venue in a discussion with someone I have never met about my political convictions. Enjoy your day. Cheers mate.

  14. Rachid Talal

    No, israel is evil in person haha.

    True though.

    I wonder whether there are some videos here of David Irving about the so-called holocaust .

  15. WiseGapist

    Then you're more reserved than me... I don't really care if my political leanings are known, I always find it odd when people are reserved about expressing that sort of thing. Enjoy your day too ;)

  16. Jack1952

    A very troubling story. Another troubling aspect is how people use it to vent their racist attitudes.

  17. Jack1952

    Kind of sounds like Senator Joe McCarthy. "Are you or have you ever been a communist (Zionist)?"

  18. WiseGapist

    He had since edited his post, previously it was left a little more open ended :P

  19. johnconnolly25

    CIA=MOSSAD. Is that difficult?

  20. Rolands

    israel a clean country ? :D oh yeah ...

  21. disqus_9JCvCtbisE

    Only entity on earth that has the ability to have you jailed for questioning them and their beliefs even from another country. They (Mossad and the political machine behind them) globe trot killing, spying and doing whatever they like to whomever they like and do not have to account for it to anyone. Seems everyone is afraid to criticize their actions for fear of them playing the anti Semitic card. Shame on you Israel. You are now doing to everyone else what you claim was done to you for the last three thousand years!

  22. William Wilgus

    Israel respects nothing and no one. Is it any wonder that it's hated in the Middle East?

  23. MillermanHH

    So-called 'Israel' - which Is simply the Hebrew word for 'Jacob' - Is yet another fictitious State created by Jews at the expense of the original Inhabitants. Liars,thieves,swindlers,usurers,money-obsessed greedy scumbags who despise all non-Jews yet live with them and take on the Identity of whichever Nation they Infiltrate - but always to their own ends. They live as parasites on the host Nations with one goal - the furtherance of the Jewish 'State' at the expense of any and every other country or people.

  24. MillermanHH

    Well said my freind!

  25. Ekz Ibeo

    Suicide in a Anti-Suicide cell.

    Leaks of highly guarded secrets.

    And the source IS working with Israel security services, the reporter says.

    I start to see a partern here.

    It's like things happening but they shouldn't.

    And the only ones who could make those things happening are the ones who doesn't want those things to happen... so it seems!

    My guess is they took care of the internal press with a gag order and the international press with disinformation.

    If you want the truth start searching... wait... someone's at my door be right back.....

  26. Joe Shmoe

    I don't even see why this is news. It's now speculated that being a Mossad agent, he had or was about to divulge information which would have put other agents lives at risk. It is also now known that he was in touch with his family and a lawyer. If you consider all the people held without trial and disappeared by the US and other countries, it's a stretch that this somehow deserves a documentary. Must have been a slow news day. It's also been stated that this was not a suicide proof prison cell. If it was, why would anyone be dumb enough to put him in such a cell with the intention of killing him?

  27. roxanne

    Oh, the answer to that is Israel-bashing. Israel isn't even on a human-rights violations list, like most muslim countries, but you'd think Jews are the devil's spawn. No one seems to care about beating, gang rape and mutilation of women in islamic countries.

  28. Laurdess Valentino

    I did know this either. Thank you for posting it. I was completely in the dark.

  29. Richard Neva

    Why do the Jews care about one prisoner in lieu of all the people Jews murder all over this world!

  30. Maya

    Only God knows what secret this man took with him to the grave. But I don't believe that he killed himself...they said it themselves that the cell was suicide proof. As my Italian friend would say "they took care of him".

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